Kindness of Strangers Ch. 01

I don't understand what there is about me that makes strange men think they can do or say anything at all and I won't object, protest or complain. It's almost as though I have the word "SUBMISSIVE" stamped on my forehead.

So I was sitting at the bar in an expensive downtown San Francisco hotel sipping a Mai Tai when this old guy sat directly beside me even though there were plenty of open bar stools that would have given both of us more leg room.

I gave him a discreet glance, and like I said, he was pretty old, maybe fifty or so, but he appeared in decent shape for a guy his age, and he had a nice mane of silver hair above his not unappealing face. He ordered "Makers Mark—neat" from the bartender and we sat in silence sipping our cocktails.

My straw made a loud slurping noise as I sucked the last of the drink from the tall glass. The old man looked at me and asked, "What are you drinking there, boy?"

"Oh, it's a Mai Tai," I shyly replied.

"Kind of a girly drink, isn't it?" he said while looking me up and down. "Are you some sort of sissy?"

Before I could protest he added: "I'm gonna buy you a man's drink..."

He caught the bartenders attention, shook the ice in his near empty glass and said, "Another Makers Mark--and one for my young friend here!"

Since I could only afford the one drink, but wanted more, I didn't insist on another Mai Tai...I like bourbon as well, the only problem is it doesn't take long for me to get drunk on bourbon.

Oh well, at least the night wasn't going to end too early. I hated the thought of having to drive back to Santa Cruz in the dark.

"My names Earl," he announced, "...from Houston."

"I'm John--from Santa Cruz!" I said and shook his outstretched hand.

I winced when he squeezed my hand too tightly and that made him laugh.

He told me he was in town on business, but was having a difficult time finding some 'action' at night.

"Yeah," I said. "There aren't many bars near this hotel where single women hang-out."

He gave me an odd stare then almost inhaled the remaining bourbon from his glass.

"Drink up, Johnny--time for another one!" he ordered.

I don't like to be called 'Johnny' but he was the man buying the drinks so I didn't protest or complain.

While sipping our drinks, he noticed my bag on the stool beside me.

"Nice purse, boy," he said with a snicker of ridicule.

"No, it's a European man bag," I said correcting him then quickly added, "'s very handy—-my pockets are too small to carry all my stuff!"

He gave me a sly grin and said, "Uh huh, sure boy..."

After the second bourbon I was feeling a little dizzy. He ordered us another round and I weakly said, "I better not--I have a long drive!"

He smiled and said, "Nonsense, boy...if need be I have a nice, big sofa in my suite where you can spend the night!"

My head began spinning as I tried to keep up with his drinking prowess. He suddenly leaned into me and whispered in my ear.

"Are you one of them San Francisco fairies I've heard so much about?" he bluntly asked.

My face turned beet red. Like I said before, I don't know why strange men feel as though they're entitled to act rude and crude around me.

"W-Why would you ask me that?" I asked quietly; trying to appear offended and indignant.

"C'mon boy...look at the skimpy little "outfit" you're wearing...and you carry a purse, for Gods sake!" he said, not at all taken aback by my surprised expression.

And, yes, maybe my short-shorts were small and tight-fitting, and the brightly flowered beach shirt was loud with pink and yellows, and perhaps my man bag could be mistaken for a woman's purse, but still, why do men think they can say such obnoxious things to me?

He seemed more amused than annoyed at my obvious discomfort. He then boldly placed his hand on my upper thigh and stroked my leg. I heard him chuckle.

"Are you naturally hairless, boy, or do you shave?" he asked with a smile.

"I use a depilatory cream," I softly admitted.

He nodded his head knowingly, smiled, then said, "I like my boys smooth...are you smooth EVERYWHERE boy?"

I finished my drink and sheepishly nodded in the affirmative.

He ordered two more drinks and I meekly said I wouldn't be able to drive, but he ignored me.

The bartender placed the drinks in front of us and walked away. 'Earl from Houston' moved his bar stool as close as he could next to mine until our legs were touching.

"Johnny, you're too drunk to drive--you're spending the night in my bed!" he whispered.

He boldly took my hand and placed it on his crotch. He had an impressive hard-on--he pressed my hand firmly to the bulge in his pants. I neither protested nor attempted to remove my hand.

He forced my fingers around his hard cock and moved my hand slowly back-and-forth. After a few seconds, he removed his hand but I kept stroking his hardness thru the thin layer of his expensive slacks.

He smiled at me and whispered in his Texas twang, "Baby, you and I gonna have us some fun tonight!"

My breathing became shallow and irregular; my own small prick was hard as a rock inside my tight shorts.

He signed the bar tab to his room and we climbed off the stools and walked to the elevators with me leading the way.

He chuckled and said, "You seem to know your way around here...are you a 'regular' here, boy?"

I blushed and mumbled, " Well, uh, not really..." but he wasn't convinced and laughed again.

I knew no one would be able to see the small lump in my shorts, but I wondered how he would hide his manly bulge. His hands were covering his crotch as we walked, and when we boarded the elevator he had me stand in front of him.

We got off the elevator on the top floor and he led me to his suite. His room was directly across from a room I had once spent a weekend.

As soon as the door to the suite closed behind us he took me in his arms, held my head still, and kissed me full on the lips. His thick tongue pushed into my open mouth and he reeked of bourbon...of course, so did I.

He broke the kiss and stared into my eyes.

"Boy, I need to know now if you're just a cock-tease and I'm wasting my time," he said in all seriousness.

I kissed him hard, and found his tongue with mine. I rubbed the front of his slacks and was glad he was still hard. I curled my fingers around his erection and stroked the length back-and-forth...back-and-forth...back-and-forth...

He smiled and his voice cracked when he spoke: "Good boy...I want you to call me 'Daddy' okay?"

Inside I was laughing but I managed to keep a straight face. My God, the silly games men like to play in the bedroom!

"Yes, Daddy," I softly said.

He broke our embrace and said, "Make yourself comfortable boy--I'll fix us a couple drinks."

"Thank you, Daddy," I replied. "May I use the bathroom, Daddy, I have to pee?"

He chuckled and said, "Go for it, Sugar--it's thru that door there to the right."

I knew the layout of the rooms but said "Thank you, Daddy" anyway.

I placed my man bag on the vanity then took a wicked whizz--my God it felt good!

When I returned to the living room, Earl from Houston was sitting back on the sofa sipping his drink. His bare feet were on the coffee table. I noticed he'd only poured one drink and figured he'd share it with me--not that I wanted or needed more bourbon.

"Awww, boy, I thought you were going to get 'comfortable,' he playfully pouted.

I gave him my best coquettish smile, lifted first my left foot, untied my sneaker, pushed it off my foot then rolled down the anklet sock until it dropped to the floor. I did the same with my right foot.

Very slowly I began swaying my hips in time with imaginary music as I unbuttoned my shirt. I saw his eyes glaze-over as I exposed my hairless chest to him. I pushed the shirt off my shoulders and it too dropped to the floor.

