The Roommate Assignment Ch. 02

Billy sat in the cafeteria with three of his friends. They talked about their chemistry class and the quirks of their professor...until the conversation abruptly came to a halt. They all looked at the three football players that had approached their table. They didn't say they were football players, but their school t-shirts and the fact two of them were over 300 pounds and huge gave them away.

One of the huge two spoke, "We would like a minute with Mr. Miller...alone."

Miller was Billy's last name. Billy was about to protest, figuring it was related to Troy, but he didn't have a chance. His friends scattered quickly. The two huge lineman walked away, as the third guy sat down across from him.

"Hi, I'm James." James was a little taller than Billy and more muscular and bigger in general. But not that much bigger. He was small for a football player. "And you're Billy, Troy's roommate."

"What do you want?" Billy asked, his assumption confirmed.

"Did you watch the game yesterday?"


"No?" James asked, visibly surprised. "Your roommate starts as a freshman."

"I'm not into football."

"Okay," James continued, "I'll sum it up for you:

It was a piece of shit."

Billy was a little taken back. James continued, "Troy sucked, for the second week in a row. His receiving percent has been insane, almost 90% in the first four games. But the last two weeks it's been less than 30%."

For a moment Billy felt bad for Troy, but he quickly regained his footing as he recalled Troy's words in his head.

"You don't look like a football player," Billy threw in.

James looked surprised again. "This kid is something," he thought to himself.

"I'm a running back, speed is just as good as size," James defended, "and...I'm still working on that...I'm not quite the phenom that Troy is."

James paused, then continued, "I know you're the problem."

Billy looked right at him, studying him. He wasn't sure how much James knew.

"We're pretty tight," James explained, "and I know you two are more than just roommates. And I know that you're upset with him. I don't know any of the details, but we need to get this fixed."

Billy was relieved that James didn't know too much about their situation. But he didn't feel much like going along with him.

"Sorry," Billy responded.

"Come on," James urged, "It's obvious that Troy likes you a lot. Just give him another chance."

Billy looked over James. He was actually pretty hot. A buzzed, blond head with strong, yet cute, facial features. That gave Billy an idea.

"Are you hung?" Billy asked innocently.


"Are you hung?"

While startled, James kept his cool. "Yeah."

A sly smile appeared on Billy's face, James quickly added, "Hey, whatever you're thinking forget it. I'm trying to help Troy not get in the middle of it."

"Don't worry," Billy calmed, "I'm not asking for myself. I'm asking for a friend."

James thought over the implied proposal. "So," he stated, "If I bang your friend, what can you guarantee me?"

Billy paused, thinking of Troy, "Nothing."

James sat back, obviously annoyed.

"I can't guarantee anything," Billy softened, "But I'll make an attempt."

"You do get that I'm not gay, right?" James's asked. "If I'm doing this, you can do better than an attempt. Let him fuck you."

Billy looked back, "Fine."


Jake walked down the hall of the football player's dorm. Jake had on blue jeans and a pale yellow polo shirt. "Why the hell am I here?" he thought to himself. "257." He repeated the number Billy had given him over and over in his head.

The hall was fairly empty, except for the occasional massive guy walking down it. Jake knew he looked out-of-place. In front of his destination, his hand slowly moved to the door. He had knocked just once when the door swung open.

A cute guy with a buzz cut stared back. "Come in," he quickly stated.

Jake entered the dorm room. Bigger than his, but sparsely furnished, it wasn't quite as lavish as he had expected.

"I'm James, and I assume you're Jake."

"Yeah," Jake said, trying to make a good first impression, "Billy's friend."

James's was wearing a pair of light grey sweat pants and a plain white t-shirt.

James sat on a futon as Jake sat on the other end. James, leaned back against the head of it, looking at Jake.

"So Billy just said that I needed to meet you," Jake said uncomfortably.

"Yeah," James eased, "he thinks we have a lot in common."

"Really?" Jake said, turning towards the football player.

Then James laid out quite a network of lies.

"Well, I played baseball in high school. James had really played football and wrestled. High school was tough - with me being bisexual. James was straight and had never done anything with a guy. Not being able to tell anyone."

"Yeah, I understand," Jake said, feeling drawn to James.

"And I know when Billy set this up he was trying to get you laid," James continued, "I'm sorry...but I don't think I can go through with it. I'm not the kind of guy who just randomly hooks up."

"No, it's cool," Jake responded.

After a few seconds of silence, Jake reached out, "What position did you play in high school?"

James smiled.

After an hour of talking, James shifted the conversation.

