Fresh Out

He took a long slow breath as he stepped onto the cracked concrete. His first free breath in almost six years and he savored it. His wide chocolate brown nostrils flared, his eyes closed, Neville Sinclair was a free man again. With his long thick arms stretched up above his head he raised to the tip toes of his black leather construction boots and let the breath out with an almost feral grunt. It felt good not to touch the ceiling, or the walls on either side of him, a privilege the 6'5" 240 pound bruiser lusted over on the inside. He had goose bumps he was so excited, the 11 inch log he carried around between his legs was so hard he had to tuck it up against his stomach. An adjustment he didn't mind making out in the open, he relished it.

Twenty three hours a day in a cell alone for six years gives one time to reflect on their life choices and that's exactly what Neville did for the latter portion of his 2007 days as a guest of the United States Department of Corrections. He made several life changing decisions in his time alone, the first being a straight life. Well not exactly. Aside from denouncing a life of crime, he also came to terms with his sexuality. Neville Sinclair was gay, and not by force or proximity. He had always known but given his Christian upbringing and his stature as an all-around jock, Neville never allowed himself indulge his secret fantasies. Before prison he often rationalized his string of failed relationships with the fact that he hated the dumb bitches that he attracted, but after some long complicated self evaluation he came to conclusion that it was him. It wasn't that he hated those women, he just preferred the company of men.

He was in college when he had his first experience, if you could even call jacking off to the sounds of two boys fucking in the next stall of the freshman dorm's communal showers an experience. That's about the time he started watching gay porn and chatting online with like minded men, but could never bring himself to risk his reality. Prison had already done that so he figured what the hell. His parents were already disappointed when he lost his scholarship in his third year and had to return home to join his father's construction company, only to be jailed a year later. At 22, Neville's parents disowned him. They didn't write, didn't put anything on his books, no contact since his arrest. They didn't even come to his trial. As far as he knew he was dead to them, so at 28 Neville figured why not live his own life?

In a five page letter he wrote on his birthday, Neville confessed to his closest confidant of his intentions upon release and the obstacles he needed to overcome to achieve this new freedom. More importantly he asked for help, not support but assistance and she wrote back emphatically yes. They had always been more siblings than cousins and he knew that if anybody would accept him as he was it would be his cousin Paris. She found him a job and she promised Neville could stay with her for as long as it took him to find a place. A few weeks later she wrote back with the name and address of his new boss with instructions to write him as well. And so he did and by some odd happenstance Tyler Garrett became the newly self enlightened young man's pen pal for the last six months of his sentence.

They almost seemed kindred spirits, they shared similar stories of wasted talent and a need for redemption. As the months drew on the letters grew longer and more frequent, more honest. Almost intimate, Neville thought but he brushed it off for his vulnerability and the unconditional attention he was getting from his new boss. Those letters made the last six months fly by and now he was free.

And waiting for Paris to pick him up, he would have taken the bus but she insisted so he sat on one of the benches to wait. It was a beautiful day warm and sunny, too hot for the thermal shirt, hoodie, skully and jeans he had been arrested in so he sat in one of the snug white tees Paris had sent him. As the shock of freedom wore off Neville began scanning the parking lot, when he noticed a big red pick up parked not to far from where he sat. The driver sat on the flat bed away from the prison release door. Neville might have noticed him pull into the parking lot but now he watched the older, maybe 40ish white man smoke a cigarette. He could smell the smoke and the craving made him clench his jaw. He wanted to go over but thought better of it given where they were, so he watched, until he couldn't take it anymore.

Leaving his stuff on the bench Neville circled around the man so he could approach him from the front as he fiddled with his cell. He knew what he looked like so he kept his distance and said as innocuously as possible, "Sorry to bother you bud, but could you spare a square?" The man looked up at him, his gray eyes squinted and judging by the faint lines at the corners of his eye Neville assumed this a usual expression. For some reason it made him smile and so did the man.

"Magilla," he said as he stood, his eyes drifting up and down Neville's long wide frame in open appraisal. "She wasn't lying when she said you were huge."

"Excuse me?"

And the man offered him his pack of menthols and smiled again. "Names Tyler Garrett and you are Neville Sinclair," he said as he lit Neville's cigarette. "Paris couldn't make the trip up with the baby and all so she asked..."

"What baby?" Neville nearly choked on his smoke he inhaled so sharply. "I didn't even know she was pregnant."