I reached down and unsnapped my shorts and slowly pulled down the zipper. The erotic sound a zipper made when lowered always makes my prick throb. I hoped it had the same affect on him, too.

My shorts were very tight and I made a great show of squirming and wriggling and rolling my hips like a girl until they were down far enough and I could push them to the floor.

I stood before him in my undies and locked my hands behind my head and posed for him with a huge smile on my face. He had a good view of my bare underarms. I thrust my hips slightly forward so he could he could plainly see my hard-on poking-out the cotton fabric of my undies. I saw him staring at the sizable pre-cum stain that had formed.

"Do you like what you see, Daddy?" I softly asked him.

He coughed then said, "Daddy loves your tiny panties, boy."

I giggled and said, "Oh Daddy, they're men's string bikini's..."

"Whatever is certainly your color...come over here and sit on Daddy's lap!" he said commandingly.

"Yes, Daddy," I said and quickly made my way around the coffee table.

He had placed his feet flat on the floor and I gently lowered myself onto his strong thighs. I wriggled my hips until his erection was poking my butt then I pressed down and felt his powerful cock pulsating against me.

Our faces melded into one and we kissed and tongued each other. I found the top button of his dress shirt and slowly worked it open. All the while his hands caressed my hairless chest, fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples into hard little points.

He helped me take off his shirt and I exclaimed, "You must work out, Daddy, you're in great shape!"

Before he could say anything I squirmed off his lap and went to my knees before him. The edge of the coffee table hurt my back so I pushed it away until I could kneel comfortably.

I ran my hands up-and-down his legs over the fabric of his expensive slacks. When I moved my head closer to his crotch he opened his legs wider to give me better access to his erection. Something men everywhere do whenever faced with the prospect of a warm and willing mouth 'down there.'

My hands caressed his hard cock then I pressed my lips to it and firmly kissed side-to-side the entire length until I heard him groaning above me.

My tongue found his zipper, flipped it until I caught it between my teeth, then slowly worked it downward. My hands opened his belt and unfastened his slacks. The moment his slacks were open wide, his manly aroma assaulted my nostrils and I almost came in my undies.

I inhaled deeply thru my nose reveling in his powerful manly odor. I love that smell! Goosepimples formed on my flesh as shivers of delight raced up-and-down my trembling body.

I couldn't wait any longer. My small hands began tugging at the waistband, frantically trying to pull down his slacks and boxer shorts.

He chuckled above me and assisted my efforts by lifting his hips so I could peel off his slacks and boxers. When I had them lowered to his ankles, I grasped the base of his hard cock with one hand and cradled his large scrotum in the other.

My God his balls are heavy--I hope I'll be able to swallow his entire load!

I immediately licked the pre-cum covering his glans and oozing out of his slit. I was thrilled I liked the taste of it...sometimes you never know.

A deep, guttural moan now incessantly escaped his mouth. Instead of the usual kissing and licking of his hot flesh, I decided to give him his first climax as quickly as I could. I wet my lips and slid them over his cockhead and managed to get only three of his seven inches inside my mouth.

I went to work sucking and stroking his throbbing, hot cock. I loved the heat of his cock in my mouth. I first rubbed his balls, then began rolling and massaging them one at a time.

It didn't take long for his lower body to begin to squirm and his hips to thrust upward, pushing more of his hardness into my mouth. My hand moved faster on his shaft while my head became a blur of motion bobbing up-and-down his magnificent pole of flesh.

I felt my own balls begin to boil and bubble. Strange, I usually don't cum when I'm giving head.

The excitement I was feeling spurred me on to suck him harder. His hands on my head held me in place as he strained to fuck my mouth faster. His balls grew heavier and began to rise in their sac. I prepared myself for the onslaught of sperm and semen that would very soon be filling my mouth.

His body suddenly stiffened followed by an animal-like bellow from deep within his throat. I flattened my tongue on his slit in time to catch the first volley of cum and quickly lapped it up and swallowed.


His excitement sent me hurdling over the edge. My own sperm and semen came blasting out of my balls splashing the front of my undies. My whole body spasmed and shook but I couldn't cry out--I had to concentrate on swallowing his entire load.

I was right about his balls. They held a massive amount of man-juice but I proudly ate every drop without spilling. By the time our bodies came to rest, both my belly and undies were filled with cum.

"Good God Almighty, boy, where'd ja learn to do that? You could suck chrome off a trailer hitch!" he said with a thick Texas accent.

"Glad you liked it , sir," I said grinning up at him. "OH--I mean 'Daddy'!"

He smiled down at me and tousled my hair. "Now that you emptied my balls, boy, I gotta piss like a racehorse!"

With a playful grin I replied, "Would you like some help with that, Daddy?"

His smile widened as he said, "You're something else, Sugar!"

After I pulled his slacks all the way off and he was totally naked, he took my hand and we strode to the bathroom.

He noticed how wet my undies were and chuckled, "You really love my cock, don't you, boy?"

I'd seen longer and thicker, but answered, "It's the biggest one I've ever seen, Daddy--I absolutely adore it!"

I flipped the toilet seat up, stood almost behind him, took his flaccid manhood in my small hand and aimed it at the bowl. He let loose with a torrent of water that reminded me of Niagara Falls.

I was concentrating on my aim when I heard him exclaim, "Good God, boy, now I understand why you carry a purse! You're ready for anything, aren't you, Sugar?"

I jerked my head to see why he'd said that and saw him staring at the jar of lubricant I'd taken from the bag and placed on the counter. In doing so, I'd moved his penis slightly and heard his piss hitting the floor. I quickly adjusted my aim back to the bowl.

"I'm sorry, Daddy--it won't happen again!" I said.

"You made quite a mess on the floor, boy!" he remarked.

I didn't detect any anger in his voice...his flow was just a trickle now.

"I'll clean it up, Daddy...I'm so sorry--I know I deserve a spanking for that, Daddy!" I said planting the suggestion in his head.

Upon hearing my words, his cock instantly grew to half-staff. I gently stroked it until I heard him cough, then say, "Damn straight, boy! When you're done cleaning up the mess I'll be waiting in the bedroom--I'm gonna take you over my knees and teach you a lesson, boy!"

"Y-Yes, D-Daddy--I'll clean it good, Daddy!" I said feigning fear and nervousness.

"Hurry it up, boy, Daddy doesn't like to be kept waiting!" he said as he left the bathroom with a full erection proudly standing straight out below his belly.

I made quick work of the floor then went to work on myself. Peeling my soaked and sticky undies off my crotch required some effort but I soon was rinsing them in the sink then draped them over the shower rod then ran a warm washcloth over myself.

I smeared lubricant up and down the long cigar-like tube I carried with me, opened my legs wide and bent over. I positioned the tube on my anus, and after getting that wet, slowly worked it into my pussy.