"This girl was all up on me..." James was saying about a party last night. He knew Jake was hanging on every word as he spun a story about a frat party from the night before.

"And then she just bailed," James concluded, "no reason or nothing."

"Damn," Jake offered feeling bad, "that's terrible."

"Yeah," James added, shifting his junk with his hand, "I could of used her help."

James smiled, his cuteness encouraged Jake to smile back.

"I'm starving," Jake said, after a few seconds of silence.

"Want to grab dinner?" James offered.

"Sure," Jake agreed.

"One thing though," James added, "Mind waiting here for a few minutes. I need to pound one out."

"Sure," Jake said, "no problem."

James got up from the futon, and headed into a bedroom down a short hall, shutting the door behind him.

James sat down on his bed and peeled off his t-shirt, exposing his plump pecks and flat stomach. He knew it wouldn't be long. He pulled down his sweat pants to his knees, and started jerking his dick. A girl with big tits formed in his mind, but the fantasy was short lived.

The door swung open, as Jake entered the room, softly closing the door behind him.

James's hand stopped, as he acted surprised, "I'm going to need a few more minutes."

Jake was practically drooling as he soaked in the sight of James's hard eight inches. It was the biggest piece of meat he had ever seen in person.

"I want to help," Jake said, lifting his eyes up to meet James.

"Listen," James explained, "I appreciate that, but I'm really not looking for a relationship right now."

"No relationship," Jake assured, "Just one guy helping another."

"Okay," James said, sounding unsure. He let his hand drop to the side of his missile.

Jake took the cue, knelt down in front of James, and took his dick into his mouth.

"Ohh," James moaned, feeling more than half his meat slid down Jake's throat. Jake kept hungrily going down on James's manhood.

"Fuck," James moaned, saying one of his most honest comments of the night, "you're really good at this."

James closed his eyes and leaned back, as Jake took care of his cock. He was almost content to let Jake keep going, but he reminded himself he had made a deal.

Much to Jake's surprise, James flew up, and pulled Jake up, pushing him back against the bed.

James quickly pulled down Jake's jeans and boxers, just far enough to expose his hard dick. James bent over Jake, taking it in his mouth.

"Ohhh," Jake moaned, leaning his head up to watch his new friend.

The whole thing had Jake super horny...and there was still something he wanted from James.

"Fuck me," Jake demanded.

James pulled off of Jake's dick with a smile. "Let's go doggie-style."

Jake got on all fours, as James came up from behind. Slowly, James pushed his whole eight-inch rod into Jake.

"Fuck!" Jake yelled, squirming, as James entered him, "You're huge!"

Carefully, James pulled out to his head and pushed back in, rubbing Jake's back with his hands.

"James," Jake moaned.


"I'm not a bitch," Jake said softly, "I want you to tear me up."

James smiled, "This could be fun," he thought to himself.

James bent over wrapping his arms around Jake's chest, and then took Jake's advice.

"OHHH, Fuck!" Jake yelled, as James pounded his cock into him. Jake's arms collapsed, as his face hit the bed, he could feel his body sliding with each of James's powerful thrusts. James kept a hold of him as he rammed his cock into Jake's tight ass.

Sweat rolled down James's face and chest. He moaned out, "Want my load?"

"Fuck yeah," Jake moaned, "Blow it!"

James kept fucking Jake hard. He moaned out, as Jake felt him pulse inside him. After a few seconds, James pulled out and dropped back against the bed.

"Oh fuck, that was great."

Jake, still shaky from the fucking, knelt down to James's side, his rock hard cock hovering over James's glistening pecks.

"Can I cum on you?" Jake asked.

James reached over, grabbing Jake's cock with his hand. He roughly jerked at it, destroying the last of Jake's willpower. James's watched as Jake's cum shot out, streaking his plump pecks.


Back at the dorm, Billy knew he needed to keep up his end of the promise.

"You horny?" He asked, breaking a silence.

Troy turned from his desk looking towards Billy. Billy sat facing the TV, but looking in Troy's direction. His facial expression seemed cold.

"I guess," Troy responded, turning back looking at the white wall in front of him.

"You can fuck me," Billy offered. But the tone was easy to detect in Billy's voice.

"Why would I do that?" Troy questioned, "You're obviously still mad at me."

"Like you care?" Billy responded sharply.

"Fuck," Troy said, pushing up from his desk and walking away from Billy. Troy wiped open the door and was gone.

Billy took a breath. "Maybe I should stop pissing off my football player roommate who could beat the shit out of me?" Billy thought to himself. But he didn't have any real fear of Troy.


Billy and Jake sat across from each other in the cafeteria eating brunch as James's walked up to them.

