The Broken One Pt. 01

It had begun like any other Sunday morning for the past month. A splitting headache from drinking way too much the night before. This body pain had become my weekend alarm clock. I was meant to be feeling better than this today. According to the cleaning roster on the flat fridge it was my turn to do the washing up. Problem was no one else had done their turn on the roster the past two weeks. I had two flatmates. Rhonda, the baby of the flat. She was just 19 and was still adjusting to life away from home. This was her first time flatting and over all she was a laid back fun chick but sadly she wouldn't know what a scrubbing brush looked like if it slapped her in the face.

Then there was Sebastian the German flatmate. He was more of a couch surfer than anything. He had moved in about three months ago but was hardly ever in. Sebastian was at least in his 20s but only just, making me at 26 feel like the father of the house. Sebastian was here on a student visa but he hardly ever went to uni instead he spent his nights out picking up any woman that would have him. The guy was a looker so I was surprised by some of the rough trade he would pick up. Sebastian had left to go on holiday down south a week ago. Rhonda and I weren't holding our breath that he would return since all he had in his room was a foam mattress, a few blankets and a littering of empty beer cans. He was paid up for the next two weeks so I wasn't going to bother myself worrying till then.

Hangover headache in tow I stumbled down the hallway in just my jockeys, nursing my poor head in search of Panadol and water. I barged into the lounge and went to the pantry where I opened the door and fished around till I saw the magical foil packet containing my healing medicine my head so badly craved. I shut the pantry door with a little too much might and BANG the bloody thing made a hell of a noise. The bang itself didn't make me jump but a groggy male's voice coming from behind me in the lounge sure did.

"What the fuck?" the voice grumbled.

It was Anton one of my good mates, arguably my best mate. I had totally forgotten that he decided to stay over and sleep on the couch rather than risk drink driving.

"Sorry mate," I called out.

Anton looked just about as wrecked as I did The blanket half draped over him as he lay on his side, his arse crack on show for the world to see from where his boxers had slipped slightly down. At the end of the couch I could see he had only one sock on and the other foot bare. Anton nuzzled into his pillow making the blanket fall even further displaying the blonde down of hair that covered his deeply tanned legs.

"Wake up critter," I teased.

Anton grizzled again before spinning around catching me off guard and throwing his pillow at my face. He burst into laughter seeing me flinch and swear in fright.

"Cheeky cunt, you weren't asleep at all," I said still standing behind the kitchen bench.

"Haha nar I gotcha good Braydon I got you good," he chuckled as he laid down on his back covering himself up properly with the blanket. He swung his feet round on the floor and sat up to rest his elbows on his knees. He flashed me a side glance, "you look rancid mate," before rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"Thanks," I said as I poured myself a glass of water to swallow the pain killers with. "You're not exactly the nicest sight to see in the morning yourself Anton." Anton giggled like a naughty school boy.

"Maybe not to you but damn all the ladies seem to think so."

"Oh yea then how come your not waking up in bed with one."

"Uhhh cos I'm fussy mate, a guy's gotta have standards."

I raised an eyebrow at him as I gulped on my glass of water.

"So what are your plans for the day Ant?"

"I'm meant to be going and seeing the olds this arvo. Can't say I'm in the mood but guess ya gotta make an effort with family."

"True, true" I nodded in agreement. I walked over towards the couch to sit by Anton. As I walked over he could see I was only in my jockeys.

"Aww fuck put some clothes on Braydon. I don't need to see all that at this hour."

"What ya mean I thought this was all above your standards baby," I said with the gayest lisp I could muster.

"Oh yea big boy," Anton mimicked back before laughing his head off.

That was the good thing about Anton, he was always laughing, always smiling, he didn't do sad or boring, he was the happiest funny guy you could meet. Admittedly he could be a bit full on at times. It was pretty much a given he was one of those pain in the arse ADHD kids but one that never grew out of the hyperactivity. His overly excitable nature aside he was a good sort and had been a good mate to me. We had met 8 years ago when we were both new to town in our first year of university and staying in the same halls of residence. That meant we got to know each other quite well. Our bond was formed over copious amounts of alcohol and to this day that social ritual still stood firm. Especially over the past few weeks, he had been coming around a lot to try and cheer me up.

I'd recently split from my girlfriend Megan. This time for good, we were constantly on again off again throughout the tumultuous four years we were an item. About six months ago Megan declared to me she couldn't handle my dark moods. Said I wasn't the person she had once known. I thought that rich coming from such a stroppy cow. At first we stayed fuck buddy's cos as Megan said it was hard to find a stud in this town who knew how to use his dick and I knew that if I was good at anything it was definitely fucking. Sex was the only thing that held us together through the tough times but then it was also the thing that drove us apart. It had been over a month since we had last rooted and I was definitely suffering from blue balls.

So for the past few weeks I've been hitting the clubs with Anton and a couple of the other single lads. Anton always makes sure we end up on some sort of crazy bender. Last night was no exception hence the splitting hangover. Anton's always telling me I'm too serious and need to loosen up and find new pussy adventures he calls them. I've been trying to take his advice but still I haven't got my dick wet since Megan.

My generic office job tends to stress me out and bring me down so I figure this past month has been therapy of some sort just unfortunately my liver will need its own form of therapy eventually. I envied Anton in a way even though his job as a painter paid less, it sure as hell didn't stress him out and he genuinely enjoyed the outdoor nature of his job, he often told me he couldn't stand the thought of being stuck inside an office all day and that's why he bailed on uni during the second year. I sometimes wished I had been as carefree as Anton and left as well, but then I'd be piss poor just like him.

Anton scrambled his hand around on the glass coffee table trying to grab his packet of smokes and a lighter. He placed one in his mouth and sparked it alight. Anton extended the packet out to me offering me one of his cancer sticks.

"Nar mate I'm all good, you know I only smoke when I'm drunk."

"Well considering how much of the beer I can still smell on you I figured you were still pissed" he joked and placed the packet back down.

"Funny bugger," I said as I tap punched his shoulder.

"Settle down hulk, settle down," Anton spat back.

Compared to Anton I was a bit of a hulk. He wasn't a weed but next to me he paled in comparison when it came to muscle mass. I'm a naturally disciplined sort and that's made me a bit of a gym freak. I like to make sure I look my best. We made good wing men for each other cos we appealed to very different tastes. Anton the slim cheeky dude with his messy blonde bed hair, and me the half-caste Greek with my dark wavy curls, brown eyes and tall stature. We couldn't get much different.

"So what happened to Rhonda last night?" Anton asked. He had more than a little crush on the flatmate.

"She hooked up with someone in town and stayed at theirs."

"Fuck man she should have come home and spent the night with me." Anton declared.

"Yea I don't think that's gonna happen till you grow some tits and get a vagina. You know she's gay" I laughed.

"Nar man that's where you're wrong, she just needs one night on this d train and she will never wanna get off," Anton said as he groped his crotch through the blanket.

"Getting her off at all will be your main problem I imagine."

"You underestimate my skills brother." We both laughed.

Anton got out from under his blanket. I could see he was still wearing his shirt from last night and some hideously pink boxer shorts.

"Nice colour, they suit you," I said amused.

"Cheers mate." Anton flicked his head up at me giving a sly grin. He bent down and picked up his dirty denim jeans off the floor and slid into them.

"Hey do you think you'll be finished early at your parents tonight?"

"Whys that?" Anton asked.

"The games on remember."

"Oh shit that's right, what times it on?" Anton asked as he searched round for his missing sock.

"Starts at 8 I think."

"Bugger, nar I reckon I'll be at the olds till at least 9. I'll have to just watch it at theirs."

"Sweet as man. Go the Aussies right?" I teased him knowing Anton would never want to see Australia win a match. I loved teasing him about it even though his team nearly always won these days, so he did have game results on his side. I was born in Australia and grew up there till I was 12 and even though I hadn't lived there for well over a decade I still held some loyalty to the country and its sports teams.

