The Roommate Assignment

Billy ripped open the envelope. The big state college's seal on the front meant this is what he had been waiting for. At 5'9", with blond hair and blue eyes and a cute face and swimmer's build, Billy was very excited about the upcoming college experience. Already being accepted and the start of his freshmen year just a month away, he knew that this letter would mean everything.

At that moment, his mom walked into the room. Watching him pull the single sheet of paper out of the shredded envelope was enough of a hint. "Ahhh, the roommate assignment."

Billy skipped the greeting and frantically searched for the name he requested.

"YES!" Billy yelled. "I'm rooming with Jake!"

"That's great!" Billy's mom screamed, hugging her son. What he would never know is that his mom's enthusiasm was fake. She had actually never been a big fan of Jake's.

She took a step back and noticed her son's smile had faded.

"What's wrong?" She stood beside him, trying to see what had captured him in the letter.

Then she saw it. Another name under Jake's.

"Ohhh," She said softly.

The letter referenced a "supplemental lounge."

After a couple more seconds, Billy spoke.

"This sucks. Two roommates."

"It sounds like they don't have enough space," his mom offered. "It could be worse," she pointed to a line of the letter. "Supplement lounges hold between three and six students depending on their size."

"Six!" Billy exclaimed, "That would be a nightmare."

"This isn't a bad thing," his mom spun, "You get to room with Jake and meet someone new. The best of both worlds, a win-win."

"I guess," Billy responded.


Billy and Jake sat on the bench overlooking their high school baseball field. Both had played in high school, but weren't quite college material.

Jake was about an inch shorter than Billy and had darker features. With brown hair and brown eyes, Jake also had a swimmer's body, but not as toned as Billy's.

"This sucks big time," Jake spoke first.

"I know," Billy responded.

"This was supposed to be time for sex."

"I know. We've been waiting so long for this."

"I guess I'll never get you alone," Jake said with a half smile.

Billy smiled back. He and Jake had experimented, but it was hard to find a place. And it didn't look like that would change.

"He can't be there all the time," Billy added.


"So," the excitement grew in Billy's voice, "when we get to college, and ditch the roommate, who gets to get fucked first?"

"Dips!" Jake yelled. The two laughed at the thought.

"I want your dick sooo bad," Billy acknowledged.

"Well," Jake said looking over at him, "we are alone."

"Yeah," Billy said, "on an open field."

"Yep," Jake said, looking back ahead, knowing their time together would have to wait.


Jake and Billy had moved into their dorm room. It was bigger than the standard room, but of course that didn't make up for the fact there would be three of them. Walking in the door, there were three closets to their immediate left along the wall. The room opened up to the right. There was a set of bunk beds to the immediate right, and a single bed across from it on the left side of the room. There was a desk directly across from the door, and two more on the far side of the room, on the other side of the beds. Those two desks were facing the room's windows. A micro-fridge sat in between them.

"This isn't that bad," the female voice came from behind, as Billy's mom, followed by his dad entered the room. They had also brought up Jake.

"Let's get this show on the road," Billy's dad commented, knowing that between the two of them they had a lot of stuff to bring up.

"We should take the bunk beds," Jake said, towards Billy.

"Yeah," Billy agreed, neither wanting to have to share them with their unknown roommate, "I call the bottom."

It took about an hour, but soon enough, Jake and Billy were moved in and the parents had left. Both boys sat on Billy's bottom bunk, covered in blue sheets.

"I wonder what Troy is like?" Jake asked.

"He sounded nice on the phone," Billy responded.

"You know," Jake changed the subject, "we are alone." His hand rested on Billy's thigh.

As timing would have it, that was the moment the door swung open. Jake quickly retracted his hand, and the boys stood up, to get a view of the door.

A tall, black kid walked in carrying a bag of clothes.

"Hey, I'm Troy," he greeted.

"I'm Jake."


The boys nodded at each other, as Troy's hands were full. For a second Billy was surprised that he was black, but then again his name should have been a hint.

Troy surveyed the room and put his bag on the single bed.

"Your parents coming up," Jake asked, noticing he was alone.

"No, I've been here for two weeks, football camp," Troy explained, his cute face lit up with his smile, "they wouldn't let us move into our permanent rooms until today."

"Oh," Jake responded. "You're on the football team...are you any good?"

"Yeah," Troy said, his smile widening, "I'm starting as a freshman, so I would say not too bad."

