The Stray

The sun had just started to set, although the trees and houses blocked where it kissed the horizon from anyone walking along the sidewalk. With the trees being brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange, however, one still could observe beauty around them, especially when the wind pushed the loose leaves around, making them dance in the air to a silent waltz. It was the sight any photographer would love to catch; it was the weather that almost anyone would enjoy: not so cold you were uncomfortable, but not so cold you needed anything more than a light jacket to keep warm.

Julius hated autumn.

"Damn, it's cold," Julius muttered under his breath. He quickly zipped his jacket up before shoving his hands into his pockets, leaning over slightly to try to keep the wind out of his face. This had always been his least favorite season; he felt as though everything was dying around him, and hated how the weather could never make up its mind - at least in the spring, you had summer to look forward to. With autumn, there wasn't much else but freezing cold temperatures to be "excited" for.

The dark-skinned man swore to himself again as he picked up speed, wondering again why he had decided to walk to his friend's house earlier when he knew it meant walking home this late. Although, thinking of the beers he'd drunk and how he was still slightly buzzed, it was probably for the best that he was now walking home instead of driving.

Julius quickly crossed the road, seeing the little park and playground close by. Said park was right near the back of his house; it would make for a perfect little shortcut.

He crunched his way across the lawn, uncaring of the noise he was making as he did. It was only when he reached the small playground that he slowed down his fast pace.

The park didn't have much to offer for play equipment. There was a small swing set, a set of monkey bars, a see-saw, and a tall slide with a roof at the top. A smirk came to Julius's face as he remembered how he used to sit at the entrance to a similar slide at his elementary school's playground, demanding payment from his classmates - he had quickly been ratted out by one of his classmates.

Nostalgia -- or maybe the drinks from earlier -- had him changing his path. Temporarily forgetting that he was meaning to walk home, Julius jogged over to the ladder for the slide and climbed up, swearing only once at the freezing metal on his bare hands.

When he reached the top, he stopped just short from hauling himself onto the small platform when he saw a small figure. The person was huddled up against the wall of the slide, shivering horribly. They were wearing dirty sweatpants and a slightly torn long-sleeve t-shirt, paired with ratty sneakers. Clearly, this wasn't their first night sleeping outside.

"Are you okay?" Julius asked gently, not wanting to frighten the person.

It didn't seem as though he succeeded since they jumped, head whipping around to face him. Julius gasped silently at the sight of the milk chocolate eyes that met his own, sadly marred by heavy bags set underneath. After a moment, however, he realized they were filled with fear.

The person huddled on the platform turned out to be a stunning boy -- or was he a man? Julius couldn't tell his age, other than he was older than sixteen and younger than twenty-five -- who really needed a bath. His hair seemed light brown, though it was hard to tell seeing as his skin was covered in a thick layer of dirt and dust.

"Hey, don't worry," Julius murmured soothingly, "I'm not gonna hurt you."

A soft whimper escaped the boy's cracked lips and Julius's heart clenched at the sound. The fierce wave of possessiveness that shot through his veins shocked him; all Julius wanted to do in that moment was pull the kid close and promise him that everything was going to be okay.

Deciding to go with his instincts, he pulled himself up onto the platform so he was kneeling about a foot away from the stranger. He reached out a hand toward the boy, planning on cupping his cheek comfortingly, but drew his hand back immediately when a fierce growl erupted from the smaller figure. Julius was shocked at the noise, and even more so when he saw the pointy ears that were now peeking out of the matted hair on the boy's head.

Jesus, how did I not notice he was a dog before? Julius thought to himself, keeping a safe distance away from the scowling boy.

As soon as he started growling, however, he stopped; he immediately seemed to collapse in on himself, as though trying to get as far away from the dark stranger as possible. Clearly, his bark was worse than his bite.

"What's your name?" Julius quietly asked, not wanting to give up on the beautiful boy just yet.

The hybrid stayed silent for several moments. Julius was about to repeat himself when the boy glanced down and back up into his eyes, licked his lips nervously and whispered hoarsely, "Cooper."

Julius smiled gently and shifted his weight so he was resting on his ankles, as his knees were starting to hurt.

"That's a great name," he said softly. "I'm Julius. Mind telling me why you're out here, Cooper?"

The boy still seemed completely terrified of Julius, so he decided to open up a little about himself, hoping the hybrid would then realize he truly meant no harm.

"I was walking home since I decided to visit my friend. Though, I don't think seeing his ugly face was really worth this freezing weather, now that I'm out here," Julius drawled with a smirk.

Pride flushed the older man when the boy giggled lightly, his cheeks puffing up with his smile, making him all the more adorable.

"Maybe next time, he should go to your house," Cooper suggested.

Julius pretended to think about that option for a moment before shaking his head. "Naw, he's way too lazy to get dressed if he doesn't have to, let alone walk to my house."

Cooper giggled again and the innocent sound was starting to ignite Julius's blood, the leftover alcohol in his system not helping to impede his lust's progress one bit.