"Bro don't even get me started, your team play so useless anyone would think their running around with carrots up their arses." He said jovially.

"Oh yea, so you'd be willing to place a little wager on it would you?"

"Dude your crazy, their playing here and they'll never win an away game" Anton said passionately before continuing, "So yea id be more than happy to place a little wager on it."

"Oh yea how much?" I said only half serious.

"50 bucks." Anton put forward.

"Ummm fuck man that's a bit much." My face showed my shock.

"Yea that's right Braydon you won't make the bet cos you know they ain't won here in years bro."

I gave him a sly grin.

"No Ant I just know that you ain't got 50 bucks to give me if I did win," I said good-heartedly. But it was true. Anton worked as a painter and was only in work when there were contract jobs going and he had been without a job a little while. However Anton wasn't one to back away from a bet.

"Well what you want if the impossible happened and my team lost?" Anton was now fumbling with putting his other sock on.

I sat there thinking for a short moment. I didn't need the house painted which was his main form of barter .My eyes darted around the lounge and over to the kitchen and then it dawned on me. He could take my turn on the irritating cleaning roster. The roster which admittedly I came up with but had come to haunt me ever since it was implemented. Like Dr Frankenstein I had created a monster.

"Well you could clean the house. The place is a fucking sty." I pointed to the mess surrounding us.

Anton grinned from ear to ear as if this would be the easiest 50 bucks he had ever made. I knew his team would win but I felt this was an indirect way of helping him out and return the favour of him being there for me since shit hit the fan with Megan the stupid cunt.

"You sure you wanna bet on this?" Anton asked, his kind eyes looking for reassurance it was ok since he knew this was probably a sly way of me helping him out.

I pretended to be serious about my team's prospects.

"Yea man of course I'm sure, I reckon it'll be my teams day. But if it isn't then I'll pay up the 50. A man's only as good as his word."

"Well if you insist Braydon," Anton's mind must have had dollar signs rolling through it. "Fuck if your team wins I'll clean the house naked," he joked. "It could be good for Rhonda to see what she's been missing out on."

I roared with laughter at the thought.

"Ok mate if I win then you're getting in the nuddy and doing all the chores and can be our maid for the day."

Anton was trying to hold back his laughter.

"Yea mate you can have a naked house maid for a day." He extended his arm out to shake on it. I took his hand and gave him a firm hand shake.

"Yep and you can do it with one of my teams carrots in you cos judging by those pretty pink boxers I think you'd like that," I teased. Anton snorted at this.

Then with a confident "yep deal," he gave my hand one last squeeze before letting go.

After Anton left to go to his parents I pretty much moped about the house doing fuck all. I tried finishing off some paper work that I needed to finish for work but that wasn't a success with me unable to concentrate. My mind kept drifting to Megan and wondering if she would call me. She had never gone this long without speaking to me. I sat hoping Rhonda would finally come home and entertain me with tales of her slutty expedition with another woman. I began fantasising about it and was about to go into her room and find a pair of her panties to sniff while I jacked off but I managed to calm the deviant in me down. I really needed to get laid and soon.

The last time with Megan had not gone to plan. It was meant to be a safe foray into some light bondage but instead that same deviant in me reared his ugly head and made me get carried away. I had tied her face down to the bed using some ropes I had found in the garden shed. I gave her the safe word 'yellow' and she found this hilarious which pissed me off. I told her if we're gonna do this then let's do it properly but she continued mocking me as she laid there at my supposed mercy. Eventually I'd had enough and playfully suggested she be gagged to stop her whinging. She agreed. I found a clean sock and placed it in her mouth then taped it shut. I then began my handy work. I started slow but it didn't take long for my raging cock to take over. I fucked her hard how she liked it. Her tiny frame made me think if I fucked her hard enough she would snap. I could hear her moaning in pleasure but this wasn't enough, I spanked her then decided it would be better with my belt than bare hand.

Megan's mocking words from before had stayed circling in my brain taunting me, they sent a rage through my veins and down into my dick which was now in control of my thinking. I lifted the belt high and pelted her hard instantly leaving a bright red stinging mark. Megan screamed best she could with a sock stuck in her mouth. This made me go harder and before I knew it I was whipping the shit out of her legs, cheeky arse and back. Now and then I'd stop and slip a finger inside her pussy before leaning in and cruelly listening to her cry. The pillows where her face lay were stained from her tears.

I whispered in her ear, "Do you want me to stop slut? What's that you want more?" She emitted a muffled squeal through the make shift gag. "You must do cos I can't hear the whore's safe word."

I had never been so turned on. This was something I had wanted to do for a long time after watching plenty of BDSM porn on the net. I stood over her mocking her victim state, I was so wrapped up in my god like status that I didn't see she had loosened the ropes around her wrists. Before I could do anything Megan ripped the gag out and screamed at me calling me a sick cunt and everything under the sun. She finished untying herself and ran out the house naked carrying her clothes never to return.

I kept ringing her cell for days but she never picked up and she wasn't at home when I visited her to apologise and explain that wasn't really me and I didn't know what came over me. Eventually I got a call from one of her friends telling me that to stay the fuck away from Megan and that if I didn't then Megan would go to the police. The text had an eerie effect on me. It sent a chill down my spine and broke my heart simultaneously. I wasn't willing to risk people finding out about what happened. My friends and family would think I'm a monster. I haven't tried contacting her since I received that text. If I ever feel too lonely I go lay on my bed where I last had her. I've not changed the sheets since and want to keep her smell with me as long as I can. The tiny blood drop stains on the white sheets serve as a reminder of the one time I truly felt in control.

My sadness from this final aching split sent me into an even darker head spin. I had lost one of the few constant people in my life. The loss of control depleted me. One evening after work I did something stupid. I had the place to myself and without thinking grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began cutting into my leg. The blood oozed out and it felt like a rush of pain release from my body. I sat there digging away waiting to be healed. I didn't realise that I had left the door unlocked and unbeknownst to me Anton had walked in during the middle of my butchering buzz. It was horrible. The physical pain of my bleeding leg was nothing to the pain and embarrassment I felt for him seeing me at my lowest. That day began Anton's almost daily visits and these weekends out. I have been grateful for the company but I hold a grudge for him seeing something he wasn't entitled to see. I choose who sees my dark moments no one else.

About 3 o 'clock I drove out to the mall, more out of boredom than any real need to go shopping. I wandered through the crowds of families doing their Sunday shopping and was looking for an excuse to buy a new shirt, phone, watch anything. In the end I decided to get a haircut. Nothing quite like a drastic new doo to feel like you've changed out of sight when you're still the same sad fuck on the inside. I was basic with my request. Just a number 4 all over. The hair dresser was almost apologetic for shaving off my dark curls. She didn't need to be cos I decided I suited this sharp short look, especially with my thick stubble.

After the pointless shopping excursion and dinner I waited for the game to come on tele. I sat down with a few beers left over from last night's booze binge and sat through the lead up commentary till finally the whistle for kick off blared. The game started off predictably with Anton's team taking a big lead in the first half. I got up and checked my wallet to make sure I had his 50 bucks there. Nope I'd need to go to the ATM tomorrow and get some cash out. I started to lose interest in the game when it seemed out of reach for my side. I sent Anton a text saying you looking likely to be 50 bucks richer. He didn't reply so I assumed he was engrossed in the game enjoying his team giving mine a walloping. I flicked channels and started watching some sitcoms on the UK channel. I was about to head to bed when I noticed my phone had a text. It was Anton. 'WTF haha looks like the impossible happened. Save your 50 for cleaning products bro cos your new maid will need some'. I flicked the channel back to the game and I could see the wrap up of the interview with the winning captain, the captain of my team! WTF indeed. I looked round the messy house and felt relieved that I wouldn't have to spend hours cleaning this dump up.

