New Life Ch. 04

When I first got out of prison, twilight was my favorite time of day. Sitting in that little nook behind Ty's house at sunset was like heaven on Earth. The way the sun painted the sky with streaks of pinks and oranges before it disappeared behind the horizon, I thought my life couldn't get much better than that moment. That was until I started waking up next to the man of my dreams. Morning became my favorite time. Even with the snoring and puddles of drool on my chest, I still woke up with a grin on my face. After about a month, the novelty of living together had worn off, but I still cherished the feeling of his arms wrapped snugly around my torso. His leg draped over mine, keeping me in bed just a few minutes longer. But eventually he would release me to go about my morning as he knew I needed.

Even though I wasn't back to work yet, I still felt the need to start my day early. Only now instead of driving to the worksite I strolled into the little home gym Brion set up while I was still in the hospital. Sure it was equipment he already owned but he moved it all upstairs so I wouldn't have to deal with the rickety stairs down to the basement. I was up to four miles on the elliptical before Brion finally dragged himself out of bed. He greeted me with his usual groggy eyed grunt on his way into the bathroom to wash his grumpiness away. I'd gotten independent enough to cook and after the shock of the first breakfast I made him, I decided to make it a regular thing.

"You're a better wife than Soleil ever was...better head game too," he teased that first morning but I took it as the compliment it was meant. We'd gotten into a grove with each other. It wasn't that much unlike when we shared a dorm room. We still played video games into the wee hours of the morning and drank the occasional shitty beer. Made ridiculous bets, only now the wagers resulted in sexual favors so everybody won. And the few sessions with the therapist seemed to be taking some of Brion's edge off. He never said what they talked about but even when he came home with red eyes, still wet with tears, the air around him seemed lighter when he hugged me.

"So today's the big day," Brion said as he came up behind me, kissed me on my shoulder as he reached for his mug. "You excited?" He asked like he didn't know already. Today was the day the doctor would decide if I could get back to my normal life. Playing the kept lover was great but I was itching to get back to work. And drive. God I missed driving. It was a simple freedom that I had already been deprived of for long enough while I was in prison.

"I already told Ty I was coming back Monday whether the doc give me word or not," I told him and he shook his head, mumbled something about me being stubborn. "Don't give me that shit Breeze, you don't know what this is like. It's killing me being stuck..." He stopped my griping with his lips on mine.

"Don't make me get the ball Nev," he said and that turned my frown upside down. "I know you getting stir crazy being stuck home all day like I know you almost at 100%. There's no way he's not going to give you the go ahead, just don't go in there being the big angry black man. Not everybody finds it as appealing as I do," he said with a wink as he took his seat at the counter. Brion grabbed me by my shorts and pulled me to the seat beside him.

"I know...It's just...I don't like not contributing..."

"And you tell me to cut the shit," he said around a mouthful of eggs. He finished his bite and looked at me with that cocky grin of his. "The way you threw it back on me last night was enough to pay your rent into next year," he said and I gave him a hard shot to the ribs. It was just a love tap though and he laughed it off. "What I'm just saying you contribute just fine Nev. It ain't like you choosing to be in this situation. And before you say anything, that's not guilt. That's love bruh. Couples are supposed to hold each other down right? That's the point of being in a relationship ain't it?" It was my turn to kiss him and his bacon tinged breath.

"Did I tell you I love you today?"

"Not yet," he said expectantly.

"Yeah well it's early," I said as I got up to clear our empty plates. He smacked my ass as I passed him so hard it made me stumble. And my cock jump a little.

"Oh it's like that now," he said from behind me. I heard the stool drag against the floor, smirked a little when I felt his bare chest against my back. His bulge grinding into the back of my thigh. "That's not what you was saying last night bruh," he said as he worked my shorts down beneath my ass. The waistband got stuck on my hardon and he worked his hand around to flick it down with a snap. "Talking bout some 'shit Breezy...I love how you fuck me baby'," he said as he gripped my shaft. "I don't know about you but that feel like love to me right there babyboy."

"If that's what you want to call, I'm not gonna stop you bud," I said and he slapped me hard on the ass with both hands but I bit my lip to keep my moan in check. He didn't though it was more of a growl in my ear as he ran his fingers up my crack before he pushed his middle inside me.

"Mmm that feel like love too," he said as he toyed with my hole with first one, then two fingers. "Love how you hold onto my leftovers...Just open and ready for a nigga huh...

"Shut up and fuck me," I grunted as I reached back for his dick but he swatted my hand away.

"Come on babyboy," he said with a chuckle as he teased me with his fingertips across my ass. He spread my cheeks and let a long string of spit run down between them before he mashed them together, rubbing it in. "Ask me nicely or I'll make you beg for it," he teased as he tapped my ass with his dick and I pushed back against him. Brion had no intentions of waiting, we both knew it, but he still liked to play the game we started with that first time and I didn't mind.

With his hand on my hip, Brion pulled me back, forcing me to bend a little at the waist. Our height difference made the stand up fuck a little difficult when I was on the receiving end but we inevitably worked around it. I bent my knees a little and I felt him rise up on his tiptoes as he made his entrance. I loved that first stroke, especially when he made it hands free, using only his hips to glide into me. He was right I was still well lubed from the night before, making resistance minimal. The moan that escaped me at his entrance made him chuckle as he ran his hand up my back, lowering my chest to the countertop. His other reached around my waist to fist my cock as he rocked his hips into me.

"Damn Nev you fit me like a glove baby," he moaned as he began to thrust. Slow and deliberate. My knees wobbled at every slow drag along my prostate and I gasped at every stroke. "I don't know which one of us is more of an idiot for not trying this out sooner...fuck this ass feel too good," he said and I moaned out a laugh.

"Let's call it a tie," I said and he gave me a hard smack with wet fingertips. "Mmm Breeze you win baby..."

"What was that...I...ain'"he grunted, punctuating each word with a jab of his cock to my sweet spot. Brion worked his hand over my tip to collect some of my drippings to use for lube as he worked his hand feverishly up and down my shaft. The contrasting sensations drove me to babbling and he loved every bit.

"You...fuck...ohhhh my shit...I can't...don't...fuck me...harder..."

"Damn got you speaking gibberish again huh...I love that shit babyboy," he said as his dick in my ass started to catch up to the pace of his hand. "Yeah that's it throw it back on me...let me know how you like it..."

"I fuckin' love it Breeze...I love taking this big black dick..."

"Whose is it?"

"It's yours baby... all yours," I moaned and he laughed, smacked my ass again but it wasn't as aggressive.

"Naw nigga I mean this dick," he said and I looked back at him to see his smirk.

"Mine," I said and it sounded like a question on my own ears.

"Like you mean it," he demanded with a hard thrust that buckled my knees, sent me over the edge.

"Mine!" I grunted out so loud that I'm sure the neighbors heard but I was cumming too hard to care. I must have said it five times, once for each volley, as he continued his pounding to his own climax.

"Fuck," he shouted as he drove into me hard for his last hurrah then collapsed, panting, on my back. Brion planted soft kisses all along my collarbone as he slide out of me. I hated that part, hated the feeling of being empty of him, and I immediately clenched up to keep as much of his load as possible.

