Broken In Ch. 02

Jarred is on his way to the audition, jarred for sure, traumatized from the way Darnell had handled him and soaked the young white stud in his Nubian essence. When he starts to feel angry and used he realizes that it was his idea and that he, much to his chagrin, got off hard at the twisted scene.

Mess with the bull and you get the horns, and oh did Jarred get the horn. He got up close and personal with at coal black ten inch beer can thick horn, and while his ego was the only thing that got speared by it, something in his body awakened, like a kinky gay Kraken from a Leviathan's abyss.

Darnell spends all day on cloud nine while he labors away on the job site. He actually whistles to himself, and every once in a while he grabs his basket, feels the relief in his scrotum and smiles to himself, 'Jarred was so good to me, I need to return the favor. He gon be shook up from what I did do him, and I need to guide him through this easy. Feed him this dick real slow. He gon be turned out real nice.'

While Darnell ponder the rigors of gay diplomacy, domination, and fantasizes about sex with his roommate, his new bottom bitch, Jarred questions the taste of the black man's semen and the sore, tingling, and squishy sensations emanating from his ass.

The cum has a strong flavor, much stronger than his own. It's far more bitter, musky, and yolky, like egg whites. It's not as salty as women say it is, or at least Darnell's isn't. 'I guess different guys taste differently' thinks the curious white boy, who admits it was hot, but is still in a deep state of denial as to how turned on he was by the scene, how far he's willing to go in the future.

Bitter, musky, and yolky, for sure, but the texture of Darnell's spunk, unlike his own, is much thicker, and due to his big bull balls, there was so much more, an almost impossibly ridiculous amount. The cum seems to have numbed and coated his mouth, his throat, and stomach, and has such a potent lasting effect it's as if he can still taste it fresh from the BBC tap.

Jarred hasn't been ignoring his ass and the fact that he's carrying around so much sperm in it that every moment makes him feel a squishy kind of motion inside his rectum, like water collected at the bottom of a row boat, the cum in his ass is gently rocking with the waves of his movement.

He's never been so aware of sitting down before, as if his ass has become a separate entity that's very angry with him, trying to secede from the Union of Jarred's jarred body like Texas from the United States.

When he gets to the audition he's made to strip down and get naked. The photos will be nudes and clothed with underwear on this day, to get an idea of how he'll look for the real gig, and Jarred is ok with that, but he just wishes his ass didn't feel so funky or abused. When he gets naked and puts his perfect ass on display, the room goes deafly quiet.

The photographer starts referencing the state of Jarred's ass, who didn't realize how badly Darnell wrecked it. His cakes are bright red, with two massive hand print bruises that have to belong to someone huge, someone who's not Jarred. The photographer has Jarred get on all fours to inspect the mangled gluts closer.

While Jarred gets into position there's the now familiar squish, squish, from inside his anus, as the black man's seed adjusts inside Jarred to fill the shifting inner walls of his rectum. Jarred's ass crack is an even brighter shade of cherry red and it sports a distended, yet tightly sealed, asshole.

The photographer chastises Jarred the whole time, first asking him if he's gay, and then asking if he was getting fucked up his ass all night and morning. The abuse looks really fresh and Jarred stammers out excuses, obviously lying about being homosexual and getting roughly taken.

It's no big deal to be gay as model, it's no big deal in the fashion industry for men to have rough homosexual encounters, a big percentage of male models are queer, but to show up to work afterwards looking like this is downright unprofessional.

Jarred is there all day, and his innards squish about with African semen the whole time, forcing him to repeatedly confront his actions and the consequences. With the intent focus on his defaced ass cheeks and the constant criticism, Jarred starts thinking about STD's, about how it would feel to take Darnell's cock up his ass, and what this development might do to his modeling career as the photographer gets on the phone with Jarred's agent and starts complaining that Jarred showed up having just been fucking by some giant.

Despite his unrelenting protestations, Jarred is mortified in embarrassment, and knows that he probably can't salvage this gig, but, as if the sore buttocks and cum-lubricated innards isn't already far too much to take, this photographer seems to delight in pointing out his tortured state and he repeatedly fights back tears.

He comes to wish he hadn't taken that shit before showering. All least he'd be able to evacuate Darnell's seed from inside of himself. He remembers back to when he first got in the bathroom, and squatted on the toilet seat, instantly squeezing out a foot long snake of shit into the bowl in one hard push, how good it felt to get all the feces out of him and how proud of himself he was when he saw the long tube of crap coiled up at the bottom of the bowl, emptying the vacuous space to make room for spunk, spunk, and more spunk.

Ten agonizing hours later he's walking in the door and finds Darnel's there making himself a dinner in the kitchen area in his uniform black skull cap, black socks, and giant cock and balls, completely naked as per usual. The long thick shaft and heavy ball sack sways to the beat of Iggy Azalea's 'Pussy', and when Big D notices his new toy enter he grabs the tiny remote and pauses the track.

'Time to feel this bitch out,' he thinks, but Jarred avoids eyes contact with Darnell who says, "Yo, what up, Jay?" and Jarred replies flatly, "Nothing," and goes to quickly pass his roommate who's massive pumped up black arm reaches out and grabs hold of the white boy by his bicep.

"Yo man, don't be like that, it ain't no big deal unless you wanna make a big deal. We still boys, and..." Darnell tells himself he's just trying to calm Jarred, and that Big D 'don't catching feelings, "and... I care about you. You helping me out this morning, saving me lots of pain, dawg? I owe you big for that, so don't make this like we ain't tight no more. Feel me?"