I'd only done a half day at work Monday so when I finished at 12 I headed to the gym where I spent an hour doing weights before jumping in the pool and did a few laps. Rhonda had text that morning to let me know she was alive and well and thought she would be home tomorrow morning.

When I got home I decided to have a shower and wash the stench of chlorine from my body. I jumped and let the hot water spray my back. As I leaned forward and rested my head on the shower wall I looked down at my wet pubes and big dick dangling soft. I lathered up some soap in my hands then began stroking my cock getting myself all worked up. I grunted heavily as I tugged harder on my manhood. If cock size made the man then I'd be right up there I thought to myself. Yes I'm an arrogant bastard but I accept it. Megan would come back. She couldn't stay away from a fine specimen like me. If she really had been that hurt then surely who better to help her heal than the one who inflicted the pain?
She thought she was such a strong person with her bossy bitch antics, she thought she wore the pants. I laughed to myself thinking how she ended up wearing the belt as well. Megan had a strength to her that seemed unbreakable. It was this powerful aura she had that had drawn me to her in the first place. Her leaving before I could break her and put her back together was not part of the plan.

As my mind wandered during my shower session jerk off I began to see how Megan and Anton had similar personalities. Anton wasn't a controlling bitch like her but he still had this impenetrable happy disposition that never cracked. He showed his strength through blind optimism and being a good mate. I was right about to blow my load when I heard a knock at the door. The interruption pissed me off to say the least. I turned the shower off, wrapped a towel round my waist and ran to the door.

I opened the door and found Anton standing in front of me holding a mop and a bucket full of cleaning products.

"Your maid has arrived." He was dressed scruffily in a baggy white t-shirt and black shorts that cut off just above his knees.

"Haha fuck they could have sent a pretty one," I quipped.

"Yea sorry buddy you lucked out there."

I motioned for him to come inside. Anton hauled his cleaning gear in and placed it on the floor in the kitchen where he saw the true extent of how big a task he had in front of him. After telling me how piggish we are he went into great detail about last night's game and how bad umpiring had cost his team the match. He was livid about it but could see the funny side of it.

I went up to my room to get changed and emerged in a similar ensemble to Anton's of baggy shirt and shorts. I made us each a coffee and we started talking about plans for the upcoming weekend. Anton insisted he knew of a new club that had opened up where drunk uni chicks were easy pickings. One of his ex-girlfriends had told him about it. Anton had been single for quite a while but unlike me he was still on good terms with all his ex's. Nobody could bring themselves to hate this guy. This pissed me off and although it stemmed from mere jealousy I couldn't help in that moment but feel more than a little resentful. Anton just kept talking away unaware I was in a world of my own, imagining how good it would feel to see this cunt crumble and be miserable for just one day in his sodding life. Then it dawned on me I could. I could see this, I could cos this and that day could be today.

Anton downed the last mouthful of his coffee and stood up.

"Well I better get a wriggle on if I'm gonna have any chance of cleaning this before Christmas." He walked over to his bucket in the kitchen and started empting its contents of cleaning products on to the side bench. Spray n wipe, bleach, toilet and shower cleaners this fucker had come prepared. The bottles all lined up began to resemble some witch coven's magic potions. Anton picked up the empty bucket and went down to the laundry where I could hear him filling it up. As the water poured into it I remembered my shower wank earlier. The one I was about to cum till this dipshit interrupted me. I tried calming the angry voice in my head reminding myself that this was my good mate and he was here to do me a favour, but that wasn't enough to stop the power hungry deviant part of my psyche taking control. I sat on the couch waiting for Anton to return. I heard him walking up the hallway splashing bucket in tow when he called out.

"So where did you want me to start Braydon? I thought the kitchen maybe." Anton rounded the corner of the lounge and made his way to the kitchen to make a start before I could answer him. Such insolence. Anton began heaving the mop into the bucket and looked over to see me frowning. "Something wrong bro?"

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"No...I brought everything I need, I didn't bring dishwashing liquid cos I thought you'd have your own aye."

"That's not what I mean," I fired back.

"Huh?" Anton looked over genuinely confused.

"The bet Anton, your forgetting the bet." I pulled on my t-shirt and gave him a look.

"ohhhhh haha fuck yea but I didn't really mean I would clean the place naked" Anton put his head back down and continued wetting the mop head.

I waited a few seconds to put some niceness back in my voice.

"Come on Anton you shook on it, remember what I said, a man is only as good as his word."

"Are you serious," he laughed unsure if I was.

I gave him a cheeky smile.

"Come on over here, stick to the deal."

He put down the mop and made his way over to the lounge.

"Aww come on bro isn't having a clean house enough? I even went and bought all new cleaning shit

that I's gonna let you keep."

I leaned back on the sofa making myself look at ease.

"That is good of you mate but come on a deals a deal."

Anton coughed nervously then turned his head side to side to make sure no one else was around. I could tell he was processing the situation.

"Isn't Rhonda or Sebastian gonna be home soon?"

"Nar mate Rhonda's not back till tomorrow and fuck knows when Sebastian gets back." I stood up from the couch and went and fetched a beer from the fridge. I sat back down and cracked open the can. "So come on mate get on with it" I laughed to help him see the humour in it all.

"YOLO" he laughed. He went to take his shirt off. I put my hand up motioning him to stop.

"Nar over here bro," I pointed to the centre of the lounge in front of me.

Anton walked slowly over to where I had pointed.


I nodded and he just stood there looking rather awkward. I took a swig on the beer, relishing the moment.

Anton scratched his head as he looked down at me drinking my beer. I stared straight back at him making the poor guy feel naked already.

"Fuck sorry man I just feel really embarrassed ya know. "

"No need to be embarrassed mate, Just start with your shoes," I suggested. I eyeballed him waiting to see if he would do it. Fuck me the gullible little shit did. He knelt down and started untying the laces on his shoes. They were in double knots and he seemed to have trouble undoing them at first. He ripped the laces free so he could loosen his shoe enough so he could pull it off. He nearly lost his balance as he tugged his foot free from the first shoe but the second came off much easier. He stood back up holding his sneakers. "Yea and the socks" I prompted. He quickly raised his feet so he could peel them off and tucked them inside the shoes. "Cool, now bring them here. Bare footed he walked over and handed them to me. I'd never really stared at his feet before. They looked smaller than I would have expected for his 5 ft. 10 height. I looked at the sole of his shoe and could see he was a size 8. All the years I'd known him and I'd never known his shoe size. It felt strange that I suddenly noticed such a thing.

Anton walked back to his stripping spot and without being told he raised his arms and removed his baggy white t shirt dropping it on the ground near his feet. Although id seen him shirtless hundreds of times it felt like this was the first time I'd ever seen his torso. He had a toned slightly hairy stomach with a nice set of abs. He appeared hairless on his chest but on closer inspection he did have a small tuft of light coloured chest hair in the middle. I noticed his nipples were small and sexy. Seeing his nipples made my cock stir gently. This stirring surprised me. Maybe I could take this further than just humiliating the poor lad. He stood there again not saying a word so I made a downward motion with my finger and he pulled his black shorts down to the ground and shook them off with his foot. He was left standing in nothing but a pair of tight hugging Calvin Klein's that accentuated his bulge.

He stood confidently his hairy tanned legs wide apart.

"Here goes nothing," Anton said with a cheeky grin and he removed his briefs and tucked them into a ball and fired them in my direction laughing as he did so. They hit my shoulder and fell on the couch beside me.

"Oi ya dirty prick," I smiled and pretended to throw my beer can at him.

"Well you can't say I didn't fulfil my end of the deal."

He spun around slowly, arms above his head as if he was declaring his nakedness to the world. His flaccid dick dangled below his trimmed pubes, and his balls hung free. With the briefs gone I could see that Anton's tan became paler on his upper thighs before reaching his lily white ass. This stark contrast endowed his nudity.

