Kindness of Strangers Ch. 02

I shivered with a strange mixture of fear and entire body trembled and shook. Yoshi stood behind me holding my shoulders. I saw Mr. Binnaka sitting at the computer, his back to us. Yoshi leaned close and whispered in my ear.

"Breathe deep---help you stay calm..." he said softly, "...most important...remember---this only a game! He look angry and slap your face---it only a game...he spank you hard---it only a game...he call you nasty and dirty names---it only a game...obey him fast---do not make him mad...never look at his face---train eyes on cock and balls..."

His hand stroked my buttocks thru the sheer, white panties. I opened my legs and he caressed my throbbing prick. He soothed my nerves; he cooed in my ear how pretty I was---how much Matusa will love and adore me...

It worked...I suddenly became calm...all I wanted now was for the 'Game' to pleasure Matusa's cock with my hands, my lips, my tongue, my pussy---whatever Matusa ordered me to do I would do it quickly, with the singular thought the more pleasure I gave him, the more intense my own orgasms would be.

With one final squeeze of my hard little prick, Yoshi said, "Go now...kneel behind your Matusa---and remember---it only a game!"

I silently walked to within five-feet of where he was sitting, dropped to my knees, forced my back straight, laced my fingers together behind my neck then lowered my eyes to the carpet and waited for the 'Game' to begin.

When I heard the door close behind me, I knew Yoshi was on his way to pleasure my man---I resolved to pleasure his.

Matusa kept me waiting ten more minutes. The wicked sex paste Yoshi had applied to my pussy, tongue and balls was having the desired effect.

I was literally trembling from head-to-toe with a lust I'd never before known. Images of hard cocks flashed before my eyes. I tried to shut them out with thoughts of baseball, cars and shopping but nothing worked---I saw only long and thick cocks---long and slender cocks---short and fat cocks---hard cocks...hard cocks...hard cocks everywhere...

Matusa suddenly rose from his chair and I thought I would cum in my panties with anticipation.

I trained my eyes on the floor, as instructed. The bottom of his robe was in my field of vision and my prick twitched and jumped inside the panties when Matusa removed the garment and laid it on the chair.

I knew he was naked and I was sure he had an erection...I had to see it---OH MY GOD I WANT TO SEE AND FEEL HIS COCK!

His feet were now in sight and I remembered Yoshi's instructions.

I leaned over and said, "I am yours, my Matusa!" and kissed his left foot. I said "My Matusa" and kissed his right foot.

"Suck toes!" I heard him say above me.

"Yes, Matusa!" I answered and drew his big toe into my mouth and lathered it with my tongue.

Oh God, the heat from his toe felt wonderful on my ultra-sensitive tongue. I licked and sucked until his hand gently tapped my head and he said, "Next toe!"

I could feel all doubts, all inhibitions slowly drain from my core being as he had me take each toe of both feet into my mouth and lather them with my devotion.

I was crossing into an unknown, and dangerous state of mind. If I didn't stop now, there would be no turning back---I would lose my free-will, unable to refuse or resist whatever command he chose to give me.

I groaned as he removed his foot from my face. I was now aware the sex paste not only ensnared one's body with uncontrollable lust and heightened desire, but also erased from one's mind the simple ability to agree or disagree; I had been transformed into an obedient mass of quivering flesh unable to think for myself, and not only willing, but eager to obey this strange man.

He lifted one foot and pressed it against my erection. He slowly ran his foot up-and-down my throbbing prick until I could no longer stay silent and allowed a loud moan escape from slightly parted lips.


His voice was soft and soothing.

"You wish to pleasure me tonight, whore?"

"Yes, Matusa, I want to pleasure you tonight."

"I allow only whores to pleasure me, are you a whore?"

"I, uh..."


"Yes, Matusa---sorry Matusa," I answered and raised my eyes to his hard penis bobbing before my face.

"Ohhhhh..." I moaned loudly as my eyes fixed upon the most beautiful penis I'd ever seen. So long and slender, not a single strand of pubic hair. His flesh was smooth and his glans was a light purple with a perfect mushroom shape.

Then I saw the fluids leaking from his slit. "Ohhhh..." I groaned again. I want to taste him---no---I NEED to taste him!

I leaned forward and my tongue automatically darted from my mouth. I was an inch from tasting him when SLAP!!---he brought his hand down sharply across my face. It was all I could do to keep from falling backward.

"DID I GIVE PERMISSION TO LICK MY COCK?" he shouted down at me.

"NO, MATUSA---I'M SORRY, MATUSA!" I quickly said with tears welling in my eyes.



He stroked my prick again with his foot. My body visibly shivered from the sensations he gave me.

Then he did something that startled me; he gently stroked the cheek he had slapped and his tone of voice became low and soothing.

"It one thing to say you are whore---you must BELIEVE you are whore..."

"I-I am a whore, Matusa..."

"Whores obey men's commands---do you obey men?"

"Yes, Matusa, I am an obedient whore---I always obey men!"

"So you say...whores suck men's cocks---do you suck men's cocks?"

"Oh, yes, Matusa, I love sucking men's cocks..."

"Whores lick men's balls---do you lick men's balls?"

"Yes, Matusa, I love licking and sucking men's balls..."

The numbness in my balls gave way to a tingling sensation. His filthy questions excited me---my eagerness to admit I love doing all these things for men convinced me I really am a whore!

"Whores push their tongues into men's assholes..."

"Ohhhhh..." I moaned. I would have cum in my panties if the damned paste had allowed.

"Yes, Matusa---I love licking men's assholes---please let me push my tongue inside your asshole---I'll lick your asshole as long as you want!"

"Whores give men good fuck---are you good fuck?"

"I am a great fuck, Matusa---men love fucking me---please, Matusa, please fuck me---I want to feel your beautiful cock in my pussy!" I cried out, meaning every word I said.

I heard him chuckling...possibly from my using the word 'pussy' instead of 'asshole.'

My body was on fire---incredible heat from head to toe. I wanted to dive forward and swallow his cock---I wanted him to use every orifice I have and fill each one with a gallon of cum. I am a whore...I REALLY, TRULY AM A WHORE---I LOVE MEN'S COCKS AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS!!

"Hands at side!" he ordered. I obeyed.

I wanted his cock so badly I was crushed when he turned his back to me. He shuffled backwards until he was squatting over my face. He pried apart his buttocks and pressed the open split to my face.


"Yes, Matusa---thank you, Matusa!"

My stiff prick oozed pre-cum; I was unabashedly thrilled by his obscene command. I curled my tongue and pushed it far inside his tight asshole. I was delirious with happiness and joy as my tongue elicited moans of pleasure from deep within my Matusa.

I was a mindless puppy-dog. If he had told me to roll over and beg, I would have obeyed and yelped at him loud and happy. I performed every act he demanded immediately; I gave him orgasm-after-orgasm. His virility astounded me.

Whenever he came in either my mouth or pussy, it would take only ten-minutes of tongue-fucking his asshole to get his marvelous cock hard again.

The paste on my tongue and in my pussy demanded contact with hot flesh---his cum served only as a temporary antidote. I felt relief when he filled me with his hot and sticky fluids, but it never quenched my thirst for more.

Compounding the problem, I quickly discovered the panties had a slit cut into the fabric below my pussy where Matusa would stick his long and slender cock, and the feel of the material rubbing my prick while he was fucking me drove me insane.

After every fuck and my pussy was dripping his sperm and semen, he would make me squat, place his hand to the opening of the panties and wait until a large pool of cum gathered in his hand then feed it to me. It wasn't the first time a man had me eat my own cum.

I remembered Yoshi promising, "You will have many orgasms!" but by the time Matusa's desire faded, I had yet to enjoy a single climax.

The paste worked wonders making me crave Matusa's cock, but prevented my balls from discharging my own pent-up lust. My balls seemed to be three-times their normal size, and a painful case of blueballs was setting in.

I was beside myself with frustration; my nerves were shot; Matusa seemed to enjoy my predicament.

Just prior to our final fuck of the night, and one more orgasm for him, he made me lay across his lap for a spanking. I must admit, it was the slowest, most tantalizing and sexy spanking I've ever received.

He raised his hand high, paused, then brought it down very hard on my butt. It hurt like hell, but he would then gently stroke and massage my panty-covered buttocks for some time before he struck me again.

The tender massage of my buttocks further inflamed my nerve-wracking lust. And to make matters worse, for the one and only time of the evening, he even rubbed my balls.

"These must be very painful," he said with an evil chuckle as he gently squeezed my balls. "No worry, another fuck then you allowed to cum."

Did I hear him right? Did I understand the meaning of his words? My inability to climax was premeditated? It had been his intention all along to deny my pleasure?

He sat on the edge of the bed, his full erection proudly jutting upward. I was flabbergasted he still had a hard-on after four orgasms, but grateful as hell.

"Come, my pretty white whore---ride my cock one more time!" he ordered.

I truly had no choice, the heat in my pussy demanded I obey him.

I positioned myself with my back to him, lined-up his cockhead with the slit in the panties and lowered myself until I was totally impaled on his hot, and wonderfully hard cock.

There was a slight change in my his hot hardness filled my pussy, it felt as though this could be it---I thought for sure I would cum this time. With renewed hope, and a sense of purpose, I slid up-and-down his cock like madman.

As he had done all night, he pinched my breasts and nipples hard; they had become super-sensitive and it was all I could do to keep from begging him to stop. The sheer, flimsy material of the nightie felt like sandpaper against my enlarged nipples.

I felt the churning in my balls for the first time that night. OH GOD YES---FINALLY!!

He chuckled in my ear as I fucked his cock faster and harder. "You live for cock, my pretty white have no morals, no values, no pride, no dignity, no self-respect..."

His words struck me harder than the slap to my face. Tears welled in my eyes. I had done my absolute best to pleasure him and he hurls these vile insults at me?

I suddenly heard Yoshi's reminder: "No matter what he says or does---it's only a game!"

It may be just a game, but it turned into a game I didn't want to play any longer.

My sole purpose now was to make him cum. I wanted to end this game. I milked his cock with the walls of my pussy; he cried out and his body shook and jumped as he shot his final load inside me. Actually, by this time, his 'load' had become a mere dribble.

As I had done each time, I licked his limp penis clean, and lapped-up any remaining juices from his belly and highs.

"You are skilled and obedient white whore---you earn reward!" he announced with an odd smirk on his thin lips.

What could this strange, spent old man do for me? I wondered.

He motioned me to the other side of the bed and pointed at the floor. I saw a pillow and blanket.

My heart sank. Oh my God...after all the pleasure I'd given him, my reward was going to be sleeping on the floor?

He kept pointing. I saw what he was really motioning at...attached to the wall by some type of suction cup about two-feet off the floor was an object standing straight outward.

What the hell is that? I wondered. I narrowed my eyes, and recognized what appeared to be a dildo.

"Take it in mouth---get it wet!" he ordered.

I had no idea what depraved plan he had in store for me, but just as I had done all night, I obeyed his command.