"So, I told you why I'm out here, now it's your turn," Julius urged.

The smile fell off his face and the hybrid dropped his gaze and chewed his lower lip for a few moments. After a long, slightly uncomfortable silence, Cooper sighed and met his eyes once more.

"My master kicked me out."

Julius frowned, his eyebrows furrowing together. He had heard of people who kept hybrids as pets, and rarely were they good people. Often, they ignored most of the human side of the hybrid and treated them as only an animal, unless it came to... well, sexual things. Hybrids had to be careful, in case they fell into the hands of someone who only wanted them as a slave.

"What happened?" Julius asked before his common sense could stop him.

Cooper frowned deeper and turned away from him. "I don't wanna talk about it."

Julius sighed and inched closer, taking Cooper's chin in his hand to gently make him meet his eyes.

"Do you want to come home with me, Cooper?" he whispered. "If you stay out here much longer, you're bound to get hypothermia or pneumonia or something, and I would never be able to forgive myself."

Cooper's eyes widened considerably, shock clear in the pretty brown orbs.

"I-I don't know, I don't really know you and, and what if-"

Julius shushed the boy gently and smiled softly when he fell quiet with a small pout - which, of course, only managed to make him look even cuter.

"Calm down, it's okay. You don't have to stay more than tonight if you don't want to," he assured. "I just want to help somehow."

Cooper was attacking his bottom lip, his nerves obvious as his hands began stroking what appeared to be his tail.

Julius was about to implode with anxiety when Cooper finally whispered, "Okay."

A large smile stretched across the older man's face.

"Great!" he exclaimed. "Now that that's out of the way, I can ask you the heavy hitter question: Do you wanna go down the slide with me?"

Cooper laughed loudly, making butterflies flutter rapidly in Julius's stomach. The boy nodded and Julius smiled again before crawling over to the slide's edge and plopping down on his ass, his legs stretched out in front of him. He grabbed the hybrid around the waist, smirking at the yelp that escaped the boy's lips as he did, before plopping him down onto his lap.

"Here we go!" Julius shouted before pushing off from the landing, unable to do anything but laugh along with Cooper as they went down the slide together.


Julius brought Cooper back to his house after they played a little longer in the park. Although the boy was anxious at first, he rapidly fell into the rhythm of daily life with Julius.

Julius, however, was still adjusting to life with the beautiful man.

"Hey, I'm home!" Julius shouted as he slammed the front door behind him. He let out a sign of relief at the warm air that was slowly bringing feeling back to his fingertips and toes. As he hung up his coat in the front hall closet, he heard light, quick footsteps race down the hall. He had just managed to turn around and face the noise when he heard a squealed "Julius!" He had a fraction of a second to open his arms before Cooper had jumped up into them in excitement.

"You're home, you're home!" he exclaimed, his tail wagging rapidly behind him, a large smile stretched across his face. Julius couldn't help but laugh as he adjusted the boy so one of his arms supported him, leaving the other hand free to run through the soft poof of white between his ears. Pure bliss was all that showed on Cooper's face as Julius walked them to the living room and sat down on the couch with Cooper on his lap. When the boy began to wiggle, Julius quickly grabbed the boy by his hips before his squirming brought a reaction out of him.

Julius knew it wasn't right for him to be so attracted to the pup, despite finding out he was twenty years old, making Julius only four years his senior. It was the hybrid's sweet innocence that positively radiated from every pore that made his ever growing lust for the boy so wrong.

And yet, Julius couldn't help the fact that every time Cooper became excited and his cheeks flushed brightly, his blood would feel as though it were boiling in his veins. Every time Cooper's shining brown eyes looked at him with adoration, he could hardly keep his cock from hardening to the point he became light-headed with blood loss.

"Julius, guess what! Guess what!" Cooper said, his hands grasping his shoulders and shaking them slightly.

"What?" Julius laughed.

Cooper didn't respond, opting instead to hop off of Julius's lap and grab his hands. The boy tugged on his hands until Julius stood up before Cooper dragged him into the kitchen.

There was white everywhere. Based on the baking products that littered the countertops, Julius guessed it was a combination of flour, sugar, powdered sugar, and baking soda that coated nearly every surface.

Trying to ignore the mess, Julius finally spotted what must have been what made Cooper so excited.

"I baked you a cake!" he exclaimed, bouncing up and down like a child hopped up on sugar, tail flashing back and forth as it wagged at top speeds.

Julius could do nothing but smile at the pup. "It's perfect," he said softly.


Julius still didn't know Cooper all that well, despite it being months since he brought him home. He knew nothing of the pup's past, nothing of his previous owner, nothing of why he was kicked out.

He did know, however, that Cooper's favorite color was a tie between robin's egg blue and sea-foam green. That the boy loved to bake, but was very messy when doing so. That he constantly needed something to do, or else he'd get himself in trouble. That his favorite food was strawberries and whipped cream and his favorite drink was hot chocolate. And that, when Julius came home from work, the boy got so excited it made his heart pound and his stomach twist with butterflies.