Billy spoke up, "What position?"

"Receiver." The answer made sense as Troy wasn't real big. He was obviously in good shape and he was tall, maybe 6'2".

"But I thought all the players stayed in a separate dorm," Jake asked.

"They do," Troy said, "I declared pretty late and it had already filled. Kind of offense."

"So you're stuck here with us," Billy added.

"Yeah," Troy said, "I can't believe I couldn't even get a normal room. Nice to know there's no favoritism here." The three laughed. Troy was definitely likeable.


Later that evening, after all of them had unpacked and ate their first dinner in the cafeteria, they sat in their dorm room. Troy had bought a TV, which they sat on top of the micro-fridge. They had put out three lawn-type chairs in the middle of the room, were they sat watching TV and talking.

Troy sat in between the two friends. "We have to talk about sex," he started, "set-up some rules."

Billy shot Jake a knowing glance.

"I think the first attempt should be to go back to the girl's room," Troy was saying, obviously having put some thought into this. "My preference would be they never know where I live, you know, keep some distance."

"Sure," Jake inserted, as the two let Troy continued, they couldn't help but find the whole conversation somewhat amusing.

"Right," Troy said, "Now, in the case of an emergency and one of us has to bring them back here, there should be two policies."

Billy and Jake looked at each other again with wide smiles, Troy had no idea that none of this applied to either of them.

"One," Troy was on a roll, "Any roommates in the room should immediately agree to leave for at least an hour but no more than two hours. And two, if the other roommates are asleep, the one getting laid should attempt to be the least amount of disruption, but even if the other two are awaken they should not say anything or otherwise disrupt the sex event."

Troy glanced back at them, "What do you think?"

"Sounds good," Billy offered.

"Deal," Jake seconded.


Over the course of the next couple weeks, Troy noticed the looks that Jake and Billy shot each other. He noticed that when he would get back from class the room would smell like sex...but only Jake and Billy would be in it. Every so often the possibility that they were more than just friends would cross his mind. But it was always fleeting, quickly dismissed.

One night, Troy found himself in a bind. The black girl refused to go back to her dorm, due to having a roommate, and so it was either Troy's room or nothing. And to Troy, "nothing" wasn't an option. It was a little after 2am as the two of them entered his dorm.

"Two roommates?" The female asked, seeing the bunk beds and the dark outlines in them.

"Yeah," Troy confirmed, "They're heavy sleepers."

Troy and the girl quickly stripped down and dove under the single sheet covering his bed, as his two roommates slept.

After a few minutes under the covers, the girl spoke, "It's so big!"

"You want it in you?" Troy whispered.


Troy moved on top of her, his lower back and below covered by the sheet.

"Oh my god," the girl said.

Troy smiled, as he pushed all the way in and started fucking her.

"Oh!" The girl screamed as Troy pushed in.

Troy stopped for a moment. "You can't scream," he whispered.

"You have to go slow," the girl responded. But Troy had no intentions of going slow. As he slammed into her, he could hear the sound of rustling coming from the bunk beds.

"Oh, oh oh," the girls moaned, keeping them as quiet as possible, as Troy pushed his meat deep inside of her.

"Oh fuck, fuck, shit," the girl moaned, getting louder.

"Shhh!" Troy whispered, as he squeezed her tit.

"I'm gonna cum," Troy whispered, as neared his tipping point.

"Unload that big cock!" the girl urged, "I want to feel it inside of me."

"Ohhh," Troy moaned, "fuck!" Troy blasted his thick giz into the condom, deep inside the girl.

A few minutes later, the girl next to Troy had fallen asleep, and Troy was drifting away. Right, before he fell off, he could almost swear he heard heavy breathing, and what sounded like a grunt come from one of the bunk beds.


The cool wind made Billy shudder, as he walked with Jake across the campus.

"Did you hear all that last night?" Billy asked.

"How could I not?" Jake answered.

"I wonder if he's as big as that girl was saying."

"I don't know," Jake commented with a smile "he is black."


Jake and Billy kissed on the bottom bunk. Their t-shirts laid on their dorm room floor, as the two ran their hand over their muscles. Jake wore blue jeans, while Billy had on thin running shorts. Jake carefully pulled down Billy's shorts, letting his hard-on out. Jake grabbed it with his hand, and started stroking it.

