The Bride's Brother Ch. 02

We threw our jackets on the floor and then kissed again, grinding our erections together through our open zippers, regardless of the fact we were smearing each other's precum across the fronts of our trousers.

Ricky smiled as my tongue entered his mouth and this time he let me penetrate him deeply, offering no resistance as I worked my tongue between his teeth and flicked the tip of it firmly against the roof of his mouth. As we kissed, we humped each other's crotches, our cocks both straining with excitement and rubbing against each other with their heads glistening and shiny, reddened and inflamed.

At the same time, our balls were pressing together, dangling down from our gaping flies, our scrotums snuggling into each other and bringing our sperms as close to one another as they were likely to get tonight.

Ricky pulled his face away from mine and then surprised me by ducking down to lick the head of my cock.

Jason chuckled approvingly. "That's more like it! Let's see ya get yer smackers 'round his knob!"

Ricky opened his mouth wide and worked it down the full length of my organ. My relatively small size meant that he was able to take my whole length into him and when his lips were being tickled by my pubic bush he clamped them closed around the base of my shaft and rubbed his tongue against the sensitive underside of my cock head.

Jason grinned over at me, rubbing the prominent ridge of his cock through his trousers as he enjoyed seeing one man consuming another's erection.

"That's fuckin' well nice, that is," he announced. "A bloke's face - wi' stubble on it - suckin' another fella's cock. Yeah, I really like the look o' that!"

Ricky's mouth worked up and down my shaft, as he used his lips and tongue to stimulate my full length. He was making deliberate slurping sounds as he swept up and down it as if wanting to emphasize to Jason how strongly he was sucking me.

Jason must have seen him swallow because he laughed, "That's right, mate, gulp it down! Drink his fuckin' cock drool... let him feed you wi' it!"

Ricky laughed back - an odd sensation for me, since his mouth was clamped around my cock - and then pulled off me to concentrate his efforts on my exposed glans. He lapped at my oozing slit like someone licking a melting ice-cream and then worked his lips over the red, swollen head, suckling it loudly and making it throb with satisfaction.

I smiled at Jason, enjoying him watch my erection being orally pleasured by my lover. He was captivated by us; fascinated to see one male so assiduously fellating another.

I pulled Ricky upright again so that his cock, much larger than mine, rose upwards from his trousers, and then lowered my head down to it to return the favour.

Jason laughed with surprise. "Ah yeah - take it in fuckin' turns, lads! Ya both love havin' a cock in yer mouths, don't ya?"

I positioned myself so I could look over at him as I tongued my lover's erection. He grinned across at me, by now making rubbing his large bulge rhythmically, as I tasted the exquisite bite of Ricky's taut, purple helmet. I couldn't help but smile back as I worked my lips across Ricky's cock-head and nibbled gently at his puckered slit, then I lapped at his ooze like he'd lapped at mine, relishing its rich, salty taste while Jason stared at me, enrapt.

"I love seein' a fella suckin' a cock," he told us. "There's somethin' about it - somethin' really sexy - which makes it even better than seein' a bird doin' it."

I lowered my face to sniff at Ricky's balls and, after finding they bore his usual delicious, manly musk, extended my tongue to lick at first one and then the other.

Jason called out in excitement: "Ah yeah! Fuckin' lick his knackers!"

I sucked at each of my partner's testicles in turn, pulling them in and out of my mouth like gobstoppers, and then went lower to taste my favourite place underneath the base of his sweaty scrotum. After that, I turned forwards so that I could fellate him properly. I opened my mouth as wide as I could to take the top few inches into me, and then he grabbed both sides of my head and started fucking my face in the way he often did to me at home.

Jason greatly enjoyed watching me be used like this and kept urging Ricky to be rougher, faster and to treat me "like a bitch!" Ricky seemed to relish flaunting his energetic technique and thrust his erection in and out of my mouth in rapid, arching strokes while Jason's hand rubbed even more quickly at his own through his straining trousers.

"You lads know how to suck a cock, I'll give you that," he said, as Ricky withdrew from me and pulled me upright again.

We kissed, enjoying combining the dissimilar tastes of our precum with our tongues, and then Ricky turned back to Jason.

"Do you want to see how gay guys make love with their cocks?" he asked.

Jason nodded enthusiastically. "Fuck yeah!"

Ricky turned back to me and we grinned at each other. He knew how much I liked doing this: sometimes I'd get so aroused from what we called 'sword fighting' that I'd climax.

We grabbed each other's bums, each holding onto the other's firm buttocks through the material of our trousers and underwear, and started thrusting our cocks against each other. We both made rapid, upwards lunges with our differently-sized organs, working our spit-soaked shafts together and smacking our plump, ripe heads together with each stroke.

I chuckled at Ricky and he leaned forwards to kiss me again. His fingers were pressing inwards towards my hole and I did the same to his, enjoying how hot his crack felt between his flexing cheeks.

After we'd kissed each other, gently and tenderly, we both looked down to admire the way our erections were caressing one another just as affectionately as our lips had. They looked beautiful together - lovingly sparring with each other - with the two of them working in unison to gratify themselves in a way I doubt that nature had ever intended.

I loved doing this with Ricky: the two of us having sex together using just our cocks. To me, it seemed an exclusively masculine expression of our love; our bodies working together as equals rather than one of us having to use the other as an orifice to penetrate. I knew Ricky preferred to involve one or both of our bums in our lovemaking (he had made it clear from pretty much our first real 'date' how much he liked and expected regular anal sex), but on the occasions that we joined together like this, stimulating each other using only the movements of our penises, I always enjoyed this as a uniquely gay form of sex.

We thumped our cocks back and forth into each other with the same insistent rhythm, each of our wettened organs smearing the other with our oozing precum, with Ricky's fattened bell-end sweeping against mine and making a distinctive moist clicking sound as he did so. That sound, which was peculiar to this activity, never failed to turn me on: it was the sound of our erections massaging one another; the sound Ricky and I made when we were making love as only two men can.

Ricky grinned more broadly at me as I started to gasp with pleasure at the way my cock was being exquisitely stroked back and forth by his. It was a sensation which, by virtue of his larger size and thicker shaft, I always found to be breathlessly exciting.

"Aah... aah... aah!" I called out to the rhythm of his pounding cock, as he ground his hands through the seat of my trousers and pushed his fingertips hard against the raised pucker of my anus.

Ricky turned back to Jason and smiled across at him. "I bet you didn't know gay guys could do this with their dicks."