Julius knew he cared for Cooper; he just didn't know the extent of it. But, because he cared for him, he also cared for his health, and decided it really was about time for Cooper to have a check-up.

"Please, don't make me go!" Cooper cried, holding tightly onto Julius's shoulders, effectively preventing the man from putting him into the car.

"Come on, Cooper, we talked about this," Julius groaned, trying and failing yet again to pry the tiny fingers from his shoulders.

When the hybrid still refused to budge, Julius sighed and pulled them completely out of the car and shut the door, letting it support Cooper a minute later when he leaned them against it. Spring was in the air, but it was still chilly outside. Cooper let out a soft whine at the feel of the cold metal on his tail and back.

"If you really don't wanna go, I won't force you," Julius assured quietly, petting Cooper softly on the head in an attempt to calm him down. "But I want you to know that the only reason I've been pushing this is because I care for you. I wanna be sure that you're healthy."

Cooper relaxed into his arms, his poof of white hair and ears tickling Julius's chin when he tucked his head into the man's chest.

"Okay, let's go," Cooper mumbled into his shirt, causing Julius to chuckle and his heart to melt at his hybrid's cuteness.

"Thank you," Julius said, kissing the top of the boy's head before he could consider the ramifications. He hastily set the boy in the passenger's seat before going around the hood of the car and into the driver's seat. Ignoring Cooper's curious glance, Julius took a deep breath to calm his heart, started the car, and drove off to the doctor's office.

The visit went smoothly. The clinic was specialized for most hybrids, so Cooper had fun seeing so many people just like him in the waiting room. While he initially became nervous again when his name was called, Julius succeeded in calming him down by the time the doctor arrived. The initial portion of the check-up sailed by, with Julius ecstatic that Cooper was completely healthy. It was only at the very end of the doctor's analysis that things became awkward.

"Now Cooper," the doctor said, looking up from his clipboard to meet the hybrid's eyes, "have you experienced your heat yet?"

Julius blushed slightly as Cooper scrunched his eyes in confusion.

"What do you mean, heat?" the hybrid innocently asked.

Julius inwardly groaned and settled into his seat. This was going to be awkward, and he knew it.


Surprisingly, Cooper handled the doctor's information better than Julius expected. While Cooper asked him a couple more times about the heat, the hybrid quickly stopped asking, much to Julius's relief. He didn't want to think about Cooper in heat. When he thought about it, about Cooper becoming so turned on he begged for Julius, about what Cooper might looked like in the throes of orgasm, about Cooper needing him for hours, no, days on end- he grew so hard so quickly that it nearly gave him whiplash, with only a cold shower or his hand being able to calm him down.

The only time Julius brought up the topic was when he came home from shopping, looking slightly uncomfortable with his purchases.

"Here," he said, thrusting a small black plastic bag into Cooper's slightly shaking hands, his dark skin mostly concealing the blood that rushed to his cheeks. "They're for your... um, you know..."

It had been absolute torture for Julius when he had shopped for the items in the bag. Trying to figure out what Cooper would like without his mind turning perverted was a complete impossibility - all he could imagine was Cooper using the toys, imagine the two of them sharing the items during his heat. Not to mention how embarrassing the cashier's all-knowing smirk had been when he was checking out.

Cooper gripped the bag tightly, pulling it ever so slightly towards his chest. "Oh," he whispered breathily, a furious blush now blooming on his face, too, his pale skin doing nothing to hide it.

"Th-thank you."

Julius just nodded, possibly to himself, and walked away, leaving Cooper alone in the living room. The hybrid sighed and went to his bedroom, closing the door behind him to try and ensure his privacy.

He dropped the bag beside the bed before falling on his stomach into the mattress, his face burrowing into the pillows as his thoughts turned to only an hour or so earlier.

He hadn't understood everything the doctor had said, nor did he know what the big deal about a heat was. He didn't know why Julius became so flustered and embarrassed whenever he brought the topic up, so he just stopped talking about it, deciding instead to go online and figure it out for himself.

Ever since Julius had shown him how to use the computer, he'd been completely enraptured by the device. He could spend hours of time online, learning new things all the time.

This time, though, he had a purpose. As soon as Julius had left for work, he ran into the office and hopped into the swivel chair before quickly going to work.

He was at it for about an hour before he finally had to stop.

Cooper rolled onto his side, his legs curled up beneath him and his hands tucking under his head as he stared blankly at the clock on his nightstand.

Everything he had found online had managed to clarify the water and, yet, muddy it further. He knew the logistics behind the heat - he knew the long, complicated names of the hormones that would be released into his bloodstream, he knew that his nervous system would kick on and make his heart race and his breathing quicken, he knew he would no longer be in control of his own body as pheromones seeped from his pores to attract a mate.