He kept his arms wrapped tight around my middle as I stood, turning to face him. I loved his fresh fucked look. The blush that came to his cheeks that ran down his neck and over his chest. How sweat seemed to only bead on his nose and the hollow of his neck just beneath his adam's apple. The way his eyes seemed to glaze over just a little bit as he looked up at me dreamily. My limp dick, still sticky from his work, dug into his abs as I mashed my mouth against his in a rough kiss. My hands found his ass and I squeezed as he pressed his hips against me.

"Gonna fuck around and make me late," he moaned half in my mouth and I laughed.

"My bad," I said as I pulled away from the kiss, our bodies still connected from the chest down. "Just wanted you to know I love you that's all," I said and he sucked his teeth, rolled his eyes.

"Whatever bruh...I love you too."

We shared a quick shower but he got out before I was done. It really was late, but he came back in to kiss me goodbye and remind me what time he'd return to chauffeur me to my (last) appointment. He told me he loved me again and I didn't tease him this time. Never did when we were leaving each other. It was something that came out of the attack. An unspoken agreement, just in case it was the last time we saw each other.

Out of the shower I called my father. We had been speaking everyday since I woke up, and now that I was home, multiple times a day. I always got at least one phone call and sometimes a text or two which blew my mind the first time. One Friday evening I entertained him during one of his wife's bible studies, he wasn't participating but it was held in his living room where the only TV in the house was located. But heaven forbid he not be available to perpetuate her illusion of a happy home to the congregation. I didn't mind being his out, in fact I was honored. Our relationship had become less tentative, more natural. It helped that we'd been doing a lot of father/son stuff with Brion and Mac, which Brion and I called double dates just to make our dads feel awkward. Didn't stop them from dropping by our place to watch football on Monday nights or our Saturday afternoon brunches. Sunday's were still reserved for Margie and she was happy to set an extra place for my father. His wife though was not invited, Margie made that perfectly clear and my father didn't even flinch. It was only a matter of time before he worked up the nerve to end his unhappiness but I wasn't going to push. It wasn't my place.

He wished me luck at my appointment, told me he'd prayed on it and that I shouldn't worry about it too much. I had my life and that's what matter most. In my heart I agreed with him but my head said I needed more so I got dressed in my usual jeans and white t-shirt and headed out to the garage. Somebody told me once that if you want something you have to put it out into the universe so I figured what better way to do it than in my own whip. I pulled the tarp off delicately, folded it up and put it away on one of the shelf before I back my other baby out to the bottom of the driveway. Brion would have something to say about it but I really didn't give a shit. We were taking my car, he could drive us there but I was damn sure going to drive back. The offer of curbside service back to work would surely win him over.

And it did. It wasn't even an argument. That's all I had to say to stop his shaking head and his response was, "Cool wit me bruh." But he insisted he drive there and I shrugged my shoulders as I climbed into the passenger seat. Whether it was the power of prayer, the universe, or hardwork I didn't know but the doctor took one look at me sitting on that exam table and cleared me for take off. Him checking how my wounds had healed seemed like only a formality. I could have kissed him, had I not had somebody more appealing to kiss in the waiting room. I called Ty in the parking lot I was so excited. Not too excited to wrestle my keys away from Breeze trying to sneak his way into the driver's seat.

"This some bullshit right here," Brion said with sucked teeth as I pulled into a spot directly across the street from the high rise that housed his gym. "Ain't never a spot on this block...never."

"Must be my lucky day then," I said and he sucked his teeth again as he leaned over to give me a quick kiss before he got out. "I think I might do some strolling a while. Shame to waste such a perfect spot. Maybe work on filling in some of that empty space on my side of the closet," I said as I followed to the crosswalk. It was safer than trying to dart across four lanes of midday traffic plus there was the added bonus of being able to spend a few more moments with him. "What you think bud?"

"Maybe add a haircut to that list," Brion said with a smirk as he gave my mangy beard a quick scratch. "Starting to look a little wily."

"You sure don't mind tugging on it..."

"I much rather tug something else though," he said with a wink as we started to cross the street. "My shop is only around the block," he said as he pulled out his phone and started dialing. I listened as he called his barber and inquired of his availability. "Yeah, I'll send him right now...Naw my mans. Put it on my tab...Yeah, yeah tip too. Give him the works," he said just before he hung up. "I only have a couple more clients today, plus my session at 4:30. You don't...

"Please," I said with rolled eyes and a gentle shove. He smirked a little and gave my t-shirt a tug. "I'll be around when you ready Breeze," I said and gave him my fist to bump. "Just call me, okay."

"I'll do that."

I watched him through the doors a moment while he waited for the elevator, admiring him from a distance. I was still a little flabbergasted at the fact that we were together, and how normal it felt. All the fear I felt at coming out seemed to be for nothing. Even despite spending nearly half a year in the hospital, I never thought life out of the closet would be so simple. I guess it was just easier being who you are than pretending to be somebody else. Walking down a busy street before always came with some sort of anxiety, wondering if the people I passed knew my secret. Now that I wasn't keeping one, I found it easier to look up, not to avert my eyes from passing strangers. I even found myself returning smiles and brief nods from passersby. And I didn't even roll my eyes as I pulled open the door to Brion's fancy barber shop.

It was nothing like my neighborhood barber. For starters it was quiet. It wasn't as if there weren't any patrons, all six chairs were occupied and there were four guys and a woman waiting on the padded leather benches in front of the window. There was a receptionist who greeted me with a smile, asked my name, and invited me to have a seat. I was even offered a beverage while I waited, I declined but it was still nice. I was more hungry than anything else so I shot Gianni a text to find out where he was parked for the day. A heavy sigh rumbled through my lips when I read his reply.

[Not in the truck today big fella :( idiot assistant didn't renew my permit so the Italian Stallion is down til Monday, Tuesday at the latest]


[Lol...I'm sure it ain't that serious. WYD]

[Waiting on a haircut at Breeze's shop]

[Bout fuckin time bro...starting to look like a damn grizzly bear]

[And that place is a salon]

[Tell me about it bud. I feel crazy out of place]

[Why? No overly heated debates about seemingly innocent topics]

[Lol you got jokes...hey was thinking of doing some shopping after. Care to assist]

[Hell yeah...I'll meet you down there]

[Aight bud see you in a few]

[Later bro]

It wasn't long before my name was being called and I was being led to an empty chair in the back by the receptionist. Three shampoo station and a manicurist furthered Gianni's point that this was in fact a salon and before I knew it a cape was being swept over me. I was not expecting what the mirror's reflection held.

"I'm Kat and you are Neville," said the bronze skinned Amazon that stood behind me. Her studded boots barely had a heel and I could tell she wasn't that much shorter than me. In my straight days, she would have been just my type with her pastel blue hair cut in that 50s greaser style. Her bottom lip was pierced, as was her nose and eyebrow. There was a bleeding heart tattooed in the center of her chest and a pinup girl straddling a missile on her forearm. She had others, her low cut tank top and tuxedo vest did little to hide her painted arms and chest. She was gorgeous in an almost mannish sort of way. "Nice to finally meet you. He talks so much about you I feel like we already met."

"Oh yeah," I droned as she started to massage my scalp. "He's been trying to get me in here for the longest. Said you're the best..."

"Ahh, flattery will get you no where with me hun," she said with a smirk as she worked her hands down my face. "Keeping this right," she asked of my beard and I nodded. "We'll just tame it up a little. Give you a nice line but keep the scruff. What do you think?"

"I trust you," I said as she lay me back in the chair and draped a hot towel over my face. I heard her chuckle but it wasn't one that made me nervous so I lay back and relaxed to let her do her thing.