Jason shrugged: he didn't seem overly impressed. "I used to do somethin' like that wi' me brother when we was kids. We didn't think of it as 'gay' though. We used to call it knobbin' each other."

I turned to look at him, starting to pant with the enjoyment of working our now-slippery cocks together back and forth.

"Your brother?" I gasped. "Wow!"

Jason waved his hand dismissively. "It wasn't nothin' like that, mate. Our dad used to say playin' wi' yourself were dirty, so it were just a way for the both of us to spunk up without wankin' off."

Ricky stopped working his cock against mine and took his hands off my bum. He embraced me, as if we were hugging each other lovingly, and put his face against mine so that he could whisper in my ear.

"We've got to do something to surprise him, Scott," he quietly suggested. "Something that'll really turn him on."

"In the gents, earlier on," I whispered back to him, "he was interested that gay guys like rimming."

Ricky chuckled. He was always up for getting his face into my butt. "Okay, but we'll do it slowly. We don't want to disgust him."

We pulled back from each other and Ricky gestured for me to turn around.

"Do you want me to take my trousers off?" I asked but he shook his head.

"Not yet," he said.

"Come on, you guys," Jason called across. "All that dick rubbin' shit has made me knob go soft."

I looked across at him and saw that his bulge was indeed far less impressive than it had been earlier. If Jason had a homosexual component to his sexuality, and it seemed likely that he did, he certainly wasn't a big fan of frottage.

I turned around and bent forwards to direct my bum towards Ricky and Jason called over in encouragement, "That looks better, lads. Let's see you 'ave a bit o' bum fun together!"

Jason urged Ricky to pull my trousers down, no doubt eager to see two men anally copulating in front of him, but Ricky surprised him by leaning forwards and grabbing me by the hips with my trousers still fastened up.

"Come on, stop fannying around!" Jason snapped. "Get yer fuckin' stalk up his -"

His voice tailed off when he saw Ricky push his head forwards and start sniffing at the back of my trousers. Ricky sniffed at both of my butt-cheeks through the seat of my trousers and then pushed his nose between them, snorting intently at the more odorous material that had ridden up into my crack during the day.

"Fuck, yeah!" Jason gasped, his voice full of his surprise at seeing one man smelling another's bum. I turned to look over at him and saw him leering broadly at the two of us. His hand was back on the bulge in his trousers and he rubbed it slowly, recovering a little of its earlier glory, as he watched my partner enjoying my darkest scent.

"That's more like it!" he laughed as he watched Ricky push his nose more firmly between my cheeks. "Sniff yer future hubby's arse! Get yer nose right in there... stick it into his crack!"

Ricky inhaled noisily from the material his nose was wedging against my arsehole and I felt his start to shudder as his hand took up a rapid masturbatory rhythm on his cock.

"Yeah, go for it, mate!" Jason called out. "Toss yerself off while you sniff yer fella's arse! Show me 'ow much you fuckin' love it!"

Ricky pulled back from my bum and grinned over at Jason. "This is so hot, Jason! You have no idea! Do you want a little whiff yourself!"

"No fuckin' way!" Jason bellowed and then laughed incredulously. "You'd have to drug me or somethin' to get me to do that to a bloke."

He saw me looking at how large his cock was growing again as it hardened in thickened inside the confines of his trousers. He chuckled over at me and said, "That's not to say I don't like watchin' you pair doin' it, mind!"

Ricky reached around the front of my trousers and quickly undid my belt and button. He yanked my trousers down enough to expose my light blue boxer trunks and I shuffled them down further to give him full access to my backside.

Jason chuckled appreciatively as Ricky's nose homed back in on lower part of my crack. My lover sniffed at the material, enjoying how much coarser it was from where his finger had earlier rubbed it so roughly against my arsehole, and then burrowed his face more deeply between my cheeks, relishing the scent he'd come to associate with our most intimate sex.

"Go on - sniff his fuckin' shit-hole!" Jason grunted. His mounting excitement was obvious from his voice: he'd likely never seen two men doing this to each other and was finding, to his surprise, that it was hugely arousing.

I turned back to look at him and saw he was rubbing at the growing ridge in his trousers with a very rapid rhythm. I was reminded of a horny friend who used to rub himself through his trousers for comic effect underneath the desk at school: Jason's cock, though, was far, far bigger.

Ricky started shuddering again as he resumed his own ministrations while he greedily sniffed at the back of my undershorts. He always loved the smell of my bum: always had, ever since we'd met. One of the first sexual things we'd done together, when we'd gone back to his flat from the swimming pool, was for him to pull the back of my jeans down and rim me very deeply. It had proven to be an activity which he was never able to get enough of.

Jason liked the fact Ricky was so turned on by where his face was. He called over, "Fuckin' jerk it, Ricky, mate! You really wanna bum his arsehole, don't you? That's why you like sniffin' it, isn't it? 'Cause you wanna stick your dick up it!"

I felt Ricky smile against my cheeks as he agreed with Jason's assertion, his voice muffled by my buttocks and my underwear.

"Well, go on, mate... fuckin' knob him up his shitter! Let's see how a pair o' queers do it!"

Ricky pulled back from my arse and pulled my boxer trunks down, unfurling them across my buttocks like the skin of a banana. Jason watched him curiously as he inspected my behind, no doubt expecting him to shuffle up and work his cock between my cheeks as he'd directed, but finding instead that Ricky was licking his lips and preparing to go in for a full-on rimjob.

"Oh my fuckin' God," he cried. "You're not gonna do that, are ya? Tell me you're fuckin' not!"

Ricky must have smirked over at him, perhaps with a salacious wink, because Jason laughed loudly at whatever expression he pulled, and then I felt my partner's tongue licking between my cheeks, reaching inwards into my hairy crack to search for my hole.

Jason laughed again, perhaps through sheer disbelief at what he was seeing, and then abruptly stood up, hurriedly undoing the buckle of his belt. "I'm gonna need to wazz myself off, lads. This is just way too fuckin' hot!"

He pulled down his zipper as much as it would go and then hitched his trousers halfway down his hairy, tree-trunk thighs. One of his legs had a faded tattoo on it: I couldn't really tell but it looked like an ornate, almost gothic, design.

I was far more focused on the huge girth of flesh which his white briefs were struggling to contain, as he hitched his thumbs into both sides of them and then yanked them down too.

His cock rebounded upwards at its full impressive size, with a slight curve to its rise from his plump, hairy bollocks. The head of it was enormous: a huge red dome of excitement split in two by a broad slit at its tip which was thickly smeared with his slimy ooze.