"She had a baby a little boy...fuck and I ruined the surprise." Tyler smacked himself in the forehead then slide his hand over his mouth. Neville laughed a little as he looked at him. He was handsome in that DILF sort of way, almost like Jason Statham if you stretched him out to 6'2" and gave him bulk to match. He had more hair too, though it was cut pretty close and mostly gray. Neville felt his balls stirring again as he noticed his pen pal's hard nipples beneath his t-shirt. "Well the cats outta the bag now so I might as well tell you that she'll be in the hospital the next few days and we both thought you might be better off coming to stay with me for a couple weeks. Or at least until she gets home," he amended as Neville shifted back not wanting to spook the newly freed man. "We just figured it might serve you not to be alone so soon."

"Sure just let me get my stuff," Neville said with a smile and wink that he hoped went unnoticed. What was he doing, he thought as he jogged over to the pillowcase of odd and ends he had while inside. He didn't even know what this guy's situation was, for all he knew he was just a nice guy who knew how much a helping hand meant to someone with hard luck. But the mention of we and the way Tyler looked at him that first time had Neville a bit stir crazy in his mind. He thought he better pace himself, especially given his position beneath the man, as he got into the truck

"It's a long drive so what's say we drop off the highway and get something to eat. If we drive all night we could make it to my place before 3 maybe 4," Tyler said as he glanced over at the hulking black Adonis in the passenger seat as Neville stared out the window. The two hadn't really spoken once they got on the road and Neville was happy for it. Not that he didn't want to talk to Tyler but he was afraid of what he might say, so he said little or nothing for the first hour and a half.

"I'm riding your driving bud," he said nervously. Neville looked at the clock and realized it'd been almost 10 hours since he'd eaten last. His stomach growled in agreement. Tyler slapped his hard abs and laughed.

"Yeah I hear ya big fella." There was electricity in that moment, in that touch, as Tyler ran his thumb between Neville's abs as he pulled his hand away. Their eyes met and Neville felt his palms start to sweat.

Before long they pulled into a motor lodge off the highway with as bar and grill attached. It seemed clean enough on the outside so the guys found a table and quickly ordered. Tyler took it upon himself to order a couple of shots and pitcher of beer while they waited. "Hell you should be celebratin Magilla"

"I can't believe she told you to call me that," Neville said with a chuckle as he cringed from the tequila burn.

"You answer to it...which I damn sure can't figure why. You, my friend, are far from anybody's gorilla," he said with a smirk that Neville had trouble keeping his eyes on. "So why do you?"

"It's just always been what people called me."

"And you don't have a problem with it?" The question gave Neville pause and Tyler sat waiting intently for his response. Which didn't come until the food did.

"I guess I do," He said around a mouthful of hot wings. Tyler laughed and told him to eat.

And that's what they did, and talked and drank. Too much actually, when Tyler's phone rang at almost 10 the hour shocked them both. It was Paris and he handed the phone to Neville. "Let her know we're gonna get a room and we'll be by her place to get you stuff in the morning." In his inebriated euphoria Neville didn't see anything wrong with that and Tyler left him to see about a vacancy. By the time he returned with the keys Neville was finished with the call and sipping the last of their third pitcher.

"Well since we're staying how bout another round?"

"I was thinking I could really use a shower," Neville slurred a little and Tyler laughed, handed him the key.

"I'll meet you there. Gonna see about getting some stuff to go, we might be hungry later...with the booze and all."

Neville left with a shrug to find the room, all the way at the end of the parking lot. When he opened the door he was pleasantly surprised by the décor. It wasn't anything special but it was more than one would expect at a motor lodge in the middle of nowhere. The beds were nicely made and it didn't have that funk of old carpet cheap motels are apt to having. The bathroom was shiny and modern with a glass shower stall and brightly lit vanity. He couldn't wait to jump in and enjoy an uninterrupted shower with water as hot he could stand, for as long as he could stand. Neville also took the opportunity to soothe the hard on he'd been carrying around since he put on his street clothes. It didn't take him long, maybe a minute or so of some aggressive stroking saw him nearly collapse as he shot his load all over the shower wall and hand. He moaned softly as he sucked his fingers clean, a habit he developed somewhere around 10th grade.

When he finally stepped out of the shower the bathroom was so full of steam he could barely see. By touch he found the towel rack and pulled one down to dry off. It seemed pretty small as he tried to wrap it around his waist but it barely reached. He figured he'd just put his jeans back on but then remembered that he left them on the floor in the room. Without any other option Neville held the towel with one hand as he opened the bathroom door to see Tyler stretched on one of the beds in his briefs. He tried not to look at the coating of light brown fur on his sculpted pecks and rounded abs, tried not to notice those gray eyes burning holes in the tiny towel around his waist.