Yet, he couldn't understand the emotions that followed the heat. He didn't know what lust felt like - he didn't get why someone would want to perform those acts he had seen online. He couldn't wrap his brain around love - at least, not the type involved in kissing on the lips and touching every part of another person. He didn't understand how someone could get so much pleasure from that behavior. He couldn't comprehend the embarrassment - almost shame - that seemed to come with the heat; or was it the acts themselves that accompanied it?

All he knew for certain was the heat would cause an influx of strong emotions, some he'd never even felt before.

Wanting some form of comfort, Cooper hastily crawled under the covers, nearly covering his face completely with the blankets.

He was terrified.

Cooper closed his eyes, breathing deeply as he tried to fall asleep while ignoring the sting behind his eyelids.


Cooper's first thought when he woke was that Julius had thrown him into the fireplace and poured gas on the flames.

The blankets had long been kicked off the bed as Cooper lay on his sweat-soaked sheets, panting for breath. A moment of panic overtook him when he couldn't figure out what was going on; luckily, he quickly remembered the heat and calmed slightly.

Now, though, he didn't know what he was supposed to do. A need that he didn't fully understand was rising within him, causing the fear from earlier to revisit him.

When Julius's face suddenly popped into his mind, a surprised whine escaped from his lips as his parts throbbed. He looked down at himself in slight shock and saw his member standing straight up. With a trembling hand, he reached down and grasped it.

A small gasp left him at the immediate pleasure that burst throughout his body. He followed his instincts and moved his hand up and down, keeping his grip firm, his head pushing back into the pillows as his eyes slid shut. When Julius appeared in his mind's eye, he didn't try to stop it. Instead, he let his imagination run with it, now feeling the strong man stroking him and invisible kisses being left on his chest. Before long, Cooper felt himself reaching for something, trying to get to some higher place. He again reacted instinctively and tightened his grip ever so slightly, his groin soaking wet from liquid leaking out the tip. When his imagined version of Julius leaned up suddenly and kissed him hard, his hand replacing Cooper's and gripping the hybrid's shaft, something happened.
Cooper felt like he'd exploded. He felt his body jerk on the bed as fireworks burst in his brain and his cock surged. He thought he heard himself moan, but wasn't sure. He could only focus on the amazing experience of his first orgasm.

After a little while, the sensation faded as he slowly floated back down from his high, liquid cooling on his skin and adrenaline slowly leaving his bloodstream.

"Whoa," he whispered, looking down at the strange white stuff on his stomach. He tried to remember what the people online had called it, but the endorphins swimming in his brain were making him forget. Instead he just giggled lightly before grabbing some tissues from the box by his bed to clean it up. He thought he'd be tired, as most online accounts of orgasms told him he would be, but instead felt more aware than ever. He shrugged it off as being an effect of the heat and went to throw away the used tissues. With the mess cleaned and disposed of, he walked back to his bed, stopping only when he felt plastic on his foot. He looked down and saw the black bag Julius had given him earlier. Cooper picked up the bag and, without hesitation, dumped its contents on the bed.

There was a small bottle and two boxes, both of which he hastily open. He had gotten "Anal Lubricant", something purple called "Smooth Vibrations" and the two batteries that came with it, and something that looked like his member (only larger by a few inches) that was called "Mr. Right."

Between what he'd seen online and his own instincts, it was easy for Cooper to figure out the purpose of each item. He had the good sense to hastily wash the items as his body began to reheat. By the time he was back on his bed, he was panting as neediness shot through his veins.

The strange image of Julius was back at the forefront of his thoughts, and Cooper wondered about the need that shot through him at the idea of Julius touching him, maybe even helping him through the rest of his heat.

Is this lust? he wondered.

The heat was growing, though, and was hastily blocking out all other thoughts. Cooper decided that his curiosity could wait and instead let himself be overpowered by the flames licking his senses.


Julius was starting to worry. He was making pancakes and sausage, feeling guilty at the way he'd been treating Cooper lately. He'd practically been shunning the boy for something he couldn't control, and Julius was starting to worry about what Cooper thought his reasoning behind the rude behavior was. The last thing he wanted the sweet hybrid to think was that he was angry or ashamed of the boy, so he was determined to clarify everything over breakfast.

At least, he'd hoped to, but the hybrid had yet to come down for breakfast.

Usually, Cooper would come rocketing down the stairs as soon as Julius had put the food on the griddle -- the smell, apparently, woke him up. His absence now, with the food all but plated, was quickly raising Julius's anxiety.

After setting up the table, Julius waited a minute more before giving in to his nerves. He drenched Cooper's pancakes in maple syrup just how he liked them, straightened the cutlery again, and took a steeling breath before walking upstairs to let Cooper know that breakfast was ready.

Once at his door, Julius stopped for a moment, his insecurities preventing him from shoving the door open and demanding Cooper speak with him. To avoid food, Cooper's feelings must've been badly hurt, and Julius was feeling guiltier by the second. He was about to run back downstairs when he forced himself to think of what life would be like if he were to let his and Cooper's relationship to disintegrate. With that horrible thought, he hastily opened the door.