I pulled it out, smeared more lube on it, and this time pushed it all the way inside me. I repeated this process until my pussy became wet and squishy. I was now ready to take Earl from Houston's nice cock inside me.

A small, dim table lamp was the sole light in the bedroom. I saw Earl from Houston sitting on the edge of the bed nude and caught him stroking himself.

"Get over here you naughty boy and lay across my lap!" he said with an impish grin on his face.

I went to his right side but he said, "No, the other side!"

I surmised he was left-handed and laid myself over his thick and manly thighs. He wasted no time.

SMACK...he had fairly large hands so I figured the spanking would hurt...

SMACK--SMACK--SMACK--SMACK...but I hadn't counted on how much he was 'into' spanking young boys... the time he tired, my bottom was on fire and I had tears in my eyes.

"That should teach you, boy!" he exclaimed when he finished. "Lay on the bed!"

"Y-Y-Yes, Daddy," I snuffled and wiped the tears from my face.

I lay on my back with my head on a pillow. I assumed he'd climb on top of me and we'd kiss--I love the feel of a big man pinning my body to the bed.

I saw his hard cock bobbing in mid-air and heard his heavy breathing; he was extremely aroused from spanking me.

Instead of laying on top of me, he took my ankles and forced them up and over his broad shoulders. My legs were split wide.

His eyes were glazed over with lust and desire. He immediately positioned his plum-sized cockhead against my anus. I knew what was coming next and reached behind me and held onto two thick poles on the iron headboard.

This was going to be a 'wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am' kind of fuck. My boner began pulsating with anticipation; I could feel the hot fluids churning in my balls.

He worked his glans just past my sphincter, stared menacingly into my eyes and announced, "I'm gonna fuck you silly, boy!"

His words and tone of voice almost made me cum right then and there. I reached down with one hand, pushed my balls lower in my scrotum, then re-took my grip on the headboard. This was going to be one heckuva fuck and I didn't want to climax too early.

With one brutal thrust he buried himself completely inside me. We both shouted "OHHHHHH..."

He waited long enough to give me a chance to clamp the walls of my pussy tightly around his throbbing cock and squeeze and milk it.

"OH-GOD-BOY," he bellowed then pulled his cock back until just the head was inside me, then with great effort, and absolutely no concern for my comfort, rammed his shaft into me to the hilt until his cockhead slammed against my prostate.

It was my turn to yell, "OHHHH-GOD-YES..."

That excited him even more and he began to fuck me with all his strength and power.

On one particularly brutal thrust my head banged against the iron headboard--I didn't care--I was in heaven--he was giving me one of the greatest fucks of my life!


I saw stars before my eyes as my head was swimming in a rich fog of ecstasy. When my balls began swelling with a delicious agony, I dug my heels into his back and with every downward stroke pulled him deeper inside me--he was hitting my prostate now with each thrust and it drove me crazy and wild with an urgent need to empty my balls.

After one wonderfully deep and savage thrust, his body suddenly stiffened and he screamed he was cumming then fucked me ferociously as his scalding hot cum flooded my pussy.

That was it for me--my balls erupted like a volcano and mightily spurted cum onto his belly and myself. Our bodies lurched and jumped and writhed on the bed like out of control animals as our cocks shot out every ounce of semen and sperm we had in our balls.

He collapsed on top of me and I held him tightly. We both gasped and gulped at air. I hugged him and he kissed my forehead and rolled off me and lay on his back.
"Sugar, I wish you'd been born a woman--I'd marry you in a heartbeat--that was by far the best fuck of my life!" he said softly and then I heard him snoring.

I slowly climbed out of bed, my legs were wobbly when I stood; I steadied myself then went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and let go. What seemed to be a gallon of sperm and semen flowed from my pussy into the toilet.

When I climbed back into bed I felt a huge, cold wet spot on my back. I smiled and immediately fell asleep.

I awoke with a start. A single beam of sunshine squarely on my face. I wondered where I was...suddenly, a violent shiver raced up and down my spine; my hands began to tremble.

My head swiveled on my neck as I searched around the room. My heart sank when I saw my mother's boss, Freddy the Asshole, and I shivered once again. Then just as quickly, my eyes cleared and I recognized the hotel room and saw that it was Earl of Houston in bed with me.

I breathed a sigh of relief, inched my way to his side, and lay my head on his rising and falling chest. His rhythmic heartbeat calmed my jittery nerves.

We had slept with only a single sheet covering us, and now as I glanced downward I could see his semi-erection lifting the sheet. He had been so nice to me last night, I decided to give him a morning gift.

Carefully, I threw back the sheet and looked at the magnificent cock that had given me such a wonderful orgasm. I reached down and gently took it in my hand and slowly stroked it until it was rock-hard.

I glanced at his face, he seemed to be asleep, but a small smile had formed on his lips. I stealthily moved down the bed, his legs were far enough apart to allow me to kneel between them.

I held his erection by the base then ran my tongue up and down his hot flesh. I paid special attention to the veins on the underside of his shaft and I heard him moan above me. I took the glans into my mouth and my tongue slowly worked the sensitive flesh just below the crown.

"Ohhh, Sugar--you are the best!" he groaned.

I massaged his heavy balls while my lips and tongue teased his now throbbing erection.

There is a big difference between giving a blowjob to a man, and making love to his cock. A blowjob is for my benefit: suck him fast and hard and make him cum as soon as possible so I can get off my knees...but when I make love to a cock it is for HIS benefit--to give him the most pleasure I possibly can--his body will signal me when he's ready to explode.

I made sure he could feel my hot breath on his flesh while my tongue slithered up and down, lathering his entire erection with my saliva. Every so often I licked his slit, and drank the ever-increasing pools of pre-cum.

When his hips began moving, and they ever-so-slightly lifted off the bed, it was time to give him his reward.

I wet my lips and swallowed his glans and applied a firm suction on his now-pulsating cock. Incessant groans escaped his throat; his hips bucked upward in a desperate attempt to force more of his hardness into my mouth.

One hand moved rapidly up-and-down his expanding shaft as I gently rolled his balls with my small fingers. I bobbed my head furiously sucking his glans, and at least the top three inches of his lovely cock.

His balls contracted in my hand while the other hand masturbated him fast and hard. When he cried out, I flattened my tongue on his slit and waited for the deluge of sperm and semen.

His ejaculate was slightly tart, but not objectionable. I caught most of it on my tongue and swallowed quickly, without missing a single drop. It had become something of a source of pride for me to be able to swallow every man's entire load.

I mean, a guy's gotta be good at something, right?

"Jesus H Christ, Johnny--how in hell did you get so good at this?" he exclaimed while panting, and sucking air.

"I guess I was born to do this..." was all I could say.

"I gotta whizz!" he announced.

"Me, too," I answered.

On the way to the bathroom he playfully slapped my still sore buttocks and I shrieked and he laughed.

We stood side-by-side at the bowl and emptied our bladders. It was only then I realized how much taller and heavier he was over me. I stared first at his soft penis then my own. I felt like a little boy standing next to him.