"Well," Tyler said with a chuckle as he glanced down, Neville knew at the bulge growing at his crotch. "I hope you don't mind but I can't get comfortable in jeans. We're both men right?"

"That we are bud," Neville said with a glance at Tyler's package before he flopped down on the other bed. He didn't even bother to pull the bedspread down as Tyler had on his bed, though he did adjust the towel so his cock was covered. With both his legs crossed at the ankles and his hands tucked behind his head, Neville looked the picture of comfort. His posture afforded Tyler the ultimate view of every ripple of his chocolate flesh, the white towel only served to draw his eye to Neville's crotch where his cock lay across his thigh in slumber. He could feel him watching and smirked a little before he reached down beneath the towel to give his balls an adjustment. The gasp that came from the other side of the room made his ball tingle and his cock jump.

"Thank you Tyler," he said as he roll over onto his side. "I don't know what Paris told you about me for you to want to do any of this but I really appreciate it. And your letters..." Neville couldn't help the way he smiled at the thought of them, all 20 or so letters, especially the later five or so when they started to talk about life and what they wanted to make of it. He never told Tyler of his preference, sex actually never came up, though they had discussed relationships and their lack of aptitude in them. "I just hope I can live up to you guys' expectations."

"Live up to your own and you'll do right by me," was Tyler's confident response as he roll to look at Neville. But it was his eyes he looked into, not the 11 inch hammer that the towel dangled from.

"Aight dude are you like hitting on me or what," Neville said abruptly, though he smirked as he said it. "I mean I don't know what Paris told you but I'm not looking to be anybody's dirty little secret. I might be fresh out but I ain't bout to get caught out there..."

"Hey bonehead I'm just as queer as you are," he said as he sat up on the edge of the bed, his thick hairy legs dangling over the side. His package on full display tucked snuggly in his tighty whiteys. Neville did know that he like those on a man, and jock straps. He found himself licking his lips as Tyler spoke. "Look Neville I don't think your cousin was trying to set us up or anything. I just think she figured I might have some insight into your predicament that might help see you through it. I didn't know I was picking up a horse cocked Nubian Adonis today so excuse my ogling." Tyler waited for the young man to stop laughing before he finished his thought. "I meant what I said big fella, I been in your shoes is all and somebody lent me a hand so now I'm lending you one. That in no way obligates you to do anything other than be civil and pay it forward." With that he rolled over, showing Neville his back.

"Well that was awfully mellow dramatic," he said after staring at the other man's back, well his ass really and how the tight cotton of his underwear hugged it just so. He wanted to put his face in that ass, to immerse himself in the musky aroma of his masculinity.

"I didn't mean for it to be," Tyler said with a chuckle and though he didn't turn around, he did slide over towards the other side of the bed. A silent invitation that did not go unnoticed.

Neville smiled as he stood up and shucked the towel away before he lay down behind Tyler. His cock led the way as he pressed his body to his fuzzy back, buried his face in the back of his neck and took a long deep breath. "Fuck you feel good," Neville grunted as he pawed at Tyler's front and ground his pipe into his ass. With both hands Neville explored his first man, ran his palm over his nipples, groped at his cock and balls through the cotton of his shorts. When he brought his hand up to his nose to smell he thought he might pass out the scent was so intoxicating.

And Tyler could take it no more when he heard those fingers being sucked by those full lips. Lips he wanted on his cock from the first time Neville smiled. Without breaking their embrace he spun to face him and shoved his tongue in his mouth. The moment was too intense for Neville and he cock started to leak precum all over their stomachs, moaning loudly as he sucked Tyler's tongue in his mouth.

Then he abruptly pulled away, leaving Tyler to search blindly for his mouth. "But what if I wanted to do more." He started out asking his permission but somewhere in the middle Neville got sidetracked, lost in the contrast of their skin tone. He'd worked him onto his back and straddled him as he did just what he wanted. It was when Neville put his nose in Tyler's armpit that made the more experienced man take control.

"Mmmm big fella like how I smell huh," he groaned as he put his arm around Neville's neck, locking his face into his pit. "You're just big ole piggy who ain't had his cherry popped ain't you big fella..."

"The way you been lookin' at my dick I think I'm the one gonna be doin' the popping," with that Neville took Tyler's surprisingly large beige nipple into his mouth. About the size of a raisin Neville nibbled and suck as he twisted and pulled the other. That proved to be Tyler's surrender, and Neville smiled when he heard that drawn breathe. He could feel his heart race as he ran his tongue down between his pecks, caressed the peach fuzz that ran down the length of his side. "Mmmm I wish I had all this," he mumbled to himself as he ran his tongue down along the mat of hair Tyler had on his belly. And when Neville began to lap at his belly button his pen pal nearly lost his load.