"Hey James," Jake quickly said.

"Hey," James replied back with a smile. "Think I can talk to Billy alone?"

"No problem," Jake said, standing up. "Hey, maybe we can get together some time?"

"Sounds hot," James answered, "but the coach is up our asses after yesterday. This week might not work."

"Oh," Jake said, disappointed, "no problem. If anything opens up, hit me up."

"Will do," James replied.

Jake grabbed his tray and walked off, as James's took his seat. The two sat in silence until Jake was out of sight.

"What the fuck?" James asked.

Billy hadn't seemed the game, but he could guess it wasn't good. "I'm guessing he didn't catch many?"

James squinted, as if to see if Billy was for real. "Yeah," James said bluntly, "He caught ONE pass. Which he fumbled!"

Billy grimaced.

"Seriously," James was all worked up, "Did I do something wrong? Is Jake not happy?"

"No, he's happy," Billy confirmed, "He's on top of the world. He can't stop talking about you."

James opened up his hands, asking for an explanation.

"I tried," Billy deflected, "he hasn't even apologized."

"Ohhhh," James groaned, rolling his head back. "Do you know Troy?" James questioned, "Seriously, have you two met?"

Billy knew Troy wasn't the type to show weakness or anything he considered a weakness. "I don't think it's going to happen," Billy said.

"I can tell you two things," James lectured, "One, I'm done with Jake until you bang Troy, and two..."

James's voice trailed off, the anger disappeared, " you like him?"

"Huh?" Billy answered. James just stared. Finally, Billy added, "I guess."

"It's obvious he likes you."

"It's obvious," Billy corrected, "he's horny."

James's laughed. "You can't be that dumb."

James continued, "If that was the problem, it would have been solved about an hour after the first shitty game. You do get that he has hot bitches throwing themselves at him after every game, right? Like begging for cock?"

James had Billy's attention, "And it wouldn't be hard for him to hook up with a guy either, or whatever he's into, we don't have limitations in that area. He doesn't want sex...he wants you."

The words clicked with Billy, but he was too proud. He couldn't admit it to James.

James sensed he had hit a chord. "You owe me," he laid on thickly, "just do me one favor. He's going to a party on Thursday. A big one. Just go with him. It will be fun."

"That's it?" Billy asked.

"Yep," James said.

"What about Jake?"

"I'll let him down easy," James answered.



The music blasted, as dozens of people swarmed in and out of the fraternity's rooms. Billy and Jake moved to the left side of a smaller room away from the band, where they could hear themselves a little better.

Billy put his plastic cup of beer down on a table, as he looked around.

"Where did Troy go?" he mumbled. He thought back to James and wondered if he should be trying to at least bond with Troy or something.

Billy looked over at Jake, wondering if he had heard his question. Jake, with his own plastic cup in hand, was completely distracted, looking around the room. He saw Billy looking at him and moved in close, "Do you think James is here?"

"I don't know," Billy replied. He felt a little bad for Jake, knowing James's intentions.

Billy looked back to the table, at the dozen or so cups of cheap beer. He picked his back up and was about to head back to the band, when his path was blocked.

A beast of a guy had stepped directly in front of him. By the looks of him, he must have been one of the team's senior linebackers.

"You drinking my beer?" He bellowed.

Jake looked at them surprised, instinctively taking a step back away from his friend. The people close enough to hear the football player's question had stopped their conversations and were frozen in place.

"Oh," Billy stammered, "I must have picked up the wrong one. Sorry." Billy quickly put the cup back down on the table.

"You think a 'sorry' can just fix this?" He commanded, taking a step towards Billy. Billy took a step back, pinning himself against the table.

"It was an accident," Jake's voice came from the side, stepping closer to Billy.

The player's shaved head quickly turned, locking Jake into his sights. Quickly, the linebacker reached out, grabbed Jake by the shirt and pushed him back hard. Jake fell back, his beer flying out of his hand. He landed on the floor a few feet away.

The linebacker's focus turned back on Billy. He clenched his fists, as Billy prepared himself for the worse.

"What the fuck?" The firm voice came from behind the linebacker. Billy saw Troy swing into sight.

The linebacker's attention only swayed for a second, as he focused back on Billy.

But Troy didn't hesitate, pushing in front of Billy.

"Fucking back the FUCK UP!" Troy shouted, in the linebacker's face.

Troy's emotion scared Billy more than the linebacker had. He had never been more scared in his life. His body was practically touching Troy's back, he could smell Troy's cologne.

The linebacker also seemed startled, but he didn't move.

Troy took a step towards him, their faces just an inch apart. "FUCK...OFF!"