In the bedroom, he retrieved two bathrobes from the closet and gave me one. It was way too big for me, but I loved the feel of the luxurious fabric completely covering me.

In the living room he said, "Damn boy--I'm starving...I drank my dinner last it too early for you to eat?"

"No, I'm hungry too, Daddy!" I said.

By the expression on his face, I could tell he was pleased I'd remembered to call him that name.

He dialed room service, ordered us a pot of coffee and two steak and eggs.

"How do you like your steak and eggs, boy?" he asked.

"Medium rare and over easy, Daddy," I replied.

He smiled and ordered two identical breakfasts.

We settled onto the sofa, and for a brief while nothing was said. I hoped my lack of conversational skills didn't turn him off.

So Johnny, do you have to go back to Santa Cruz today?" he asked.

"No..." I answered softly, ", not really..."

"When do you have to go back to work?" he asked.

"Well, uh, I'm currently between positions," I answered. That brought a smile to his face.

"How long you been out of work?" he asked.

"Oh, uh, about six months...there's not a whole lot of jobs available there for a guy with no skills," I said.

"Oh..." he said, raising his eyebrows; then added, "How do you pay for rent and food?"

I averted my eyes from his; a slight blush covered my face.

"Well, uh..." I couldn't think what to say; suddenly the words just came out of my mouth. "Lately, I guess I have to say it's been, uh...thru the kindness of strangers..."

I could tell my answer surprised him because all he said was "OH."

There was an awkward moment of silence then he cheerfully said, "Good--I'm here until Tuesday morning--you'll stay here with me--would you like that?"

I was so relieved to hear him say that I felt tears gather in my eyes. He seemed very nice, and more importantly, I wouldn't have to go home for a few more days.

"I would like that very much, Daddy!" I exclaimed.

Then he added: "And maybe on Tuesday I can help you out with your bills!"

"Daddy," I said. "I'm not a hustler or a pro or anything like that...I, uh, just like spending time with you!"

If I'd been totally honest, I would have said, "...I like spending time with you as far away from Santa Cruz as possible!"

"No-no, boy, I'm not insinuating anything at all...I like spending time with you too and well, helping out people who are down on their luck is something I do...would that be alright?"

"Well, I guess so, Daddy...some people have been very generous to me and I'm always so grateful for it!"

When the food arrived I hadn't realized just how hungry I was until I remembered my last meal consisted of two stale donuts and a putrid cup of coffee the day before. We ate like it was the last meal we'd ever have.

"Johnny, do you want to shower first, or should I?" he asked when we finished breakfast.

I smiled and said, "Why don't we shower together, Daddy--I'd love to wash you all over!"

That brought a wide-eyed smile from him.

"But I need to use the toilet again first, okay?" I asked.

"Let me know when you're ready, Sugar!"

"Oh, Daddy--I like that nickname!" I said. I stood, went to him and kissed his cheek. "Thank you for breakfast...and last night!"

If I wasn't mistaken, Earl from Houston was blushing.

Once my bowels were vacated, I decided on a course of action. I grabbed the lubricant and began the ritual of getting my 'pussy' ready.

Freddy the Asshole would say "Get your pussy ready for my cock" so often, I just began to naturally refer to it as that myself. The first time I was with him I told him I wanted to lubricate my asshole he corrected me: "Men have assholes--a boy like you has a pussy!"

When I was done, I opened the bathroom door and called out, "I'm ready for you, Daddy!"

Earl of Houston had a lively spring to his walk and he whistled when he saw me standing there naked with a boner.

"My-my, boy--you're as pretty as a picture standing there like that!" he smiled.

"Oh, Daddy..." I blushed.

I wouldn't let him do a thing. I soaped him all over then washed and rinsed him clean. I saved the best for last. I got on my knees, made him turn around, then ran the soap between his masculine buttocks. I paid special attention to his anus.

When I rinsed the soap off him, I burrowed my face between his butt cheeks and licked his hole. I pushed my tongue inside him and he leapt with surprise.

All he managed to say was "You are something else, boy!"

When I turned him to face me he had a full-blown erection. I lovingly caressed his hard cock with the soap and stroked him until I heard his breath catch in his throat. I then tenderly soaped his scrotum. I washed all the soap off him then surprised him again.

Instead of standing completely upright, I rested my hands on the far side of the bath tub, and bent over for him. I rubbed my butt against his hard cock.

"Please fuck me, Daddy--do you want to fuck my pussy, Daddy?"

I heard him groan and in a barely audible voice he said, "Oh God yes..."

I reached between my legs and found his cock. Pressing the bulbous head to my opening, I took a deep breath then thrust my hips backwards until I was totally impaled on his wonderfully, hard and hot cock.

We moaned in unison. He wasted no time and grabbed my hips and began to fuck me. With every inward thrust I flung my hips back at him so his cockhead slammed my prostate.


His big, heavy balls rammed my own scrotum. I was in heaven. Earl from Houston really knew how to give a boy a great fuck!

When I felt his cock expand in my pussy he did something I did not expect: he reached around and grabbed my prick with three fingers and furiously masturbated me.


"I'm no queer!" Freddy would say.

Lying faggot, I would think.

The bathroom filled with the sounds and noises of two males wildly ejaculating. Earl from Houston pumped my prick as the sperm and semen gushed from my balls. He came inside me with such a force he had to hold me close so I wouldn't fall over.

One blast inside me--another one--another one--another one and then one final lung into me and my pussy was absolutely full of cock and cum. We stayed in place until our wits, and breathing returned to normal.

I groaned with some disappointment when his cock shriveled inside me then slipped from my hole.

I took up the soap and washcloth one more time and cleaned my partner then myself.

"My God, boy," he finally said. "Why on earth hasn't a good man snatched you up?"

And it just came out: "I've never met a good man, Daddy--until now, that is..."

"Johnny, I'm here on business," he said when we were dressed and sitting once again on the sofa. "A prospective client is flying in from Japan tomorrow...I need some time to put together my presentation."

"Aww, Daddy--can't we go out and do something? Have you ever been to Fisherman's Wharf?" I asked him.

I saw 'that look' in his eyes. He was smitten with me and did not want to disappoint me. I slid next to him and subtly placed my hand on his strong thigh.

"I'll make it fun for you, Daddy--I promise!" I said.

I saw the wheels turning in his head. "Well, you know, boy...I do have three tickets to the Giants ballgame tomorrow...I could stay here and work, and the three of you can go to the game."

"Oh, he's bringing someone with him?" I asked.

"He always brings his assistant with him wherever he goes...rumor has it he's a rather 'personal' assistant--if you know what I mean?"

"Oh...he's a 'he' is he?" I smiled.

We both laughed at how odd that sounded.

"Yes...Mr. Binnaka thinks no one knows about his penchant for boys, but it's the worst kept secret in Tokyo!"