He grinned at me as I stared wide-eyed at it. Ricky also peered over, briefly distracted from doing his favourite pastime by the sight of this bigger man's enormous cock.

"Quality meat this, mate," he quipped to both of us with a lecherous leer, pulling it downwards and making it bounce up again to emphasize how hard it was. "Pity it's not up for grabs - well, not by you guys!"

"Your wife's a lucky woman!" I managed to tell him.

He chuckled at that. "Yeah, if only she'd realise it! Seems like every day she's on her fuckin' period!"

He wrapped his right hand fully around its thick shaft, preparing to do to himself the thing his dad said he shouldn't, and then egged Ricky on: "Come on then, laddo! Let's see you eat him out! I've never seen anyone eat an arsehole out before!"

Ricky chuckled and turned back to continue tonguing my hole.

"Oh yeah!" Jason said in encouragement. "Get stuck in there!"

He moved further around the bed to get a better view, and then his hand took up a steady rhythm on his cock, masturbating his foreskin back and forth along its long, swollen shaft.

"Lick his hole!" Jason called out. "Go on - lick his fuckin' hole!"

I felt Ricky's tongue make swirling patterns around my puckered ring, jabbing firmly against my well-used entrance, and his stubble chaffing against the insides of my arse-cheeks. Jason leaned in further to better see what he was doing.

"Relax your arsehole, lover boy!" he commanded me. "Open yer ring so he can get right in!"

I loved the fact this guy - this stranger - was looking at my most private place; that he barely knew me but was watching my tiny wrinkled arsehole pucker and dilate to allow another man's tongue to penetrate me.

I pushed my backside outwards, squatting upwards like I was taking a crap, and unclenched my muscles, easing my anus open for Ricky as if he was about to mount me. Jason almost whooped with delight at how large and stretched I was able to open my entrance.

"Ah yeah!" he called out. "That's fuckin' massive, that is! You can tell you've 'ad loads o' knobs up that!"

Ricky turned to him and chuckled. "Mostly mine, I hasten to add."

Jason laughed back. "Yeah, you hope so! Now, come on, mate - lick 'im out like ya want to! And wank yer knob off while you're doin' it - let's see how much you're enjoying it!"

Ricky pushed has face back up against my bum and I felt him work his tongue gently into my gaping hole. His hand started pounding at his cock again: he didn't have to fake it - I knew he would ordinarily be turned on by doing to this me and would be all the more so for having another man leaning in to watch his every move.

Jason laughed more loudly at the sight of my partner's tongue working into my backside and called out, "Ah yeah! That is fuckin' well nice!"

Ricky started flicking his tongue in and out of me - fucking me with it in a suggestion of what he no doubt wanted to do with his cock - and Jason kept calling out, "Oh fuck!" and "Fuckin' yeah!" as he did so, his hand beating up and down his own engorged shaft.

He was mesmerised by what we were doing: it seemed it hadn't even occurred to him that gay guys had their own version of the cunnilingus he no doubt enjoyed with his wife. He kept leaning further forwards and changing his angle to get a better look, grinning and gasping at one man's tongue anally pleasuring another.

"This is fuckin' proper 'orny!" he told us as his wrist rapidly pumped his large erection. "You two behave like you're so prim and proper or whatever, but all the time, you're licking each other's arses like a pair of fuckin' dogs!"

I laughed, opening my legs further to give Ricky better access to my backside, hugely enjoying seeing Jason wanking himself off as he watched my lover rimming me so deeply.

"Does he do this to you every time he fucks yer arse?" Jason asked me, tittering and sticking his tongue out naughtily. "Does he lick yer tight little hole and make it nice and wet? Just before he climbs on yer back and bums the livin' shit out of ya!"

I laughed again, loving the crude way he was talking to us and noticing the fact that his hand was growing even faster on his cock as he was doing so.

"Only on special occasions," I replied.

He liked that answer and laughed back at me.

"Grab his head," he ordered me. "Grab his head and push his face right into your arsehole! Make him smell it!"

I felt rather than heard Ricky moan his agreement - his own hand was working at his cock quite quickly by now - so I did as Jason commanded and grabbed him by the back of his head. I was unaccustomed to being so aggressive with my special man's lovely, thick head of black hair, but I wanted to show Jason how physical the two of us can be together and so I pushed his face more firmly between my splayed cheeks.
I knew he'd understand: hell, I figured he'd love it.

I ground Ricky's face into my arse and felt him licking voraciously as deeply as he could into my hole. His stubble grated against my skin, only intensifying the pleasure I was feeling from being so deeply rimmed. He groaned in enjoyment and I grinned over at Jason as he looked on with amusement and fascination.

"Rub his face up and down your crack," he eagerly suggested. "Work it up and down, like you're wiping your arse on it!"

I did what he was asking, using Ricky's head like a piece of toilet paper after taking an especially messy dump.

Jason whooped with delight, wanking his cock as fast as he could as he watched me using another man's face to wipe my bum.

"Okay, Ricky - now get yer knob up the arse you've just licked out!" he instructed my partner. "Get behind him and bum like he's yer fuckin' bitch!"

I laughed and released Ricky who fell back gasping for air, his hand still frantically pounding his own organ.

He sat back up and I twisted my neck around to kiss him. I wanted to show him that, in spite of me having just been so sexually assertive with him, my sole intention had been to excite him.

Jason, however, saw a different motivation in my eagerness to kiss my lover: "Ah, yeah - that's right, Scott! Taste your own arsehole on his mouth! Taste yer own fuckin' shitter!"

The two of us chuckled as we nuzzled our lips together. Jason was correct: I could indeed taste the pungent flavour of my own backside on Ricky's mouth and smell a distinctly anal whiff on his reddened face.

"Come on, lads! Do it properly!" Jason implored. "Get your tongue stuck into his mouth, Ricky, mate, so he can see how his own fuckin' shit-hole tastes!"

We laughed more heartily and did as he wanted us to. Ricky extended his tongue between my lips and teeth and I tasted the full impact of my arsehole on his saliva.

Then Ricky pulled back and said, "Right, babe. Let's show this straight guy how the two of us fuck!"

I turned back away from him and hitched my trousers down a little more. My arsehole was sopping wet from his tongue and more than ready to receive his cock without any further help. I leaned forwards to allow him better access to enter me and relaxed my anal ring to make it splay open as wide as I could.