With the towel over my face I couldn't see what she was doing but I felt her picking out my hair which could have been a pretty full afro if I cared to manage it. I heard her walk away then return with another set of footsteps. The second set settled in front of me and began clipping my fingernails. I'd never had a manicure before, biting my nails had always seemed good enough but I had to admit it was nice to be taken care of this way. She massaged my hands as Kat sat me up and started cutting. By the time she took the towel away I was thoroughly relaxed and impressed by what she had done to the top of my head. It wasn't a cut I would have chosen for myself but it suited me nicely and I didn't even tell her what I wanted. She trimmed up my beard then used a straight razor to line up my face.

"What do you think," she asked as she dusted me off and I couldn't even pretend not to be pleased.

"Hope you got room for me on your client list," I told her as I ran my hand over my beard.

"I was hoping you'd say that," she said as she cranked the chair down and I got up. She walked me out to the desk and together we set up an appointment in a couple weeks. Just as we were finishing up the door chimed and the receptionist greeted the new customer with the same warmth as she had me.

"I'm just looking for my buddy," Gianni said, though his eyes were trained on Kat and I shook my head. "But if this is the kind of magic yall work in here I might have to make a change," he said with a slap to my back. He gave me a nudge with his elbow and I rolled my eyes.

"Kat, Gianni. Gianni, Kat," I said as he stuck out his hand. She shook it but the look on her face said she read his predatory gaze well.

"Well make an appointment," she said with a smirk. "I'm sure one of the other guys can fit you in. My dance card is pretty full these days."

"Aww, that's messed up," he said very dramatically, his hand over his heart. And again I shook my head, but she laughed. "Guess I'll just have to get on the waiting list then."
"Well here's my card," she said as she pushed two across the desk. "We'll see what we can do about getting you in my chair. See you in a couple weeks Neville. It was nice to finally meet you."

"Me, too right?" was Gianni pleading addition but all she did was laugh and shake her head as she went back to work. "She wants me," he said once we got to the street and all I could do was shake my head. "What, she gave me her number."

"She gave it to me too dumbass," I said showing him my card before I slipped it into my wallet. "Look man I don't need you fucking up me and Breeze's good thing with your cock bud."

"Aww come on big fella I'm a changed man," he said jokingly but I sensed a bit of sincerity in his jest. "But real talk she did an awesome job. I know somebody's getting his dick wet tonight..."

"Stop it," I told him with a shove and he stumbled away from me. "And for your information, I ain't need a haircut for that," I said and he made a face.

"Aight man TMI," he said shaking his head and I laughed.

"You started it."

"Yeah and you finished it so let's just leave it there," he said with a smirking shake of his head.

We walked a couple more blocks in silence mostly before we turned into a tailor shop. Gianni said because of my size it would be best to get measured before I bought anything, and since I'd never done it before I didn't dispute it. When he asked one of the guys working if "Carmine" was around, I didn't expect his brother to come strolling out from behind a curtain. We'd never met but they were almost carbon copies. Same hieght, same swarthy complexion, same wiry build. The only difference was Carmine was clean shaven and had brown eyes. I imagined there weren't any tattoos under his tailored blue shirt and black vest, or pierced nipples. Even their way of speaking was similar, they made the same gestures and it wasn't long before they drifted into their first language as I stood back waiting to be introduced. They talked a few minutes before Carmine even noticed me standing there and smiled.

"Who's your friend," he said with a nod at me and Gianni looked over like he forgot I was there. "New boo?" He asked teasingly and Gianni gagged.

"Eww bro..."

"Like you never thought about it," I said with sucked teeth and they both laughed.

"That's not the point and that was like forever ago...anyway Carmine this is my buddy Neville. He needs help getting some new duds."

"So I see," Carmine said with an appraising look but he wasn't being a jerk about it, even though Gianni gave his chest a little backhanded slap. "Well Neville let's get you measured up and see what we can do for you today."

Carmine was all business as he took my measurements, ignoring Gianni's teasing and generally distracting behavior. After a while I got a feel for the dynamics of their relationship. Typical big brother/little brother stuff and it seemed that the traumas of the past had been forgotten between them. I could hear Carmine giving him familial updates as I tried on anything they brought me, even stuff I wouldn't pick on my own. I'm not a flashy guy and I could tell who brought what by how close it was to my simple style. I ended up getting a few pairs of pants and a couple shirts. Carmine was nice enough to give me the family discount saying, "Anybody who willingly hangs out with him must be blood." He also wrote down my measurements for me and promised to tailor anything I brought in personally.

We went to lunch after that, a little cafe we'd been to before. Gianni went to school with the owner and he came out to chat a little while we ate. He'd sent food to the hospital a few times while I was out and I thanked him profusely for it. He accepted but said it was a small gesture that any decent person would extend. I told him there weren't that many decent people in the world. He left us but the serious tone he brought to the table stayed. Gianni seemed a little down, like he had something to say but couldn't, which was unnerving because he never had a problem saying anything.

"Yo when's the last time you talked to Colin," he asked finally and I furrowed my brow, thinking. It had been a while.

"He came to see me a few time while I was in the hospital and I called him once or twice since I've been home but no reponse. Why what's up?"

"He's not doing too good with the whole being out thing. Those fuckers he lived with kicked him out so he's back at his parents. Ty offered him your room but he didn't take it. You know how he is about handouts. He's in a bad way, and I'm not saying it's your fault or even that you have anything to do with it, but I think he might think that now that you and Breeze are together..."

"Like I think he was just a piece of ass or something. That's bullshit bud," I said a little too loud but I was pissed that anybody would assume that of me.

"I know, I know big fella that's not you but he don't know you like I do," Gianni said with a hand on my arm. "And he's not the type to ask either. He knows you're happy and that's pretty much all that matters to him. He don't want to do anything to change that. Probably why he's not calling you back."

"I don't like that."

"I know that's why I'm breaking guy code to tell you," he said with a chuckle and I smirked a little. "You think Breeze would have a problem with him?" That made me laugh.

"Only if he couldn't watch," I said and it took him a minute but he picked up what I was putting down.


"Let's just say that Red helped Breeze see the light," I said with a wink.

"Well shit if it's like that then there's only one thing to do about it now."

"He-Den," I said with my half-empty glass of iced tea raised.

"He-Den," he replied as he clinked.

"What you doing tonight bud," I asked him and he smiled. I checked the time on my phone and he snorted.

"How long before you gotta pick up the missus," he asked with a smirk.

"You know he'd have you swallowing teeth he heard you say that," I said and he rolled his eyes. "He's gonna call when he's ready."

"So we got time for shoes then," he asked with a glance down at my boots. They weren't the ones I wore to work but they were still construction boots. Both he and Breeze always had something to say about them but they don't know how hard is for someone to find fashionable 15 ½s. "I see that look on your face big fella but I know just the place for you."

I had my doubts but I shrugged my shoulders and paid our tab. Of course he fought me on it but I'm bigger so I won. It took a few blocks but I noticed we were backtracking towards my car and before I knew it we were passing Brion's gym and heading into the sneaker store a few doors down. When we went in, I was surprised to find a guy my size working behind the counter. That was nearly unheard of for me in less the store had "big" or "tall" in it's name. And there weren't just shoes on the walls, there were racks of casual clothes, hats, belts, and it all seemed larger than a 2x. I guess I should have taken a closer look at the sign outside. It did say "Big Body Apparel" but I assumed it was just a name. He was ringing up a couple girls and gave us a nod as he finished up with them. As they left he came around the counter and gave Gianni dap before he turned to me.