"Binnaka?" I said chuckling. "Like the breath spray?"

He looked at me for a second then broke out in laughter.

"Never made that connection--good one!" he said.

"Is Mr. Binnaka (I tried hard not to laugh) an important man?" I asked.

"I'll just say that if I can get his business it'll make my nut for the year--hell, it'll make the next five years!"

There was a moment of silence as he and I stared into each others eyes. I knew what I was thinking, and was pretty sure he was thinking the same thing.

"Alright then, if you're staying a few more days we better get you some clothes!" he said, changing the subject.

"You don't have to do that, Daddy," I said.

"Well, boy, your shorts and shirt will be fine for Fisherman's Wharf, but they have something of a dress code in the restaurant here...besides, you'll need something casual for the ballgame tomorrow!"

"Daddy, you really don't have to do this," I protested.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about anything, okay, Sugar?" he said with a small grin.

I relented. "Oh, okay, thank you, Daddy."

It was one of those glorious San Francisco days where the temperature is warm in the sunshine, but a slight, cool breeze made it feel just perfect.

We were staying near the corner of 3rd and Market Streets and Earl of Houston led me to an upscale men's shop right around the corner. I became nervous and fidgety the moment we went inside and saw some of the prices of the clothes. I'd never been in a shop like this in my life.

A sales clerk rushed over to greet us. He almost bowed to Earl of Houston when he introduced himself.

"Well, 'Kyle,'" said Earl of Houston, " protege here needs a suit, two dress shirts, a couple ties, and socks and underwear...what can you show me?"

Oh my goodness, I thought. This is no JC Penny's--suits here start at a thousand dollars!

My hands began to tremble. I wanted to tell Daddy he didn't have to spend so much money on me, and I turned and faced him, but, the look in his wide brown eyes told me to stay quiet, and let him buy whatever he wanted to buy me.

I don't know how much money he spent, but when we walked out of the shop, he carried my new suit on a wooden hangar while I was loaded down with several bags. The morning sunlight made me dizzy; my head was swimming in a fog of wonder and amazement.

No one had ever treated me with such respect and genuine affection before...I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

"Over there," he suddenly said, pointing at a shoe store across the street.

I followed him into the street. I didn't notice he'd stopped walking until I heard him yell something then felt his big hand pull me backwards by my shirt. A trolley car zoomed past us missing me by a few feet.

"Pay attention to your surroundings, boy!" he scolded me.

"I, uh, yes, Daddy--sorry, Daddy!" I said.

I guess I said 'Daddy' loud enough for a nicely dressed couple to hear and they gave Earl of Houston a curious glance.

"Screw'em," he muttered, then added softly, "...maybe when we're in public, boy, you call me 'Sir,'"!

"Oh, uh, yes, Sir," I replied.

Back in the hotel room we surveyed the purchases. He chose my outfit for the day: bermuda shorts (to the knee), and a colorful, yet tasteful beach shirt, and brown leather sandals.

"Whoa--who's that classy guy in the mirror?" he said standing behind me.

I turned, and with tears welling in my eyes, hugged him close to me. He gazed down into my watery, blue eyes and smiled. He kissed me and I kissed him back. My hand wandered to his crotch, but he gently pushed it away.

He smiled and said, "Let me get my strength back, boy, then I'll show you some real Texas moves tonight!"

I giggled and said, "Yes, Daddy!"

To say it was the most wonderful day I'd experienced in a long, long time would be an understatement. It was the kind of day that made me completely forget who I was, and where I came from.

It was the kind of day I questioned why I didn't deserve to live like this all the time.

We made our way down to the Ferry Building and ate lunch on the patio of a cute bistro. I wasn't sure what I was eating, but it was delicious, and 'Sir' selected a tasty wine to go along nicely with the meal.

"You know, boy, all the years I've been coming here I never did any touristy things--it's always been strictly about a boat ride?" he asked.

I looked around and when I determined no one could hear me I replied, "I'd love that, Daddy!"

His broad smile told me he was pleased with my answer.

Well, we not only cruised San Francisco Bay, but, to my surprise, the ship docked at Alcatraz and we toured the notorious, old prison.

At one point while walking past the cells I remarked, "I would have been very popular here!"

You would have thought that was the funniest thing Earl of Houston had ever heard by his roaring laughter.

The cruise was beautiful and it was exciting to see and feel the waves crash against the bow of the ship. The salty air was invigorating, and when he draped his arm over my shoulder and pulled me close to him, well, I don't think I've ever felt so special.

Back on land, we drank Margarita's at a Mexican restaurant near Pier 45; nibbled on exotic seafood appetizers on Pier 43; then had linguine and clams at a famous Italian eatery on the water with a view of a gorgeous sunset over the bay.

I gained an appreciation of Earl from Houston I hadn't had before. Walking beside him made me feel important. He carried himself like he was the most important man in the world—standing up straight with a supremely confident swagger. I was proud to know him and again, felt so special he wanted to be with me.

We finished our after-dinner drinks and he hailed a taxi. In the backseat, he put his arm around me and held me close. I could see he had as much fun as me and I was absolutely thrilled.

Back at the hotel, well, I won't get into all the dirty details, ha-ha-ha, but he took me bending over--on my back--sitting on his lap while I slid up-and-down his magnificent cock--in every room of the suite--and the bedroom twice. His virility excited and astounded me and literally took my breath away...three times, heh-heh-heh...

We finally collapsed on the bed in sheer exhaustion, and I fell into a deep slumber with a delicious tingling sensation in my well-used pussy.

Daddy and I are eating dinner on the veranda of his exclusive country club over-looking the 18th green.

I offer him a bite of my filet mignon and he smiles and says "It's delicious..." he politely cuts-off a piece of prime rib from the huge slab on his plate and I eat it off his fork "Oooo, very tasty!" I say.

His acquaintances and business associates wander by the table thru-out our meal making small talk; it is obvious to me they are seeking his approval and friendship. They treat me with the utmost courtesy and respect.


Huh? What?

I shook the cobwebs from my head and could hear Daddy in the living room pounding on his laptop. I rolled out of bed and slipped into my bathrobe. As I groggily stumbled into the living room, he looked up from the laptop and smiled at the sight of the over-size robe almost swallowing my body.

"Good morning, Sugar," he said. "There's coffee and croissants on the room service cart."

I perked-up immediately and said, "Good morning...thank you, Daddy!" but instead of going to the cart, I went to the desk to see what kind of problem he was having. I saw the dreaded 'blue screen' on his laptop.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do..." he said, "...I've got all this work to do, and now the damn computer takes a crap!"

"Uh...Daddy? Do you mind if I take a look at it?" I asked rather sheepishly.
He gave me an odd look then stood and said, "Have at it, boy."

I sat down, began hitting keys, and within thirty-seconds his laptop was up and running again.

The astonished expression on his face was priceless.

He was unable to talk so I said, "I've only had old and used computers--I had to learn how to fix them when they went down."