There was nothing that could've prepared him for the sight before him.

Cooper lay in the middle of the bed, covered only with a fine sheen of sweat. His blankets had been kicked to the floor, along with the small bottle of lube Julius had gotten him -- still unopened. He was fast asleep, seeming to have passed out after putting the dildo to good use, as it was lying near him and was covered with a shining liquid -- it seemed as though, during his heat, Cooper was naturally lubricated. The waste basket, filled with used tissues, and the hand towel discarded on the ground were proof of his orgasms.

Julius was painfully hard.

He watched as Cooper took a deep breath before opening his eyes and looking directly at him. His pupils were blown wide open as he slowly sat up and his breathing sped.

Oh shit.

"Julius," Cooper practically whined, the pure lust in his voice making Julius's cock throb.

"Cooper," he said, his voice nearly at a whisper, "are you..?"

His trailed off, his question unfinished but not unanswered as Cooper slowly nodded. He swallowed, his throat suddenly dry. There was only silence between them for a moment as Julius gathered his thoughts so he could act more like a rational person and less like, well, an animal in heat. Cooper interrupted his thoughts, however, slamming all of them to a halt.

"Julius, do you not like me?"

The sudden, strange question caught Julius off guard. Cooper wasn't looking at him with lust anymore, only sadness and hurt. It filled Julius with pain and forced his legs to bring him right over to the hybrid. He found himself quickly hugging him, tightly, only wanting to never see that pain again.

"Why would you think that? Of course I like you," Julius said into the pup's ear, stroking the hair on his head.

His innocent action didn't stay that way for long as he felt Cooper stiffen suddenly in his arms. Suddenly, he felt the boy begin to grind on him, his naked form hiding nothing as he used Julius's strong stomach and the ridges of his slight abs to his advantage.

"Julius, please," Cooper moaned. His head was cocked back, eyes squeezed shut, mouth slightly open. His hands gripped tightly onto the man's shoulders as he moved.

Julius was reminded that he was a red-blooded man, and could therefore only take so much temptation before he gave in to sin.

He moved his hands to grip either side of Cooper's face and dove in for a kiss. There wasn't anything innocent about it -- tongues and teeth and heat and, God, it was making Julius's head spin. Even though, to be honest, it wasn't the best kiss Julius had received -- it was clear that Cooper was new to the activity, and didn't quite know what to do with his tongue -- it was still his new favorite kiss, because it was his and Cooper's first kiss.

Cooper was moaning into Julius's mouth, his hips moving now at a frantic pace as liquid leaked out the tip of his member. He was close, so close, anything would push him over the edge.

Julius reached down and grabbed the hybrid's erection, pumping him quickly as he dominated his mouth. It was all Cooper could take when he exploded.

Julius felt his cock throb as Cooper came apart in his arms. He couldn't care that he'd gotten his spunk all over his shirt, all he noticed was how beautiful and goddamn sexy Cooper looked when he came.

But as the hybrid was coming down from his high, Julius's guilt started to set in. He sent the boy to take a shower before getting to work on cleaning. By the time Cooper, freshly washed, returned to his bedroom, the sheets had been changed, his toys had been washed, and the trash had been emptied. The most noticeable change to Cooper, however, was that Julius had disappeared.


The rest of Cooper's heat passed without much trouble. Heats only lasted for two to three days, so Julius didn't have to wait long before Cooper was back to normal. At least, he didn't expect to wait long.

Two weeks had passed and Cooper was acting anything but normally. The twinkle in his eyes had disappeared, replaced with a near-constant look of either shame or sadness. He stopped getting so excited for food, he stopped baking sugary goodies, and -- worst of all -- he stopped greeting Julius at the door by pouncing on him and licking his neck and face.

It had gotten to the point that the boy's behavior was physically hurting Julius. Knives stabbed his heart every time the boy sighed, every time he saw the boy's tail drooped instead of wagging.

It had been two weeks, and Cooper wasn't back to normal. Julius decided that it was about time he do something.

He got everything prepared for them to go out to the zoo. Cooper loved seeing different kinds of animals; he was obsessed with every nature documentary he could get his hands on. Well, except for the ones with wolves. Wolves didn't interest him as much, seeing as they were more like a distant cousin than a complete stranger, and he understood them too much to be curious.

Julius had changed into a pair of light khaki shorts with a sky blue polo shirt and black tennis shoes. It was warmer than it had been recently, finally seeming more like winter was behind them, and he planned to take advantage of the warm weather by taking Cooper to the zoo before having a picnic and a walk in the park. He was determined to make Cooper happy.

Dressed and ready to leave close to ten 'o clock, Julius steeled his nerves before rapping his knuckles against the hybrid's bedroom door.

"Cooper?" Julius called out when he received no reply. "You in there?"