"Holy shit I haven't wanted to get fucked this bad since the 90s," Tyler said in a grunt as he struggled to get out of his briefs, but Neville held him firmly in place.

"The 90s huh," Neville said laughing as he sat up to tower over his new friend. He looked down at him, watched as his eyes squinted in laughter. He found himself wanting to touch his face, to rub his beard and Tyler grabbed his wrist to pull that hand to his mouth to give the palm a kiss. "So what's that supposed to mean to me?" Neville said cockily as he worked his other hand down to grab the front of those tighty whities.

Tyler chuckled a little as he sat up and allowed Neville free his fat 7 inch cock. What he didn't have in length he made up for in girth and Neville was mesmerized when he saw it. He watched as Tyler spread his legs and gave it a few strokes to salute. When he finally lifted his gaze, Tyler smirked and said, "It means I'm a top, but a certain kinda man can get me under 'em."

"Oh is that right," Neville said shock of seeing his first real cock worn off by the open compliment. "But I kinda wanna be behind you," he said with a smirk as he slowly fondled his shaft, pushing and pulling it back and forth, while his other hand reached down under Tyler's ball. He looked into his eyes as he pressed a finger against the button between his cheeks and moaned. "Yeah I'm gonna need you to get that ass in the air for me please." And Tyler happily obliged him, spreading his knees wide. He gave his tush a shimmy and Neville couldn't help but give it a hard smack. Then another, and two more to each cheek before he began to grope and message Tyler's hard muscled ass.

"Fuck you gotta nice ass," he said as he dove into it face first. A firm grip held Tyler in place while Neville wallowed between his cheeks. He ran his face up and down his crack, tongue out and panting like a dog in heat. Neville couldn't believe how wonderful the other man smelled. Like soap and man, and he couldn't get enough. He lost himself to animalistic grunts and groans as his tongue found Tyler's tight pucker, giving it a nudge. Oh how he wanted to be inside that warmth.

"Mmmm yeah big fella open me up just like that," he heard Tyler say as Neville pushed his tongue into that warmth. It took two or three attempts but once he breeched his rim, Neville was treated with the most delicious whimper he'd heard from any partner. "Oh heavens that's nice Neville," he muttered with his face buried in the pillows.

Neville could only grunt a response as his tongue was too busy stroking in and out of that tight hole. That wasn't so tight anymore, with each pass he found he needed less force to get inside. Eventually he simply held the thick muscle behind his rim, wiggling it up and down. Rolling his r's. From the way Tyler rode back into his face and grabbed his bald head, Neville figured he was doing alright. The trail of precum dripping onto his arms from Tyler's cock was also a good sign. He couldn't get enough, Neville could have gone on for hours if Tyler let him, but it was getting to be too much for the older man. He needed to cum and told him so with palm to his forehead. Neville's tongue dislodged from his hole with a wet pop and the look on his face was puppy like.
"I do something wrong," Neville asked, almost pouting as he sat up on his knees.

"You kidding me right," Tyler barely said through pants as sat up to meet him in the middle of the bed. One look at Neville's spit shined face and Tyler dove at him, wrestling the larger man to the bed on his back. He ground his ass into his lap as he pushed his tongue into his mouth, his own tang mixed with the flavor of Neville's mouth. As he moved above him, Tyler discreetly reached on the floor for his pants and worked his wallet from his pocket. Once retrieved, he sat up in Neville's lap and smiled down at him, a bit sheepishly. "Now don't take this the wrong way big fella but I was a Marine and a boy scout before that so preparedness is a motto of mine." From his wallet Tyler produced a small packet of lube and gold wrapped condom. Neville gave no audible response, simply grabbed his cock at the base and held it steady. "Please allow me," came as Tyler pushed his hand away, replacing it with his own. He gave the veiny shaft a few long slow strokes before he scoot back and lean forward. It took two attempts but the older, more experienced bear took the 11 inch hammer all the way down his throat making Neville gasp and mumble a long string of profanities.

"Oh you'd you...shit Gotdamn ain't nobody never..."Neville couldn't make a complete thought as Tyler worked his thickness with his deep throat. His toes curled and ass clenched as he started to thrust ever so slightly. Not slight enough for Tyler not to notice because he pulled off, a long string of spit and precum connected his lips to Neville's cock tip.

"Now, now we can't have you blowing your load before you get the real prize now can we," Tyler teased as he worked the condom down Neville's shaft, a coy smile on his face that Neville didn't see with his eyes closed and head back against the pillows. "No, no big fella I wanna feel just how thick it gets when you blow. Mmmm I bet you got a whole lot of load backed up in them big balls of yours. Bet this rubber keep you from blowing my head clean off my shoulders. Now you just lay back big fella, ole Tyler gonna take better care of you than any man you ever been with."