When I was inches away from the dildo I gasped. The damn thing was identical to his cock right down to the veins and ridges.

I guess I waited too long and he became impatient: "SUCK COCK!" he shouted.

I opened my lips wide then slid them over the fake cockhead.


It felt absolutely wonderful in my mouth. My tongue craved the heat and lapped at it like a kitty at a bowl of milk. I coated the entire length and width with my saliva.

I was so caught up with the heat in my mouth I hadn't noticed that Matusa climbed into bed. His final words before he turned out the light were "You good white whore---you earn reward---make as much noise you want---I heavy sleep!!" And then I was left in total darkness.

Make as much noise as I want? What did he mean by that?

The heat soothed my burning tongue. I unconsciously sucked the rubber cock like it was the real thing. I became lost in the sucking---my head bobbing rapidly back-and-forth---my tongue never leaving the surface. My head was dizzy and swimming with lust.

A thought came to mind---I can't do that, I quickly told myself---that would be sick!

But the longer I had it in my mouth, the more it felt like a real cock. "Mmmmm..." I moaned softly.

I reached between my legs and took hold of my prick. "Yessss..." I moaned again. Hot semen and sperm churned and boiled in my balls.

My self-control and will to resist crumbled like a cookie. Ohhh, why not---Matusa said it was okay!?!

I reluctantly took my mouth off the hot rubber cock, turned my body around, and tried to impale my pussy on the delicious hardness. I soon discovered a logistical problem---my feet against the wall prevented me from getting as close to it as I needed to be.

I whimpered and groaned with frustration. OH MY GOD---this is supposed to be my reward? It's more like torture!

I spread my legs as far apart as they would go. The tip of the hard rubber cock pressed against my panties but that was all. My hands gripped below each knee, I pulled them to the sides of my body and found myself in a position so obscene it sent a thrill of pure lust and depravity coursing thru-out my body.

The rubber cockhead was pressing on my anus---I had to have the heat inside me---I trust my hips backwards in one swift motion. My pussy easily swallowed the entire length and the cockhead bumped my prostate.

"OHHHHHHHHH-GOD-YESSSSS..." I cried out then immediately clamped my hand over my mouth to not awaken Matusa.


Any hesitation I had fucking a fake cock was gone. I moved my body until just the tip was inside me then brutally thrust backwards.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." I screamed into the hand covering my mouth.

Sweat dripped off my face and forehead as I rammed the wonderful, hot cock in-and-out of my pussy. thrusting became more urgent, almost

It happened so fast it caught me by surprise. My body suddenly stiffened---my back arched---and jolts of lightening shot thru my brain as wave-after-wave of pleasure washed over my entire body as semen and sperm repeatedly shot out of my cock and splashed against the front of the panties.

The climax went on forever...I shook and writhed and ground my hips back to take as much of the magnificent cock inside me as I could.

I buried my head in my hands as my body twitched, and a couple more spasms emptied even more semen into the panties.

I concentrated on breathing. The heat from the cock was so delicious, I decided to keep it inside me a little while longer.

A noise in the room startled me.

"Good boy," said Matusa in the darkness, "...yes, you ARE whore!"

My body froze---I experienced a shame and humiliation so deep I wanted to runaway and hide and never see a human being ever again.

Oh-God---oh-God---oh-God...he's right---I AM A WHORE---oh-God-oh-God-oh-God...

I heard him snoring on the bed. The dildo was still in my pussy and my penis was just as hard as before the orgasm. My balls filled with warmth, my mind was wracked with guilt...I told myself enough was enough---it was a great orgasm---go to sleep!

But the hot cock was too wonderful and delightful. I unconsciously pushed my hips back until the damned thing completely impaled me again.

Oh God, I'm a nasty, dirty boy, I thought as I slowly moved my hips back-and-forth over the hot and magnificent hard rubber cock.

I don't care anymore---I am who I am...I lost count after three orgasms...there may have been four, maybe five...all I knew was I wanted that fake, hot cock inside me forever.


Huh? What?


I awoke with a start. The room was awash in sunlight. I rubbed the soot from my eyes and saw two shiny, black shoes near my head. I turned and saw Matusa standing above me. He was dressed in shirt and tie and nice slacks, he had his suit coat draped over an arm.

"Get on knees---open slacks---take out cock and suck!" he stared down at me with a humorless face.

I did as I was told.

I decided to give him a 'quicky'---he didn't object...I sucked him fast and furious. I flinched when I felt his hands gently stroking my hair. I thought the show of tenderness was out of character for him.

When he discharged in my mouth I gulped it all down. I cleaned his shriveling penis with my tongue.

"You excellent whore..." he said patting my head. "Business meeting---all day---go back to sleep!"

He left the bedroom and I heard the front door quietly close and he was gone. I listened for Yoshi but all I heard was silence.

My prick had gotten hard while sucking him and I felt the familiar rumblings in my balls. Without giving it a second thought, I stuck my fingers in my mouth, made them slick with the remnants of his climax then coated the rubber cock until it was slippery.

My body was still sore from the unnatural position it had been in, but I managed to scrunch my knees to the side and when I pressed my anus on the cockhead it was as hot as it was a few hours earlier.

"Ohhhhhh-yesssss..." I moaned.

I squirmed and wriggled my hips until the cockhead popped thru my opening and my pussy slowly swallowed the entire length.

"YESSSSSSSS..." I cried out when the head bumped my prostate.

I began a slow and rhythmic fucking. Suddenly, I fantasized Billy was fucking me. He was the boy who took my virginity...he was gentle and considerate and a wonderful lover even though every time we made love he insisted he wasn't gay.

He was the best time of my life. I pictured his cock and rammed my hips back faster and harder. The cum in my balls began churning...this would be a 'quicky' too.

A brief panic raced up my spine---something was wrong---someone was in the room with me!

I heard Yoshi's voice and felt his hands stroking my hair.

"Don't stop---keep fucking," he said. "Need your mouth---please, suck me."

My calmness and serenity returned. I found him kneeling, almost sitting near my head. I saw his beautiful cock inches below my face.

Without a word, I lowered my head and took his hardness deep inside my mouth. His prick was short like mine, I could take the entire length into my mouth.
He sighed contentedly and said, "My best friend 'The Terminator,' give good fuck, yes?"

I knew he was referring to the fake cock and I groaned my agreement into his hot flesh, "Mmmmmm..."

"Ohhhh, Johnny---you great cocksucker...yesssss..."

Coming from him, I considered it the nicest compliment he could give me. His words inspired me. My hands, lips and tongue worked feverishly on his pulsating cock and ever-expanding balls. I wildly impaled myself on the hot rubber dildo striking my prostate with every thrust.

We both came with such mind-blowing force I worried the people in the adjacent room could hear our screams of ecstasy.. I adored the taste of his sperm and semen as it shot from his balls and filled my mouth. My body shook violently as once again, I spurted my climax into the crusty panties that had dried and now stuck to my crotch and hips.

When our bodies came to rest, he lowered his face and kissed me on my semen-slick lips. He smiled and said, "You like 'The Terminator'? He my best lover!"

"Oh my God, YES---he's the greatest fuck I've ever had!" I giggled in response.

"He keep me company many lonely nights," he said.

I'm sure Yoshi meant it light-heartedly, but it came out sounding rather sad to me.

"I like long walks on the beach---especially at sunset," I said about my life in Santa Cruz. "The sound of the waves coming ashore is so soothing...when I can afford it---I love to eat the Snapper at a restaurant on the wharf."

We were facing each other in the bubble bath talking about our lives. He was so easy to talk with, it felt like he was an old friend.

"How long have you known Mr. Binnaka?" I asked.

"Matusa hire me at 18 for mailroom...week later he want me in bed...I never been with man before him, but he very important in Tokyo---he make it difficult for me to refuse..."

I could relate to his story. My mother's boss, while never saying out loud I should sleep with him, made it clear to me it would help her career if I did. The difference between me and Yoshi was I already knew I was gay.

"Do you still work at his company?" I asked.

He paused. A troubled look shown in his eyes then quickly disappeared. He was wondering if he should continue on this subject.

"No, I stay in condo he owns...I, uh, find new talent for him," he answered rather mysteriously.

"What do you mean by 'talent,'" I asked. Sometimes I get too nosy, but I like to hear how other people live.

He averted his eyes from mine. His hands idly played with the bubbles. I had an uneasy feeling I shouldn't have pressed him on this topic.

"He like younger boys---I too old for him now..." he said very softly.

Huh? What?

"What do you mean you're too old---what are you---26--27?" I asked him.

He looked at me with wide-eyed astonishment and said, "I almost 29!" as if I'd understand and agree that 29 is 'too old.'

I thought of what an older, gay friend of mine once said to me: "There's nothing more pathetic than a 39-year old're too old for men in their 50's and 60's---and too young for hot studs looking for older men!"

Women aren't the only ones who have trouble finding nice and decent men.

Sometimes when I'm at a loss for words I blurt-out silly or stupid things just to make conversation.

"Well, you're a very handsome man..." I said. "...and you look a lot younger than 29!"

He simply replied, "Matusa like you---he tell me you 'young and fresh'..."

He said it without a trace of envy or resentment, but I still couldn't help feeling sorry for him.

I wanted to change the subject, but could think of nothing to say. Instead, I lifted my leg and forced it between his. I pressed the sole of my foot gently into his crotch. I slowly moved my foot up-and-down until I felt his prick rising.

He snapped out of his reverie, smiled, then said, "Time to stop bath."

We ran thick towels over each others bodies until we were dry. We both had semi-erections.

We gazed into each others eyes and we had the same thought. We embraced and kissed...we kissed again, our tongues swirling and dancing together. I reached down and stroked his growing prick---he did the same for me.

Wordlessly, he took my hand and led me into the bedroom. He motioned for me to lie down. I was on my back in the center of the bed. He knelt beside me, lowered his face to mine and gave me a long, sweet kiss.

When he broke the kiss I thought he was going to lie on top of me. Instead, he re-positioned himself to where his upper body was in line with my hips and thighs. He then lifted a leg and placed it on the other side of my head. He climbed on top of me and we were in the classic 69 position.

A surge of excitement raced up my spine. My prick twitched and throbbed with anticipation. He dropped his head and swallowed my erection then lowered his hips until I could capture his hardness between my lips. I had never performed this act---it was wonderful!

He concentrated on licking my cockhead, and withdrew his length from my mouth so I too could lick his glans all over. I loved the ridge below the crown and ran my tongue around-and-around.

Suddenly, he took my entire prick in his mouth, and thrust his hot erection downward until my lips clung tightly to the base of his shaft. He raised and lowered his mouth and hips. I was content to keep my head still while he fucked my face.

"Mmmmm..." I moaned into his hot cockflesh.

He was in complete control. When he stopped and sucked on my glans, I did the same for him. When he increased the suction on my shaft, I did the same for him. And finally, when he was close to cumming and his head moved piston-like up-and-down my prick, I was thrilled when he fucked my face with a such a vengeance his balls made an incredibly sexy sound when they slapped my cheeks.