When I stood to allow him to sit again, he took me in his arms and gave me a wet and sloppy kiss.

"Boy, you're full of surprises, aren't you?" he beamed at me.

It had been a long time since I felt such pride in something I was good at...besides sex, that is.

Daddy continued working while I ate a croissant and sipped coffee.

"Mr. Binnaka's plane is landing about now..." I heard him say.

I couldn't help myself and giggled again at his name.

Daddy chuckled himself then said, "Sugar, try to control yourself when you're introduced to him--he's a very proud man!"

"I'm sorry, Daddy--I'll behave!" I said with a smile.

"He should be here in an hour or so--you may want to get ready!" he said.

"Are we going to shower together again, Daddy?" I asked impishly.

"Sugar..." he replied, "...if I shower with you today, I'll end up napping the whole time you are at the ballgame and won't get any work done!"

"Awww, Daddyyyyy..." I pouted.

He laughed and said, "Get your sweet little tushy in the bathroom, boy!"

"Okay, Daddy, but it won't be the same without you!" I said walking out of the room.

I stood somewhat awestruck in the living room in the suite across the hall from ours listening to Daddy speaking Japanese with Mr. Binnaka. I was very impressed with Earl from Houston; he appeared to be a more complex man than I'd originally believed, and I could sense that Mr. Binnaka was impressed, as well.

Mr. Binnaka was even older than Daddy--maybe in his sixties--but he too appeared fit for a man of such advanced age. He was taller than I'd expected with a full head of white hair. He gave off an aura of extremely distinguished and accomplished man.

I was a little frightened by him...Earl from Houston was the most impressive man I'd ever met, but now Mr. Binnaka seemed even more so.

My eyes wandered to his assistant, Yoshi--in height, weight and body shape, he and I were practically identical. He was several years older than me, but his face still had a cuteness that probably attracted Mr. Binnaka in the first place.

When we met, I assumed he was Mr. Binnaka's translator, but it became clear early-on Daddy didn't need one. I followed Yoshi's lead and remained silent during the men's conversation.

The men shook hands, Yoshi bowed to Daddy so I bowed to Mr. Binnaka, then Daddy and I returned to our room.

"I've got some work to do," announced Daddy. "The man's trying to screw me already...I need to prove to him what I'm asking is fair and reasonable...otherwise, this deal won't be worth squat!"

"I know you can do it, Daddy--I can tell you're smarter than him!" I said.

He gave me an amused smile and said, "Sugar, now that marriage is legal for guys, I seriously don't understand why you're single!"

I blushed and said, "Awww, Daddyyyyy..."

He gave me an envelope and I found the three tickets, four hundred dollar bills and five twenties. I looked at the money not sure if I should be happy or insulted.

"Johnny," he said quickly, "...use the money to buy them whatever they want at the ballpark!"

"OH--okay, Daddy," I replied.

He gave me a peck on my cheek and sat at his desk with his back to me.

I don't know why, but suddenly an idea came to mind. I went to the bedroom, stripped off the knee-high shorts, found my short-shorts and wriggled them up my legs and over my hips.

I could squeeze the tickets and money in my front pockets, but it would be impossible to carry my hairbrush and wallet, and I didn't want to bring my man bag...I thought about it and decided I wouldn't need the wallet and brush.

Daddy was busy on the computer as I hurried out the door.

"Good-bye, Daddy," I called out.

"Have fun, Sugar!" he said without seeing I'd changed shorts.

When Yoshi opened the door he noticed my bare legs immediately. A wry smile formed on his lips as I walked past him into the living room.

Mr. Binnaka came out of the bedroom, stopped and looked at me, gave neither a sign of approval or disapproval, and we left the room.

Both men wore short-sleeved dress shirts, and Dockers...not exactly your typical ballpark apparel. I made a conscious decision to walk ahead of them to the elevator so the old man could get a good look at my butt and legs.

The doorman hailed us a cab, and I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Binnaka motioned Yoshi into the taxi first. In the cab, the old man kept his distance, but I caught him staring at my legs more than once.

We stopped at a concession stand before we went to our seats. When I pulled out the money, Mr. Binnaka said something short, and curt, to Yoshi.

"Put money away," Yoshi whispered to me. "He wants to pay!"

"B-But--" I tried to say, but Yoshi put his finger to my lips as if to say, "That is an order!"

We took hot dogs and beer to our seats. Once again I was pleased the old man wanted me to sit next to him.

The Giants were playing the Rockies, and an error by the shortstop in the first inning allowed the visiting team to score three unearned runs.

Mr. Binnaka said something to Yoshi, and he explained to me, "He say the Yomiuri Giants could beat these Giants."

Now I'm a lifelong Giants fan and I didn't appreciate the comment but I just turned to the old man and smiled. The stern expression he'd been wearing since I met him gradually faded away until he, too, allowed a small smile to cross his lips.

I don't drink much beer; don't really care for the taste; maybe that's why when I do, I drink Coors Light...anyway, whenever I finished a beer, Mr. Binnaka insisted I have another. I must admit, he kept up with me.

By the fifth inning I REALLY had to pee. I mentioned it to Yoshi who in turn said something to Mr. Binnaka who in turn said something back at Yoshi.

"He go with you," he explained.

The old man stood, made a grand gesture for me to lead the way, and we walked up the many steps to the concourse. I just knew he was staring at my ass and legs the whole way.

There was a short line in the men's room, but when it came to our turn, we ended up standing side-by-side.

Mid-way thru, he said something I didn't understand. He said it again so I looked at his face. His eyes darted downward as if he wanted me to I did.

He held his flaccid prick in his palm so the entire length was exposed to me. I did my best to make sure no one else saw me looking, and I got a good view of a long, and thin penis, and OH MY GOD--he'd even pulled out his scrotum, and there wasn't single hair to be seen!

We finished, washed our hands, and returned to our seats. A few seconds later he leaned across me and said something very softly to Yoshi.

Yoshi leaned in and whispered, "He want to know if you like what you saw?"

I don't know why I blushed, but I did. I turned to Mr. Binnaka, and averting my eyes from his, nodded my head. Not another word was said the rest of the game.

I excused myself two more times to pee, but the old man remained in his seat.

It turned out to be a good game, and the Giants rallied in the bottom of the eighth and took a 6-5 lead then the closer shut-down the Rockies in the ninth.

A funny thing happened on the way out of the stadium. We were in the middle of a crush of people, elbow-to-elbow, when suddenly I felt a hand on my butt. The hand squeezed a cheek then disappeared. I glanced at Mr. Binnaka who was steadfastly staring ahead of us...he had a bemused grin on his face.

Once again I sat between the two men in the taxi. Near the hotel, the old man openly placed his hand on my bare thigh and stroked it. I gave him a smile, and let him cop a feel.

"I thought you were wearing the shorts we bought yesterday?" exclaimed Daddy when I was in our room.

"Well, uh, I figured it was going to be hot, and I wanted to be comfortable," I replied.