I was pleased that things had worked out like this and that it was me who was going to be the man being buggered, rather than Ricky. For some reason, it excited me to have Jason seeing me bend over for my bum to receive my lover's larger cock and I always thought it was more natural and harmonious when Ricky assumed the more dominant role. In any case, the last four or five times we'd had sex, it had somehow worked out that I'd ended up being the guy 'on top', so I was more than ready for a change of pace.

Ricky loosened his trousers and pulled them and his underwear down around his thighs, and then shuffled up behind me and lined his erection up with my gaping spit-soaked ring.

He turned to Jason and said, "Right - now you're gonna see how two men make love together!"

Jason just laughed and replied, "Fuck the lovey dovey stuff, mate - I just wanna see ya root him up his arsehole!"

Ricky chuckled and shuffled a little closer to him, squeezing the plump head of his cock into the raised furrow of my rear entrance.

"Yeah - that's it!" Jason grinned. "I wanna see some proper butt-fuckin', lads! That's what I came for!"

He craned his neck forwards to watch me being penetrated. He peered intently down at Ricky's cock as it inched its way into me and laughed at the sight of my puckered arsehole stretching and expanding as I bent lower and pushed my bum back to receive it.

"Fuckin' munch on it, Scott - that's it! Eat his cock with your big, wet ring! Open it up nice and wide!"

For some reason his interest in seeing me being entered by my lover made me flush with excitement and my hard-on throbbed upwards insistently against my stomach. I relaxed my anus as much as I could, making the puffy outer edge of it widen and swell outwards for Jason to admire. He surprised me by reaching forwards to gently rub around the spit-moistened circumference of my straining arsehole as Ricky's cock slid relentlessly into me.

"It feels well tight!" he observed, and I craned my neck around to grin up at him. He chuckled at how reddened and aroused my face must look and then stuck his tongue out naughtily again as he rubbed his finger around my anus a second time as it widened still further to take more of my lover's cock.

"Yeah, that's a nice little 'ole ya got there!" he laughed, before turning to encourage Ricky. "Shove it right in there! Fill him up proper with your rock 'ard knob!"

Ricky grabbed my hips and kept working himself forwards, sliding his throbbing organ up into my bowels in a steady but unwavering ascent. His progress was slow but smooth: from years of training the interior of my rectum was almost an exact fit for the upwards curve of his shaft and it was just a matter of me relaxing enough to accommodate him in my bum.

"Keep goin', mate" Jason kept on. "Keep pushin' it up him - all the fuckin' way - right up to your knackers!"

Ricky continued easing himself into me and I strained to dilate my arse as wide as I could to accept the thicker girth at the base of his cock.

I let out a long sigh and then accidentally farted. That latter made Jason guffaw with amusement.

"I've gotta admit, lads, that doesn't happen with a woman! Goes with the fuckin' territory, I suppose!"

Ricky ignored my involuntary indiscretion and kept pushing himself forwards until I felt his pubic bush against my buttocks and his balls did indeed press into the tops of my thighs.

The two of us gasped at the point we were fully connected: this was always a very special moment, no matter whose arse was being filled by whose cock. I pushed myself upright so that Ricky's chest was pressing into my back. I could feel his hardened nipples against my skin, even through the material of both our shirts.

"You make a lovely sight lads," Jason laughed with, I suspect, a heavy dose of sarcasm. "All dressed up in your finery, joined together, cock up arse!"

We both laughed over at him and Ricky quipped, "We're thinking of having our wedding photos taken like this."

Jason laughed back and added, "Or the cake topper! Yeah - you could have the two grooms on top the cake with their trousers hitched down and squattin' one behind the other!"

We sat for a few moments letting him admire us together, our connection deep and intimate in both the emotional and physical senses, with Ricky's manhood wholly implanted inside my body while my own throbbed and oozed out front in its ardent gratitude.

He smiled as he studied us and then abruptly asked, "When did the two o' you start thinkin' about doin' this?"

We looked over at him, confused by the question, and he clarified, "I mean, when you was in yer teens, and the rest of us were wonderin' what it'd be like to get our knobs stuck up a nice, wet minge... were lads like you thinkin' of bummin' yer mates? Or wonderin' what it'd be like to bend over and 'ave another lad do it to you?"

I couldn't help but laugh as Ricky said, his cock firmly implanted up my arse, "What do you think? Of course we fucking did!"

Jason grinned at that, his eyes full of surprise.

"So for you pair... while the rest of us were thinkin' o' tits and pussies... were you pair lyin' in yer beds, wazzin' off thinkin' of how other lads' arses looked?"

We laughed again. This time I added: "And their cocks! Especially the big ones!"

"Yeah?" he laughed back. "Ya wanked off back then thinkin' about yer mates' big knobs?"

I nodded, loving the feel of Ricky's particular version of that organ filling me up. "Most nights, yeah!"

Ricky added, "Or of sucking them, or licking their big, hairy bollocks."

"Is that how ya figured out you was gay?" he asked. "The fact you was spunkin' up thinkin' of doin' stuff wi' other lads?"

"It provided a small clue, yeah," I remarked.

Jason took a little time to think about what he seemed to have just figured out: that young gay guys' masturbatory thoughts take a different form from those of their straight counterparts. I wondered if he was thinking back to which of his friends from school might have had him in mind when they'd been jacking off.

He walked around the bed, as if wanting to see the two of us men joined together from all possible angles, and paused at the foot of the bed behind Ricky's crouching form.

"What the fuck?!" Ricky called out as he jumped in surprise at something Jason had done.

Jason tittered. "Just 'avin a little feel - checkin' stuff out!"

"You touched my arsehole," Ricky announced in a rather accusatory tone.

"I wanted to see how slack you are, mate. How stretched your arsehole is from all the shaggin' you lads get up to."

Ricky relaxed and chuckled, clearly amused by Jason's curiosity. "And what do you think?" he asked.

"You can tell ya like 'avin' it up ya. You're fuckin' well loose!"

We both laughed as Jason came back around to where he had been standing earlier.

"Now, come on, guys - let's see you goin' at it like a pair o' rabbits!"

"I've got to take it slowly at first," Ricky told him. "Get him used to it. As you... er... noticed, it's been a while since we did it this way around."

Jason nodded with interest and I leant forwards again, splaying my buttocks further apart to make it easier for him to start fucking me. Jason peered down at Ricky's cock and watched it slowly withdraw from my backside.

He recoiled at the sight of it and then chuckled to himself, "I suppose that's somethin' else that goes with the territory."