The linebacker took a step back, as Billy let out a breath.

"Fuck, Troy!" The linebacker began, "Calm down. He's the one that drank my beer."

Troy didn't move. His expression was as hard as stone.

"I was just messing with him," the linebacker continued, "Fuck man." The linebacker turned, acting more annoyed than anything and walked off.

Troy turned and looked over Billy. Billy stood speechless from the whole incident. Then Troy moved, walking towards Jake. Two people had helped him up.

"You okay?" Troy asked.

"Yeah, thanks," Jake said. Jake had skinned his arms and was soaked in beer, but otherwise seemed okay. Then Troy left the room.

Billy and Jake looked at each other. They didn't have to be psychic to know what the other was thinking.

Billy and Jake walked out into the cold night air, and quickly started back to campus.

They walked in silence for a few minutes. Until Jake started, "You had to lose track of your cup..."

Billy looked over at his long-time friend. Jake's smile made Billy smile.

"That beer tasted like piss," Billy replied, as the two laughed.

"That was unbelievable," Billy added.

"Really fucked up," Jake confirmed.

"Hey," Billy said, changing his tone, "thanks."

After a few seconds, Jake responded, "I'm not the one you need to thank."

"Yeah," Billy thought back to Troy, "I don't know what to even say to him."

"How about," Jake began, his voice playful, "Thanks for not making my mom plan a funeral. Or thanks for not letting me piss myself in front of all those hot girls. Or thanks, I really like my face."

The two laughed, but Billy replied seriously, "It's not that easy."

A silence overtook their walk. Jake finally replied, "Yes it is."


Billy and Troy sat alone in their room after dinner. Troy sat on his lower bunk bed, as Billy sat at his desk. Billy turned his chair to face Troy.

"Thank you."

Troy looked up from his playbook and over to Billy.

"No problem."

"What if he would have punched you?"

Troy shrugged.

Billy walked over to Troy and sat down on the bed next to him.

"I feel bad for Jake," Troy stated.

"Yeah," Billy added, "He flew like four feet."

"Right?" Troy said knowingly, as the two smiled at each other.

"Sorry," Billy said.

Troy looked at him, "For what? It wasn't your fault."

"For being so angry lately," Billy explained, "I miss...everything."

"Me too. I don't know why I said that."

Billy started moving his head towards Troy, who met him half-way. The two kissed...


Jake pushed his dorm door open. He threw his book bag down on the floor and glanced towards the bottom bunk bed. Billy laid there with Troy behind him, Troy's arm draped over his chest. The two were asleep. Jake smiled. They did make a cute couple.


Billy moved through the cafeteria. He had 20 minutes to grab something and get to class. But then he stopped. James was sitting at a table near the back of the cafeteria. He was eating with a few other football players...all appeared to be lineman. That's when it clicked for Billy.

Billy stood at the end of the tables, and spoke in a firm voice, "I need a minute alone with James."

The football players just looked up at him, almost amused. Nobody moved. "I guess it doesn't work as well for me," Billy smiled at James.

James laughed as he stood up and the two walked away from the table. "What's up?"

"You're friends with the linebackers?"

"Of course," James said, "I am a running back. They're the ones that can give me a chance."

"So you get along with all of them?"

James stopped moving, as a slight smile overcame his face, "Why?"

"I can't believe you," Billy stated, half angry, and half glad. "I thought he was going to kill me."

James smiled, "He owed me a favor. Poor guy, I think Troy really surprised him."

"Did Troy know?"

"Of course not," James stated, "If he knew, he would have avoided the whole party."

"Well," Billy continued, "thanks...I guess."


"Where are you going?"

"To the bookstore," Billy answered, "I need to pick up..."

Billy words trialed off, as Troy pulled off his shirt.

"I guess it can wait," Billy said with a smile.

"Good," Troy answered, pulling off his pants and boxers. Billy looked over Troy's hot, athletic body, and soft black cock. He quickly stripped, revealing his boner.
Troy continued, "I want you to fuck me."

Billy was taken back, he couldn't help his mind drifting back to the time when he had made that same suggestion. Back to the words Troy had spoken.

"Forget it," Billy said, annoyed, "What we have is good."

"I want it to be great."

"I'm not interested," Billy said, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around him, "I think I'm going to get a nice cold shower."

"Okay," Troy said softly.

Billy walked over to his closet and hastily grabbed his shower stuff. He turned around to see Troy leaning his body against the wall. One of his hands pulled his ass cheek aside, as the other sent a finger around his anus.

"Ohhh," Troy moaned loudly, as his finger gently pushed into his ass.