He shook his head then said, "We're going to meet them in the lounge in an hour for cocktails before dinner--wear your new suit."

"Yes, Daddy...I'm going to take another shower--you want to join me?" I said.

"No, you go ahead, I just took one," he said.

I could sense something was wrong...was he really mad at me for wearing the short-shorts? I was only trying to help...

There's nothing like a new suit to make a guy feel great, and boost his confidence. We sat in plush, leather chairs in the lounge sipping martini's...Yoshi and the old man drank wine.

Yoshi and I were silent while the men appeared to be discussing business. After two martini's I was grateful to see the host approach and tell us our table was ready.

I sat facing Yoshi and the two men were across from each other. They were still talking about business and I was getting the feeling that Daddy wasn't too happy.

When dinner arrived, the business talk ended, and the men became more amiable, and everyone enjoyed their meal.

During after-dinner drinks, Mr. Binnaka leaned over and spoke softly with Daddy. Daddy's face became visibly red, and I could plainly see he was upset about something. Of course I don't understand Japanese, but it was clear to me the two men were negotiating business, and Daddy didn't like the old man's offer.

We rode the elevator back to our rooms in silence. When we reached our doors, Mr. Binnaka said something to Daddy, and Daddy said something back to him with a stern look on his face. We went into our respective rooms.

Daddy went immediately to the wet bar and poured himself a tumbler full of Makers Mark then collapsed on the sofa.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" I asked.

I watched him take two large gulps of bourbon before he answered me.

"I don't know what you did or said to him today, but...the dirty old man wants you to spend the night with him!"

My first reaction was one of elation...that I would be able to help Daddy make the deal.

But then I saw his eyes...what am I looking at? Did I hurt his feelings? Does he actually care for me? I was only trying to help...

I went and sat close beside him.

"Daddy, I want to help you any way I can...if this will get you his business then I say it's worth it!"

"I''M NOT A PIMP, DAMNIT!" he shouted. "I didn't have you stay with me to close a business deal!"


I summoned all the courage I could to answer him. I am not accustomed to talking back to powerful men.

"I told you--I'm not a hustler or a pro--and I'm not some cum-slut you probably now think I have given me the most wonderful weekend of my life, and I have nothing to give you in return--except this...I don't feel like I HAVE to do this--I WANT to do this--I want to do this for YOU!"

"I don't like it..." he mumbled.

"Daddy, I'm not proud of a lot of things I've done in my life...I've been petty and selfish—-thinking only of myself...taking and taking but never giving back...please let me give back to you and repay the kindness and generosity you have shown me the past few days...I have feelings for you, and that won't change no matter what happens tonight!"

I stood before the door wearing the over-sized robe with nothing-on underneath. I waited for the clock to tell me it was exactly 10pm.

My hands trembled, and beads of perspiration formed on my brow. My entire body cringed when the high-pitched squeal of the alarm clock filled the room.

I took a deep gulp of air, and one last glance at the wonderful man on the sofa, a pang of regret he would be alone tonight, then scampered across the hallway.

Sure enough, their door was cracked open. I knocked twice then entered the room and shut the door behind me. When I turned I almost ran into Yoshi. He was wearing an identical, over-sized bathrobe like mine, and he looked just as ridiculous in it as me.

He put his finger to his lips and pointed at Mr. Binnaka seated at a desk, studying the laptop before him. I guessed he too, was doing his homework before meeting with Daddy in the morning.

Yoshi motioned to me and I followed him into the bedroom. Mr. Binnaka never looked back at me, or acknowledged my presence.

Yoshi stripped off his robe; he was naked underneath like me. He nodded and I removed my robe as well. For a few brief seconds, we drank in each others nudity then he took my hand and led me into the bathroom. The room was steamy and I saw the bathtub was filled with water.

"I've already taken two showers today," I told him.

"No matter," he replied. "Masuta demands you bathe--he like smell from bubbles!"

I saw the soapy and frothy water and smelled the sweet fragrance of the bubble bath.

I shrugged my shoulders as he helped me into the tub, and settled into the hot water. I had to admit it felt soothing...I hadn't taken a bath in years.

Yoshi wouldn't let me do anything. He insisted I sit back while he gently, and thoroughly, soaped and scrubbed every inch of my body.

I loved it--I imagined I was a rich and pampered son of an important man receiving the much-deserved attention of my boy-servant.

Yoshi explained my role for the evening.

"Always call him 'Masuta' or he become very will go to him where he sit--get on your knees, back straight, hands locked behind your bowed head, eyes lowered to floor...say nothing--when he ready, he will face you and open his robe--you will bow to him and say "I am yours, Masuta" your hands on either side of his feet and bow and kiss his right foot—say 'Masuta'--then kiss left foot and say 'Masuta'..."

"What does 'Masuta' mean?" I interrupted him.

He averted his eyes and said, "Not important--only a game!"

Then he continued: "He will give you filthy and dirty commands--obey immediately!"

"I thought he doesn't speak English?" I asked.

"He fool people--he know English better than me!" said Yoshi. "Do not be offended--only a game."

Yoshi's hands caressed my inner thighs and crotch. "Very soft...and very white--he will like!"

His touches began to effect me, my penis rose to full erection...he smiled, winked at me and squeezed it.

"I-I don't think I can remember everything you told me," I said in a panic.

"You do fine," he replied.

"Will you help me if I forget something?" I asked.

"Will not be here," he said.

"Huh? What do you mean?" I asked.

"While you pleasure my Masuta--I will pleasure yours!" he answered.

Huh? What? A sudden twinge of jealousy coursed thru my body. And I was worried about Daddy spending the night alone?

Hell, those dirty old men probably had this 'swap' arranged the whole time!

But the longer Yoshi caressed and fondled my flesh, the more relaxed I became. I decided I was glad Daddy wouldn't be alone, that his needs would be taken care of tonight.

"OH, VERY IMPORTANT" Yoshi suddenly blurted out. "Never kiss face or mouth--it would be gross insult!"

"Oh--thank you for telling me that!" I said sincerely. "I love kissing--I would have tried to kiss 'Masuta.'"

Yoshi smiled, leaned in and tilted my head to his and our lips met in a long, and sweet kiss. He was a wonderful kisser.

"I like kiss, too--I miss it..." he said rather dejectedly.

Yoshi helped me stand while the water drained from the tub. He wrapped a thick towel around me and vigorously dried my entire body. His hands were so wonderful I momentarily worried Daddy might like him better than me.

He used the blow dryer on my hair with a brush. He was a skilled hairdresser--I looked fabulous! But then he showed me the all-too-familiar tube and bag...

Yoshi saw the expression on my face and knew I recognized it. "Matusa don't want 'accident'."

I nodded my head as he filled the bag with hot, soapy water. I knew the procedure well. Freddy the Asshole took great delight watching me give myself an enema. He would make me wait a long time before he gave me permission to sit and expel the contents of my bowels.