Ricky eased his cock back into me and then pulled it out again. He repeated the action a little more quickly and then kept going, sliding carefully in and out of me and steadily developing a gentle, moderate rhythm.

"Fuckin' 'ell!" Jason laughed. "You guys are actually bummin'! I've got a couple o' gay blokes actually butt-fuckin' together, right there in front of me!"

He plonked himself back in the chair and gently stroked his cock as he watched us demonstrating how gay guys enjoy penetrative sex.

We worked our hips together, with Ricky gradually quickening his thrusts and driving more and more of the length of his shaft in and out of me in a way he knew would maximise my pleasure. Jason smiled as we became more physical together - me grabbing Ricky's bum and helping to pull him more deeply into me and him holding me by the shoulders to gain better leverage against me.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked Jason, who was just fondling with his erection rather than wanking it properly.

"Yeah, it's really good," he nodded. "A lot better than I expected."

"Do you fantasize about having a go yourself?" I asked, enjoying the feel of Ricky's breath against the sweaty material of the back of my shirt.

He shook his head. "Not my thing, mate. I've got to admit though, I like seein' you lads doin' it. Especially in all your wedding gear. Makes it seem more... I dunno... naughty, I suppose."

We both chuckled. I knew what he meant.

We worked ourselves up into a steady rhythm, the two of us starting to pant and gasp as we got steadily more excited by our sex and even more from having an audience. I could feel myself sweating - my arm pits were dripping and soaking through my shirt - and there was no way that the two of us were going to be able to wear our trousers again before they'd been dry-cleaned.

"Crank it up a notch, fellas," Jason called over after a minute or so. "I wanna see ya really goin' for it, like it's yer fuckin' weddin' night!"

I pushed myself back onto Ricky's cock, opening my legs wider to better work myself against it as he started driving himself in longer, more purposeful sweeps in and out of my eager arsehole. He wrapped one arm around me, pulling my back into his heaving chest, and with the other he reached down to masturbate me, grabbing my foreskin firmly and roughly jerking it up and down my shaft with a strong, confident rhythm.

We both grinned over at Jason, our excitement compounded by having him watching us so intently as we paraded our male version of lovemaking for him. This, I felt, was gay sex in the form that Jason would most easily recognise: one man pleasuring himself using the tight grip of another's bum.

Jason caught my eye and I beamed at him, proud to have him witness what I was sure would appear as a beautiful moment between two male lovers. Our joining was a mirror of the sex he was used to with his wife and Ricky's pleasure in penetrating me was something he could identify with and relate to. I was pleased that we were letting him see us like this: my body accepting Ricky's manhood as a symbol of our love and affection.

But Jason was focussed on more corporeal matters.

"Bloody hell, lads," he interjected. "I thought you said this gay bummin' stuff didn't make a stink!"

"It doesn't!" I retorted, offended that he could be so crude in the middle of something that was so clearly special to us.

"It fuckin' does!" he countered and then sniffed the air inquisitively. "Yeah, there's a definite smell," he insisted, nodding in confirmation. "And it's a bit fuckin' whiffy, if you ask me!"

"It's the smell of our lovemaking, Jason," I snapped, "and you should show a bit more respect. This is a deeply private thing we're letting you see."

Jason laughed, "Oh come on, mate. I'm not having a go. I'm just pointin' out that you lads havin' sex makes a stink, 'cause you said it didn't."

Now Ricky intervened, his cock not missing a beat as he slid his whole length in and out of my backside. "I wouldn't call it a stink, Jason. It's just, like Scott said, the smell of two men making love. It's actually quite a turn-on once you get used to it."

Jason inhaled deeply and shook his head. "Naah... it smells a bit rough to me. Maybe you guys are used to it but - Jesus! - it's a lot fuckin' different from shaggin' a bird, I can tell you that much."

We kept performing for him - Jason behind me thrusting in and out of my bowels - but now I felt uncomfortable to be showing him how penetrative sex between two men was performed. I felt as if he'd cheapened a moment of passion by basically telling us our sex smelt disgusting. It was as if Ricky and I had asked to watch him and his godawful wife making love - not that we ever would - and had exclaimed part-way through that the room stunk of fish.

Jason saw that I was no longer enjoying being looked at by him and made an attempt to make amends. "It's not like I'm sayin' it's really 'orrible or anythin'. I mean, I'm still 'orny, aren't I?"

He raised his erection upwards - it really was an amazing piece of meat - and gave it a few gentle tugs as if to emphasize that it was still stiffened with excitement. The huge head of it glistened with precum and the veins along its shaft throbbed as they maintained its full, hard girth.

"Your being aroused isn't the issue, Jason," I said, still squatting forwards as Ricky pumped back and forth against my bum. "You just said that our lovemaking stinks - kind of spoils the moment, you know!"

Jason grinned sheepishly and shrugged. "Okay, maybe 'stinks' was too strong. But you can't deny that there's a smell in here - there's a definite bum whiff coming from your arse being fucked, Scott."

Ricky chuckled: he didn't seem at all annoyed by what Jason had said.

He said, "I've got to agree with you there, mate. But that's a smell I love!"

He paused and inhaled deeply from right above where his cock was lodged between my splayed cheeks. "Oh yeah," he gasped appreciatively. "That's the smell of me banging my future hubby and I fucking love it!"

I smiled back at him as he grabbed me by the hips and started fucking me much more quickly and forcefully. He laughed over at Jason, enjoying showing off his sexual prowess using the backside of his decade-long partner, and I realised that with his exertions he was deliberately making the smell of our sex much more intense.

"If you don't like it," Ricky gasped, "if it really is so offensive to you, you know where the door is!"

Jason laughed back. "Yeah... okay... point taken. I can see how a bloke's bum smell would get you guys turned on. I mean, it's fuckin' obvious really, when ya think about it."

He stood up and came over to stand in front of where I was bending forwards, his cock arching upwards and looking large and insistent. The smell of gay sex certainly hadn't diminished its size: if anything, it had made it swell even larger.

"So does a fella's bum smell turn you on too, Scott?" he asked.

I nodded, enjoying the feel of Ricky buggering my arse more quickly and with far more vigour than it had previously. His cock was really ramming in and out of my rectum, making my own throb and tingle with exhilaration.

"Yeah," I gasped. "I love Ricky's smell when I'm fucking his arse really fast and -"

"What about other blokes' bum smells?" Jason cut in.

"Well, maybe," I panted, loving the sensation of Ricky's cock pounding relentlessly up into my innards. "I guess it would depend on whose, though."