Then they heard the sound of the door being pushed open. The lock caught. The two boys sat frozen waiting for the person to knock or go away. But then they heard the unmistakable sound of a key going into the lock.

"He has class," Billy muttered.

Jake had already leapt up, throwing on his t-shirt and sitting in one of the chairs in the middle of the room. He grabbed the TV remote. Billy pulled up his shorts, and reached to grab his shirt as the door swung open. The TV flashed on as Troy walked in the room, out of time Billy shoved his shirt behind the bed.

Troy annoyed by his class being cancelled, first noticed Billy topless. He had never seen Billy just lounge around topless. After a moment, the situation added up. He couldn't be in denial any longer.

The two boys were concentrating so hard on the TV, they didn't notice Troy lock the door.

Troy walked into the middle of the room, dropping his notebook on his desk, and sitting next to Jake. "It's cool," Troy started.

"What?" Jake asked.

"You two," Troy explained, "There's nothing wrong with being gay...I mean sex is sex."

"We're not gay," Jake quickly responded.

"Really?" Troy said, "Billy's topless...and has a hard-on."

Billy blushed realizing his shorts weren't holding anything back.

"And," Troy continued towards Jake, "Your shirt's on backwards."

Jake glanced down, to confirm Troy's observation.

Both boys sat in silence, unsure how to proceed.

"It's really not a big deal," Troy added, "I mean I would never tell anyone. It's nobody's business."

"Thanks," Billy said, in a way he felt better not having to hide it from Troy anymore.

"So," Troy questioned, "Who's the pitcher and catcher?"

Jake spoke for them, "We both prefer catcher, so we take turns. And if you were to take a walk, Billy and I could finish up."

Billy almost protested, embarrassed Jake was being so forward, but Troy spoke first.

"Hey, I'm no cock-block," Troy said, "but why do I need to leave?"

After a minute of confusion, Jake asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well," Troy said, "how about if I watch? I mean it is my room too."

"You want to watch us have sex?" Billy said, "Isn't that kind of weird?"

"Really?" Troy snapped, "So you two didn't watch me have sex that night a week ago?"

Billy and Jake were silent for a moment, Jake quipped, "It was too dark, I could barely even see her tits."

"Her tits are what you were hoping to see?" Troy questioned.

Jake smiled, "Good point."

"Admit it, Billy," Troy directed. "Did you pop a boner?"

Billy smiled, "Hard not were tearing her up."

Troy laughed. "Well, you two owe me."

Billy and Jake looked at each other, still unsure.

"Or I guess I can just sit here in the room," Troy countered, "for the rest of the day."

"We're doing this," Jake decided, moving towards Billy and pushing him back against his bunk.

Jake and Billy kissed, as Troy moved to his bed for a better view.

Jake pulled off his shirt and him and Billy kissed again. Then Jake pulled off his pants and boxers. Troy pegged his already hard dick at about six inches. Jake quickly shoved it in Billy's mouth.

Troy had never watched something like this before, but he had to admit it was hot. Seeing his roommate's dick disappear into Billy's cute mouth. Billy sucked it with ease. After a minute, Jake pulled it out and pulled down Billy's shorts and boxers, letting his dick free. Troy noticed it was slightly bigger than Jake's, maybe by about half an inch. Jake took most of it in his mouth as Billy gently moaned. Jake played with Billy's nipples as he sucked him.

Troy was glad he had on baggy jeans, as they hid his fattening dick.

"Fuck me first," Billy moaned. Jake didn't waste any time, as he positioned himself in between Billy's legs and pushed his dick in.

"Ohhh, fuck," Billy moaned, as Jake pumped into him. Jake pushed his cock deep into his moaning friend. "Yeah, yeah, fuck me." Billy was loving it.

Troy watched as Jake kept a steady rhythm, leaning over Billy's body.

"I'm gonna cum," Jake moaned, as he pulled out of Billy. Jake's hand jerked at his cock, until he shot his seed out onto Billy's stomach.

"Wow," Troy thought to himself, he had been watching the clock, and Jake had timed in at about three minutes. "White boys," Troy thought to himself.

"Fuck me," Jake begged.

Billy pushed Jake down, his back against the bed, and shoved his dick into Jake.

"Oh yeah!" Jake moaned out loudly, as Billy banged his cock in.