"That feels so good," Troy moaned.

Billy was still annoyed, but he couldn't help being turned on.

Troy pushed his finger further up his ass. "Oh yeah," Troy moaned, "too bad its not bigger...and harder...and white."

Billy smiled as he dropped his towel, his dick was already standing at attention. Billy quickly walked over to Troy and pushed his hands away. He grabbed a hold of Troy's muscular chest, and pushed his cock in.

"Fuck!" Troy yelled out. "Oh fuck!" Billy pushed his cock in and out, slowly at first. He had wanted this for so long.

"Shit, shit, shit," Troy groaned.

Billy slowed down to a crawl. "It's okay if you want to stop."

"No," Troy answered, "Keep going."

Billy slowly rammed his hard-on up Troy's ass, inch by inch. Billy asked, "How's my cock feel?"

"Kind of feels hot," Troy answered.

Billy picked up speed as Troy's body pressed against the dorm room wall. Billy slowly worked his hand down Troy's chest and abs and grabbed a hold of Troy's thick cock.

"Feels like you like my cock," Billy grunted, as he pounded his dick into Troy.

"Yeah," Troy moaned, "it actually feels pretty good."

Billy pulled his cock out of Troy. "Fuck me," he begged.

Troy threw Billy down against his bed, as he got on top of Billy. Troy leaned in to kiss Billy, as he shoved his cock head past Billy's anus.

"Ohhhh," Billy moaned in between kisses, as Troy's cock pushed into him.

Troy let his battleship sink deep into Billy before he started fucking him.

"Your dick is so big," Billy moaned. "Fuck, fuck, it's perfect."

Troy slid his cock out of Billy's ass and quickly jumped up on the bed. Billy watched, unsure, as Troy stood over him, and then gently squatted down over his cock. Billy watched his hard dick disappear into Troy's black ass. Meanwhile, Troy's rock hard cock stood out over Billy's stomach.

"Here's what's going to happen," Troy laid out, "First, you're going to jerk me off while I ride your cock, second, you're going to bust on my pecks."

"Sounds great," Billy agreed, as he grabbed Troy's cock. Troy rode his ass up and down the length of Billy's cock. Billy knew he was enjoying it by the pre-cum dripping out of Troy's cock.

"Fuck, fuck," Troy groaned, "Fuck!" Troy's cum exploded out of him, hitting Billy's chest and stomach. The sight of Troy's mess, pushed Billy to the edge.

"I'm ready to cum," Billy declared, moving his hand to push Troy off of him.

"No," Troy responded, continuing to ride Billy, "Me first." Cum was continuing to dribble out of his cock. Troy smiled, he couldn't help but push the limits.

"Please, I'm going to cum," Billy begged.

"No," Troy countered, "Be a man about it." Troy slammed his ass down Billy's cock, as he squeezed the last bit of giz out of his meat. Troy looked at Billy's strained face, he was doing all he could to keep it together.

Billy tried to run through more baseball stats in his head, but as he felt Troy's ass run down his cock, he knew he was out of time. He couldn't help but wonder if Troy would be mad at him if he came in his ass. Would it mess up their relationship all over again? How could he go through that again?

Then Billy realized, Troy wasn't moving. His ass was resting on Billy's pubs. Billy gulped. He knew the slightest movement by Troy would set him off. The time for Troy to get off of him had past.

"Here's what's going to happen," Troy said, in a calm hushed voice. "I'm going to keep riding my ass over your cock..."

Billy's cleared his throat. He had to say something and hope for the best.

"..and..." Troy was still speaking, "you're going to blow your load in my ass."

Billy was surprised by Troy's change of plans, but he didn't have much time to think about it, as he felt Troy's ass ride up his cock.

Almost instantly, Billy yelled out, "FUCK!"

Troy grunted, as he felt Billy's cock pulse and explode in his ass. "Dump that cum," Troy encouraged.

"Fuck," Billy moaned, "Fuck, yes." Troy kept riding Billy until he has finished unloading.

Troy rolled off of Billy, laying next to him.

"That felt amazing," Billy added.

"Incredible," Troy confirmed.


The two freshmen were glued to the TV screen. A third-and-twelve. The quarterback, swept to the side, buying time. Then he threw. The pass was good, but the catch was great. Troy ran for another fifteen yards before being pushed out of bounds.

"He's caught five for five so far," Jake pointed out.

"He's doing good," Billy agreed.

"You two are good together," Jake added.

"Thanks. We'll find someone for you."

"No worries," Jake responded, "I hear there's a hung linebacker that has been off his game recently." The two friends laughed.

The End

the roommate assignment

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