I climaxed first...careful not to bite or scratch his soft flesh in my excitement...his mouth became a vacuum and sucked the sperm and semen out of my balls...and then it was his turn. I lapped at, and swallowed every drop of his thick, hot discharge.

He rolled off me onto his side. We both gasped for air. My face between his wide-split thighs, I cleaned his marvelous penis with my tongue. He did the same for me.

He moved up and lay beside me. We smiled and kissed each others wet and sticky lips.

"What you think?" he asked. "Good blowjob?"

"It was fantastic!" I said breathlessly.

"Better than other ones?" he asked.

"I don't know---that was the first one I've ever gotten," I answered in all honesty.

I'll never forget the look of surprise and sadness in his eyes.

Yoshi ordered room service for us and I took the opportunity to throw on my robe and go back to the room to get dressed. I opened the door and looked up-and-down the hallway, housekeepers were busy at work, and I worried they might see me crossing the hallway.

Don't be silly, John, I said to myself. Housekeepers see stranger things than this all the time.

Inside the room, I stared at the twisted sheets on the bed. The blanket was on the floor. I briefly wondered if Earl from Houston enjoyed Yoshi more than me.

I found my string, bikini briefs and short-shorts---they had been washed and were folded neatly on a chair. I slipped into one of the new, casual shirts Daddy had bought me; pulled on socks and the new sandals then returned to Yoshi.

Two-minutes later the food arrived, we sat and practically inhaled the meal.

We made back-and-forth small-talk. Yoshi is quite intelligent and well-versed in a variety of am I...we had a fun and stimulating conversation.

Suddenly, my cell phone rang in my pocket; I nearly jumped out of my skin with surprise. I didn't recognize the phone number.

I hesitantly said, "Hello?"

I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard Daddy's voice. I had left my phone in the room and figured that was how he got the number. I was pleased he had taken the time and energy to call me.

"Sugar," he said. "I was thinking..."

He paused so long I asked him, "What is it, Daddy?"

"Well, uh, I was thinking of staying another night...that is, if you don't have to go back to Santa Cruz today!"

I was enveloped in a warm glow; my lips formed a huge smile. Oh my God, he likes me---he REALLY likes me!

"I would LOVE to stay with you another night, Daddy!" I almost gushed into the phone. "But what about your plane ticket? Can you change it for tomorrow?"

"Now, Sugar, don't you worry your pretty little head...I'll take care of everything!" he said, then added, "...Mr. Binnaka and I will be meeting right up to 4 o'clock when they have to leave for the airport...can you entertain his boy until then?"

"Yes, Daddy, he and I are getting along fabulously," I answered then winked at Yoshi. He gave me a big grin across the room service cart.

"Johnny..." he said before ending the call.

"Yes, Daddy?" I asked when he paused a long time.

"I am looking forward to tonight!" he said.

"Me too, Daddy!" I said just before he ended the call.

"What with your silly smile?" asked Yoshi.

I blushed and averted my eyes.

"OHHH..." he exclaimed. He then broke into the school-yard song: "Johnny has a boyfriend---Johnny has a boyfriend!"

We both laughed out loud. I guess boys taunting and teasing one another transcends cultures.

An idea came to mind. "Looks like you'll be leaving here at 4---let's go to Fisherman's Wharf---have you ever been there?"

His eyes lit up. "No, never."

Then just as quickly a frown formed on his handsome face. "Can't go---no money...Matusa give me only what I need to live!"

I squirmed my hand into the tight pocket of my shorts---the five-hundred dollars Daddy wanted me to spend at the ballpark was still there. I reasoned if Daddy asked me for the money, I would tell him I used some of it to show Yoshi a good time...God knows, it sure appears Yoshi doesn't have much fun in his life.

"Don't worry your pretty little head about anything---it will be my treat!" I said.

A smile formed on his face, but I also thought I saw his eyes well with tears.

While Yoshi dressed, I gathered their belongings and began to pack their suitcases. I almost forgot the most important item in the bedroom---The Terminator!

As much as I twisted and pulled, I couldn't pry the suction cup loose from the wall. Yoshi chuckled at my efforts and in one swift move, worked it free. I then discovered the secret of its heat; Yoshi emptied into his hand two AA batteries.

"Never leave home without these!" he said of the batteries. We laughed out loud again.

"Why do you call it 'The Terminator'?" I asked him.

He answered very softly, "Because it say "Hasta la Vista, Baby" to my loneliness."

It was another glorious San Francisco day, and we were grateful for the cool breeze coming in off the bay.

I took him everywhere Daddy and I had been on Saturday---even the tour of Alcatraz.

"Men here could use two guys like us, huh?" he remarked.

I laughed because it was funny, and because I'd said almost the same thing to Daddy when we toured there.

Back at Pier 45, I asked him if he would like Mexican food for lunch.

"Do not know---never ate it!" he said.

"Not even a Margarita?" I asked.

"What's a 'Margarita'?" he asked.

"Oh you poor boy," I said with a smile. I took his hand and said, "C'mon, we need to cross the street."

He quickly worked his hand free from mine, and I commented, "It's okay...this IS San Francisco, after all!"

He didn't see the humor. It occurred to me in Japan, public shows of affection between two guys were probably strictly forbidden.

We crossed the street and went into the courtyard, climbed some stairs, and he followed me into the restaurant. The host showed us to a table, chips and salsa were promptly delivered, and I ordered two Margarita's with salt from the server.

Yoshi scrunched his nose at the first taste. Took another drink then said, "I like---both bitter and sweet!"

He sucked the drink thru a straw. I never use a straw and had to gulp it down quicker than normal to keep up with him. When we finished, I asked if he wanted another and he smiled and eagerly nodded 'yes.'

We studied the menus and I asked him what he wanted. "I have what you have," he replied.

I ordered us each two green pork enchiladas with rice and beans.

"Does Matusa take you to restaurants?" I asked.

"Can not be seen with me---he have wife and many children---would be wrong!" he said.

"Do you have any friends you can go out with?" I asked.

"I go shopping, and sometime to movie---alone," he answered.

"How do you get by? He ever give you money to have fun?" I asked, regretting I was prying into his life---the more he told me---the more sorry I felt for him.

"Money only for food and bathroom things---and lady sometime give me money to spend," he said.

"What men?" I asked.

He lowered his eyes and paused a long time. "Men who Matusa do business...they come to condo---I take care of them---sometime they give me money..."

"You know these men, right?" I asked prying deeper into his life.

"No, only if they return for more," he said softly.

OH MY GOD---Mr. Binnaka pimps him out to his business associates---to complete strangers!

And then I was struck with the bitter irony of it all. I was just like Yoshi---I too rely on the kindness of strangers to get by in life!

It began as the saddest meal of my life, but I was soon encouraged by Yoshi's reaction to the food---he loved it! It warmed my heart to watch him eat with such zest and pleasure. He savored every bite.

We finished the meal, and our third Margarita at the same time. I paid the bill, and left a nice tip. The sun seemed brighter than usual when we walked outside.

We crossed the street and leisurely walked to Pier 43.

"Anything special you want to do?" I asked him.

He turned to me and thru slightly watery eyes said, "Margarita?"

When I laughed he did, too. We found the next bar and had two more drinks. He became animated in his talk and smiled and laughed frequently. I was happy he was having fun.

He suddenly started looking around. "What time?" he asked.

I saw a clock on the far end of the bar. "It's only 2:30---we still have an hour-and-a-half!"

"NO---we must go!" he said in a panic.

"We have plenty of time," I said.

"NO---PLEASE---WE MUST GO NOW!" he slurped down the rest of his drink. I followed suit.

His reaction made me nervous. It made me think there must be something very sinister about Mr. Binnaka.

"Alright---okay," I said. "Let's go find a taxi."

We were back in his room at 2:50.

"I finish packing!" he announced and went into the bathroom to retrieve their toiletries.

I had packed most of their clothes earlier so there wasn't much more to do. I'd forgotten about the nighties in the closet and when he began to put them into a suitcase he abruptly stopped.

He smiled as he took the pink panties off the hangar and handed them to me."Your Matusa will like---you be pretty in pink!"

I blushed a deep red. I didn't want to offend him so I hesitantly took them and stuffed them into my pocket.

He was done packing by 3:10.

"Thank you, Johnny, I never have such good time!" he said with genuine sincerity.

It almost broke my heart to think a simple day on the Wharf meant so much to him.

He took me in his arms and kissed me. Our tongues met and I closed my eyes and melted into his body. His hand stroked my thighs; I became hard and reached down to return the pleasure. He pushed my hand away and said "You give me good time---now it my turn."

He dropped to his knees and had my belt open before I knew it. He worked the snap on my shorts, pulled down the zipper, and with one smooth move, hooked his fingers in my undies and shorts and yanked them down my legs. My boner stood out straight and proud.

"You have beautiful cock," he said then wrapped his warm and sensuous lips around my heated flesh.

I groaned when his tongue expertly lathered my glans...he gently massaged my balls; he held my erection at the base and ran his tongue up-and-down my stiff pick. He lifted my balls and kissed them; he took one in his mouth and gently sucked; he did the same for the second one.

He softly pushed me backwards until I was sitting on the edge of the bed. He worked my shorts and undies completely off my legs, pushed my legs apart and lifted them.

"Ohhhhhhh..." I moaned when his licking tongue found my anus. He wasted no time curling his tongue and pushed it inside me. His wonderful tongue licked the walls of my pussy.

"OHHHH-GOD-YESSSSS..." I cried out. It was a sensation I never before experienced. I perform this act for men, not them for me.

My balls were rapidly swelling as he tongued my pussy. I was twisting and squirming so much he had to hold me down. His strength aroused me to a fever-pitch. I was moaning incessantly; my prick was throbbing; my balls swelled even more.

He then took my entire prick into his mouth and bobbed his head slowly up-and-down. His tongue never leaving my ultra-sensitive flesh. He placed my feet on his shoulders and I was acutely aware of my obscene position. I felt his finger rubbing my anus, it was maddening, wickedly delicious!

He worked a finger past my sphincter, paused, then slowly pushed it to the hilt inside my greedily clasping pussy.

My cock in his warm and wet mouth, his finger fucking my pussy---OH MY GOD---my hips began fucking back on his finger; the cum in my balls boiled. His head became a blur up-and-down my expanding prick.

I now knew how all the men felt when I did this for them---what I'd been missing out on all these years.

My body stiffened; my mind went blank; he brutally thrust his finger into me until it bumped my prostate. The cum shot out of my balls like a cannon.


He noisily gulped my semen and sperm. His tongue was thick with my discharge; he continued sucking and swallowing until my balls had been drained.

I lay on my back gasping for air. He climbed on top of me, took my head in his hands and kissed me full on the lips. He fed me my own juices with his tongue.

He covered my face with sticky, wet kisses. The weight of his body on mine was thrilling; I love the feel of a strong man pinning me to the bed. I could have laid there like that forever.