Jason turned around and hitched down his trousers further, presenting me with the large, muscular buttocks that I'd admired earlier that day. "What about mine?" he asked.

"I... I... dunno," I replied, hesitantly, wondering how Ricky would feel about me putting my face near another man's backside. The hair sprouting from his crack was matted around where his hole would be lurking: his arse would be nothing if not odoriferous which struck me as ironic given the critique he'd delivered about our sexual smells.

"Go on," Ricky urged me. "Sniff his arse, Scott!"

"Yeah!" Jason agreed, grabbing his buttocks with both hands and prizing them apart. "Have a whiff of what a real man's arse smells like! Come on... get stuck in... while you're gettin' bummed up yer own!"

Ricky's rhythm grew even faster and he implored me again to comply: "Fucking do it, Scott! Shove your nose between his cheeks!"

I leaned forwards tentatively sniffed at Jason's furry arse crack. As I'd expected from the clumping of his anal hair, the scent between his cheeks was very strong. It was undeniably crude but utterly fascinating in its sheer, unbridled indecency. Unlike the smell of our lovemaking, this really would be the raunchy stink of rough, unsanitised male-on-male buggery and, to my amazement, I found myself overwhelmingly excited by it. It reminded me of an erotic story I'd read called 'Prison Sex' and I was hugely turned-on by the idea that homosexual coupling could be so base and squalid.

I pushed my nose further between his cheeks and inhaled the coarse odour of Jason's bum which had been cooped up in the back of his formal trousers all throughout the wedding day. It was wonderfully pungent - rich and earthy with an aggressively masculine punch to it - and I sniffed at him eagerly like a terrier on heat, feeling compelled to masturbate my own aching cock as I did so.

Ricky continued hammering at my arse, enjoying seeing his partner pushing his face into another man's bum. His hips were whacking against my buttocks, making rapid clapping sounds, and the sweat sopping from his shirt was adding its own characteristic tang to the other more acerbic odours our exertions were producing.

"Get your face stuck in there!" Jason commanded. "Come on, sniff my dirty arsehole!"

I did as he wanted and inhaled deeply from where his scent was strongest and where I knew his puckered little virgin ring would be nestling among the dense forest of hair between his cheeks.

"Lick him!" called out Ricky, now banging my arse frantically and with the repetitive power of an overwrought steam turbine.
"Yeah! Fuckin' lick me!" Jason harmonised, grabbing my head and pushing my nose and mouth further in between his buttocks.

I realised that he, like me, was wanking himself with his other hand. He gasped, more to himself than to the two of us, "This isn't cheating, mind... Laura would never do anything like this... you can't blame a guy for being curious, can you?!"

I pressed my tongue against his opening and felt it yield to minimal pressure I put on it. Jason bent further forwards, giving me better access to his hairy crack, and called out, "Stick yer tongue up my arsehole! Come on, mate, find out what it's like to lick a fuckin' straight bloke out!"

I entered him smoothly and was instantly shocked by the intensity of the flavour of his hot, moist bowels.

"Ah yeah!" he exclaimed, his whole body shaking with the rhythm of his hand up and down his large cock. "That feels so fuckin' good! Jesus Christ! I had no idea!"

I licked in and out of him, gently fucking him with my tongue, enjoying his crudest and most exciting taste as I entered him more deeply; a sensation which, until now, nobody had had the chance to explore.

I felt Ricky shuddering behind me, panting as he discharged his load into my bowels, and he grabbed my hips so hard it was painful.

Jason must have turned to him, probably grinning, and asked him, "Are you spunkin', mate? Are you nuttin' it up his arse?"

Ricky must have nodded, still in the throes of his powerful orgasm, and Jason laughed loudly, pounding his own larger member towards its imminent climax.

I kept rimming him, hugely enjoying the first taste of male arse I'd had in ten years other than Ricky's, as his strong fingers ground my head in between his cheeks, pushing me as firmly as he could into the coarse, wiry hair of his gaping arse crack.

Ricky kept fucking me, as he often liked to until long after he'd ejaculated, with the sound of his cock pumping my arse become wetter and sloppier from the copious ooze of his semen which was leaking from my hole. Still he kept going, enjoying how the slick pounding of his cock gave way to a rhythmic squelching and Jason laughed again at the noise we were making: the delicious slurping of post-coital gay sex.

I heard him sniffing at the air, curious at the odour of semen dribbling out of my over-used hole, before he declared: "The smell's kinda hot in a way - I'm startin' to see why you guys like it so much!"

Ricky kept fucking me, his cock starting to lose its stiffness as his excitement slowly waned, and the noise from my backside became moister and frothier as his steady beating churned his spent semen up inside me.

I pulled back from Jason's arse, grateful to breathe in the fresher air in the room, and he stood up and turned around, his cock level again with my face.

"Suck his cock!" Ricky suggested, reading my mind, but Jason shook his head at the prospect of that.

"Laura does that," he told us, "but ya can lick my balls. She won't touch those."

For some reason I was only allowed to do things to him that his wife wouldn't or couldn't. He seemed to feel that it didn't fall under the definition of cheating if he was only satisfying his curiosity about things he wasn't getting at home.

"Put one leg up on the mattress," Ricky urged and Jason did as he suggested, lowering his large, hairy scrotum down onto my face.

I sniffed gratefully at his sweaty bollocks, revelling in the sharp, distinctive bite of his testosterone and moving each testicle around against my nose as I took in the full impact of his scent in the hot, moist fuzz of hair underneath them.

Ricky's cock was going distinctly soft inside me, but still he kept working it in and out of my bum. I knew it was primarily to turn Jason on - he seemed to enjoy the sound of the cock slurping in and out of my cum-filled hole - but I was greatly enjoying it too.

I kept licking at Jason's huge nuts, loving the full and heavy feel of them against my face. Their smell was divine - so musky and masculine - and I could hardly believe that his wife would forego experiencing the thrill of nuzzling her face into her large man's impressive balls.

"Wank yourself off," I heard Ricky tell him, but Jason didn't comply.

"This is so fuckin' good I don't wanna blow my nut just yet!"

I reached up and grabbed his right buttock as I licked at his bollocks, enjoying how firm and muscular it felt in my grip. Then I worked my fingers in between his cheeks, surprised that he was letting let me venture into his crack, searching out his anus among the spit-soaked tangle of hair inside them.

Jason grunted when I found his hole and called out in appreciation as I entered his hot, wet passage.