"No I can't. Good on ya. Now go clean the kitchen bitch." I flicked my wrist pretending to crack a whip.

"ha-ha Aye aye captain."

I found myself feeling disappointed. I've never seen Anton out of his comfort zone and it was something I was keen to witness. I thought being made stick to the deal would do the trick. It looked like it was working at first but in true Anton style he rolled with it and just thought it was a joke. This trait although rosy for some annoyed me, how can people see everything in life as some sort of funny skit. Anton confidently walked over to the kitchen and set about his cleaning duties. I could no longer see him in all his glory behind the kitchen sink and I felt as if I was missing out on some part of my victory by not having him in full view. I quickly guzzled the contents of my beer so I could have an excuse to go back in the kitchen and grab another. I stood at the fridge pretending to be indecisive with which can I would pick. I turned my head round discretely to see if Anton could see me looking. He was busy, hands in the sink drowning clean an array of cups and plates from the dish mountain beside him.

I let my eyes climb up his body taking in all of his physique admiring my prize for winning the bet. I honed in on his slim hips imagining going right up to him and placing my hands on them and rubbing my crotch against his bare arse. I'd never fucked a guy. I didn't have any secret teen circle jerk tales, my cock had only ever fed on pussy. But Anton's smooth arse looked more like a teenage boys than a painter in his mid-20s. Fresh, tight and virginal. After so long without sex Anton's arse was a viable option. My stiffening cock convinced me I probably could fuck a dude for the first time in my life. It didn't matter it was a guy's arsehole. I could just cover his face and make him my personal fuck hole. He had interrupted me in the shower and only had himself to blame if my demons escaped their cage, and right now they were frothing at the mouth gnawing to get out. He didn't want to meet my dark side properly. He had witnessed one aspect of it by mistake already. The air of innocence he carried would be ripped to shreds, he would be nothing more than used goods by the time I was finished. I had no sense of guilt that this was one of my best mates, if anything it made me want to conquer him more. Let him really know who the alpha male was in this friendship.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard a loud suction sound. Anton had pulled the plug out of the sink. He turned round and saw that I was staring at him. My heart beat fast worried he knew something was up. Instead he asked where the tea towels were. I pointed to the bottom drawer and asked if he would like a beer.

"Nar I'm all good for the moment thanks, can I grab one once I've finished the kitchen though?"

"Not a problem. Even the help deserves a break now and then."

"Ha ha exactly mate," He said cheerfully.

As he bent down to get a tea towel Anton's scrotum squished between his thighs. He didn't have the biggest balls or the biggest dick for that matter, but to give him credit he was limp.

Being the proud owner of a thick 8 inch cock I've never suffered from penis envy but I was a little curious to know how big his dick got when hard.

"Looks like your all out of tea towels," Anton's head popped up from his hunched over search. "Should I do the white trash styles and use a towel?"

"Oh k...umm actually go have a look in my room. There might be one amongst my clean washing by the door." Anton walked off down the hallway.

My mind was scrambling for ideas fast on how I could get Anton to take one for the team. How could I trap him and introduce him to these demons and as I stared back into the fridge the answer was right there. I grabbed my beer and walked back to the sofa with a smirk on my face. The demons were free. It was now only a matter of time before they feast.


Anton laid limp on the bed his dick moist from the cum that was still dribbling from the tip of his knob. He'd just finished his morning wank. He looked at the time on his phone, 11.50 am. He would have to make a move and begin the day soon but was reluctant to get up and wipe this stickiness from his cock. Every morning without fail Anton had morning wood and every morning without fail he would beat one out unless of course he'd pulled the night before then the chick got the honour. The morning's fantasy still sizzled through his mind's eye.

The images of tall dark haired Rhonda spreading her smooth pale legs, being licked out by some drunken bi-curious female student ran on repeat in his brain. Anton thought Rhonda was pretty hot for a lezza, she was one of those girly girl ones not some raging bull dyke. Fucking a lesbian had been a fantasy of Anton's for years and he'd be lying if he said he hadn't tried convincing Rhonda to give his dick a go. Rhonda would just playfully slap him away as he would lean in whispering words of encouragement for her to become a meat eater. Fantasy aside she was a cool chick and he hoped he'd get to hang out with her when he went to visit Braydon this afternoon.

Anton looked down at his naked body admiring his slender physique. He wished he was more built like some of his rugby mates but then he was happy with what god had given him. It all did the trick right? He finally hoisted himself out of bed planting his feet on the cold wooden floor shocking him awake. He picked up a dirty gym sock and wiped his dick clean before making his way to the shower to get ready for the remains of the day.

Finishing his wash Anton headed out to the kitchen with the towel wrapped round his waist. He piled a bowl up with corn flakes before drowning them with milk. He'd begun shovelling breakfast down when his flatmate Geoff walked into the room giving a grunt of acknowledgement. Anton flicked his head up returning the hello. Geoff began frying up a feast of bacon that would no doubt add to his already tubby frame. Anton liked Geoff, he was pretty shy but was a cool cunt that paid his rent and shared his pot. Anton told him how he'd lost a bet with Braydon and was going round to clean his house. Geoff thought this was a hoot and suggested maybe Anton could practise his cleaning skills on their place first.

Anton hadn't had any painting jobs for a couple weeks so funds were running a bit low. He was crossing his fingers a job would come through this week. Geoff lent him 20 bucks so he could buy some cleaning gear for the bet he lost. Anton thought Braydon would get a laugh out of how prepared he was if he turned up all decked out with supplies. He knew Braydon would finish early being a Monday so he left the house about 1 o'clock to buy supplies before making his way to Braydon's place.

Braydon's place was usually pretty clean but since he had split from the Mrs he had let the place go back quite a bit. Being sad about a break up could easily have that impact he thought. Anton expected it would take a couple hours to clean but once he was finished he could chill with Braydon and Rhonda. He'd been making an effort lately with being there for Braydon since that day he walked in on Braydon hurting himself. Braydon would never admit it but he was still hurting and so Anton was doing his best with trying to keep him busy and have fun. As horrible as it was seeing Braydon harming himself Anton felt they'd shared a rare moment and he felt like he had talked some sense into Braydon. The guy could be a bit of a serious sort who for a lot of people could be hard to get to know but Anton knew him so well that he got to see the fun side of Braydon. They were best mates after all. Anton felt he could tell Braydon anything and he always had his back. Anton admired Braydon's determination and how good he was at being an adult. Something Anton had never quite come to grips with. Braydon had so much going for him and it upset Anton to see him unravelling because of Megan. Anton had got on well with Megan but she was a bit of a bossy bitch that criticised his mate a lot. Even after that sad day of seeing Braydon cutting open his own leg he still didn't know why the couple had split and Anton didn't push for the answer. There were whispers around town of some bullshit story about him being abusive to Megan. That wasn't the Braydon he knew so he took the story with a grain of salt. They were mates and you stand by your mates no matter what.

When Anton pulled up to Braydon's the afternoon sun was really packing a punch. His shirt was a little damp from sweat, testimony to the height of summer. Anton's briefs were a bit tight and made his freshly shaved balls itch so he gave them a good tug to readjust them. Anton lumbered the cleaning shit up the path and knocked on the door. He began to think no one was home when the door remained unanswered. Anton was about to go back to the car when Braydon opened the door looking flushed. He was dripping wet with a towel wrapped round his waist, his muscular hairy chest on full display. He invited Anton in and they had a coffee before the cleaning mission began.