"Need to dress," he suddenly said while climbing off me. "Men be here soon!"

We had barely gotten our clothes on when we heard the door opening, he held my face, kissed my lips, and said, "I going to miss you so much!"

The men were inside before I could tell him how I felt, and that I was going to miss him, too.

I stood beside Daddy in the foyer. The men were exchanging pleasantries (?) in Japanese. Yoshi disappeared then returned and handed me a small jar. I knew immediately what was inside the jar, but thought it would be rude if I refused it in front of the men.

Mr. Binnaka saw the jar. He gave me the oddest of glances, and with a smirk on his face he bowed to Daddy and Daddy returned the bow and opened the door.

A panic rose in my heart and throat as I looked at Yoshi...OH MY GOD---THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL EVER SEE HIM!!

Thru misty eyes I saw tears welling in his eyes, too. I coughed and nodded my head at him. We both remained silent...neither of us could bring ourselves to say "Good-bye."

Back in our room, Daddy announced "We have dinner reservations at 6...I'm going to take a shower then we'll go down and have cocktails first."

"Okay, Daddy!" I replied.

A shiver of fear raced up my spine at the mention of 6 o'clock. At 6 o'clock I was supposed to be in Santa Cruz, lying naked in my bed, waiting for Freddy the Asshole to arrive from work. There would be hell to pay for my absence.

Oh well, I told myself, resigned to my fate, what's one more spanking?
I was almost, but not quite, accustomed to the pain from the thick leather belt Freddy the Asshole used on me whenever I said or did something that angered him.

"Daddy, would you like some company in the shower?" I asked him coquettishly; forcing the unpleasantness from my mind..

"Sugar, I thought you'd never ask..." he said with a wry smile on his handsome face.

We quickly stripped-off our clothes and I followed him into the bathroom; my eyes never straying from his firm, and manly butt.

He really is in great shape for a guy his age, I said to myself one more time.

After I'd washed his hair, I began soaping his underarms...I gazed up into his eyes as he stared down into mine. The air was rife with erotic intensity; our cocks began rising with anticipation.

He was fully hard by the time I lowered the soap to his nether region and lathered and fondled his cock and balls. When he took my head and pulled me close to his and kissed me, I gripped his erection harder, and stroked it faster.

"Are you ready for me?" he asked softly.

"I will be..." I answered.

His eyes opened wide as he watched me prepare my pussy with the soap. Oil worked better, but I didn't want to take too much time and break the mood we were both experiencing.

I soaped my fingers and inserted them inside me until I had that 'squishy' feeling in my pussy. I worked a nice lather on his now-throbbing cock. I smiled at him when I was done.

I was turning to bend over for him but he stopped me. He held me close, and we kissed. He then surprised the heck out of me when his hands went behind me, reached down and took an asscheek in each hand and he lifted me off the shower mat. I understood his intention and wrapped my legs around his back.

When I felt his cockhead on my anus, I used my legs to pull him all the way inside me. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven---his cock is thicker than Matusa's---my pussy had never felt so full.

He worked his magnificent cock in-and-out of me. His urgency told me he would climax soon...I took it as a compliment---that he'd missed me today---that he had been thinking about this moment all afternoon.

I held onto his back and shoulders as tightly as I could as he fucked me harder and faster.

With each thrust of his wonderful cock I cried out, "YES—YES—YES--YES--YES--YES--YES--YES..."

The cacophony of sex noises reached a fever-pitch and he brutally shoved into me with all his strength...his cockhead slammed my prostate.

Our screams and caterwauling filled the steamy bathroom air. My balls erupted against his belly---his cock burst and filled my pussy with spurt-after-spurt of hot, viscous semen and sperm. He held me close as our bodies gyrated and violently shook with incredible spasms of pleasure.

Screw Freddy the Asshole, I thought, his needle-dick NEVER makes me cum like this!

Wearing my new suit, I strutted into the lounge like a proud peacock. Nice clothes really does boost ones morale and self-confidence. I was oblivious to the stares of some of the less enlightened patrons. I knew Daddy and I appeared to be a rather 'odd couple'...but so what? That's their problem not mine!

I was grateful when the host called us into the restaurant during our third Martini; I was feeling rather tipsy and needed something to eat.

The server reacted as though it was normal when Daddy ordered the 'Rack of Lamb for Two' for two guys. God, I love San Francisco!

The hour-and-a-half dinner flew by...each course was delicious; the server prepared dessert table-side, even lit it on fire, but for the life of me I can't recall the name of it; I had slipped my hand under the table and was squeezing Daddy's bulge when he had ordered and my mind could only think of what Daddy and I would soon be doing in the bedroom.

We rode the elevator back upstairs with another older man/young boy couple. I thought I saw the man wink at Daddy, and Daddy smile in return.

I helped Daddy pee then he left me alone in the bathroom so I could 'get ready' for him. I saw the jar of sex paste Yoshi had left with me, but decided against using it---Yoshi had kept "our best friend" but I wouldn't need it---Daddy's cock would get me off very nicely, thank you!

When I was done, I pulled on the robe and went into the bedroom. I suddenly remembered the pink panties Yoshi had given me and retrieved them from the pocket of my shorts.

I don't know, I thought, Daddy might not like them...maybe I'll look too much like a sissy...but once I pulled them in place and my prick instantly hardened at the feel of the sheer material, I threw caution to the wind, adjusted my boner so it was poking the fabric straight-out, and strolled into the living room with hands on hips. Daddy was on the sofa in his robe. His eyes bugged-out the moment he saw me.

"Oh Sugar," he said softly, "'re the most beautiful little thing I've ever seen!"

I was thrilled by his reaction. I went to him and sat on his lap. We kissed; he ran his hands all over my hairless body; he fondled and squeezed my erection thru the panties and I opened his robe and made him as hard as a rock.

For the second time that night he took my breath away by picking me up in his arms; he carried me to the bedroom and gently laid me on the bed. His eyes were as big as saucers as he threw-off his robe and revealed his excitement to me.

Our lovemaking was tantalizingly slow and deliberate. We worked each other into a heated frenzy then I would empty his balls with either my mouth or pussy. My goal was to give him three orgasms, each one more explosive than the last. I would be naturally rewarded along the way.

The last thing I remember before blacking-out: Lying on my back, my feet on his shoulders, my legs far apart, and his wonderful cock plowing in-and-out of my defenseless pussy as we gazed into each others eyes.

When I'd felt the first salvo of his cum fill my pussy, I exploded into a climax like none I'd ever experienced. My sperm and semen soaked the panties; my body shook like a 9.0 earthquake; but I held the gaze from his gorgeously rich, brown eyes until we were both drained.

"I love you, Daddy!" I said just before I passed-out. I don't recall if he said anything or not.

I was so groggy when I woke, I stumbled into the bathroom on unsteady legs, lowered the toilet seat, peeled the crusty panties off my prick and down my legs, and sat on the toilet and peed like a girl.

I shook my head to try and clear the fog, but on mornings like these, the only thing that helped was coffee. I hoped Daddy left me some.

I pulled on the robe and shuffled into the living room. I saw the room service cart with coffee, pastries and fruit, but Daddy wasn't there.

He's probably getting a newspaper, I told myself.

I poured coffee and ate a Danish. My head slowly cleared.

HUH? WHAT? I looked around the room and noticed his laptop was gone. With a rush of adrenaline, I bolted to my feet and ran into the bedroom.


I was numb with doubt and fear. Why did he leave me like this---WHY?

Tears filled my eyes; I wanted to cry like a schoolgirl but couldn't...the old self-recriminations began.

You idiot, I told myself, you were his weekend fuck---that's all you meant to you honestly believe an important man like him would have feelings for YOU? My God, John, sometimes you can be such a silly and foolish faggot!

I took a deep breath to try and calm my frayed nerves, but my hands continued to tremble. As I returned to the living room. I stopped and stared at the front door, hoping, praying it would open and Earl from Houston would swagger in...YOU ARE ONE PATHETIC QUEER, JOHN!

I saw a white envelope just inside the door. I picked it up and sat on the sofa and stared at it. On the front it simply said, "Johnny."

The envelope was extremely thick and my shaky fingers had difficulty opening it; I gave myself a paper cut in the process.

My eyes opened wide as I peered inside...there were more hundred dollar bills than I'd ever seen in my I felt like a cheap whore...well, maybe not cheap, but definitely a whore.

There was a note written on hotel stationary; I took it out, unfolded it, and began reading:

Dearest Johnny,

I am sorry for leaving you this way, but I couldn't bear the thought of saying 'Good-bye' to your pretty face.

You gave me a magical and memorable weekend, and I wish to God it could lead to something more, but unfortunately, it cannot. Yes, I am gay, but no one can ever find out.

I have a wife and three grown children, and I could never do anything that would hurt them. My friends and business associates would never understand---after all, this IS Houston, Texas, I'm talking about.

I hope you're not offended by the money---think of it as "commission." Mr. Binnaka and I agreed without your assistance, our business deal would not have occurred—-you earned your commission.

When I met you all I felt was lust in my heart...I now feel nothing but love and respect for you. My eyes have been opened to the fact it is possible for me to love a man without guilt and shame. Thank you for teaching me that!

I have your phone number, and when I work up the courage---I will call you!

With much love and appreciation,


I understood completely...the world is filled with men who cannot or will not accept their feelings for other men. It is a sad fact of life. Instead of being angry with Daddy, my heart went out to him for having to live a lie his entire life.

I took a shower instead of counting the money. I knew it was a substantial amount, and I didn't want to cheapen the moment.

When I was dressed in my 'usual' outfit, I placed my new clothes in the bags, and carried my suit on the wooden hangar. I went to the living room, sat on the sofa, took a deep breath and switched my cell phone from 'Airplane mode' and waited to listen to the voicemails I knew I had from Freddy the Asshole.

1st v-mail: "Where the hell are you, kid? You better not keep me waiting much longer!"

2nd v-mail: "You fucking faggot---I'm leaving your trailer now---next time I see you you're gonna regret the day you were born!"

I decided to count the money. OH MY GOD---five-thousand dollars! I could leave Santa Cruz and never see that asshole again!

3rd v-mail: "I hope you're happy, kid---I made your mother blow me today---she's not as good as you---but she'll get better!"

4th and final v-mail: "I'll give you one more chance, faggot---if you're not waiting for me today I'm gonna give your mother an ass-fucking she'll never forget!!"

The hair on my neck stood straight---OH MY GOD, MOM---I'M SORRY---OH GOD---I DIDN'T THINK HE'D TAKE IT OUT ON YOU, MOM!!

I better get back there before he hurts her any more!

On the drive home I wondered how this had gotten so out of control.

My mother had introduced us at a company picnic three-years ago when I was eighteen. From the start, he had this creepy look in his eyes whenever we spoke. I did my best to stay clear of him.

Then the phone calls began...he was nice at first; he said he wanted to get to know me better...that I was a good kid, and he could help me out. I was firm, but polite in my refusals.