It turned out he liked being fingered just as much as he enjoyed being rimmed: his backside was, evidently, a part of him which he probably hadn't realised had a sexual dimension. He pushed his arse outwards, working against my finger and then moved his hips back and forth to the rhythm I was using.

"Ah, yeah! Fuckin' work it!" he growled down at me.

I started fingering him more roughly, enjoying the strongly pungent smell from his backside as I thrust in and out of him. Ricky too sniffed the air approvingly, and I felt his cock starting to stiffen again as he continued to fuck me. He had always been a fan of guys' bum odour and now he was enjoying an especially aromatic one.

"Come on, Scott! Wank my arse off like you wank your own off!" Jason commanded me. "Wank the fuckin' shit out of it!"

I smiled up at him, amused that he would think of this as a sort of anal version of masturbation. Perhaps that was how he reconciled his enjoyment of being fingered with the heterosexual view he had of himself: this wasn't, in his eyes, analogous to being fucked by a guy - it was simply an alternative way men could enjoy having a hand-job.

He smiled back at me, enjoying me taking on a faster, rougher technique in and out of him, as the crude odour of my finger stoking his rectum grew heavier and more obviously anal.

Ricky's cock continued to respond to it and he took up steadily quickening rhythm as he more vigorously fucked my slippery arse.

He inhaled deeply before declaring, "That's so hot!" and then grabbed me by the hips again, fascinated to see his lover fingering this large, burly man.

Jason was loving what I was doing to him. He chuckled at Ricky's mounting excitement, amused that he was the source of the smell that was fuelling it, and pushed his bum back and forth against my finger more firmly.

"Enjoy it, lads!" he advised it. "It's not often you guys get to sniff a bit of straight boy butt!"

We both chuckled and Ricky's hips started making slapping sounds against my buttocks again. He grunted, "I really want to rim your arse, Jason!"

After laughing, Jason grabbed his cock and started tugging his foreskin quickly up and down his swollen shaft.

"I've gotta fuckin' wank!" he told me. "I can't stop myself!"

I looked up at him as he beat his huge cock off with his fist, the thick and veiny shaft of it towering above my face. His expression was odd and almost comical: his lips were puckered and his eyes were squinting in a way that he probably involuntarily adopted every time he was pushing himself towards his climax.

"I want to fuck your arse," I announced to his distorted face.

He laughed at that, his hand not missing a beat. "Like givin' it as well as takin' it, do ya?!"

"Course I do!" I laughed back. "I'll fuck you while he fucks me! Three of us in a row! How about that?"

"Jesus Christ!" he laughed even louder. "You're a horny fucker, aren't you?! You actually think I'm gonna turn 'round a let you knob my arse?!"

"Go on, let me," I insisted, enjoying looking up at him past the thick rod he was pounding with his fist. "It's not actual cheating because your wife can't do that!"

He laughed again but his face was adamant. "No way, mate. I'm not lettin' you do that."

"Go on!" I kept on. "We'll make the room really stink! Two arses getting fucked at the same time!"

But he shook his head and his firmness of his eyes said it all: there was to be no compromise.

I drove my finger deeper into him, feeling Ricky's cock harden fully again as he started to fuck me in earnest for a second time.

"I'm getting close," Jason informed me, his face once again contorted into that strange, pre-orgasmic pout.

"Spunk in his mouth!" Ricky called out. "Make him drink it!"

"Yeah, she won't fuckin' do that!" Jason agreed with a strained gasp, and directed his cock towards my mouth as he wanked his foreskin roughly back and forth.

Ricky grabbed me by the shoulders and quickened in his newly-recovered pounding in and out of me: his erection really had returned to its earlier glory and now seemed to be heading for a second climax just minutes after the first, something that I'd never even known my lover was capable of.

I opened my mouth wide and Jason grabbed my head as he beat his cock as fast as he could. The slit seemed to gaping open in its readiness to shoot; his huge bollocks were pulled upwards towards his body as they prepared for release.

"Here it comes," he grunted through clenched teeth. "You better be a fuckin' fast swallower!"

He held my head firm and pushed the top few inches of his thick cock into my gaping mouth.

"God, yeah!" Ricky cried out, evidently greatly enjoying seeing me feeding on another man's cock and slamming in and out of my arse so fast that my ring felt almost numb.

I loved the taste of Jason's organ even before he started discharging his semen into me. It had been over a decade since I'd tasted a cock that wasn't Ricky's and I'd forgotten how distinct and varied they could be; how much more powerful other men's testosterone could taste in comparison with Ricky's less redolent offering.

Jason's cock was very richly flavoured. His smooth, fat bell-end was slick with piss and pre-cum, while the foreskin he was jerking brought forth the sharper, tangier bite of his musky-tasting sweat.

I groaned in my appreciation, licking hungrily at his oozing slit, and Jason called out, "Ah, yeah! You fuckin' love that, don't you!?"

I nodded enthusiastically, lapping at the dribble he was feeding me, and he wanked himself so furiously that his tightened ball-sac was bobbing back and forth against my chin.

I felt Jason's rectal muscles start clenching around my finger - squeezing it in rapid spasms as if enjoying having me inside him - before he gasped as the force of his orgasm hit him. After what seemed like an implausible delay, his cock abruptly started spurting his semen in hot, gooey surges against the back of my mouth and onto my tongue.

"Fuckin' take it!" he called out, as if I had any intention of doing anything but. "Drink it down, you dirty fuck!"

I smiled as I complied, swallowing frantically to keep up with the pulsating outpouring of thick liquid from his throbbing bell-end. His relentless seed tasted strongly alkaline: a caustic and far more copious version of that which Ricky is able to produce.

As I gulped the last few weakening gushes from his slit, I felt my lover's cock deliver his own verdict up into my already-sodden bowels. He grunted as he emptied himself, wincing an orgasmic face which made Jason laugh, and then fell onto my heaving back, his sweat pouring onto me as he gasped for air.

Now there was only me to satisfy, and I certainly wasn't going to let these two guys get away with forgetting the encore.

When Jason had pulled his oozing cock out of my mouth and had stepped back away from me so that my finger slid out from between his large, firm cheeks, I wanked myself quickly to push myself towards my own climax.

He sniffed at the air, glancing at my finger, and said, "Jesus, my arse smells fuckin' rough!"

Still pounding at my cock, I had an idea.

With Jason still watching me, I raised the finger that had been inside him up to my nose. As he had observed, his smell was particularly strong on it, especially on its discoloured tip, and I sniffed at it eagerly, smiling up at his surprise.