Anton started cleaning before Braydon had called him back into the lounge and reminded him that the bet specified he clean naked. Anton tried laughing this off thinking Braydon was yanking his chain. Nope, he was serious. He expected him to stick to the deal and get his kit off. At first Anton found this fucking odd and thought he was being a bit fucking creepy. Then once he could see the laughter on Braydon's face he saw the funny side and his anxiety retreated. Braydon made a valid point, a man should stick to his word and he knew that Braydon himself would so he probably should too. Anton scanned the house making sure no one else was home. As much as he had dreamed of Rhonda seeing him starkers it surely wasn't in this scenario. Anton took his clothes off handing them over to Braydon like a form of surrender. It actually felt quite liberating to take clothes off cos now his smooth balls could breathe, no longer stuffed inside a tight material prison. The smallest of summer breezes blew through the house lashing Anton's skin with cool kisses as he turned in a circle baring his all. Being naked wasn't that much of a deal he decided cos he felt comfortable around Braydon. Braydon cheered him on and Anton could see Braydon was impressed by his bravado. Anton liked that Braydon was happy and getting a laugh out of it, Anton though Braydon needed more lightness after such a dark month.

He started off in the kitchen where he tackled the mountain of dishes. Food scraps were stuck hard to plates like barnacles on a rock. Braydon stayed in the lounge drinking his beer. After a while he walked over to the kitchen and Anton thought he was going to come give him a hand with drying up. Instead Braydon walked to the fridge to grab another beer. Anton had just finished with the washing up and was bent down looking for a tea towel when he sensed Braydon's eyes burning on him. Anton's bare arse and balls were on display and as stupid as it was he just knew Braydon was looking at them. Why would my good mate be perving at my arse Anton thought? My straight mate! Braydon loved pussy and never before had Anton got a gay vibe from him. In all the years he'd known him, Anton never picked up Braydon would swing and he had never made a move on Anton even at his most pissed.
Gay dudes didn't bother Anton. He'd been hit on plenty of times by guys in clubs. He found the attention flattering even though it just didn't interest him. Whatever floats your boat was Anton's philosophy. But the thought his arse might be floating Braydon's boat made him feel uncomfortable, this was different to some drunken guy buying him a drink then after drinking it bursting the guys bubble by telling them he was straight. His good mate checking him out like this felt like a violation of Anton's body and their friendship. He decided he was just imagining it all. Braydon was the man, he wasn't a shirt lifter. So Anton did his best to ignore the feeling and asked where he could find a tea towel. Braydon said he should check through the clean washing in his bedroom. In Braydon's bedroom he found the clean washing pile and rummaged through it till he found a tea towel. As Anton went to leave the room he looked over at the bed and saw something odd. The sheets were filthy as and looked like they had blood stains. Had Braydon been cutting himself again? Anton had a stab of worry and sympathy go through his body. He hurried back to the kitchen and pretended he hadn't seen anything.


As I sat on the couch waiting for Anton to return from my room I looked down at his crumpled briefs. My semi erect cock was sold on the idea of fucking him. I knew this would probably fuck up a perfectly good friendship but I was so horny it was a risk I wanted to take. I picked up his briefs delicately as if they were a dangerous weapon. I felt the fabric in my fingers it was still warm from being on his body. I lifted them to my face and inhaled deeply taking in his scent. The smell of his dick and ball sweat was innately sexual. I pressed the briefs harder into my face to have another whiff. I couldn't believe I was sniffing another man's worn undies. My cock got harder giving its seal of approval. I wanted to unzip and wrap them round my dick but I could hear Anton coming back up the hall so I put the briefs down. Anton looked like he wanted to ask me something but then thought better of it.

"I'll just wipe these up before I start vacuuming k," Anton said

"Nar let them drip dry a bit bro," I replied. "Come join me for a bit."

Anton made his way over and sat down at the far end of the couch. I lulled him into a false sense of security by suggesting we should plan a trip up north for New Year's. Anton seemed keen as on the idea and began telling me how we could stay at his uncles batch if we wanted. Then out of the blue I struck.

"Ya know there's still one part of the deal you ain't stuck to."

"Huh?" Anton looked puzzled.

"Remember telling me how my team ran round like they got carrots in their arses?"

Anton burst out laughing.

"Fuck off there is NO WAY I'm doing that mate." His laughter stung my pride but I controlled my anger.

"A deals a deal bro."

"Yea and that part was obviously a joke," Anton's tone turned aggressive. I tisked him mockingly and went to the kitchen and came back standing in front of him holding a carrot.

"Ha ha you are fucking kidding me," Anton turned his head away refusing to look at the carrot I was holding.

"Aww come on now, you said it, you can't not follow through."

"I bloody can." Anton snapped back before standing up to walk off. I placed a hand on his shoulder and made him sit back down.

"Now you made a bet and you lost bro. I would of paid up the 50 if it'd been me." Anton balled his hands up and again looked away.

"Fuck sake," Anton muttered.

"Look I understand its fucked up but you said it and shook on it." I reminded him.

Anton looked up at me.

"Braydon I'm not shoving a carrot up my arse so you can then go round telling every cunt about it."

"Look I'm not gonna tell anyone. That would make me look bad too ya know."

"Then yea let's forget it and I'll just finish cleaning k," Anton said with a bit more calm in his voice.

"No one's ever gonna find out about it bro, don't be such a fucking pussy." I told him before extending my hand out with the carrot. Anton stared at me and didn't say anything. He finally took the carrot from me and held it in his hands studying its size and shape. He sighed.

"And if I do this you'll never tell anyone?"

"Scouts honour mate," I grinned reassuringly. "Fuck it'll be a laugh man, it's the type of crazy shit the guys in jackass do," I added.

"Ha true," Anton run his fingers along the carrot. It wasn't very big. I knew it would have to be a small one to have any chance of convincing him to do this. Anton laughed as he studied the makeshift dildo. "Well I hope you got lots of lube cos this is gonna hurt like a bitch."

"Ha ha yea I got some lube, you'll be fine bro, just think you can add a new skill to your CV."

"Cheeky bastard," Anton scoffed.

I went and got a bottle of lube from my bedroom. It was quite full due to not being used for so long. I gave Anton the bottle and sat down on the couch waiting for the show to begin. He reluctantly stood up and made his way to the middle of the room and turned to look at me.

"Go on," I urged.

"Wow... I can't believe I'm about to do this." Anton hesitated not sure where to begin. Anton faced me giving me a funny look before he put the carrot on the floor then squeezed some lube out and put it on his fingers. He put his hand behind his back and I watched his face as I knew his fingers were applying the lube to his hole. He then smothered the carrot with lube and went to put it behind him.

"Turn round."

"Say what?" Anton's face looked up surprised.

"Turn round, I wanna watch you become a man," I mocked.

Anton rolled his eyes and turned round like I asked. He moved his legs apart then leant forward and rubbed a finger over his arsehole. I eagerly awaited the next move. After a few seconds of rubbing his finger around his other hand appeared with the carrot and he placed it to the entrance of his arse. I watched him give it a couple pushes till I heard him wince. He stayed still and I could hear him breathing. Then he began pushing it a bit more before letting out a moan and complained how cold the carrot felt. I could tell he had some of it inside him but I wanted to hear him say it.

"So you got it in then?"

"Yea some of it," he said through gritted teeth.

"How much ya reckon?"

"Fuck I dunno man, maybe an inch or two," Anton's voice sounded frustrated at being asked this.

"ha ha good shit."

I decided to get up and have a closer look. I stood right behind Anton watching as he held the carrot in place making no progress,

"What are you doing?" he demanded.

"Just wanted to have a closer look."

Anton didn't say anything then gave the carrot another gentle push.

"Get down on your knees bro that might make it easier."

"Are you some kind of expert on this are ya?"

"Ha ha no just trying to help."

Anton stopped pushing and then got down on his knees and bent over resting his head on the floor while he manoeuvred the carrot in his arsehole. I watched intrigued at his hand fumbling around trying to break his arse in with a vegetable. It was a truly pathetic sight. I sat down so I could get a better view. I felt my dick twitching in my pants as I inspected his body. I stared at his smooth arse cheeks wanting to sink my teeth into them before making my way down his hairy legs to his feet.