Then one day he showed up at my trailer---I still don't know how he found out where I lived. I opened the door to talk with him with no intention of allowing him inside...he was too strong---he pushed by me and was inside before I knew it.

"Why are you playing hard-to-get, kid---I know you're a faggot who loves cock!" he said with a sneer on his ugly face.

"NO---I don't want to do this!" I said firmly.

He persisted; his tone softened. "I can help you out, kid---I know you want to study Computer Science at the technical school but you can't afford it...if you play nice with me---I can make it happen for you---quid pro quo, kid!"

And then I made a critical mistake---I believed him. "You'll really pay my tuition for school?"

"Kid, you treat me right---I'll even buy you a new car!" he said then added: "Johnny, did your mother tell you she's up for a big promotion at work? (I shook my head 'No')...well, boy, if you take care of me---I'll take good care of you and your mother!"

He sensed my resistance was melting away. He stood close to me, placed his hands on my shoulders and gently massaged them.

"It's only sex, kid..." he said softly.

"Please, I can't..." I finally answered with resolve; Lord knows I was tempted, but this would be very, very wrong! "I'm sorry---I can't do it...if I did this for, uh, you know—tuition and things, that would, uh, make me---"

"A PROSTITUTE? A WHORE?" he shouted in my face. "Listen to me, you little faggot, I know you've been turning tricks in the park!"

WHAT DID HE SAY? Now I was scared---this guy's a real Jekyl and Hyde!

"NO----NO, I WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!" I said with shock and indignation.

"I wasn't going to do it this way unless I had to---I was hoping you'd WANT to suck and fuck me---but now you've pissed me off! Remember the stranger you picked-up in the park a couple days ago?" he asked.


"No-no, HE picked ME up!" I feebly protested.

He chuckled at my admission of guilt and said, "He works for me, boy---he followed you into the park on purpose then you followed him into a stall in the men's room!"

Oh God, no---please, God, this can't be happening!

He dipped his hand into a pocket, and pulled out and showed me a flash drive.

"It's all right here, boy," he said with a smug and evil sneer. "From the moment you sit on the toilet seat and open his pants---you taking out his cock and stuffing it in your mouth---all the way to the end when he gives you a twenty-dollar bill and you smile sweetly and say, "Thank you, sir"---it's all right here---a great shot of your face with his dick sliding in-and-out of your mouth---you look so damn sexy sucking him off it gave me a hard-on when I watched it!"

I buried my burning red face in my hands. I knew what he saw on the flash drive---BUT---it wasn't like that at was a beautiful moment between consenting adults, that is all...I never asked the stranger for money---he just gave it to me out of the kindness of his heart!

"Yeah, boy, nine-minutes-and-forty-seven-seconds...that's how long it took you to make him cum in your mouth...OH---and the audio is clear as can can hear the man grunting and groaning as he shoots into your mouth, and best of all, you can actually hear your gulping noises as you swallow his's quite erotic---after you suck me off now, we'll watch it together!"

"B-B-BUT I NEVER ASKED HIM FOR MONEY!" I cried out in vain.

He laughed derisively then asked: "When you're on trial for prostitution, and the prosecutor shows this in open court---what do you think everyone watching will believe---including your own mother?"

It was the lowest moment of my life. I didn't do anything wrong, but I knew I was defeated. I could never allow him to show this to anyone, especially my mother!

"You're wasting my time, kid---take off your clothes and get on your knees!" he ordered me with a menacing tone of voice.

Next thing I knew, I was naked on my knees staring at his exposed erection.

"I tried to be nice to you kid---I would've given you almost anything---and then you go and disrespect me---WHAT? You're too good to suck my cock? Start sucking---and you'd better swallow everything I give you!"

And that was how it all began three-years ago.

I was a half-hour from home when I finally worked up the courage to call my mother.

"Sweetie, are you alright---I was so worried about you!" she said.

"I'm fine, mom...w-what about you? Are you okay?"

Her long pause made my heart sink with sorrow and pity. I couldn't bear the thought of what she had been forced to do for me.

"Yes, I'm fine, too, Sweetie...we need to talk...I'll fix you dinner tonight...come over to the house after you're done with---uh, well...whenever you can! Okay?"

"Yes, mom."

And at the last second she said, "Sweetie, I am so sorry---please forgive me!" then she ended the call.

The sadness in her voice made my heart feel like it was breaking into a million pieces.

It was only 2pm, and didn't expect to see The Asshole until 6, but I drove cautiously into the trailer park, searching everywhere for his SUV...I didn't see it and breathed a sigh of relief.

Almost everyone living in the park was Hispanic; many families with many children. I had to carefully maneuver the car to my trailer space to avoid hitting the kids playing in the gravel roads.

The boys and girls ran and jumped and shrieked with the joys of childhood. I envied their unfettered freedom and ability to enjoy life to its fullest.

I brought my things inside, plopped into my recliner and stared at the wall, hoping to think of any possible solution to this mess. I was exhausted with worry and fell asleep.

When I heard the pounding on the door my eyes flew open and my heart and mind filled with the familiar, chilling fear. I looked at the clock---damn, it's only 4 o'clock---he's not supposed to be here this early!

The door opened and there he was, his crazy eyes wider than normal, a twisted sneer on his pockmarked face. He slammed the door behind him.

"WHY AREN'T YOU NAKED, BOY?" he shouted.

"SIR---I'm sorry, sir---you're early...I---"



I almost ripped off my clothes.



I quickly opened his slacks and pulled them and his boxers down to his knees. I grasped his shaft with one hand and held his scrotum in the other. It seemed the ruder and cruder he behaved, the harder his cock became.

I sucked him the way he liked it---fast and hard. When I saw him remove his shirt my heart sank, I knew this would be a long 'session.'

He began backing up to sit on the recliner; I scooted on my hands and knees making sure his cock stayed in my mouth. There would be hell to pay if it slipped from my lips.

He settled into the chair and I furiously worked his erection. He began stroking my hair.

"You know, kid, you really pissed me off yesterday---I was so mad I couldn't see straight...and you of all people should know what I'm capable of when I lose my temper..."

Oh nooo, what did he do? I wondered.

"All I could think about was revenge...I went to your mother's house...(My skin began to crawl)...I told her you're queer...(She already knew, I told her a long time ago)...I told her how I go to your trailer twice a week...(Oh noooo)...and she lost her mind---she said she'd ruin me if I didn't leave you alone...(Good for you, mom---I love you, mom!) one talks to me like that...(Uh-oh)...I showed her the flash drive from three-years ago and told her if she didn't suck my cock I'd hand it over to the police...(Oh my God---I'm sorry, mom!)...your mother loves you very much---she couldn't get on her knees fast enough...heh-heh-heh...maybe I should 'invite' her over here...what do you think, kid, would you like to have a threesome with your mom?"

Oh my God, this guy is insane---I wanted to bite off his cock! He'd kill me but it would put a stop to this depraved animal once and for all!


His balls swelled in my hand and I instinctively flattened my tongue on his slit, stroked his shaft faster, and waited.

He filled my mouth three-times with his foul juices. I swallowed as quickly as possible to keep the horrible taste to a minimum. The worst part was licking him clean, I could not avoid tasting his nasty flavor.

"Finish undressing me,kid!" he ordered.

I meekly complied and removed his shoes and socks then his slacks and boxers. He grabbed the slacks from me and worked free the thick, leather belt. I knew what was next and shivered with uncontrollable fear.
"Please, sir---PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!" I begged him.

He slapped me hard across the face knocking me to the floor.

"You know damn well what happens when you defy me, faggot---get your ass on the bed---NOW, BOY!!"

I stumbled up the steps to the loft and threw myself on my stomach. I buried my face in the pillow and waited.

The worst part is hearing the WHOOSHING sound just before the belt strikes my buttocks. The pain is always excruciating. By the time he was done, my ass was on fire, and I was balling like a baby into the pillow.

His hands lifted my hips from the bed, his legs forced mine apart, and he was inside me immediately---no lube, he didn't even spit on his cock to ease the way. He fucked me a good five-minutes before he shouted and filled my pussy with his gruel. He then used my hair to wipe his cock clean.

My shame and humiliation was complete!

I lay there quietly crying, listening to him pissing. When he was done I heard him say, "Oh my, what is this? Hahaha---you're not only a faggot---but a SISSY-FAGGOT at that!"

Oh no, he'd found the panties.

"What the hell? It's all crusty, boy---YOU BEEN CHEATING ON ME?!"

I blurted out, "NO-NO-NO, SIR---NOT AT ALL!"

The sneer returned to his face. He threw the panties at me and said, "Put'em on, boy!"

"Please, sir, I can explain!" I said, even though I didn't know what I would tell him.


I had no choice but to obey him. The dried semen on the panties felt like sharp pin-pricks on my tortured buttocks.

He made me stand before him in the living room. The cruel smile never leaving his lips.

He checked his watch then said, "Think I'll stay here and watch the news, kid...go outside and wait til I'm ready for you again!"

I couldn't believe my ears. No-no---this can't be happening!!

"Sir, please---I can't go outside like this---pleeeeezzzzzzzz, SIR--NO..."

He sprung out of the chair so fast I couldn't protect myself. He grabbed my hair with one hand, opened the door with the other and forced me outside. I tripped on the bottom step and tumbled onto the gravel. Luckily, my hands broke the fall before I suffered any serious injuries. He shut the door and I heard the lock turn.

I lay nearly naked on the rocks and stones mortified beyond comprehension. There was no where to run to---no place to hide. It was impossible for me to grasp the sheer cruelty of his actions. This was beyond anything he'd ever done to me before.

I noticed the silence---the children were no longer playing and laughing. I lifted my head and glanced all around...not a single child in sight. I was positive the screams from my trailer had frightened away the kids. I didn't even see any adults.

I was horrified, ashamed and wanted to die right then and there. I had sometimes wondered if my neighbors knew what went on in my trailer---now there was absolutely no doubt. They had to have heard Freddy the Asshole's loud and angry shouts and curses in the past and simply chose to ignore them, but this was different...the stillness in the park was eerie.

I had no idea what to do...I couldn't stay in plain sight wearing pink panties, but I couldn't pound on the door and demand he let me inside, either...that would surely be an ugly, and noisy scene.

Usually, I'm a clever and resourceful person, but now, I was totally at a loss...I was immobilized by fear and helplessness...and there is no other feelings in the world worse than those.

Sucking in a deep breath, I gingerly set my tortured buttocks on the bottom step, hunched-over and pulled my knees to my chest...I pretended I was invisible.

I heard the crunching of stones and out of the corner of my eye saw my neighbor and savior, Mrs. Jimenez walking toward me carrying a robe.

As I stood, she put a finger to her lips to caution me to be quiet and helped me put on the robe. It was a well-worn terry-cloth robe, almost threadbare, but it felt a hundred-times more luxurious than the robe I'd worn in San Francisco.

She placed her arm around my shoulders and guided me to her door on the other side of the trailer. Inside, her three grandchildren stared at me wide-eyed as they sat and devoured milk and cookies. She babysat the kids every day while their parents worked the nearby fields.