Julius took another deep breath, feeling slightly hurt. He wondered if Cooper was acting this way because of him.

Julius felt terrible about the incident. It was wonderful, yes, and immeasurably pleasurable, but he still felt awful. Cooper, while technically twenty-years-old, was still completely and adorably innocent about the world. Yet, all Julius wanted was to show him the pleasures that could be found between two people -- God, all he wanted was to practically corrupt the poor boy, the heated dreams and fantasies he'd been having lately were proof of that, and it felt so wrong, yet so right that it was making Julius insane with need and guilt.

"Pup, I- I'm sorry if you're mad at me. I acted like a jerk about your..." He took a deep breath, calming his nerves ever so slightly. "About your heat. But please, Coop, I need you to forgive me. I- I can't take this anymore."

Julius felt water behind his eyes and he quickly squeezed them shut, pressing his forehead against the door and breathing deeply to try and calm himself. When he heard a slight whine from inside the bedroom, though, his eyes snapped open again. He didn't remember opening the door, only knew that one moment he was staring at the grain of Cooper's bedroom door and the next was standing inside the room, staring at the small mass huddled up on the bed.

The man was acutely reminded at that moment how little he'd seen the boy recently. His skin, usually soft and white like marshmallow cream was now even paler. His eyes were filled with such sorrow and underlined with dark bags that Julius felt the pain found there deep in his soul. His hair and fur was knotted and oily, desperately needing a wash and comb. The poor boy needed help, but had been refusing to ask.

"Oh, pup," Julius muttered. He wasn't sure if the tear tracking down his cheek was real or imagined. He didn't really care either way.

"J-Julius," Cooper cried softly, fresh tears tracking down his cheeks.

Julius felt his heart break, immediately going over to Cooper and taking the pup in his arms, carding one hand through the hair on his head and rubbing up and down the boy's back with the other.

"Shh, it's alright. I'm here, it'll be alright, I'm here."

"S-sorry, Master. S-so sorry," Cooper whimpered into his chest, shocking the hell out of Julius.

"Cooper," Julius gently pushed him away ever so slightly, moving a hand to cup his cheek and leaving the other to continue rubbing soothing circles into his back. "I'm not your Master."

He was terrified when the boy burst out into even stronger tears, now sobbing into his hands.

Idiot, Julius chastised himself, obviously he's gonna take that wrong!

Julius pulled Cooper back into his chest, rocking them ever so slightly back and forth.

"I don't mean I don't want you here; I do, I really do. I'd be devastated if you left."

Cooper's sobbing settled down, his body relaxing more until his crying ceased, leaving only sniffles and hiccups behind.

"Lord knows I want you here, pup. What I meant was that you're in charge of yourself. You are so strong, Cooper, you have no idea. I want you to be confident, to take charge and take control. I know you have it in you; you don't need me to be your owner, you can own yourself."

Cooper pulled back slightly, his red-rimmed eyes looking up at him with confusion.

"You want me to take charge?" he asked, clearly new to the foreign idea.

Julius gazed down at the pup, noting that even after falling apart, he still looked beautiful. He felt his heart clench, and knew it was too late to keep himself from falling.

"Yes," he whispered, feeling happiness burst within him at the hesitant -- but clearly present -- excitement in Cooper's eyes.

He wasn't prepared when Cooper's lips were suddenly attached to his own.

His eyes widened before closing, giving in to the sparks flying through him and the butterflies swarming in his stomach. This kiss was different than the one during the boy's heat -- it was closed, gentle, and sugary sweet. This was what their first kiss should've been like.

At that thought, Julius's eyes flew open once again. He took hold of Cooper's arms and gently pushed him away until their lips separated. He waited until they were both breathing normally again before speaking.

"Cooper, I... You're so young, I-"


Julius looked at him with shock, unable to respond. Cooper was looking at him with fire in his eyes, the sniveling young pup from earlier seeming to have disappeared.

"I don't know everything, but I'm not a baby, Julius. I went through my heat. I don't know everything involved, but I know I want you."

Cooper's arms reached around him once more, so his hands rested on the back of his neck.

"You want me to take charge? This is it. This is me, taking charge."

Julius felt warmth shoot through his veins at the boy's words. He wanted them to be together, so badly it hurt, but...

"Let's take it slow, alright?" Julius compromised, smiling to show that he really did want to be with Cooper.

His heart clenched with happiness when Cooper grinned widely, nodding his head. Julius smiled wider, grasping the boy's hips lightly before leaning down to peck his lips.

"Now, do you want to go to the zoo today?"

He laughed as the boy squealed before running to the bathroom to shower, shouting about how he wanted pancakes before they left.

Cooper was back, and Julius was ecstatic.


Six months.