I continued watching him struggle making no progress. Anton kept his face planted to the ground so he didn't see me lean my face closer in to get a better look at his submissive task.. My face was so close I could smell the strawberry odour of the lube. He was right. The carrot probably was only in a couple inches. The carrot looked sticky and wet but it struggled to go any further inside him. I couldn't tell if it was because he was too tight or not trying hard enough? Without thinking I placed my hand to his left arse cheek. I felt Anton freeze still.

Anton's voice came out slowly and concerned.

"What are you doing?"

My eyes remained fixated on his arse, "keep going."

"Well can you get your hand off my arse please," Anton whispered in a strained tone. His words struck the perfect balance between a statement and feeble question.

"I'm gonna help get it in mate, your taking too long." I gave his arse a squeeze,

"No I can do -"

I didn't let him finish his sentence.

"No I'm just gonna help OK," I said.

I moved his hand out the way and took grip of the carrot. Anton didn't say anything and let his hand fall to the side. The room fell silent. Even though our bodies were mere centimetres apart there felt a galaxy between us. Anton's trusting spirit held firm, I knew he would be trying to convince himself this wasn't weird, for the sake of his pride he would have to believe this. I was adamant I would make such thoughts unattainable but I would enjoy taking my time making his masculinity crumble, bit by bit onto the floor where his face was buried. I held the carrot firmly keeping it in its place. I got off knowing Anton was apprehensive waiting for me to give a push. I lingered making him wait for it. Enough time had passed that when I pushed it caught him by surprise. The carrot made progress going in another inch.

"Fuck man, go easy!"

"Got it," I chuckled. I started to gently pull the carrot back and forward getting him use to its new deeper location in his arse. "It's halfway in mate, nearly there." Anton didn't answer me. I knew this would have been killing him, how could it not. Your best mate has you naked bent over poking your arse with a vegetable. It would be enough to send most men over the edge. Anton was strong, I knew this and he wouldn't crack that easily but I also knew my mate well and that he didn't do confrontation. The type of do-gooding cunt more than happy to break up a fight at a bar but never actually involved with starting any. I grew impatient of being gentle so with one hard push I thrusted as much of the carrot inside him as I could.

"Arrgggh," Anton punched the ground with his fist and raised his face looking back at me, "you didn't have to fucking do that."

"Sorry mate," I lied. I looked down at his arse and his impressive feat of receiving 4 to 5 inches. "Anyway you did a good job mate, it's all in." I gave his arse cheek a slap of congratulations.

Anton scrambled to his feet standing awkwardly in front of me.

"Happy now? " Anton grumbled reaching behind him to remove the carrot. His face grimaced as he retrieved it from his arse. He held onto it discretely studying the size of the object that had just been inside him.

"Yea mate, good on ya for keeping to the bet, you're the man." I gave him the thumbs up.

I stayed seated on the floor with my legs up to hide the fact I had a boner. I rubbed my hands up and down my coarse black leg hair. With a pat on the floor I motioned for Anton to sit down. He dutifully obliged. I decided the lad had earned himself an intermission so I grabbed him an ashtray for him to have a smoke. Anton lit his cigarette and inhaled deeply before exuding nicotine vapour out his sexy mouth. Anton still in his birthday suit said nothing. I let him process what had happened, how he had just been probed. I waited till he stubbed out his smoke to mention his deflowering.

"How's it feel to be a man bro?" my cruel words cut the quiet like a knife.

Anton stared at the ground and gave a dismissive shrug. No cheeky comeback. Progress.

"You can't tell anyone ever about this Braydon. Ever!" His steely gaze showed how serious he was.

"Nar man I won't tell anyone." I grabbed his leg just above the ankle and gave it a light squeeze as I locked eyes with him, "I promise." Anton although straight I knew would be calmed with a tender gesture regardless of how fake it was.

"Did it hurt?"

"I don't wanna talk about it. I'm gonna go finish the cleaning and pretend this never fucking happened." Anton let out a sigh "But hey id be the best looking thing you've had naked here in a while." His joke did little to mask his embarrassment.

I offered a chuckle as a condolence to the failed joke.

"Like seriously though...did it hurt? I'm sorry if it did...really I am."

He looked back down to his bare feet.

"Yea but mostly when you pushed it in but I think I'm just more embarrassed than anything."

"Hmm," I let out glumly.

This most bizarre of heart to hearts was fuelling my desire to take the next step. I knew I could use his empathy to my advantage.

"Ok...well now that you've done probably the most out there thing a guy could do for a bet I need to ask you a favour bro." My hands clasped together to alert him to my supposed shyness at what was to follow.

"Oh...what's that bray?"

"It's hard to say but you're the only mate I can ask ya know...the only one I trust."

Anton's self-pity evaporated from his face and his ears pricked up in interest.

"Yea man of course, you can ask me anything?" This only too happy to help stemmed from what he should never have seen all those weeks ago.

"Ok umm ya know how Megan left right and I know people are talking shit about why...well its nothing's actually just something really fucking embarrassing." I turned away as if too scared to continue.

"Nar man you can tell me."

"Well she said she couldn't stay with someone who had such a small cock."

Anton laughed.

"You're kidding right?"

"No I'm serious Ant." I said in a surly tone.

" ain't got a baby dick bro...well not that I've seen it but fuck she was probably just being a bitch."

"Well that's the thing I dunno."

"If it was such a problem for her why'd she stay with you so long? Nar you ask me she is just being a cunt and trying to hit you where it hurts."

"You're probably right but I just don't know."

"So what's the favour?" merely an obligatory question.

"I wanted to ask you -," my voice trailed into a soft laugh, "I wanted to ask if I could see your cock so I can compare. Then I'll know if she was just being a bitch."

Anton burst out laughing.

"Oh bro...fuck she really has messed with your head. Don't listen to her. Anyway in case you couldn't tell you've well and truly seen my cock." His hands pointed down between his legs directing my eyes to his limp white prick.

"I meant erect. My size flaccid wasn't what she was getting at."

Anton tried to control his laughter by putting a hand over his mouth.

"Well I got a couple pics on my laptop that I could show you when you visit next. If you're really nice I'll give you a laminated copy haha."

"This ain't funny dick." I pretended to not chuckle at the ridiculousness of the situation. "I was hoping you could just show me now. It's been fucking with my head and yea it'd be a big help to just find out if I'm some tiny dicked looser or if she was lying."

Anton was beginning to lose sight of the comical element and nodded his head thinking to himself about what to say. I was bracing myself to have to dig deeper in my bag of deceptive tricks.

"All good."

As easy as that! What blinders did this little fucker have on? We both knew this situation was all sorts of fucked up and although we came at it from different angles I was well aware we approached it from the same past moment.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yea what are mates for haha." Anton probably believed I would do the same for him.

"You're a good man Anton Davies." I gave a solemn smile to keep up my guise.

"So... are you just gonna stroke here or something?"

Anton's jaw nearly dropped to the floor then quickly picked up to avoid insulting me.

"Uh nar I was thinking I'd go to the bathroom and yea come out once the work is done so to speak."

"Ha yea no probs."

"I don't spose you got any porn I could use as...inspiration?" A genuine request.

"My laptop's fucked at the moment bro sorry," my response a little too quick.

I had plenty of porn and the lap top worked perfectly fine but I wasn't letting him find out the type of shit I had in hidden files. BDSM, rape scenarios, anal, fisting and piss play...all manner of kinks I had locked away. Only Megan knew my secrets and even then she knew very little of what made my dick tick. I hadn't always been such a fiend but over the past year I'd certainly expanded my horizons. Maybe it was a need to explore knowing I was hurtling towards my 30s and had done fuck all other than basic shit.