I soon heard male voices speaking Spanish outside the door; she went out and joined in, what sounded like, a heated conversation.

Shortly after she came back inside, we heard loud banging; Mrs. Jimenez peeked thru closed curtains, I stood behind her peering over her shoulder. I couldn't believe what I saw.

At least ten men, some carrying baseball bats, were outside the door of my trailer. One of the men pounded on the door and shouted at Freddy the Asshole inside.

He's not stupid enough to open the door, is he? I wondered. Of course he is, I said to myself when the trailer door swung open and he faced the men wearing only his boxers.

I didn't understand much of what was said...he argued with the men, and I thought I heard him say "Fuck off"...but I saw his face turn redder-and-redder until I saw actual fear in his expression.

He finally said, "OKAY-OKAY" and disappeared inside. Moments later he emerged from the trailer fully dressed and almost ran to his car. He spun the wheels spitting stones at the men...the men shouted curse words at him as he sped away.

"He not allowed here anymore...if he come back---he will be sorry!" said Mrs. Jimenez.

OH MY GOD, I thought. Once again I was helped-out by the kindness of strangers!

She walked me to my trailer and came inside. I took off the robe, gave it to her and thanked her profusely.

She glanced at the panties, and with a wry smile, and a wink of her eye said, "Yours prettier than mine!"

She good-naturedly chuckled at my red face and left me alone.

I immediately phoned my mother.

"Mom, you need to leave work NOW!!" I almost yelled into the phone.

"I'm not at work, dear, I'm at home---I'm on vacation," she said.


"What happened, dear?" she asked.

"Mom, please---get out of there and come over here---I'll explain when you get here!" I said frantically.

"Okay-okay---calm down, dear," she replied.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I heard the rapping on my door. I peeked thru the curtain and saw my mother. I locked the door as soon as she was inside.

I explained to her how loud and angry and abusive her boss had become---how the men in the park chased him out and told him never to come back. I DID NOT mention the belt-whipping, or the fact he'd thrown me outside wearing only panties.

"Mom..." I said quietly, "...I am so sorry he hurt you---I never meant for this to go this far...I didn't want him to show you the video...I'm not a prostitute, mom...I don't know why I took the money..."

She saw the tears rolling down my cheeks and took me in her arms.

"Sweetie, sit down, we need to talk!" she said.

She sat at one of the kitchen chairs and watched me lower myself gently onto the other chair. I couldn't help but grimace when my battered butt came in contact with the cushion.

"WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU?" she asked loudly.

I buried my face in my hands.

"What has been going on between you two, Johnny? HAS HE BEEN HURTING YOU?" her anger flashed-out in the open.

For three-long years I'd wanted to tell her everything---I wanted her to comfort me---to save me---but I was terrified and too ashamed to say a word. Now it spilled out of me like a flood...I told her everything...she listened to my story with mouth agape---astonishment and pain in her eyes.

She began crying, too. She took my hands in hers and repeated over-and-over "I'm so sorry, sweetheart---I'm so-so sorry!"

Finally, after wiping the tears from our eyes, we had out first real conversation in years. The weight of the entire world suddenly lifted from my shoulders. Her compassion and no-nonsense logic gave me hope and inspiration.

I told her about the belt-whipping and, the panties.

"How often did he use the belt on you, honey?" she asked softly.

"Oh, uh, not that much!" I lied. But the knowing look in her eyes caused me to add the word, "Enough..."

"He's not going to hurt you any more, dear...that sadist has to deal with me now!"

"Mom, he's got the video---he'll humiliate us---he'll have me arrested and thrown in jail!"

I saw the fire in her eyes. "If anyone goes to jail, sweetie---it'll be him! Don't you worry about a thing---I've got another week-and-a-half of vacation and I'm going to take care of him once-and-for-all!!"

"W-What are you going to do, Mom?" I asked in a trembling voice.

"He'll never bother either one of us again...why don't you order us a pizza, dear," she said with a glean in her shiny eyes.

"Okay, mom!" I answered with a renewed sense of hope and purpose in life.

"Sweetheart, I understand you have known you're gay for quite some time now..." she said while we were eating, "...but you've never been comfortable admitting it to friends, or talking about it with me...I hated the thought of you going to the park and meeting strangers---you could have been badly hurt---I should have stopped you!"

I was stunned. "You knew about that?"

"Yes, dear, I knew...but you were at a stage when I doubted you'd listen to me, and I didn't want to make you feel worse about it than you already did."

She added; "Darling, I hated you were growing apart from me...that we never had long talks like we used to...but I knew how much you were struggling with your lifestyle---how utterly embarrassed you were about your feelings for men, well, I thought if I allowed you to sort it out yourself you'd eventually find peace with it...I'm sorry, we should have had this talk a long time ago."

"Mom, you're right, I wouldn't have listened...nothing is YOUR fault---please don't feel this way!"

We finished the pizza in silence, but the mood in the room had lightened considerably.

"So dear, I hope you've met nicer men than THAT asshole?"

I saw the twinkle in her eyes and laughed.

"I have, mom..." I said. I decided it was time to be open and honest with her, "I, uh, I guess I've always been attracted to older men...I met a guy this past weekend in San Francisco---we had a great time together!"

"What do you look for in a man, dear? Looks? Personality?" she asked with a smile.

I smiled back at her. "I like to think I'm like you, mom...I don't care what they look like---just that they're nice, and they treat me with respect...of course, being a well-hung, handsome stud doesn't hurt, either!"

Her laughter is infectious. We laughed quite a bit the remainder of the evening.

"We better get some sleep, dear," she said around midnight. "I'll sleep on the recliner so you can lay on your stomach on the bed!"

We hugged. I said, "I love you, mom!"

"Sweetheart, I love you, too...don't ever think you can't talk with me about anything---I will always be here for you!"

"Thanks, mom!"

As I was walking to the loft she asked me with mock seriousness, "Sweetie, how in the world can you stand the taste of THAT man's nasty spunk?"

I turned, and with a straight-face said, "I pretend it's your ambrosia salad, mom!"

Her laughter has always been sweet music to my ears.

The next few days, mom stayed with me at night, and in the mornings, a friendly co-worker would call her when Freddy the Asshole arrived at work, then we were free to go about our lives.

I knew she was conspiring against her boss with two of her closest friends, but whenever I asked, she would say, "Don't you worry about a thing, sweetheart."

One afternoon I threw a load of clothes in the washer in the park's laundry room. When I returned to my trailer I needed to do urgent business in the bathroom. I was still performing this task when I heard mother come in the door (she always announced herself so I wouldn't think HE was coming inside).

We chit-chatted thru the bathroom door. I mentioned I had clothes in the washing machine. I heard her say, "Don't move, dear---I'll put them in the dryer." The laundry room key, and a pile of quarters were on the table.

She'd been gone a couple minutes when the hair on my neck stood straight and my mind screamed: OH NO---SHE'S GOING TO FIND THE PANTIES IN THE WASHER---SHE'S GOING TO THINK I'M A FREAK!!

I could hear her saying, "Dear, I know you're gay, but a cross-dresser, too?"

It wasn't long before I heard the door open and her voice calling out, "IT'S ONLY ME!" I wondered how long I could stay in the bathroom.

Grow up, John, and face the music! I finally told myself.

When I came out of the bathroom, I washed my hands in the sink then turned to look at her.

OH MY GOD---she was holding up the damp panties by the waistband showing them to me.

"What is this?" she sternly asked me.

My face turned three shades of red.

"Uh, well, I, uh..." I had no idea how to explain myself.

"Sweetheart," she said in her best scolding voice. "NEVER...machine-wash your unmentionables---they're far too delicate, and the colors will fade!"

Her expression softened; a small grin formed on her lips.

"You know," she said. "With all the excitement I haven't been able to wash my own underwear...I'll bring them here tomorrow and teach you how to do it properly, okay, dear?"

"Oh, uh, okay, mom," I replied; my face still red as a beet. What else was I going to say?

And I watched her rinse the pink panties under the faucet, squeeze most of the water from them; she then gave them to me saying, "Sweetheart, hang these over the shower rod to dry!"

I was simply mortified; all I could say was, "Yes, mom."

I wanted to tell her the panties were a special gift---that I did not wear women's underwear on a regular basis...but for some reason, I remained quiet.

The next afternoon she made good on her promise.

She came with her laundry bag, and a strange contraption. She unfolded the device and I recognized it to be a portable clothesline.

"Normally, dear, I hang my undies on the outdoor clothesline, but as long as you live here, you may want to use this..." she said as she set it up then placed a towel beneath it..

"Uh, oh, okay, mom," I quietly replied. This was so weird---totally embarrassing.

"Fill the sink with warm water, dear---not hot water---warm water!"

"Uh, okay, mom."

She showed me detergent. "This is 'Forever Now' is mild, and your underthings will smell nice..."

She showed me the proper amount to put in the sink. She then reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of red, lace panties and held them up for me to see. I was so embarrassed I felt my eyes get misty.

She dipped them into the soapy water and gently rubbed the material together. She then rinsed them and gave them to me to place on the clothesline.

The next pair of panties were pink, sheer and diaphanous. When she remarked, "Look dear, they're just like yours!" I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

She stopped and said, "Here---you wash these!" and she forced the panties into my hands.

To my utter horror and humiliation, my prick twitched inside my briefs as I handled the sensuous fabric. I stood close to the sink so she wouldn't be able to see my growing excitement.

I performed the actions she had demonstrated, and she said, "Very good, dear---you catch-on quickly!"

When I reached into the bag for the next pair, I felt a crusty patch that seemed vaguely familiar...suddenly I suspected what had caused the crusty patch and my entire body grew hot with embarrassment and confusion.

"Now dear, whenever there is a stain, or dried fluids, sprinkle detergent directly on the stain and gently rub it out," she casually said without a trace of self-awareness.

I did as I was told all-the-while trying to grasp the concept that somehow, some strange man had left his mark on her underpants. UN-FREAKING-BELIEVEABLE!!

I felt her hand stroking my back as I hung the panties to dry.

"Sweetheart, you're doing so well I don't think you need my help anymore...I have to go meet Molly and Connie...I'll be gone for at least three-hours!"

THANK YOU, GOD! "Oh—okay, mom."

She opened the door, turned to me and said with a smile and wink, "Have fun, dear!" then she was gone.

What did she mean by that? I wondered, but of course, I knew what she meant.

I flashed-back to the day she caught me wearing her panties years ago. The shame and humiliation was overwhelming.

"Sweetheart, if you want me to, I will buy you your own panties...but, please, stop wearing mine, okay? They're, uh, getting stretched out of shape, and...,well, the stains are getter more difficult to wash out!"

Imagine your mother saying that to you!! From that day until Yoshi gave me the pink panties, I never as much as touched another pair. That's not to say I stopped looking at the underwear ads on the internet...I'm only human...

By the time I washed and rinsed the fourth pair of panties, I had such a raging hard-on it became uncomfortable in my tight shorts. I locked the door, and stripped-off the shorts. My boner pushed-out the briefs, but it felt much better.