"Oh, you dirty fuckin' sod!" he laughed, as my other hand sped into a blur of motion. "And you're gettin' 'orny off of it! You're wazzin' off to the stink of my arsehole!"

I grinned back at him, relishing the smell of his bum on my finger - oh, to have been able to have fucked that same backside - and then stuck my tongue out to lick up and down it.

That made him laugh even louder. "Jesus Christ! You sick fuck!"

Ricky kept banging at me - his cock going soft more quickly having spent its second load - as I threw my head back and finally enjoyed an orgasm of my own.

For some reason, Jason found the sight of my climax highly amusing. I have to admit that I did make quite an odd sight: with my lover still sloppily sliding in and out of the swollen hole he'd now climaxed twice into, and with my tongue licking at the stink of another man's backside, smeared along my finger, my hand pumped like a piston on my cock until my own semen shot upwards from it like a spurting white fountain.

Once my orgasm had subsided and I was recovering my breath, the room became quiet and a leaden atmosphere seemed to descend upon us. I was reminded of what Ricky had said in the bar downstairs: how Jason might become less good-natured towards us once he'd climaxed and he became troubled by regret and self-reproach.

Jason stared over at Ricky and then at me, and I wondered if he was starting to blame us for leading him into what his first gay encounter.

"I can't believe what we just did," Jason muttered, his voice sounding ominous.

It seemed that Ricky had been right and we now had to face the prospect of having an upset, and potentially aggressive, man to deal with. The fact he was so much taller and more muscular than us was obviously something we'd have to factor in.

It fell to Ricky to break the uncomfortable silence as he climbed off the bed.

"What do you mean?" he asked in a tone which I could tell was intended to be casual, but he obviously had in mind the conversation we'd had earlier.

Jason hesitated before answering and we both eyed-up his face apprehensively. His expression was oddly thoughtful and he stared into space distractedly, as if trying to draw out the prevailing emotion from whatever mixture of feelings he was experiencing.

"What I mean is," he began, after recovering himself a little, "I can't believe what just happened... how good this fuckin' gay stuff is!"

We both looked at him with surprise and he went on with a grin, "I mean I knew about you lads doin' bummin' and stuff, but I didn't know the rest of it. I mean, Jesus fuckin' Christ - some of it were steamin'!"

Ricky smiled at him with relief and threw me a wodge of tissue from his bedside table.

I said, "I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jason."

"Enjoyed it?" he laughed, "I fuckin' loved it!"

We watched Ricky pull off his wet shirt, drenched with his sweat, and then quickly remove his trousers and underwear. It seemed odd to finally see him naked after the three of us had all climaxed.

I told Jason, "Getting undressed after sex rather than before it is very much a gay thing." He peered at me curiously and I made the most earnest face I could muster while wiping semen from my pubic hair.

"Really?" he asked, gullibly believing me. "You 'ave sex then ya get yer clothes off? Is that 'ow it works for gay blokes, then?"

I couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm only having you on. We normally do it in the nude like everyone else."

He grinned over at me, amused by the joke.

"I'm going to hit the shower," Ricky said, clicking on the bathroom light. "I don't know about the sex, but I must really stink."

After Ricky had closed the bathroom door behind him, Jason grabbed some more tissue from the bedside table and wiped the belated dribbles of cum from his own softening cock. I noticed he threw the dirty tissue back onto the table, apparently oblivious to the fact that there was a small bin right next to it.

He hitched up his underwear and then, with more difficulty, pulled up his tight trousers over the large bulge of his crotch.

"Laura must be asleep by now," he said. "If she asks anythin', I'll say I fell asleep in the john. It wouldn't be the first time."

I got off the bed and pulled my underpants and trousers back up. I wanted to get ready for bed - to have a shower after Ricky - but, in spite of how intimate we'd just been, it seemed only proper and decent for me to be fully clothed when I showed Jason out, even if I was dripping with sweat and my trousers were streaked with dried-on precum.

"Thanks for lettin' me see you guys doin' stuff wi' each other," Jason said, before adding with a grin: "It was as 'ot as fuck!"

I smiled. "You don't feel as if you've cheated on Laura?"

"Of course not!" Jason laughed. "You can't blame a guy for being curious! And it's not like it were anythin' serious, were it?"

I shook my head. "It was just a bit of fun."

Then he asked me, "Do you not need the loo, mate? I mean, I don't wanna teach my granny 'ow to do whatever wi' eggs, but 'aven't you got 'alf a gallon of spunk up yer arse?!"

I grinned at his directness. He really was curious about all aspects of gay sex. I wondered again how substantial his homosexual leanings were.

"A little bit," I admitted. "It takes a while to... well... work through you, if you know what I mean."

He laughed that hearty laugh of his and then walked over to the door.

"Well enjoy yer... er... second 'release' tonight, and I'll see you lads in the mornin'."

He put his hand on the door-knob but thought it prudent to add: "Not a word about this to anyone, though. I'd be fuckin' flayed alive if the missus got wind of it."

I threw him a thumbs-up and said, "Scouts' honour."

"Nice one, mate!" he laughed. "Any time you guys fancy... you know... 'avin' another audience..."

I smiled at him and walked over to get my wallet from on top of the drawers.

"Here's my business card," I said, passing him one. "My mobile number's on it. Send me a text - just some random chat - so I have your number. I'll give you a shout if the two of us feel like a repeat performance."

"Not just a repeat," he grinned. "I wanna see some more stuff. You bummin' him, maybe... ya said ya sometimes do it that way...?"

"Quite often," I smirked back. "I think he actually prefers it that way."

"Less 'ard work for him," Jason chuckled. "Man after me own 'eart!"

I laughed and Jason went on, as if giving an order at a Chinese take-away, "And I wanna see ya suckin' each other a bit more. Ya both just 'ad a lick and that was it. Can you lads get into a sixty-nine and suck each other off at the same time?"

I smiled. "Of course we can. That's a bit of a Sunday morning favourite, actually."

He grinned more broadly. "I'd be well up for seein' that! And more o' that butt-lickin' stuff... yeah, a lot more o' that!"

"Okay," I nodded. "I'll talk about it with Ricky."

He put the card into his own wallet and then opened the door. "I'll text you tomorrow. Nothin' suspect. Just a 'hi' and thanks for the heartburn tablets or some shit."

I agreed and then, with a final grin, he let himself out and went up to join his wife in bed.

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