"Bugger, well good thing I've got a bunch of memories in the old wank bank aye." Anton got up from the floor and made his way down the hall. I heard the bathroom door close behind him and I softly tread after him so I could listen. I stood frozen outside the bathroom door waiting to hear for any signs of self-pleasuring. I knew I was curious because otherwise I wouldn't be standing beside the door or have even instigated this entire saga. I only knew my own masturbation technique and I desperately wanted to see how another man gripped his own cock. I knew I wouldn't get the chance just yet but I would have more exciting things to whet my appetite with soon enough. My demons were hungry and their cravings were reflected with the size of the bulge growing in my pants.

I was about to go back to the lounge when I began to hear Anton moaning. Softly and slow at first then his breathing soon got louder and more furious. I knew he would be out soon so I tiptoed away to wait for his fully erect entrance. I had just sat back on the ground when the bathroom door opened up and I could hear Anton make his way to the room. He came round the corner slowly with his hands covering his cock. When he got closer to me he stopped still and pulled his hands away to reveal his manhood. It wasn't big. He was lucky to be 6 inches and it was only an average thickness. My cock was going to put his to shame. I did admire how handsome it looked, almost pretty. Perfectly shaped and fresh. By universal standards there was nothing wrong with the size of Anton's tool but I was going to make sure he left here today with a complex.

"So you feel better now?" He gave it a slight slap unsure how to act.

"Ha yea mate I feel loads better."

"What's that meant to mean." Anton chuckled." I ain't a porn star but been told I'm a good average. And hey he's been well liked through the years."

"I'm sure he has." My eyes zeroed in on Anton's cock. My staring so adamantly at his appendage made Anton go quiet.

"Can I?" I raised my hand to his cock.

Anton didn't say anything and just looked up to the ceiling so I extended my hand and wrapped my fingers around his warm cock giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Fuck man" Anton let out a nervous laugh as he struggled to keep his feet still.

I let my fingers run up and down his shaft. I studied him in fine detail. Anton kept his eyes fixed on the ceiling.

"It's pretty small but yea it's a good looking chap heh"

"Cheers I think." Anton unable to decipher what I really meant. I removed my hand and asked him to sit down. Anton lowered himself to the floor.

"Lie back" I told him.


"Just lay back." Anton took a few seconds to register my request before he submitted and laid his back on the carpet. I ran a finger over the sole of his size 8 feet. He flinched from the tickling sensation.

"That tickles," he said in a hushed tone.

"I know," I smiled.

My fingers ran up to his hairy leg and gave several gropes as I worked my way all the way up to his inner thighs. I loved how his summer tan slowly faded the closer to his privates I got. Anton lay still staring at the ceiling unsure what to make of his physical examination. His cock was still fully erect and his arms flat at his sides. I touched his balls cupping them in my hand. They felt beautifully smooth. His pubes above his cock were trimmed short and I could tell he took great care in manscaping. I particularly liked how his fuzzy stomach hair trailed off just above the belly button before becoming almost completely smooth till the small patch of chest hair between his small sexy nipples. I shifted my hand up to his hip and went to glide up his side but was stopped by his hand grabbing my wrist.
"Sorry but I don't think I can do this dude."

"Do what? I'm not doing anything. I'm just looking."

I used my free hand to pry his off my wrist and my hand continued gliding up his smooth tanned side till I got to his armpit. I nudged him so he raised his arms back so I could feel his arm pit hair. I could tell he had been sweating. I removed my hand and sat back and gave my bulge a good grab. Anton saw this. He now knew I was hard. I half expected him to run but he stayed put. I got on my knees and unzipped myself and with one pull of my briefs I released my fully erect cock. Anton raised his head and could see me with my 8 inch cock in my hand.

"Dude your huge."

"I know."

"Then what was this shit about Megan."

"Was just playing with you, thought it would be funny."

Anton went to sit up

"It's not very fucking funny man. I did what I did trying to help you out."

I grabbed his shoulder and pushed him back to the ground with some force. Anton got a shock by the firmness of my shove. I shuffled up closer to his face with my bare cock waving in the air.

"Well you can help me out by sucking it."

"Fuck off man, stop joking round."

My hand stayed pressed firm against his shoulder to keep him down.

"I'm not joking. I want you to suck me off."

"Bro I'm NOT sucking your dick, I'm not queer," Anton preached.

"Could've fooled me carrot boy," I laughed.

Anton pushed my hand away and went to get up so I heaved him back and jumped on top of him straddling a leg either side of his chest. He went to throw his arms up at me so I pinned them down on the floor. He only struggled momentarily knowing he was no match. He knew fighting me was a losing battle. He huffed in frustration at being restrained.

"Let me go Braydon!" He stared up at me waiting for me to let go. "Braydon just fucking let me go." I stared down at my prisoner.

"Right this is what's going to happen. You're gonna be a good boy and suck my dick for me with no complaining." I said it in the most patronizing tone I could muster. Even though Anton was a fully grown man I got a thrill out of referring to him as boy.

"Fuck you faggot." He spat out.

I punched him square in the face. Anton winced in pain.

"I'm not asking again. "

I moved my cock towards his mouth as he screamed abuse at me to get off of him. His legs thrashed around trying to throw me off then I threw another punch at his face, much harder than the first. This time when I pulled my fist away I could see I'd made his lip bleed. He stopped fighting me and lay there stunned at the shock of his best mate assaulting him. The look of betrayal radiated from him. I tried getting my cock closer to his mouth again. Anton's eyes began watering.

"Please bro don't...please Braydon...don't do this," desperation crept into his voice.

"Shhh just relax mate just relax." I said comfortingly.

Anton was shaking his head in objection. I grabbed his mouth and parted his lips and put my cock to them. He fought against letting me inside his mouth then suddenly he gave in and opened up slightly. I pushed my dick into the entrance of his mouth. It was a warm wet welcome enveloping the tip of my cock. It felt like heaven putting him through hell.

"Ahh good boy." I looked down at Anton who had his eyes shut trying to pretend this wasn't happening. "Open wider Anty boy." He refused my order. "Ant I said open WIDE." He could tell I wasn't fucking around. His mouth stretched open more and my cock slid further inside. I enjoyed being inside him more fully but his mouth was motionless. "Don't be a dud fuck bro, use your tongue."

Anton made a crying sound through his full mouth of dick then I felt his tongue touch the tip of my cock. He slowly moved it around brushing over my piss hole. I could see drool dripping down his chin as he struggled at giving me head. Once I felt safe he wouldn't run I retrieved my dick from his mouth and got off his chest. Anton coughed and spluttered before taking in a few deep breaths. I sat beside him and watched him wipe the blood and drool from his chin and spit the rest on the carpet. I looked down at his crotch and saw that his cock was going soft.

"Not bad for a first timer bro," I teased. I didn't give him a chance to respond and grabbed his hair and led him back to my cock. He tried avoiding it. "Don't make me deck you bitch."

I pulled his hair back pulling it tight.

"Argh fuck. Ok... ok man." Anton gave me a reassuring look that he would do what he was told. He took a quick breath and then lowered his head placing me in his mouth again.

"On your hands and knees so you can do a better job." I needed a position that would let me face fuck him better.

Anton clumsily scrambled to the position I demanded. I could sense the fear emitting from his body, he knew I'd leave him a crumpled mess if he didn't do what I told him.

"Now really show me how a little faggot like you sucks dick."

Anton paused when he heard he was being referred to as a faggot. After a few seconds of letting it sink in he resumed his cock sucking chore. He upped his game and sucked me steadily and much better than before. I could hear slurps and the sound of him sucking back his own spit from juicing up my dick. Maybe he thought if he did a good job I'd cum and he would be free of this humiliating dent on his heterosexual image.

My cock was fully hard and I knew I'd begun to ooze precum but I was in no hurry to blow. I was going to drag this out since it was the first time I'd had action in some time. I pulled his face off my cock and looked down at my dick. Sure enough I was leaking a healthy amount. As Anton sat there thankful for a rest I used my finger to scoop up as much of my precum as possible. I put my finger to his lips and inserted my sticky finger.