When Yoshi was ready, I bent over and spread my legs without him saying a word. Once he injected the water, he made me wait a long time, too.

My belly began to rumble and I felt the usual discomfort.

As if to assuage my predicament, Yoshi said, "I use this before you come here." That didn't make me feel any better about it. Once my bowels were empty, I wiped and he had me stand again.

I saw him handling a long, cylindrical tube similar to mine. He was going to lubricate my pussy. The whole bathroom experience should have been humiliating, but for some reason I felt Yoshi and I were kindred spirits...he and I both treated these ablutions as a routine part of our lives.

I noticed he dipped the tube into two separate bowls of liquid but said nothing. When it was time, I bent over, and reached behind me and pulled open my butt cheeks for him.

He chuckled and said, "Good boy!"

He worked slowly, and methodically. By the time the entire length of my pussy was lubricated, I began to feel a strange sensation down there.

This is new, I thought, as the walls of my pussy began to sting. I thought it would go away, but it only intensified.

Yoshi saw my growing panic and explained, "No worry--pain turn to heat."

"W-What is this stuff?" I asked in a high-pitched voice. The stinging was becoming unbearable.

Yoshi held my arms to stop my struggling and explained: "Very old formula...World War Two--captured Korean and Chinese women serve in 'comfort stations' for Japanese soldiers...made to fuck forty-fifty soldiers a day...doctors develop paste to keep cunts wet...side-effect is intense heat--women love it--want to keep on assholes, too--you beg Matusa fuck you!"


"Your Matusa have nice cock?" he asked me.

HUH? WHAT? Oh...he was trying to take my mind off the pain.

"YES--LONG AND THICK," I said very loudly. Apparently the paste worked as some type of truth serum, too.

"Good-good," he said calmly. "I have paste in me, too!"

He cleaned the tube then dipped it into the paste one more time.

"Open mouth!" he ordered.

I don't know why I obeyed him, but when I did he held my mouth open and rolled the tube the entire length of my tongue.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" I cried out.

"No worry--will help you please Matusa!" he said matter-of-factly.

Now my tongue was on fire, too. My eyes bugged wide open; I sucked air in my mouth to cool my tongue. I couldn't believe what was happening to me! I tried to speak but my tongue was too thick to form words.

"You talk soon when pain goes away," he said.

I saw him roll the tube in the paste one more time and wondered where else on earth could he possibly apply it to my body, and then to my shock and horror, he gingerly lifted my scrotum and ran the tube over my balls.

The pain was immediate and intense, my balls began burning as bad, if not worse, than my tongue and pussy. I wanted to cry--to pull away and run out of the hotel room to the safety of Daddy's arms.

For a brief moment, I truly feared for my life. I didn't know any of these people. This could be one huge conspiracy; maybe Daddy was even in on it; maybe he set me up so he could close a business deal with a Japanese sex pervert?

What kind of diabolical degenerates are these people? screamed my brain.

The pain abruptly stopped and was replaced with heat...very, very intense heat. My pussy yearned--no, demanded to be filled with something became a yawning cavern that desperately NEEDED to be impaled with a hard and hot cock.

And my tongue, oh my God, it was just as hot as my pussy!

"HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM?" I shouted again, discovering I could indeed talk.

He took me in his arms, with a twinkle in his eyes, and a taunting and teasing voice asked me, "You want hard cock?"
The heat in my pussy completely overwhelmed me. All filters of modesty, pride and dignity had evaporated into the walls of my pussy along with the paste.

I grabbed his erection and furiously stroked it. I rubbed his balls. I couldn't decide if I wanted his hard cock in my hot pussy, or lap at it with my heated tongue. He could have ordered me to do ANYTHING and I would have obeyed him without thinking.

"Yoshi, please fuck me--fuck me with your hard cock!" I pleaded with him.

He smiled and said, "Matusa be pleased with you!"

I groaned in bitter disappointment when I realized he was going to leave me in my heightened state of wild desire. He took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

"Your cock stay hard three hours--you have best orgasm of life!" he said as he went to the closet.

I looked into the closet, anything to get my mind off the intense need in my pussy. What I saw surprised me. On hangars were babydoll nighties with matching panties...four of them--pink, red, yellow and white.

With no hesitation, he brought out the white one. Oh my God, I need to get fucked so badly I don't care if I have to wear a nightie and panties, if that's what it's going to take!

"Matusa, kind a, what you say, kinky!" smiled Yoshi.

The moment I stepped into the panties and pulled them into place, the delicious feel of the sheer material brought a flood of memories back to me. I remembered the summer when my mom worked a lot, and I was home alone and discovered the joys of masturbation. I couldn't get enough of it!

Then doing laundry one day, I felt the material of her underwear and instantly sprung a boner. I took out my prick and rubbed it with the panties--I came with a force I hadn't yet experienced. I was hooked...for the entire summer I masturbated with her panties whenever she was gone...until she caught me, that is...

Yoshi slid the nightie over my head and shoulders and stood back and admired me.

"Matusa adore you...white boy wearing white...' he said wistfully. "Hope he still want me later!"

The feel of my prick pressing firmly against the panties was driving me crazy with lust. I reached down and rubbed my cock thru the material. Yoshi slapped my hand away. I stared at him with puppy-dog eyes.

"Self-control..." he lectured, "...mind over asshole...say it: mind over asshole!"

"Mind over pussy," I said without thinking. "Mind over pussy!"

"If that work..." he said with a wry grin.

He gently pushed me forward. My feet shuffled into the living room. Pre-cum leaked from my slit and began staining the front of the panties.


I shivered with entire body trembled and shook. Yoshi stood behind me holding my shoulders. I saw Mr. Binnaka sitting at the computer, his back to us. Yoshi leaned close and whispered in my ear.

"Breathe deep--help you stay calm..." he said softly, "...most important...remember--this only a game! He look angry and slap your face--it only a game...he spank you hard--it only a game...he call you nasty and dirty names--it only a game...obey him fast--do not make him mad...never look at his face--train your eyes on cock and balls..."

His hand stroked my buttocks thru the panties. I opened my legs and he caressed my throbbing prick. He soothed my nerves; he cooed in my ear how pretty I was--how much Matusa will love and adore me...

It worked...I suddenly became calm...all I wanted now was for the 'Game' to pleasure Matusa's cock with my hands, my lips, my tongue, my pussy--whatever Matusa ordered me to do I would do it quickly, with the singular thought the more pleasure I gave him, the more intense my own orgasm would be.

With one final squeeze of my hard little prick, Yoshi said, "Go now...take your place behind your Matusa!"

I silently walked to within five-feet of where he was sitting, dropped to my knees, forced my back straight, laced my fingers together behind my neck then lowered my eyes to the carpet and waited for the 'Game' to begin.

When I heard the door close behind me, I knew Yoshi was on his way to pleasure my man--I resolved to pleasure his.

Chapter two cumming soon...

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