I pulled out of the bag, yellow nylon panties with a yellow lace waistband. I absentmindedly stroked them a long time. I couldn't get enough of the smooth feel of the soft material.

My balls began to ache. I unconsciously reached down and squeezed my hard prick. It was becoming very hot inside the trailer so I took off the tee shirt I'd been wearing and stood at the sink in just my string, bikini briefs.

I was aware my breathing was labored. "John, please...control yourself, boy!" I said out loud. "Finish the job, damn-it!"

The last pair to wash were the worst. They were almost as crusty as mine had been.

OH MY GOD, MOTHER!! Is this from the same guy, or a different one?

Grow up, John. Your mother is an attractive woman, and still fairly young. Why would you think she DOESN'T have sex?

By the time I hung the panties on the clothesline, I lost all self-control.

I hurried to my underwear drawer, found the freshly washed pink panties, stripped-off my briefs and flung myself backwards onto the bed. I wrapped the panties around my throbbing prick and stroked away.

Ohhh God, YES! It had been way too long...

I knew it wouldn't take much time...I reveled in the exquisite sensations of the sheer fabric sliding rapidly up-and-down my hot flesh. My balls expanded and my hand became a blur on my cock.

"OH GOD---" I cried out, but caught myself in time before I really started screaming. The thin walls of my trailer did not hide any sounds from the outside world.

I removed the panties at the last possible second before my body lurched and shook and wildly gyrated on the bed as I stroked stream-after-stream of semen and sperm from my cockhead.

"Unnnggghhhhhh---yessssssss..." I groaned as quietly as I could.

When my breathing returned to normal, I found the Kleenex beside the bed and wiped the now-cold spunk from my belly and thighs. I needed another tissue to clean my softening penis.

I closed my eyes intending to nap, but instead of darkness, a parade of erect cocks and heavy, sperm-laden balls flashed before my minds eye...and I could identify all of them.

Oh, there's Billy's penis...and there's the first man I met in the park...oh yes, that beautiful dark chocolate is the guy I met in San Francisco last year...OH and there's Daddy's---nice---Yoshi, too...oh, look---there is Matusa's hard cock...and on-and-on-and-on...

I absentmindedly caressed my own prick into another full erection. I found the discarded panties and wrapped them around my flesh...another idea came to mind---I decided to wear them instead.

When they were in place on my hips, I pressed my boner against my belly, made sure my foreskin completely covered the glans, then lay on my stomach and began grinding my pelvis into the mattress.
OH MY GOD---how I love the silky smooth feel of the sheer material on my throbbing prick as I slowly moved my hips back-and-forth. I shivered with delight---I hadn't done the 'lust grind' in years---since the day mom had caught me wearing her underwear.

I remembered how spectacular the orgasm is when the glans is tightly encased by the foreskin trapping and accumulating the cum, as my prick pressed hard against the sheer panties.

The 'friction method' always made me cum within two-minutes---this time was no different. When the explosions began, I buried my face in the pillow as my body thrashed about like a fish out of water. Pools of sperm and semen escaped from the foreskin and soaked the front of the panties.

The climax was so powerful it was several seconds before I opened my eyes and realized where I was.

I personally believe circumcision became necessary when men discovered they had much more explosive orgasms using 'the friction method' and cumming in their foreskins---they no longer needed women for sex...circumcision became a tool to ensure the propagation of the human species...well, that's my opinion anyway.

It became something of a game. Mom and I stayed in the trailer until the phone call from her co-worker saying he'd arrived at work; then we were free to go about town as we pleased until another phone call warned us he was leaving work.

"Not much longer, dear," Mom said one morning in response to my query of how long this would go on. "Tonight might be the night..."

She never told me 'the plan'...only that he had done things at work that would get him fired, and maybe imprisoned.

"Sex things?" I asked. "Is he forcing himself on people there, too?"

"No-no," she answered quickly, ""

"Well, he owns the company---he can't do whatever he wants there?" I asked.

"Oh, no, dear, his wife's family owns the business and they all hate his guts!"

That was news to me. I always thought it was his business. She wouldn't say any more about 'the plan.'

One afternoon when I came home from grocery shopping, I checked my watch and determined I had an hour before Mom would arrive for the night. I quickly stripped-off all my clothes and slipped into the clean, pink panties. As always, my prick instantly hardened.

I climbed onto the bed and lay on my belly and began the 'lust grind'...oh, God, YESSSS!

The loud ring of my cell phone startled me out of my fantasy. I was gasping for air, and didn't recognize the number of the caller; I said in a low and cautious voice, "Hello?"

There was a short pause then the voice said, "Johnny---it is so good to hear your voice---I have missed you so much!"

The hair on my neck stood straight. My erection twitched inside the panties.

"Daddy? Is that you?" I said with a gasp.

"It is I, Sugar...have you missed me as much as I've missed you?" he softly asked me.

"Yes, Daddy---oh God YES!" I replied. "Are you coming back out here, Daddy? I really want to be with you!"

"You don't know how happy that makes me feel, Sugar...listen, I want to ask you something---no pressure---just tell me the truth..."

He'd gotten my curiosity aroused. "What is it it, Daddy?" I asked.

He cleared his throat then said, "Sweetie, I want you near me---I want to be able to see you every day...Sugar, would you consider moving to Houston?"


"Daddy, I, uh, don't know what to say?" I said trying to grasp the concept of leaving home and traveling to Texas.

"Sugar, I have a place for you to stay---it won't cost you a thing...and it's only five-minutes from my office...I'll pay all your expenses and we'll have ourselves a good ol' time---you'll love it here!"

And like a hundred times before, my knee-jerk response came from my heart and not my brain.

"Oh God, yes, Daddy---I would LOVE to move there, Daddy!"

Two-days later Mom came into the trailer and handed me a flash drive.

"What's this?" I asked her.

"What do you think it is?" she countered with a broad smile on her pretty face.

"OH MY GOD, MOM---HOW DID YOU GET THIS?" I asked in shock when I understood this was THE flash drive that had been Freddy the Asshole's tool for blackmail.

"You don't need to know the details, dear...maybe some day I'll tell you, but for now, we are 'free' human beings again!" she said as she gathered her belongings. "Come over for dinner tomorrow night, dear, I'll barbecue us a couple steaks!"

I always assumed when I moved away from Santa Cruz it would be to San Francisco. Never in a million years could I have guessed I would be moving to Houston, Texas.

When I Googled the driving directions I was shocked to find out Houston was nearly 1,900-miles away, and it would take 27-hours to get there.

I made a plan, and left Santa Cruz on a Monday morning at 5am. This would not be a 'tourist trip,' I told myself. I want to get there ASAP.

My goal the first night was Phoenix, and it would take 11-12 hours to get there. Rather ambitious, but do-able. I'd made a reservation at a Holiday Inn Express, and my focus was to be there by 5pm.

When I found Interstate 10 in L.A. I breathed a sigh of relief; this would be the only highway I needed to get to Houston.

A cop friend of mine once told me you could do 5-miles-an-hour over the speed limit and most highway patrolmen won't bother you. I made very good time, and after three-stops for gas and snacks, and a couple more 'comfort stops,' pulled into the hotel at 4:45pm.

I saw a bar/restaurant across the street. After a long, hot shower I was ready for a drink and dinner. Daddy had gotten me hooked on Martini's and I was on my second one when an older guy sat beside me.

I studied him in the mirror behind the bar---a reflex action; something I did automatically.

Clean-faced and freshly scrubbed with a new haircut; his clothes were JC Penny, and I guessed him to be a low, or mid-level manager in town for a meeting or convention.

Suddenly our eyes met in the mirror and he immediately looked away. I continued staring at him in the mirror. It took about fifteen-seconds before he looked at me again and when he saw me staring back at him, he quickly averted his eyes. I counted him trying to catch surreptitious glances of me four-times, and each time he sheepishly looked the other direction when he saw I was staring back at him.

I recognized him---I've met him a dozen times: he is 'Queen-for-a-Night.'

He is from a small town in a small state...married when he was 18 or 19 and now has teenage kids of his own...attends church every Sunday, but is not very religious...he has done his best to live by his strict up-bringing---he worked hard, settled down and married a nice girl (probably his high school sweetheart)---they had 3.2 children---and he provided them with everything he could on his middle class salary while suppressing his own wants and desires...and now, so many years later, he finds himself uninterested in sex with the wife, maybe even repulsed by the thought...the old impulses and demons return---he had successfully repelled and repressed feelings and urges he once had for men...and now he's thinking "I'm a thousand-miles from home and know absolutely no one in this town---what harm can it do? I may never get this chance again!" But he doesn't have the nerve, or know-how, to initiate a conversation with a strange man for such an elicit and immoral purpose.

I've seen it many times. Men living their entire lives in fearful of scorn and ridicule. They're the ones who laugh the loudest at 'fag jokes' and are the harshest accusers of anyone they suspect might have 'sugar in their pockets.'

Their single greatest fear in life is not war or poverty or terminal, they are deathly frightened someone might discover their secret and call them 'queer.'

I asked the bartender, "Is it alright to eat at the bar?"

"Oh, sure, I'll get you a menu!" he said cheerfully.

Queen-for-a-Night spoke up: "Oh, uh, great---can I have a menu, too, please?"

I smiled in his direction and said, "I saw a sign on the window bragging about their Prime Rib---I think I'll give it a try!"

He nodded thoughtfully, and for the first time looked directly at me. "Yeah, you know, that sounds pretty good!"

I placed my dinner order, and asked for a third Martini...Queen-for-a-Night ordered the same dinner and asked for another beer.

I took a sip from the drink and remarked, "God, these taste good after a long day on the road!"

That gave him his opening, and I wondered if he'd take advantage...he did.

"Long day, huh? Where did you start from?" he asked.

For whatever reason, I never admit to strangers I'm from Santa Cruz. "I'm from San Francisco," I told him.

I saw his eyes brighten; his mood became more relaxed. I was sure in his mind he figured if I'm from San Francisco it means I must be gay...and that's precisely what I wanted him to think.

"Oh, nice---I've always wanted to go there!" he said.

I'll bet you do! I thought.

"My name's John," I said and offered him my hand.

He paused then said, "Oh---I'm, uh, Jack!"

I knew he was lying but what difference did it make? We shook hands.

"How about you---do you live here?" I asked even though I knew he didn't.

"No, no---I'm from Iowa...a small town I'm sure you never heard of...first time in Phoenix, the corporation I work for is paying for me to go to a seminar the next couple of days across the street at the Holiday Inn!" he said enthusiastically.

"Oh," I smiled, "I'm staying there, too!"

"What's San Francisco like?" he asked.

That was my opening. I went into a long monologue describing everything I knew about the city. I have to admit, I kind of 'gayed-up' my speech and body movements, but not to the point of flamboyancy---I don't care much for 'swishy' queers.