"Now suck every drop clean."

His mouth tightened around my finger and sucked hard before pulling back and swallowing it all down. He pulled a face showing he didn't like the taste. Not my fucking problem I thought.

"Quite a day for you isn't it Anton." I grabbed his now limp dick giving it a tug. "First you shove a carrot in your arse and now you're sucking another man's dick." I laughed callously at his face.

Anton said nothing and looked away. I continued tugging his little dick.

"How the fuck you score as much as you do is beyond me. Like fuck bro you've got this tiny little prick how the fuck can you please the ladies with this thing?" I looked down at his cock unreactive to my yanking. "But hey you're good with your mouth so maybe that's your secret. Give the ladies a good cunt munch to make up for this baby dick"

"Fuck you." Anton fired.

I smiled at him.

Anton gave me a death stare.

"So tell me Anton, did you like sucking my big dick?"

"What do you think?" he said defiantly.

"Guessing that's a yes. What was your favourite part, having it in your mouth or swallowing my precum?"

"Neither cos I ain't a faggot," he said with relative bravado.

"Really bro? Cos it appears you like to have things shoved up your arse and you're pretty good at sucking dick so I think that does make you a faggot." I laughed loud, I laughed freely.

I held his eyes with a cool stare and noticed how red and tender his face looked from the two punches id given him. He was going to have a shiner.

Then it happened. He cracked.

He let out a small sob as his shoulders slowly rose before breaking out into full scale crying. Tears ran steady down his cheeks. His chest heaved with each sad splutter. He was a mess. Seeing this usual beacon of positivity crumble before me was better than drugs, his weakness was my drug. I'd never seen Anton cry before. I wasn't sure but it sounded like he cried out the word why.

"Fuck sake bro, there you go proving my point, you really are a little gay bitch with a small pecker." I gave his cock an extra tug at the word small. This made Anton emit a louder cry.

This guy was in no state to be leaving in a hurry so I stood up and took all my clothes off. I stood there with my cock proudly jutting out above him. Anton had his hands over his face hiding his crying from me. Now that I had seen him become a broken man I decided to finish the job.

"Ok slut on your knees, it's time to be fucked."

Anton was still too busy with his sadness to notice my order. I bent down and grabbed him by the shoulders to position him doggy style.

"NO!" Anton swiped an arm at me and swung round to face me pleading. "Look I'm sorry Braydon but you can't fuck me...I...Ill suck you off can even cum in my mouth." His bargaining through bouts of sobs had no sway on me. I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Very thoughtful offer bitch boy but I'll pass. Now come on bend over, your arse ain't gonna fuck itself."

I saw his body tense up I knelt down and placed each rigid limb how I wanted him. His breathing picked up scared for what was going to follow. I picked up the lube bottle and squirted a dollop onto my dick rubbing it in so I was slick and wet. I knew I'd need plenty if I didn't want him bleeding on me. With the residue on my fingers I applied it to his arsehole and slipped a finger inside him making him squirm. I rubbed my hand dry on his smooth cheeks. His skin was soft and perfect. I decided to mark my territory and give him a wee reminder I was soon to count his arsehole in my list of conquests. I placed my mouth to his arse cheek and kissed it before sinking my teeth into his tender skin. I bit down hard and sucked. I felt him flinch. I imagined it was a mix of surprise and light pain. After a few more nibbles I pulled back and looked down at a brilliantly deep red almost purple love bite. It would last a few days at least. If he ever saw it he would be reminded how he was nothing more than a notch on my belt. Just another slut I'd used and abused.

I put my dick to the entrance of his arsehole. His face was planted to the ground and he was breathing heavy bracing himself for my thick cock. The carrot had helped break him in but my cock was going to leave him a loose bitch. I gave his arse cheek a slap.

"Ready bitch?" He said nothing and I pushed in without permission. His arse was still really tight. My cock hadn't been in a hole so tight for years...maybe even ever. I could hear Anton grunt with each push. His calf muscles flexed and his toes curled up as he squirmed against the penetration. I gave his arse a few good slaps.

"That a boy. You do make a good fuck hole mate." I licked my lips as I looked at his love bite marked arse cheek. "How's it feel to be made my bitch aye Ant?" I kept hurling taunts at his pathetic predicament. I grabbed his hips and thrusted him in towards me. It wasn't long before his hole took me whole.

"You must be a faggot bro cos you now have every inch of my dick inside you."

I waited for a smart arse remark or more crying. Nothing. I just held firm keeping my dick all the way inside him so he could get use to the feel of it and expand. I grazed my fingers down his back before leaning on top of him so I could fuck him face down on the ground. I put my arm under his neck and began nibbling on his ear as I slid my cock in and out his arse. I kept whispering abuse in his ear to remind him how he had let his best mate fuck him and how he will never be able to say he's not been fucked in the arse by another man.

"Fuck bro if I were you id be ashamed. You can't undo this, you can't unfuck your arse. You'll forever be a bitch in my eyes."

I felt my hairy chest get sweaty as it rubbed against Anton's smooth back just another reminder he was being used by a man. I withdrew my cock and flipped him on his back. I wanted him to see me as I destroyed him. I put my dick back inside him and picked his hairy legs up placing them on my shoulders. My cock was much more at home now with less friction. I began moving my cock side to side to make sure I loosened him as much as I could before I blew my load. Anton was mostly quiet now apart from the odd loud moan when I would slam deep and hard. I felt the cum brewing as my hairy balls slapped against his arse cheeks making a wet sloppy sound.

"I'm about to spoof in your arse cunt. You ready for my cum?" I pounded away gathering pace.

Anton's eyes looked dead of feeling.

"Look at you you've fallen apart Ant," I gripped his jaw tightly forcing him to look into my face.

"Look at you, no longer a man, just used broken goods." I puffed.

His sad blue eyes looked into mine, and in a soft brittle tone said "I'm not the broken one. "

His words enraged me. I spat in his face covering it in saliva. I gripped his hairy thighs pulling him towards me so I could be as deep inside him as possible. I let out a loud groan as I felt my cock twitch and begin to spurt hot cum inside my best mates arse.

"Fuuuuuck im cumming."

It was a huge load and I knew he would be able to feel it spilling into his arse. I collapsed on top of him and lay there a moment just breathing heavily, our hearts beating in time. Anton did not move. Once I'd caught my breath and come to my senses I got up and put my clothes on. I hid my guilt and tried reminding myself he had it coming.

Anton in a daze just lay motionless covered in sweat, his and mine. I went to the fridge and grabbed us each a beer. When I came back to the lounge Anton had begun getting dressed. He looked like he was in slow motion. I offered him a beer but he ignored me. The room was musky and reeked of sex.

"What a day aye... Cheers for that." I took a mouthful of the cool beer and turned the tele on as I put my feet up on the couch. A replay of last night's game was on.

Anton didn't bother putting his shoes and socks on. He just picked them up and left barefoot without saying a word.


Anton walked down the driveway oblivious to the hot concrete burning the soles of his feet. He jumped in his vehicle and carefully reversed onto the street and drove for home. He lit a smoke and listened to the car radio. Green Day was on, Time of your life. Anton didn't register the almost mocking timing of such a tune. He was numb. He didn't feel anything. He managed to chain another cigarette before parking up outside his house. Sitting there in the car, late afternoon sun streamed down on him. Lost in another world at first his senses slowly came filtering in. He felt the stinging of bruising to his face. The smell of Braydon's sweat stuck to his body. His shorts sticky and wet clung to his buttocks and he realised it was Braydon's semen slowly leaking out. He had lots of Braydon still inside of him. Anton felt dirty and used. Something within him had been stolen. He crumpled forward on the steering wheel and cried and cried.

the broken one

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