"Damn bro I ain't been eye to eye with nobody since I stopped playing ball," he said to me as he stuck out his hand which I took to be pulled into the familiar half hug that men do. "G brought you to the right place my friend."

"I been by here a few times but never came inside," I said already looking around. "My partner works at the gym in the high rise..."

"Hard body Black dude...light skin, goatee," he said and I smirked a little. "Damn and here I thought I ain't have a chance. I see him running every now and then...shoulda took a chance huh G."

"Woulda been a waste bro. That's Nev's boo from way back."

"He's gonna kick ya ass when he see you bud," I told Gianni and he waved me away.

"We shot a fair one once already. Ain't no thang."

"Hey man I ain't mean no disrespect or nothing..."

"Chill bud, you good" I said, swatting away his apology. "I know what he look like."

"Yeah I'm sure you do," Big Body said with a far off look, like he was imagining it for himself. "Anyway now that I'm thoroughly jealous, let's get you hooked up shall we."

Big Body, or Craig as I prefered to call him, was a godsend. Aside from body size, we shared similar stories. We were both collegiate level athletes who lived very closeted lives before bad decisions forced us to get real about who we are. My bad decisions lead me to prison, his sent him to rehab where he made a few other tough life choices. Turned out he really didn't like playing basketball, it was just something to do to win his parents approval. Lucky for him, he didn't really need to do anything but be happy so when he got out and expressed an interest in fashion they didn't think twice about sending him to art school. When he was done and came to them with his idea of opening a store for the dapper man of a certain size, they invested heavily in his dream. In a college town that touted nationally ranked football and basketball teams, there was no shortage of clientele and within a year he was able to payback his parents.

With all the trying on, talking, and joking I lost complete track of time until my phone rang in the fitting room. I cursed when I realized I hadn't put it on silent and D'Angelo started playing. With my pants in a knot on the floor, it took two rounds of the chorus for "Untitled" before I got it out to answer it.

"Wassup Breeze," I said a little breathless, shaking my head as the two clowns on the other side of the curtain sang along. "You ready?"

"Uhhh...yeah...why you sound like that," he asked, his tone more concerned than accusatory, either way it made me smile.

"I'm at that store down from your place trying on shit..."

"I told you to change that ringtone bruh," he said laughing and I rolled my eyes. "Tell the Italian stallion he ain't the only one with the magic stick."

"I'll do no such thing."

"Man, you ain't no fun," he said with sucked teeth. "And stop rolling your eyes, I'll be there in a sec."

Not two minutes later I heard the door buzz and Gianni yell, "The champ is here." A little joke about their first encounter that had yet to get old. There were slapped hands and introductions made as I got dressed and gathered up the armload of swag I planned to purchase. But when I got out to the register Brion was already standing there, tapping his card on the glass. I shook my head and he gave me his back.

"Well shit let me toss a couple things on that pile," Gianni said from behind me and Brion flipped him the bird. "If that's what it takes bro you know I'm down. I'm not above doing something strange."

"It wouldn't be that strange," Craig said and Gianni shot him a look. "I know you ain't cover up that tat bro."

"Wait, wait, wait," I said, waving my hands back and forth. I'd always wondered and I'd asked about it but never gotten a straight answer. "You're the BB on his ass?"

"In the flesh," he said with a blown kiss at Gianni as he rang up my stuff.

"Oh yeah, well you better watch your back Breeze...and your front for that matter. You got a secret admirer..."

"Really bro I thought we was boys," Craig said and Brion took a comically large step away from the counter. "I catch you running every now and then but I'm kinda shy you know and I kinda figured you for straight so I kinda just watched you float by every now and then..."

"I'm handsome I know," Brion said with that cocky grin of his and a pat to his arm to cut off his rambling. Craig's face had turned beet red beneath his light brown beard and sweat had started to bead on his neck. If he lifted his arms I was sure he probably had pit stains. "Shoulda took a chance bruh," he added with a wink.

"Aight that's enough of that," I said as I grabbed the bags in one hand and slipped my other around Brion's shoulders, steering him towards the door. "Keep your ogling at a distance bud," I said to Craig over my shoulder and he chuckled a little.

"I can do that," he said with a salute and I noticed the way his eyes shifted down to Brion's ass. I let that one slide, I'm sure it wasn't the first time.

It was dark by the time we finally made it outside and I was feeling pretty good about the day I had, even better about what the night might promise. I knew Breeze had to be at his gym in the afternoon but that never stopped him from partying the night before. We hadn't been out since I came home and I thought we both needed to do something more than watch ESPN in our underwear on a Friday night. Don't get me wrong, I loved the normal but we're too young to be so settled.

"You know Dezy said we need to get out some," Brion said as he slipped his arms around my waist. His chin on my chest, he looked up at me and smirked at my furrowed brow. "My therapist," he said, answering the question on my face. "Said going back to work is just the first step of getting through all this and I think I agree with him. So what's say me, you, and that asshole in there go get in some trouble like before."

"We were just talking about that actually," I said after a quick kiss to his forehead. A group of guys caught us as they passed and one of them mumbled something like "Get a room fags," but before either of us could say anything one of his buddies gave him a kick in the ass and told him to grow up. But the best part was Brion's reaction, or better yet, lack of one all together. Something like that would have enraged him and I would have been breaking up a fight but all he did was laugh and turn his attention back to me. The therapy was helping him through more than what happened and I was glad for it. "We was thinking about making a trip to the club..."

"The club huh," he said with a raised eyebrow and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Yeah bro," Gianni said as he lit a cigarette. "I already got a car so we can do it up old school."

"We ain't known each other long enough to do anything "old school"," Brion said with air quotes around the last. He was right of course but it never felt that way.

"Aww come on Breeze don't be a Debbie that for the big fella later on tonight," Gianni said with a wink at me and I stepped out of the line of fire. "I'm saying why not solidify what we got going on here by going back to where it all started," he explained as he threw an arm around us both. Brion shook him off though and rolled his eye.

"Well we missing someone ain't we," Breeze said with a wink at me and I smiled a little. "I mean if we gonna kick it old school. Right?"

"That's what's up bro," Gianni shouted with a fist pump before he jostled Breeze about the shoulders. "Wanna pregame at my place?"

"Nope come to ours. It needs breaking in," Brion said and narrowed his eyes at him, squashing any dirty comeback and Gianni raised his hands in mock defense.

"Aight I'll call and change the pick up spot but I'm not staying over..."

"Who invited you," I said and Gianni pretended to be hurt. "I love you bud but I know you don't wanna hear what we got going on these days."

"Good point," he said. There was more, I could tell but he kept it to himself. "Aight I'll bring some food. Call Colin."

"As soon as I get to the crib," I told him and he shook his head. "Now?"

"I'm sure he's just getting home, don't give him a chance to get settled or make other plans."

He had a point so I did as he told me as we parted ways. It rang twice before it went to voicemail so I knew he'd forwarded the call. I didn't leave a message, instead sent a text before I called back. He picked up on the first ring.

"I'm not avoiding you I swear," he said with a nervous laugh.

"You on speaker...I'm driving."

"Not alone then huh," he said, sounding a little disappointed and I laughed.

"I could plug my ears if you want," Breeze said making Colin laugh for real and I liked that.