It had been about six months since Cooper's last heat, about five and a half since that fateful moment in his bedroom where their relationship began. Cooper had loved every moment of it, every second he spent with Julius. The man brought new feelings within Cooper to the forefront, emotions he couldn't quite explain. At first appearance, these feelings terrified him. But as the days passed, he came to find how wonderful they truly were, and came to the conclusion that anything that felt so amazing, so pleasurable, had to be natural and right. So he stopped worrying and gave in to the emotions that swam within him.

It had been about six months since his last heat. Based on his continued online research -- he didn't want to return to the doctor's office as doctors made him nervous -- and based on the warmth he felt beneath his skin, he knew his heat would arrive that evening.

This time, he was determined to spend it with Julius.


Rain splattered against the windshield. The wipers were fighting an uphill battle -- each time they swiped away the water on the glass, reinforcements arrived to fight back.

Julius wanted to get home quickly. His relationship with Cooper had only gotten better since it began nearly half a year ago. While they had the occasional fight, issues were always resolved quickly with a kiss and no hard feelings. Julius had only grown to feel more strongly for the boy -- in fact, he'd finally admitted to himself that he had fallen in love with the sweet hybrid.

Now if only he could admit it to his love.

But he didn't want to scare the boy. They had shared a few physical moments together, on occasion finding themselves making out on the couch or the bed. Still, these never went farther than them shedding their shirts -- although, they did share a bed together now, making Julius look forward to going to sleep more than he ever had before.

Julius was serious when he said he wanted to take things slow, and they were. Yet he couldn't help, at times, to curse himself for that promise. Lately, more and more often, he found himself lusting after Cooper. Cold showers and his right hand had become his only relief, and while he had once felt guilty for his passion for the boy, the past months had taught him that his love and attraction toward Cooper was not something to be ashamed of. It was something to celebrate.

He was eager to get home and see his little love. He hoped to move the sexual side of their relationship a little further tonight -- not all the way, as he wasn't sure Cooper was mentally ready for that.

Images entered Julius's mind -- images that he really shouldn't have conjured up while driving. He remembered Cooper during his heat, with sweat glistening on his bare chest, his hair tousled from being rubbed against the pillow, his brown eyes wide and full of pure lust.

Julius swallowed harshly, readjusted his pants slightly, and pressed down harder on the accelerator. He was really eager to get home.

When he finally pulled in the garage, he nearly let out a sigh of relief. He had willed his hard-on away and could enter the house without immediate embarrassment. Grabbing his messenger bag, he hopped out of the car and briskly walked inside.

"I'm home!" he shouted, despite knowing it wasn't necessary -- Cooper would've heard the garage door.

Julius hastily hung up his jacket and kicked off his shoes before walking into the living room, loosening his tie as he went. He dropped his bag on the couch and shut off the TV when he realized that Cooper had long since abandoned the room. He was just starting to worry about Cooper's lack of an appearance when he suddenly heard little feet pounding down the stairs and across the wood floor.

With a wide grin stretched across his face, Julius turned around and opened his arms, catching the boy as he flew into his chest.

Julius pulled Cooper in closer for a tight hug, pressing his nose into the boy's white hair and inhaling deeply. Immediately, his nerve endings were set aflame as heat burst throughout the man's veins. He realized that not only had Cooper's normal scent change to one that was practically lust in aromatic form, but the hybrid was also naked save for a pair of Julius's boxer shorts, hanging loosely on the boy's hips.

The man barely held back a moan as the boy started kissing and licking at his neck while grinding slowly and sensually against his abs.

"Julius," Cooper whined against his neck. "Finally. Please, please, I need you."

"Cooper," Julius softly said, hating himself for having to play devil's advocate, "this is just the heat talking. I'm not going to take advantage of you when you're not thinking clearly."

"If I didn't want this, I would've told you yesterday. I knew my heat was coming and I wanted -- I still want -- to share it with you."

His arms tightened around the hybrid, pulling him closer into his body. This was the point of no return. Julius had told himself that they wouldn't go all the way tonight, that Cooper wasn't emotionally ready for it. But he looked deep into the hybrid's eyes and saw wisdom and experience beyond the child-like demeanor. Cooper knew what he was doing, had probably spend the last five months determining whether or not he wanted this.
"Julius," Cooper whispered, pulling the man out of his thoughts and back into the present, where need shone through the boy's big brown orbs.


His control cracked, splintered, held together just barely by the desire to make Cooper's first time as amazing and pain-free as the boy deserved. Julius kissed Cooper deeply, feeling his heart lighten considerably at the idea that he was finally letting go. Cooper moaned loudly, grinding against Julius once again. With his heat shooting pheromones at him, Julius found himself heating up quickly, relishing in the feeling for the first time in months, knowing that he didn't have to pull away, that this was what Cooper needed.

Julius stumbled his was up the stairs and to his bedroom with the boy in his arms, stopping now and again to press Cooper up against the wall. When that happened, the only thing that motivated him to keep going was the strong aversion to taking Cooper's virginity in the hallway.