"That feels so good," Jake moaned, already starting to regain his hard-on. Billy bent over to kiss Jake, as he kept up a steady pounding. His cock slid deep into Jake, as his balls smacked against Jake's taint.

Troy watched Billy's perfect abs flex as he nailed Jake harder.

"I need to cum," Billy announced, as he pulled out of Jake.

Troy glanced at the clock again. To Billy's credit he had lasted twice as long as Jake, a solid six minutes. Troy turned his head back just in time to see Billy unload by streaking his cum up Jake's chest. Billy moaned and fell back onto the bed, on the far side of Jake.

Jake turned towards Troy with a smile, "That what you wanted to see?"

"Definitely," Troy answered.


Two days later, Billy sat on his bunk bed early in the morning. Sunlight crept threw their closed blinds. Troy was still asleep and Jake had left a little while ago for an early study group followed by his first psych test.

Billy was looking - staring - at Troy. His single white sheet was pulled up to just below his pecks and nipples. He black skin looked so warm and soft. But Billy's eyes were mostly focused on the morning wood pitching a tent in his sheet. Billy's mind raced at the sight as he thought to himself, "Troy must be hung. That girl wasn't lying." Billy was so focused he hadn't even noticed Troy wake up and open his eyes.

"I'm always horny in the morning." Troy's voice snapped Billy back into reality, as he quickly looked away.

"It's been four days since I've gotten some pussy," Troy said, clearing his throat, "Maybe you can help me out?"

"Umm," Billy hesitated.

"Unless," Troy added, "you think Jake would mind."

"No," Billy said, "he wouldn't care."

"Then, take a look at what I'm working with."

Billy slowly climbed off of his bed and walked over to Troy, he pulled down the sheet, to see that Troy was sleeping nude.

Troy watched Billy's eyes grow wide, a reaction Troy had seen many times before, but never from a guy.

"Wow," Billy stated, looking at Troy's thick cock. It had to be a good nine inches. "It's huge."

"You can suck it if you want."

Billy bent over and put his lips around Troy's plump dick head. Slowly, Billy gulped down his shaft, taking in about seven inches of it.

"Ohhh," Troy moaned lightly, as Billy pushed his mouth up and down. Troy gently placed a hand on the back of Billy's head, as Billy pushed his cock down his throat.

"Shit," Troy moaned, as the head was as good as even the most experienced girls he had been with.

After a few minutes, Billy pulled up. "Do you want to fuck me?"

"Yeah," Troy answered, as he pulled Billy down to the floor. Troy pushed Billy so he was kneeling on the floor, his upper body against the bed. Troy stroked some lube over his cock, and pressed his head against Billy's anus.

"Ready for it?" Troy asked, barely breaching Billy.

"Yeah," Billy said, moving his legs apart.

"Oh," Troy said coyly, pulling back his cock, "It's okay if you don't want it."

"No, I want it," Billy assured, urgency in his voice.

"How much do you want it?" Troy asked, rubbing his cock against Billy's crack.

"I want it bad," Billy begged, "Please let me have it!"

Satisfied, Troy pushed his cock head into Billy.

"Oh Fuck!" Billy yelled out, as a wave of pain shot through him.

Troy pulled out, relubed, and pushed back in slowly, until most of his cock was inside Billy.

"Oh fuck," Billy moaned, the pain replaced with pleasure, "It feels so good! It's so big!"

Troy began fucking his roommate, plowing his hard cock in hard into Billy's tight ass.

"Your ass is so tight," Troy moaned. Troy ran his hands over Billy's chest and abs as he banged him. Carefully, Troy moved his hand down and grabbed at Billy's dick. Billy's chubby made it clear he was enjoying himself, as Troy gently stroked it.

Troy put both of his hands on Billy's ass and slowly pulled out.

"Oh, Fuck!" Billy moaned, as Troy left his ass. "Cum on my face," he begged.

"You still have some work to do," Troy informed, as he sat on his bed, leaning back against the wall. "Sit on it."

Billy stood up on the bed, facing Troy, he squatted down. Troy put his hands on Billy's waist, as he slid down over his dick.

"Oh Fuck!" Billy yelled.

"Shhhh!" Troy whispered, not wanting Billy to get too loud.

"It's so big!" Billy justified.

"Show me how much you want my load," Troy egged.

Billy began bouncing up and down Troy's cock, sending waves of pleasure through his body. His own cock bounced up and down, smacking against Troy's abs.