"You don't have to. I'll be respectful, I promise," he said quietly and I heard him moving around in the background.

"Fuck that bruh be miss him," he said and I nearly swerved off the road. All he did was wink and pat my thigh. There was a long silence and I swear I thought he might hang up. But he didn't, we could hear his breath through my speakers.

"Yes," he said eventually. It came out in a whisper and then there was more breathing. "So much," he added with a little more conviction.

"Then come out with us tonight," Breeze said, taking over the entire conversation. "Let me work," he mouthed to me and I shook my head. "I mean if you don't have anything better to do. Me, Nev, and Gianni was just gonna have a couple drinks at our place then make a trip up to He-Den if you're interested. Nothing big."

"I don't know," he said after another long pause and I started to speak but Brion put his hand over my mouth. "Don't you think that might be a little weird...seeing as...well...the last time..."

"Yeah I was an ass last time so let me make it up to you. I wanted to before but everything happened so fast, I never really got the chance. And I never thanked you for speaking up for us. That took a lot of balls bruh, shaking your life up like that when you didn't really have to..."

"I needed too," Colin said and I could hear him choking back emotion. "Things might be a little shitty for me right now but I'm glad I did and you don't need to thank me."

"Then let me buy you a few drinks to help make things a little less shitty," Breeze said quickly as I pulled into the driveway but we didn't get out, waiting for Colin's response. "I think we all need a little less shitty in our lives these days, don't you think?"

A sniffling chuckle, then, "Yeah...alright I'm in! What time should I come by?"

"Whenever bruh, you remember the address?"

"Yup, now that I'm at my parent's I ride past your street everyday. I'm literally two streets over..."

"Then why the hell haven't you been by," I said, not meaning to be so gruff but they both laughed.

"Didn't know how welcomed I'd be...since you know..."

"Fuck that bruh," Brion said almost as intense as I had but Colin still laughed. "Bring your welcomed ass over anytime."

"Alright, alright. Lemme get showered up and stuff I'll be over in a few."

"Good shit bruh, see you then," Breeze said before he hit the end button on the console without letting me say a word. Just as I was about to open my mouth to tell him about himself, he shoved his tongue in and I lost my train of thought. That cocky grin was on his face when he pulled away and I couldn't say he didn't deserve to be wearing it. "I ain't mean to hijack that but I think he needs this like we do."

"You been talking to Gianni, too?" I asked as we got out of the car.

"No but I can only imagine how he's doing. Granted his situation might have been a little less...intense but he carried it around with him for a lot longer. I wasn't bullshitting about anything I said to him. That wasn't game," he said as we made it into the house and I tossed my bags on the floor by the door. Brion gave me a look and I sucked my teeth. He folded his arms across his chest and I rolled my eyes. "Please," he said, almost pleading and I folded, took the bags to the bedroom and he continued speaking like it was nothing. What he told Colin might have been sincere but what he did to me was game.

"I been doing a lot of thinking about us and how we ended up here. He played a bigger role in us than I think either of us realize. My memory might be a little fuzzy but yall wanted to take me home but he insisted that you take me back...that I needed to be watched. What if you did bring me back here and that crazy fucker got in..."

"I wouldn't have left you here alone Brion. You gotta know better than that," I told him as I worked my new clothes on to hangers and he undressed. I was not at all distracted by his bare skin in boxer briefs, or his manly scent in the air.
"I know but it's something I've thought about. And what if I didn't catch you guys together the morning after. I would have never saw this new you. You're not the guy I grew up with Neville. Don't get me wrong I've always loved you but seeing you so confident, so sure of yourself. I think I fell in love watching you handle him. I didn't know you had that in you. And if you didn't leave to take him home I don't know if I would have had the chance to talk myself into giving this a chance..."

"And I might not have had the chance to soup myself up," I added with a smirk and he laughed.

"I'm not saying this wouldn't have happened but he damn sure pulled a thread. I know you think I got ulterior motives," he said and I furrowed my brow. "Okay maybe a little but really it's not about that. I just think we should be friends that's all and if something happens, it happens. I won't force the issue."

I believed him enough to move on to the business of getting ready. We showered together but it was innocent. All we did was wash and share the events of our separate days. I told him Kat was my new barber but I couldn't make my appointment the same time as his and he talked of his growing client list. Apparently Brion was the new it trainer for the wealthy homosexuals in our little metropolis and he wasn't entirely sure how he felt about all the attention he was getting. There was a waiting list by the time he went back to work, so long that he had to start training in groups of threes. It gave him an idea though. Since he already had the space, and now the clientele, Brion was starting to think he might be able to branch out on his own. He just wasn't sure of how legal it would be for him to operate a business out of his non-profit space. The kids were his priority and he wouldn't do anything to jeopardize meeting their needs.

I fought off his desire to dress me. Regardless of how much more stylish he may have been, I wasn't willing to cross into that area in our relationship. I was more than willing to take his suggestions but as soon as he started laying out clothes, I kicked him out of our bedroom and shut the door. At the tailor's Carmine made a good point about the pants I'd been wearing. Work pants and out pants shouldn't be the same cut, even if they're made of the same material. He also convinced me that I should get over my prison induced aversion to orange and khaki, something his brother had been working on for almost as long as I'd known him. With that in mind, I pulled on my new slim fit chino colored jeans. It took some doing to get my boys to cooperate but we worked it out. A v-neck and a burgundy button down with some funky orange paisley design on the inside so it showed when I rolled up the sleeves. I left it open halfway, put on a belt, and took my new sneakers out of the box. I hadn't worn Chucks since high school but these limited editions I picked up and put down three times before Craig told me that meant I had to have them. The street mids were a little bulkier so they didn't look as silly as all-stars on my big feet.

When I finally came out of the bedroom Brion was coming up from the basement with a plastic shoebox tucked under his arm. He actually did a doubletake as he passed me. "Very nice Mr. Sinclair, very nice indeed," he said but it wasn't necessary. His approval was written on his face, like I'm sure mine was, and he wasn't even finished dressing yet. In just a tank top, his jeans sat low allowing the waistband of his boxer briefs to peek out a little as he bent over in the fridge. I asked him to grab me a beer and he popped the cap on the edge of the counter before he gave it to me. And I got dirty looks for leaving my shoes in the middle of the floor but I kept that to myself, just shook my head as I went out for a smoke. I wasn't outside five minutes before I heard my phone ringing and Brion yelled out that it was Gianni before he answered it. The sounds of their bickering made me smile. It was nice to have them be so sweet to each other while I was recovering but this was better. And before long an old Bronco came to a rumbling stop in front of my house, giving me more of a reason to smile.

He looked nervous as he came up the walkway, even paused and made like he might go back to his truck. I didn't turn the porch light on so Colin probably didn't see me watching him give himself a quick pep talk before he finished the short walk to the front stairs. He saw me then and immediately turned red.

"Shit Neville," he said, pretending to be startled. "You scared me."

"Sure I did," I said with a smirk as I got up and hugged him. It took him a moment but he put his arm around my shoulder. The other was busy cradling a handle of SoCo, his drink of choice. "I'm glad you came bud," I told him as I roughed his hair.

"He made it seem like I didn't have a choice," he said with a chuckle.

"Yeah he can be like that sometimes," I agreed with a shrug and he laughed. "But still it's good to see you."