I use my hands when I talk and when I told him an amusing anecdote, I lightly slapped and squeezed his thigh for emphasis. His body flinched from my touch but he didn't do or say anything to discourage me from touching him again...and again.

At one point late in the meal, I boldly placed my hand on his upper thigh, squeezed and remarked, "They weren't lying about the Prime Rib---this is delicious!"

I watched for his reaction out of the corner of my eye. He blushed and coughed, but simply said, "Yes...this is fantastic!"

I was finished eating; he was very close. It was now or never.

He was chewing the last bite when I squeezed his upper thigh then leaned over and whispered, "I have a bottle of Crown Royal in my room if you want to come over and have a nightcap?" And I let the palm of my hand brush over his crotch...I had given him an erection and it was a nice one.

I squeezed his hard cock thru the thin material of his slacks then immediately removed my hand.

"Bartender, can we have our checks, please?" I said; not giving Queen-for-a-Night a chance to react .

His face was beet-red; beads of perspiration on his forehead.

We paid our tabs and walked back to the motel in silence. I knew there was a battle raging inside his head. I couldn't tell which way he'd go.

We both had rooms on the same floor, but at opposite ends of the hallway. We came to his room first.

"Jack..." I said softly, "...if you want a drink my door will be cracked open..."

And then I repeated what one of my very first lovers had said to me: "We will never see each other again---no one will ever know what you did tonight unless you tell them!"

I said good-bye to him and walked away without looking back.

I left my door slightly ajar and went to the bathroom and took a long piss. I stripped-off my clothes and stood naked before the mirror. I figured there was a 50-50 chance he'd come to the room...I decided to be ready for him just in case...I prepared my pussy for his cock.

I wrapped the bathrobe around me. I opened the bottle of whiskey, and poured healthy shots into two plastic cups and went to the sofa and waited.

I didn't have long to wait. There was an almost inaudible rapping on my door then it opened and in walked Queen-for-a-Night. I watched him secure the chain to the door.

His eyes grew big when he saw me in the robe. He joined me on the couch, took a huge swallow of whiskey, and coughed.

I saw him squinting thru the light in the room. I sensed it was too bright for him; he was uncomfortable with the brightness. I placed my hand on his thigh for support, leaned across him and switched off the lamp beside the sofa.

The only illumination came from the open bathroom door. I moved close to him and began stroking his thigh. He swallowed the rest of his drink in one gulp.

"I—I don't know why I came here..." he said very softly.

I gently grasped his erection thru the slacks, squeezed, and moved my hand back-and-forth along its length.

"I know why..." I said softly as I squeezed his erection harder. "Don't worry about a thing---no one will ever know---okay?"

I heard a catch in his throat before he whispered, "Okay..."

I found his zipper and slowly opened it. My God, I can never get over how erotic and sexy the noise of a man's zipper being lowered sounds.

I reached inside and thought---OH---he's a tighty-whitey man!

My hand snaked beneath the elastic waistband and found his hot flesh. It was thicker than Daddy's; my hand barely reached all the way around it---I was glad I oiled my pussy. I slowly squeezed and stroked him.

In the dim light, I saw he'd turned his face to me so I took a calculated risk and gently kissed his lips. He moaned and I kissed him again, harder. His body softened; he groaned, took my head in his hands and kissed me back hard; I was pleasantly surprised when he pushed his tongue into my mouth.

I pulled at his slacks and underwear and he lifted his hips and allowed me to free his cock and balls. I stroked his rigid penis while our tongues leapt and danced with one another.

I massaged his heavy balls; They were dangerously high, and I didn't want him to cum too soon so I gently lowered them in his scrotum. He groaned again.

He suddenly became active---he opened my robe and took hold of my hard prick. His hand was rough, and he gripped it too tightly.

"Softer---I like a gentle pressure," I whispered.

"Oh, sorry...: he said.

I kissed him and said, "No-no---you're doing fine...oh, yeah---just like that---oh yes, your hand feels wonderful!"

I slowly masturbated him and he imitated my movements. I lowered my head and covered his cockhead with wet kisses.

"No-no-no," he protested and lifted my head from his cock and before I realized it, he lowered his head and was lavishing kisses on my cockhead.

He broke free from me and lowered himself to the floor until he was kneeling between my open legs. He immediately took the entire length of my four-inch cock into his mouth.

It was only then I understood he was like me---his natural instinct was to 'give' rather than 'receive.'

His lips held my shaft firm while his fat tongue lathered my throbbing prick.

"Mmmmmmmm..." he moaned.

To my dismay, he abandoned my prick, but much to my delight he licked then sucked my balls.

"Wow---you have no hair down here...:" he whispered.

He took my entire scrotum in his mouth and his tongue feasted on my hot flesh. He brought me sensations I'd never before experienced...his hot mouth sucked my balls like a vacuum.

"Ohhhhhh—yessssssss..." I hissed thru clenched teeth.

Suddenly there was a sharp pain. "OH---watch your teeth..." I said.

"S-Sorry," he said and continued sucking.

"Mmmmmmmm..." he moaned into my balls.

My balls suddenly slipped from his mouth. I watched him position his face over my hard prick---he wet his lips then dove downward until they were firmly wrapped around the base of my shaft.

"Oh God---YES!" I exclaimed wiggling my butt, not only because it felt great, but to also give him is crucial to make a first-timer believe he is pleasing you.

"Mmmmmmmm..." he moaned as he rapidly bobbed his head up-and-down my pulsating flesh.

I'm usually the one doing the 'giving' so it is foreign to me to just sit back and enjoy the pleasure...but the constant ministrations of his thick tongue forced me backwards and I closed my eyes and resigned myself to 'taking pleasure.'

I saw Yoshi in my minds-eye and hoped he was alright---GOD, HOW I MISSED HIM...I thought of Daddy---was I cheating on him? No...I don't think so...Daddy would understand the gift I was giving to a deeply-closeted, inhibited man---helping him realize a life-long fantasy.

I heard an odd squishing noise and opened my eyes. When my eyes focused in the near-darkness, I could see Queen-for-a-Night frantically masturbating while he sucked me. I recognized the sounds of his pre-cum oozing down his shaft mixing with his hand to create the familiar sound.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." his moaning never stopped now---he was totally into sucking a man's cock for the first time in his life.

I felt sorry for him...odds are he will never again experience the thrill of a hot and hard penis in his mouth...after tonight, while he's pumping his cock in-and-out of his wife, he'll be re-living the night he was on his knees before a man...he'll be fucking her but dreaming of sucking me.

I marveled at how quickly he learned to apply the proper pressure and vacuum with his mouth while his tongue slithered over my throbbing cock-flesh, and how gently he rolled my balls with his fingers.

The incessant "Mmmmmmmmmmm..." escaping his throat vibrated on my flesh, greatly increasing the pleasure I was experiencing.

Without warning, his low moans turned to "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM..."

I watched his lower body shake----I knew he was squirting his cum---and that sent me reeling over the cliff and my own balls exploded.

"OOHHHHHHHH—YES-YES-YES-YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS..." I cried out as my hips bucked and wildly gyrated as I repeatedly filled his mouth with sperm and semen.

He pleasantly surprised me by trying to swallow everything I gave him. He obviously wanted the 'total experience' of sucking a cock from beginning to end...and he nearly swallowed it all—a fine job for a first-time cocksucker.

When our bodies came to rest, he lapped-up the fluids he'd missed then reality suddenly reared its ugly head.

His mouth almost spit-out my now-flaccid penis, and I heard him mutter in despair, "Oh God, what have I done?"

It was a stark reminder of how I reacted the first few times I'd satisfied a man with my mouth...the act begins with a thrilling and exhilarating high of forbidden lust and excitement---then ends with overpowering feelings of guilt, shame and self-loathing.

I watched Queen-for-a-Night abruptly stand, and fasten his clothing as quickly as possible ignoring me the entire time.

From experience, I knew he hated me at this moment---it was my fault---I was the seductress who lured him into an unspeakable act of depraved homosexuality---then his hatred would turn inward---he would hate himself even more for being weak, and morally bankrupt.

He hurried from my room mumbling, "What have I done? What have I done? What have I done?"

I cleaned-up and went to bed. I felt sorry for Queen-for-a-Night...sorry his life had been, and will continue to be, one big fat lie.

A sad smile slowly spread over my face just before I drifted off to sleep.

I knew Queen-for-a-Night was laying in bed wide-awake, the night's events playing over-and-over in his spinning and dizzy head...and I also knew, probably right about now, he couldn't help himself and was masturbating to the sights, sounds and smells of the evening---the image and taste of my hot and hard cock forever burned into his memory.

I chose to stay in Pecos, Texas the following night because it was roughly half-way between Phoenix and Houston. I decided I'd better be more frugal with my money---I had no idea what my arrangement with Daddy would be so I'd better have some money in reserve, just in case.
I found a Motel 6 and was shocked when they charged me $70 for one night. The business was originally named 'Motel 6' because they charged $6 a night...that was definitely a long, long time ago.

I ate fast-food, watched some television, wrote down the directions from Google to the address Daddy had given me to my new home in Houston, and went to bed early.

When switching-off the lights, I decided against masturbation, reasoning I wanted to keep myself fresh for Daddy the next night...but after ten-minutes of tossing and turning, I asked myself "Who are you trying to fool, John?"---and rolled over onto my belly. I briefly considered slipping into the pink panties, but decided to keep them clean and fresh for Daddy.

I methodically ground my erection against the mattress until the sperm and semen exploded from my slit, and, trapped between my glans and foreskin, gave me a shattering, and mind-numbing climax.

I fell asleep on my stomach, a pool of cold cum sticking to my warm flesh.

It seems the more you want to arrive somewhere---the longer it takes to get there!

By the time I reached the outskirts of Houston, the adrenaline-rush I was feeling was counter-balanced by the rush-hour traffic I was stuck in. Stop-and-go traffic---I wanted to scream! And then the rain started...


The rain was so heavy, it was difficult seeing the brake lights of the car ahead of me. I gripped the steering wheel tighter, my nerves were frazzled. The downpour and traffic wouldn't let up---it went on forever-and-forever...

I squinted thru the rain at every sign...then suddenly---OH MY GOD---IT'S THE NEXT EXIT---THANK YOU LORD...

I double-checked the directions, took the next exit, turned right, and two-blocks later saw a large, and sprawling apartment complex. When I read the sign 'SHANGRA-LA'---my heart leapt with joy...even the rain stopped!

I searched the parking lot for space #132...when I found it and parked the car I never felt such relief...or excitement!


I experienced a euphoric feeling of freedom and hope for the future that had been long buried within me. It was exhilarating and, at the same time, frightening. I was on my own for the first time in my life!

I was in a city where only one person knew me, and he accepts me for who I am!


With a smile from ear-to-ear, I opened the car door to go in search of the building manager to get the key to my new home...even the oppressive humidity, that almost choked the life out of me when I opened the car door, couldn't smother my soaring spirits.

Oh my God, I thought, maybe Daddy is inside the apartment waiting to surprise me!

More to cum...

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