Troy reached up, pinching Billy's nipples as he rode him.

"Oh yeah, fuck yeah," Billy moaned.

Troy watched clear pre-cum leak out of Billy's cock onto his abs. He knew Billy was close, and he could feel his own cock filling. Troy grabbed Billy's cock and started jerking him off.

"Oh yeah," Billy moaned louder, "Make me cum!" Billy's white cum sprayed out over Troy's black chest. The sight almost set Troy off.

With a grunt, Troy lifted Billy off of him, laying him down on the bed. Billy focused on pumping the remaining cum out of his cock. Troy positioned himself next to the bed, his cock over Billy's face.

"Tell me you want it," Troy said, stroking his thick meat.

"I want it on my face," Billy instructed, "I want you to dump your load."

"I'm gonna bust," Troy moaned, as he jerked his hand quicker. Troy shot his thick load out streaking across Billy's face. By the time Troy had finished, Billy's face had six thick streaks of cum over it.
"That was fucking great," Troy said sitting on the side of the bed.

"That was amazing," Billy agreed, using his finger to push some of Troy's cum into his mouth.


Jake and Billy were eating dinner in the cafeteria, when Jake finally spoke.



"You've been smiling non-stop," Jake pointed out, "What's up?"

"I got some dick," Billy answered.

Jake smiled, "Nice! Who?"

"Troy," Billy said.

"What?" Jake exclaimed, "You're shitting me."

"Apparently, he's always horny in the morning."

Jake looked at his friend in disbelief. "Is he hung?"

"Yeah, massive," Billy informed.

"How was it?"

"Incredible," Billy described, "It was so fucking intense."

"Wow," Jake soaked in.

After a minute, Jake asked, "Think he'll fuck me?"

"I don't know," Billy answered, "You should try for it."

"How about," Jake said thinking about what Billy had said, "You make yourself scarce tomorrow morning?"

"No problem," Billy agreed.


The next morning, the sunlight crept through the window. Troy could feel it on his face. He resisted as long as he could, before he peeled his eyes open. Troy yawned and sat up in his bed.

"Good morning," Jake said from across the room.

Troy turned and nodded, "Where's Billy?"


Troy grabbed his shorts next to his bed, and slide them on under his blanket.

"Horny?" Jake asked, mostly ignoring the movie playing on the TV.

Troy looked over at him. "No," he said softly.

Jake studied Troy, as Troy got up and started gathering his shower stuff.

Jake stood up and moved within a few feet of him. "We could mess around, if you want."

Troy turned towards Jake. "Was this a coincidence or did Billy tell him?" he asked himself.

"Nah," Troy made clear, "That's what you have Billy for."

With that, Troy headed off to the shower.

Jake stood there - confused.


A few days later, Billy and Troy found themselves alone in the room.

"You told Jake," Troy stated.

Billy looked at him. Jake had told him about the morning failure. "Yeah."

"It would be nice if shit like that could stay private."

"Okay, sorry," Billy responded, "I didn't tell anyone else...I mean it's Jake."

"Yeah," Troy said, "just because we mess around, doesn't mean I want to mess with him."

"Sure," Billy said, "I gotcha."

"Speaking of that..." Billy said moving over to Troy's bed. Troy smiled, as Billy continued, "I was hoping we could try that again."

"What do you want to do?" Troy encouraged.

"Stick that big cock of yours in my ass."


The weeks went by. Billy and Jake went to their first football game and watched Troy score a touchdown. He was quickly becoming one of the team's star players. Billy continued to mess around with Jake and Troy. Life was good for the roommates, until everything changed...

Jake grabbed his book bag and was out the door, gone for an afternoon of classes. Both Billy and Troy knew what would happen next. Troy sat down next to Billy in the fold-out chairs, as Billy paused a video game.

"Maybe we could switch things up a little?" Billy asked, putting down his controller.

Troy looked as him skeptically, "Why? You love getting banged."

"Yeah," Billy pushed, "But I want a little bit of variety. Maybe I could fuck you?"

Troy looked over at him, definitely not happy, "Are you out of your mind?"

"I would go slow," Billy offered, "And it's not like my dick is a monster like yours."

Troy flew up from his seat, "You don't get it." His tone surprised Billy, as he slammed a pile of books against his desk, "I'm a college-level varsity football player. Not a cum dumpster."

The words shook Billy.

the roommate assignment

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