"You would have seen me when you came back to work," he said and I rolled my eyes, to which he chuckled and I noticed a little bit of his nervousness drain away. I didn't think he would be content until he knew for sure that Brion was okay with us hanging out. It wasn't enough that Brion was the one who invited him. "I hear Monday's the big day."

"Yeah and I can't wait," I told him as I opened the front door to Breeze rolling a joint with his feet up.

"That dumb fuck'll be here in a little bit. Talking bout he don't remember how to get here. He was just here the other day. I swear all that time in that smoky ass truck fucking with his brain," he said without looking up. "Talking bout some don't eat cause he don't wanna be taking home leftovers..."

"Breeze," I said cutting off his tirade and Colin broke out into giggles.

"Oh shit what's up Red. My bad I'm being rude as fuck I ain't even see you."

"It's cool man, no worries," was Colin's easy reply as he bumped Breeze's fist.

"How many shots you have while I was outside?"

"Maybe 3," he said and I showed Red five fingers, to which Brion flipped me the bird. "You smoke bruh?"

"I dabble."

"Well have a seat relax while we wait for our idiot friend," Brion said with a nod at the seat next to him. I took Red's bottle and poured him a drink like a good host while Breeze did his best to make him feel at home. He even gave him the remote and had Colin shift over into the reclining section where he sat. It was my seat but I didn't complain, just stretched out on the other end. They talked almost as if I wasn't there and I didn't mind, I knew what Breeze was doing but it was innocent. He and Gianni had a relationship that didn't always include me, but all he knew of Colin was what I told him and vice versa. This was like their first meeting and I didn't mind playing the background for that. I didn't have many friends left after my prison stint and now that I let the world know I was gay the ones that stuck around faded away. Colin, Gianni, and Tyler were all I had in the friend department these days and who doesn't want their partner to get along with their buddies.

By the time Gianni got there we were working on our third joint. I was having my fourth beer while Red and Breeze put a serious dent in the handle of SoCo, so needless to say we were all thoroughly relaxed. And ravenous. I didn't even let him get into the door before I snatched the trays from his arms without so much as a "wassup". At least Breeze handed him the joint as he and Red followed me into the kitchen. Gianni helped himself to one of my beers and soon the only sounds were smacking lips and hungry grunts as we hovered around the counter. Red was the first to tap out, and Breeze wasn't too far behind. They both went back to flop onto the couch but not before Red noticed Brion's prized video game collection. And here was their common ground, besides me. They were in gamer heaven together sitting on the floor like two preteens on Christmas morning babbling about grinding fps's and taking out campers. It wasn't long before handles were exchanged and the XBox was fired up.

"So I guess I should cancel the car then," Gianni said with a nod at them and I shook my head.

"Fuck that bud. I'm going out with or without them."

"We can hear you," Red shouted, without turning around.

"How long we got," came from Breeze, his eyes glued to screen.

"Hour, maybe a hour and a half..."

"Aww shit man that's plenty of time," Red said and they high fived.

"Why do I find that hard to believe?"

"Well I'm out of here when that car comes," I said loud enough for them to hear clearly over the battle sounds blaring through the speakers in surround sound.

"Yeah, yeah whatever bruh, make yourself useful and twist something up since ya boy over there chiefing."

"I was just bout to ask if you had anymore of this," Gianni said holding smoke as we joined the little boys in the living room. I didn't think they even noticed us until Brion slid back a little to lean against my legs.

I rolled two, lit one and gave it to Red but kept the other for Gianni and I to share. Before we knew it the car was outside and the boys didn't give any trouble. We took a shot for the road and were out the door.


"So you mean to tell me in all that time you guys never messed around," Colin asked Gianni and I. Sprawled out in the back of the limo, it was the end of an awesome night of partying. Gianni had lost his shirt and Breeze lay a drink away from passing out with his head in my lap as Colin grilled us about our past relations. It was a familiar line of questioning and we gave the same answers.

"Nope," I said and Brion gave a drunken snort.

"Never bro."

"Not even a kiss...a hand jerk...nothing? But Tyler was your first," he asked me and I nodded. "But only that one time when you got out."

"And the morning after," Brion clarified in a sing songy voice and even I had to laugh at his timing.

"Forgive me if I find that hard to believe...I mean look at you guys. You can't tell me you never thought about it. Not even once."

"Nobody said that," Gianni said with a wink at me. "We didn't want to fucking up the living situation."

"But you don't live together now."

"And now he has him. I'm no homewrecker bro."

"Naw bruh," Brion droned as he sat up and grabbed a bottle of water from the mini fridge. He chugged it halfway down before he added, "Don't put me in the middle of this. We got an understanding."


"What," he said swatting my hand away from his mouth. "If we can't be real with our boys then what's the point of having them."

"Well that's interesting," Colin said with a lusty gaze.

"Oh really now," Gianni said at almost the same time. "So tell me of this understanding?"

Breeze looked at me then, that stupid grin on his face and I shook my head. They say communication is key in any relationship and we had the silent kind down to a science. He tipped his head to the side just a little ("Come on Babyboy we said we was gonna have fun right?") and I rolled my eyes. He licked his lips, bit the bottom one and chuckled a little bit ("Don't act like you don't want to?"). I let out a long deep breath and rubbed my hand over my face, my eyes settling on the two of them watching us intently. Of course I wanted to, that wasn't even a question. I was more concerned about the fallout. This was the start of something good for the four of us and I didn't want to complicate it getting our dicks involved. But then a little voice popped in my head told me I was thinking too much.

"We just want to have fun," I said eventually and Gianni sat forward. "He's not exactly gay and it's not like I hated sleeping with women. And there's things I might want to try that he might not be that into..."

"What kind of things," Colin asked and Brion snorted again.

"I don't know yet," I said with a smirk and he blushed a little. "We love each, enough to know that our interests might not always be in sync. Enough to know that I'll never have tits and he might never be able to take it as hard as I want to give it. But instead of trying to ignore it, we figured why not go with it..."

"So if I tried to kiss him right now you wouldn't try and throw me out of this car," Gianni asked Brion, but his eyes were on me. My mouth in particular.

"Shit bruh, don't talk about it be about it."

"I think I'll wait til the car stops," he said with a smirk. "Better to be safe than sorry."

We all laughed at that, then fell silent, though there were a lot of stolen glances the rest of the ride back to our place. I'm sure we were all think similar thoughts. Were we really going to cross this line? Would it be worth it to risk our friendships to have a little dirty fun for one night? And would it only be one night?

When the car finally stopped, Brion barreled out like a man possessed, shouting to the neighborhood how bad he had to piss. Colin seemed very interested in this information and followed closely behind. I saw them get to the door, saw Colin say something I couldn't hear, and heard Brion's laughing response.

"Well sheeeit YOLO mufucka," he said and slung his arm around Red's neck in a loose headlock to drag him inside. I could only imagine what that was about. I heard Gianni laugh behind me and say something to the driver. He followed me up to the porch with his hands shoved into his pockets.

"So what's up bud..." And he kissed me, as soon as the screen door shut, he was on me. I was too shocked to respond at first, my mouth clamped shut. He must have took that to mean I wasn't into it and started to pull away. But I grabbed him around the back of his neck and his belt behind him, holding him to me. My tongue slipped into his moan and Gianni sucked it gently but when he started in on my buttons I gave him a little nudge with my knee.

"Well that was..." He said with a little grin as I wiped his bottom lip with my thumb.