Finally, they reached Julius's bedroom. The man didn't bother shutting the door, instead striding right to his bed and setting Cooper on the rumpled blankets -- evidently, this was where the boy had spent his time waiting for Julius to return. As soon as his back pressed against the bed, Cooper stripped off the boxers and threw them to the ground before grabbing Julius and pulling the man on top of him.

Julius had only been able to peel off his socks before he was pulled down by the collar of his shirt to rest on top of Cooper. He chuckled at his boy's urgency, pressing his lips against Cooper's as small fingers ripped at his button-up shirt.

Most of the buttons slipped out of their loops easily, but a few refused to be moved so hastily, causing them to instead be ripped out and spill across the bed. Julius couldn't find any worry about the shirt and its ruined buttons -- he was just as eager to get rid of the cloth that still kept them from each other.

When Julius had finally rid himself of his clothing, he lay on top of Cooper, grasping his wrists in one hand and holding the hybrid's arms over his head. Julius loved the contrast between his own dark skin and his boy's pale skin; it made him hotter yet.

As he lay chest to chest with his love, he began peppering the hybrid with kisses, trailing down his body from lips, to neck, to chest, until finally -- to Cooper's relief -- to groin, taking most of the hybrid's member in his mouth and wrapping his free hand around the base.

"Oh, Julius!" he moaned, eyes squeezed shut and chest heaving. Julius smiled and continued to work his magic, loving the way Cooper whined and moaned, his head pressed deep into the pillow. After a moment, Julius released his hands, which were immediately dug into the man's shoulders. It didn't take long for him to find his release, crying out as he spilled everything into Julius's mouth.

"Eww, Julius, spit that out!" he giggled, enjoying the slight reprieve from the heat as he came down from his high. The man just winked before sticking out his tongue, showcasing his empty mouth and causing Cooper to grab a nearby pillow and smack him in the face.

"That's gross!" he cried out.

"Did you just hit me?" Julius asked, fake hurt threading his voice.

Cooper giggled again and bit his lower lip slightly. "Maybe."

"Maybe? Well, maybe I should get back at you, then!"

Before Cooper could register what Julius had meant, the man had attacked, tickling the boy with no regards for his shrieks for mercy. By the time they had settled down, Cooper lay on Julius's chest, the heat slowly became present again.

But this time, Julius was prepared.

He smiled up at Cooper before gently rolling them over again to hover over the boy. After one, two quick kisses, he reached over to the nightstand and withdrew a small foil wrapper. It took Cooper a moment to understand what the small item was; yet, once the item registered, he could feel his body heat up quickly as excitement tore through him. They were actually going to do it; that magical thing that the internet seemed to love and that all the world seemed to obsess over. He could only hope that it was all it was cracked up to be.

Julius pulled in his boy for a deep kiss, effectively ending his train of thought. Only pulling away for a moment, the man ripped open the small package before rolling the condom onto himself, groaning softly as he did. When he finished, he immediately went back to kissing the hybrid.

After a moment, just when the heat was starting to get strong again, Julius pulled away, causing Cooper to whine with frustration. The man chuckled and just spread apart Cooper's legs a little more before reaching down with one hand and circling his hole.

"Ready?" he asked in a breathy whisper.

Cooper could only manage a slight nod. That was all Julius needed to plunged two fingers deep into his already soaking entrance. The hybrid moaned long and loud, moving up and down on the bed, fucking himself on his man's fingers as a third was added.

It didn't take long before Julius lost all of his control. There was only so much he could take, and Cooper was finally prepped enough -- so, without warning to Cooper, he withdrew his fingers and hastily replaced them with his member.

It was a blur. Their bodies danced a carnal tango, the dichotomy of white and black making a beautiful portrait as they declared their love for one another in the most basic way known to animals and humans alike.

They didn't last long. The speed increased, the tempo too fast for either to continue. With a scream, Cooper released -- he found himself floating, higher than his first orgasm had brought him, for longer than he thought possible. He barely recognized Julius's long groan as he, too, came to completion, only noticing just how beautiful the man looked when he came.

When he started drifting back into reality, he noticed that Julius had already wiped him down slightly and pulled him onto his chest.

"Hey, beautiful," he whispered, making giggles fall from Cooper's lips.

"Hey," he replied, his voice hoarse from screaming. For some reason, that fact just made Julius more proud of himself, in a caveman sort of way.

They kissed, sweet and chaste. For a while, they simply lay there, enjoying one another as the heat stalled.

"Julius?" Cooper suddenly asked, breaking the comfortable silence.


"Is this what love feels like?"

Julius felt his heart skip, then stop, before speeding up to a rapid tempo. He looked down at the boy and felt an overwhelming surge of love.

"Yeah," he whispered. "This is what love feels like."


The silence returned, and Julius struggled to understand what was going on in his puppy's head. He didn't have to wonder for long before Cooper spoke up yet again.



"I love you."

Julius closed his eyes tightly, his throat closing up with emotion. He took a moment before swallowing hard and replying hoarsely.

"I love you too."

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