"Well you're the only one on that list and you're doing a bang up job," Neville gasped as he felt Tyler lower himself onto his cock. Neville opened his eyes to witness the mounting. He wanted to see, as he always had, his manhood disappear inside Tyler's warm channel.

And this time it was Tyler's turn to be silent as he slowly worked himself back and forth, his hips writhing to accommodate Neville's girth. He was mesmerized as he watched himself swallowed by Tyler's hungry hole. He couldn't speak either, his hands glued to the backs of Tyler's strong calves. The only sound in the room was the television until Tyler let out a feral grunt as he settled completely impaled on Neville's shaft.

"For fucks sake that's huge," he said breathlessly, his head back and eyes shut.

"Soooo fucking tight," Neville groaned in response, his eyes locked on the cock dripping on his stomach. He reached out to touch it, to stroke it, his first cock but again Tyler swatted at his hands.

"Naw big fella let it happen," Tyler said as he laced his calloused fingers with Neville's, brought the meaty paw to his face to kiss. Neville took the opportunity to stroke the rough stubble on that angled jaw, his thumb tracing his lower lip. Tyler took that finger into his mouth, gave it a nibble, his eyes locked with Neville's. "Ready," he asked and Neville reached with his free hand, gave his ass a hard slap. Tyler reacted like a runner to a starter pistol, riding Neville hard and fast.

Too fast Neville thought but he couldn't make the words to tell him to slow down, frozen he couldn't move at all. It was too intense, he could barely breathe. Every muscle clenched in an attempt to hold onto his load. He wanted desperately for his first time to last. Neville tried to think of anything but the warm sheathe that encased his throbbing manhood so snuggly. Anything but the angry red thickness that slapped his taut abs with each bounce of Tyler's strong hips.

And then it happened. Tyler began to tremble, his movements above Neville becoming choppy and erratic. His grunts more guttural and incoherent. The muscles of his chute clenched and trembled around him as he gripped his meaty hips.

"Oh Neville I'm sorry," Tyler moaned breathlessly and Neville couldn't imagine what for until the first spasm of his cock shot cum almost straight up his nose. The next nearly caught his left eye, the rest landed between his chin and belly button but Neville could think of no reason for him to be sorry.

Then he couldn't think at all as his brain shut down and he began to shoot his own load. Neville shot forward, his arms holding Tyler firm in his lap as he humped upward. His teeth found his neck and he bit down in an attempt to stifle the yell that rumbled from his chest. The feeling of Tyler's calloused hands gripping the back of his neck made him shiver as he continued to rut against him.

Eventually they both stilled, neither seemed very interested in disengaging from the other though Neville did release Tyler's neck from his jaws. He was horrified by the big purple bruise and deep set teeth marks he'd made. He kissed it, ran his tongue over it.

"Yeah you got me pretty good didn't you big fella," Tyler whispered before he planted a kiss on his cheek, then his lips.

"I'm..." And Tyler kissed him again to stop his apology.

"I seem like the kind of guy that let anybody do something to 'em he don't want," he said between licks and suck of his own cum off Neville's face. Each sting had begun to mix with the sweat of the other man and their comingled flavor had Tyler stirring again. "Trust me all of that was much appreciated."

"Who you tellin," Neville said with a tired chuckle. His legs were starting to fall asleep with the heavy man in his lap, but he didn't want him to move. He wouldn't call it love but there was definitely a feeling brewing. Tyler made the decision for them and slowly dislodged Neville's softening member from his hole. "Mmm come on do you have to," he said as he fell back on the bed, watching the older man's muscled bottom in its trip to the sink where he wet a couple wash clothes and grabbed a few tissue.

He didn't want to seem desperate but Neville hoped that Tyler might allow him to share his bed tonight. It wasn't only sex that he missed in jail, he was starved for intimacy. Any human contact really. He watched him as Tyler cleaned him off, gently wiping his chest. Slowly pulling off the spent condom off his cock. He tried not to make his lustful glare so obvious but when Tyler's cheeks started to turn rosy he knew it hadn't worked.

"Come on big fella," he said as he held out his hand. "We'll use the other bed for sleeping." Neville took that outstretched hand with a smile and allowed it guide him across the room to the other full sized bed. It was a tight squeeze but it seemed Tyler didn't mind, settling himself against Neville's back. With a soft kiss between his shoulder blades, Tyler mumbled good night and slid his arms around the big chocolate body.

fresh out

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