"Yeah...definitely but you should probably let him know he's off duty," I said with a nod at the driver impatiently waiting outside the car. "Don't worry, I'll wait.

"Umm...yeah...I'll just...yeah...Lemme go do that," he said as he backed off the porch. He stumbled on the way down and I smirked a little. In all the time I'd known him I don't think I ever saw Gianni flustered before. But the fact that I wasn't was even more of a surprise. I watched him jog back, his nipples hard under his tank top in the late fall breeze and I felt my pants getting tight at the crotch. "I noticed you didn't have your own," he said as he offered me a smoke, which I took and his offered light. "Those jeans don't leave much to the imagination. I like it. You lookin' real good these days big fella," he said as he settled into one of the chairs and I sat down beside him.

"And you always look good," I told him honestly and he laughed a little. There was a little bit of nerves floating around between us but I wasn't going to be the one to mention it.

"Ehh I do aight," he said with a glance at me. "I'm so fuckin' jealous," he said and I looked at him sideways. He laughed and said, "Don't look at me like that bro I'm not about to go single white female on you. I'm just saying you guys got something good here...I just...guess I miss that."

"So stop dicking around..."

"So says the guy inviting me and another dude in the bed he shares with his boyfriend, I'm sorry, partner," he said with a scoff and I shrugged my shoulders.

"Hey man to each their own. And nobody said you had to stick around..."

"Yeah like I'd miss this," he said with a smirk and leaned over to put a hand on my crotch. I put my hand over his and stood, pulled him up with me.

Brion stood in the fridge chugging water straight out of the pitcher. The way his shorts lay against his ass I could tell he wasn't wearing anything underneath. There were incenses burning and a couple sheets folded up on the arm of the couch. A couple packs of blunt wraps, a little brown bottle, and a few black and gold boxes lay on the end table. The pitcher empty Breeze deposited it in the sink to refill it and came around the counter with one hand in his shorts. I knew that jiggle, the head of his cock between his thumb and forefinger as he gave it a shake. It also explained his sudden thirst.

"Drank too much," I asked him and he rolled his eyes. Gianni chuckled as he moved behind me and flopped down on the couch

"Yeah bruh," He said breathlessly, shaking his head. He asked Gianni for a smoke and sat down to light it. "Don't look at me like that. The ban lifted for the night. I'm too fucked up too care," he said honestly and we laughed.

"Yeah well you keep working on that, " I said said with my eyes glued to his hand pumping in his shorts. My tongue came out to wet my lips. "Where the hell is Red?"

"Said he wanted to clean up a little?"

"Up or out?" Gianni asked with a chuckle as he took it upon himself to get another blunt rolling. He glanced up at me with a raised eyebrow and said, "I saw squeeze top water bottles in your kitchen know he aims to please."

"That he does, " I said with a chuckle of my own. I left them to strip down to my boxer briefs, resisting the urge to peek in on Colin. As far as I was concerned, whatever he had going on in the bathroom would only improve this experience. With that in mind I dug the tub of lube out of the back of the closet and cracked it open for the first time since I bought it. My dick was already rock hard and soaking a nice sticky spot in the front of my draws by the time I made it back to the living room. The sight of Gianni stretched out naked on one end of the couch while Breeze stroked his still limp dick lazily with his shorts around his ankles as they made casual conversation about baseball only made it worse.

I flopped down between them and without a word pulled Brion up to straddle my lap. The startled whimper that escaped him made Gianni laugh, out of the corner of my eye I saw him sit up. With my hand around his waist I pulled Breeze in close, smacked his ass when he lean down to kiss me. It wasn't his tongue I wanted in my mouth at the moment. We'd done more than enough making out at the club, now I wanted to right the wrong in his crotch. I didn't waste any time with affection. Tonight wasn't about love, that was for when we were alone. Tonight was just about a fuck and we couldn't do that with him flopping around like cooked spaghetti.

"Got damn nigga...that's what you want huh," Breeze moaned as I worked his cock in my mouth. My hands gripped his ass so tight I was sure there were fingerprints as I made a mess of his package. I sucked him sloppily, loudly slurping at his still flaccid dick until he pushed my head away. "Gotta piss again...this should do it though," he said with a grunt as he hopped off the couch and trotted to the bathroom.

"Red's in there," Gianni reminded him and he shrugged.

"He watched me the first time with his tongue in my ass..."

"Yeah but he's probably got a bottle neck deep in his," I told him and he froze in his tracks, disgust plain on his face. "You'll appreciate it when he's me."

"You mean he's..."

"He's what," Colin said as he rounded the corner, his red hair still wet and slicked back on his head. His green eyes drifted from face to face, all the while the color rising in his own. It wasn't from embarrassment, but the three sets of hungry eyes on him clad in a powder blue jockstrap with "Oink" embroidered around the black waistband.

"He's a dirty little pig who's gonna suck every cock in this room, take every load he's given, and be thankful for it," I said to him and he immediately got down on all fours. "He's gonna be a good boy and do what he's told and love it. Ain't that right piggy?"

He nodded and I gave him a look that made him smile. "Yes sir."
"Good boy. Go take your piss," I said with a nod at Breeze, who stood rooted to the floor watching the whole exchange. He'd said he liked how I handled Red, I guess he didn't expect it so soon. Those light eyes drifted down to watch Red crawl over to me and kneel at my feet before I cleared my throat to bring his attention to me. "Sometime tonight bud," I said with a wink and that seemed to shock him into motion.

"I see somebody came prepared tonight," Gianni said with a chuckle as he reached to smack Red's ass and the pig leaned forward to put his chest on the floor. An inaudible request for another and Gianni readily obliged him.

"I always wear a jock to He-Den," he moaned with his face rested on my feet like a pillow. "I like to be ready in case my services are needed," he added with a smirk as he reached back to push a finger in his ass. It only took him a few strokes before he realized he might have better results on his back. He turned over and positioned himself so with his ass facing us. His legs in the air, Red spit into his hand before he gave his taint a hard slap. Gianni and I both added a little of our own moisture and Red began to fuck himself graciously with two fingers. He took his time, slowly working his hole, stretching it with fingers that he every so often gave a lick. Like a good slut, he kept near constant eye contact with us, letting us know that his show was for our pleasure.

It wasn't long before Gianni was offering his assistance with a firm hand to Red's ankle to flip him back over. He gave him a rough shove in my direction and he fell unceremoniously face first into my lap. I heard his deep breath as I grabbed the back of his head, mashing it against my cock still trapped inside my boxer briefs. Red looked up at me with puppy dog eyes, barely reacting to Gianni's tongue in his ass. He was mine for the taking, we both knew it and when I didn't give him permission he pouted.

"Please Nev..."

"Please who," I demanded with a yank of his hair and he gasped wantonly, writhed against Gianni's face in his ass.

"Please Daddy can I have it," he asked sweetly. There was no beg in it but I didn't need that. That was Breeze's thing.

"You can have the prize if you can get at it with no hands," I challenged and he gave me a devilish smile of acceptance.

It wouldn't be as easy he as he thought with Gianni working noisily behind him. He gave him a few hard swats and Red moaned loudly, his voice sending pleasant vibrations to my balls. Then I felt his teeth gnawing at fabric a moment before he got a good grip and tugged. Gianni took a break to sit up and watch the show, though he didn't take his hands off Red. I watched as he slathered three fingers with spit before he forced them into Red's canal making him gasp.

"Fuuuuuuck yeah dude open me up ," he mumbled around a mouth full of cotton, but he didn't lose focus. Red growled a little in frustration as he tried to get my briefs off my cock. I was enjoying his persistence but Brion came back and ruined it.

"It's not nice to tease babyboy," he said as he slipped a finger into the waistband and flipped it over my hardon. His tongue in my mouth, putting a halt to any protest I might have had as he twisted one of my nipples so hard I thought he might be trying to take it off. "You a bad mufucka you know that," he grunted into my mouth and I smiled around his tongue, put my hand on his dick that was at last stiff enough for me to work with. But he pushed me away. "Naw bruh lemme watch this right fast," he said as he slowly palmed his dick, his eyes glued on Colin's mouth as he made out with my taint.

"Stop fuckin' around and get on my dick boy," I demanded gently with a hard smack with my cock to his cheek and Red opened his mouth wide to be fed. With one hand on my dick the other guided his head down to take me. I was in charge and he knew it, didn't force the issue either. Red happily suckled at the top 4 inches of my shaft, his eyes up and trained on me. Slowly I pushed his head down until he gagged and his eyes watered. I let him up long enough to take a breath before I forced him back down again.

"Take it all...take it all...take it all..."Gianni began to chant and it wasn't long before Brion joined in. That seemed to give Colin the boost he needed and he nod up at me. I liked to use him but I wasn't a sadist, I was only willing to push him as far as he would allow. Needless to say I took it easy and didn't push too hard when I felt my head on the back of his throat. Drool ran down my balls and his face was beet red but he didn't pull back as he gagged a few times before he got his throat under control enough to take down the last of me. I didn't hold him down, let my hands drop down to my sides and watched him realize it was his turn to show me what he was made of.

We all watched in awe as he loved my cock. Sloppy. Wet. Loud. Red occasionally pulled off to whisper sweet nothings to it, telling it how much he loved how it felt stretching throat. His lips swelled but he didn't stop and before I knew it Gianni was on the other side of me. His arm slipped quickly behind my head and he pulled me to him for another kiss. I was starting to get the feeling he had been more interested in me than he let on, but I was too horny to think about it now with his tongue down my throat and my cock lodged down Red's. Then there was Breeze's tongue working it's way along my chest, in direct route to my nipple. His hard cock dug into my side as he reached across me to stroke Gianni's thick 7 inches.

That was unexpected, I didn't think he would be so involved but I guessed he wasn't holding so tightly to the idea of not being gay anymore. There was very little difference in the way he kissed Gianni as when he kissed me. The same playful nibbles to his bottom lip, the sucking of Gianni's outstretched tongue. I untangled my fingers from Colin's hair to put a hand to the back of both their heads and pulled them closer to me, slipping my tongue in between their locked lips.

"Fuck dude that's hot," I heard Colin say before Breeze shoved his head back down on my dick. His aim was off and Red's mouth ended up on my balls but of course the pig made the best of it, slurping them hungrily. They were already thoroughly slathered with throat slime so it took him almost no effort to get them both into his mouth. Then he hummed and I lost it, shot my load all over everyone. The couch. Shit maybe even the ceiling, I wasn't sure. I sort of blacked out in the middle of it, my toes curled and eyes rolled into the back of my head. My dick didn't even go down though, not with Colin's tongue wiggling around near my asshole and Breeze licking pearl strings off my chest.

"That's right boy...Lick that ass...Tongue fuck it," Gianni chanted with a handful of Red's hair, urging him forward. "That's it...all the way in..." He added before he lean across my lap to take Brion into his mouth.

"I said gotdamn," Breeze grunted as he rose up on his knees beside me, pulled forward by the intense suction Gianni delivered. "Fuck babyboy...this mufucka give you a run for your money," he moaned as he began to thrust against him. Spit dripped down Gianni's chin and I leaned forward to lick it up, sucked the stray strings out of his beard. He pulled off and looked at me with furrowed brows, a coy smile on his lips. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and he let a big wad of spit fly into my open mawl. "Dirty fuckers," Breeze said with a thrust between our lips but I pulled back to allow Gianni enjoy him solo.

Well not exactly. With my arms around Brion's waist, one hand on his hip the other on the back of Gianni's head, I lay back bringing them both with me. It took some adjusting but eventually we got settled into a comfortable position with Brion squatting over my face and Gianni in my lap, stretched out over my chest to have his face fucked. Breeze pounded him relentlessly as he rode my tongue, I couldn't see but I could hear the gurgling. Felt the occasional drips of spittle on my chest.

"You got lube bro," Gianni asked around Breeze's dick and I heard Breeze chuckle a little.

"What you think I don't know how to entertain," was Brion's snide reply as I heard the condom box being torn open. He tried to get up but couldn't shake the grip I held on his thighs so he pried my fingers loose and wrestled his way out of my grasp. "I know you enjoying yourself and shit but this ain't all about you," he said with a playful smack to my face and I lunged to bite his hand.

I didn't have time to want for attention though, Red was on me almost immediately, his tongue running up my bicep as his hands groped at my chest. He buried his face in my armpit and I felt his tongue tickling me to giggles. He got a kick out of that.

"Never expected a big guy like you to be ticklish," he said with a smirk and I reached down to give his ass a hard swat making him shudder before he went back to worshipping my muscles.

I let him have his fun and turned my attention to Gianni, hovering above my cock as he squeezed a generous amount of lube on his fingers. Our eyes caught and he smiled at me, his tongue hanging out just a little. I had a brief moment of deja vu at that, but it was from a fantasy of mine from when I first got out. It eventually got old as our relationship grew towards friendship but seeing it now didn't make me any less hot for him. He lean down over me as he reach back to smear the lube up his crack.

"You ready," he asked and I slipped my arms around his back to grip his firm ass.

"Naw mufucka are you?"

He laughed at that and I felt another set of hands on my dick as Gianni lowered his mouth to mine. He gripped my jaw in his hand, holding my mouth open to deposit another load of his saliva on my tongue and I gobbled it up with a grunt as someone slowly rolled a condom down my shaft. Those unseen hands lined my cock up to Gianni hole and then there was a mouth on my sack as Gianni slowly sat up to lower himself onto my tip. He grimaced at that first penetration but he didn't pull back and I grabbed his short meaty cock in my fist. There was a tongue in my ass and my legs were being lifted as Gianni slid down my shaft, all the while rotating his hips back and forth.

"Holy fuck," he gasped as he settled into my lap, his hands gripping my shoulders as he began to rock back and forth, fucking my hand as he fucked himself on my cock. Then there were fingers in my ass as he began to bounce up and down my length. It was Brion, Red came around to put his mouth on Gianni's cock, teasing it with his tongue. "Aww fuck bro you're gonna make me cum."

"That's the plan," was Colin's smirking reply and I heard Brion chuckle. "I already got cheated out of one load I plan to be here to catch the rest."

"That might be a little difficult with mine," Brion said as I felt his tip pressed between my cheeks. He put a hand on Gianni's shoulder, stilling him for his own entrance and Gianni obliged him. He even gave him a little room, laying flat on my chest.

"Mmmm I like a challenge..."

"Yeah well when I'm done with Nev I got a challenge for you bro," Gianni said with a chuckle and I heard Brion suck his teeth.

"This ain't gonna work," he said as he lean down and hook his arm around Gianni's neck. "You gotta move bruh."

"To the bedroom?" I asked him and he gave me that cocky grin of his.

"To the bedroom."

new life

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