Jarred wrenches his arm free, slightly hot and bothered by being so close to his friend's bulky nude frame and the offending cock in question, but also enraged. He confronts Darnell in a moment of frailty, "You know you destroyed my fucking ass when you grabbed it like... like some fucking animal, and that lost me the gig today, and everybody called me a gay all day and asked why I would show up to an audition looking... looking I had been fucked! There are fucking pictures of me looking like some ... some faggot!!!"

He slaps Darnell so hard and fast that the skin on Big D's face actually jiggles and the black man sees stars. Jarred covers his face with hands shaking, and starts sobbing, tears falling down his face through his fingers, "and if that's not the worst part," his screams miffled into his hands," you... you..." he can't continue, shaking and still unable to communicate the worst/best part of the shower ordeal.

Darnell who was all ready to beat down this guy, unclenches his fists, his cruel sneer melts away at he sees his boy break down. Jarred's one of his closest compatriots. He steps towards him and hugs his roommate into his arms. He knows soon this gorgeous young stud hard is going be broken in hard, but Jarred is also a really cool white boy, no matter how conceited and arrogant he might be, he's has always had his back and genuinely wants Darnell to succeed.

Jarred tries to pull away and Darnell's whispers to him in a low baritone, "It's alright Jay, let it out, brother. I gotchu. I won't make fun of you. I know how you feel, I swear it. MOre than you can know. This is nothing gay man, no faggot shit. I care about you. I gotchu, man."

Jarred mistakes Darnell's meaning as what it must be like to be a black man in such an oppressive society. He relaxes in the big naked man's beefy warm arms, feeling safe for the first time since Darnell harshly took advantage of his kindness in the shower, feeling protected in the strong, rock hard frame of his best friend. Both men try to control their engorging cocks due to the close body contact, Darnell takes a deep breath and wills himself soft while Jarred's heavy cock starts to lengthen.

"The worst part is... Oh God!" Jarred sobs again, rubbing his tear soaked face against the black man's shoulder and nuzzling Darnell for a moment, not realizing what this is doing to the big man, "You came in me. There. I said it. You came inside of me. FUCK!"

Darnell's eyebrows rise up, confused and not sure what Jarred means, "What you mean? We didn't..."

Jarred interrupts, calming slightly down to explain looking up into Darnell's curious eyes, "No, but when you came it accidentally flew into my mouth, twice, and I swallowed both times by accident, like on instinct to avoid choking. There was so much, man. So much cum... And then... and then... fuck it. When you picked me up and spread my ass out you... you shot right up my ass. I have no idea how that's possible, I can still feel it in there, and I... I..."

He presses against Big D in his moment of weakness, and inadvertently presses his body against the nude black flesh as his hard on rubs against Darnell's leg, "Darnell, I'm confused right now, how I feel, I feel like such a fucking bitch, like a freak, I don't think I'm gay, but all I taste and all is feel is what you... what you... I... I don't, I don't..."

"You liked it, didn't you?" asks Darnell, purring in his ear like Barry White, "Just like when you were fingering yourself this morning. It's alright man, to like that type of thing. I ain't judging you, Jay. We still boys."

Darnell's sounds so smooth, Jarred takes a massive gulp and a deep breath, "I think so, I do. I liked it, but I don't know if I can do it again, I know you're not gay, neither am I, and I don't want to lose your respect. I love pussy, but... I dunno. You can feel me right now, how hard I am. I thought you'd start beating the shit out how I just acted."

Darnell contains himself. This is too perfect. Jarred just essentially admitted that he wants Big D to be his Daddy, although the burgeoning bottom is scared, shaken, and doesn't even know what that means yet.

"Ayt Jay, I get it, man. I ain't gonna hurt your punk ass, yo. We boys, and I got yo back, even if you are... you know... even if you like to get with dudes once in a while." Darnell doesn't wait for a response, time for more fun. He steps back into kitchen area, turning off the stove, and grabbing two glasses and an E & J Brandy bottle in the cabinet as Jarred admires Darnell's strong back, big triceps, thick muscular ass cheeks, and tree trunk legs.

Darnell starts to pour out two generous helpings, filling the Collins glasses to near the rim as Jarred starts to think about how good Darnell looks and how sweet a guy he is and as he does his mind, in a delicate state, starts to swoon.

He thinks about Darnell's taste and the fact that part of this man is inside of him right now.

This is the first moment when Jarred realizes that, given the right opportunity, he would explore gay sex with Darnell. Right now it's just a flash in his mind, but as he stares at the thick, meaty black ass, he can't but thinks about the taste of Big D's sperm, and his mouth waters, imagining what it would be like to be one of those lucky white girls, sucking that legendary dick, and maybe even, maybe even taking it up the...

"Here, drink this, dawg," Jarred takes a healthy swig immediately,"Nah, you need to finish that shit," and Jarred obediently chokes back the rest. Darnell finishes his own drink like its water and then refills both of their glasses, forcing more liquor into Jarred than he can handle on his empty stomach. Jarred had lunch, but not a lot being that he was on an audition and didn't want to look too fat.

Oh sweet vanity.

"Come here," he grabs Jarred's free hand and leads him to the living room couch as the Brandy start to hit the developing bisexual white man. Darnell's standing in front of him which puts Jarred eye level to the cock that has occupied his thoughts all day. Both men are absolutely still for a long moment in the quiet room as Big D let's Jarred get a nice long look and makes sure his glass is full.

Jarred licks his lips thinking about how funky the big penis smelled this morning in the shower. His mouth starts to water again. Realizing how slutty must have just looked and how needy he's being, he looks up at Darnell for a moment like he's been caught, searching for more acceptance. His nerves force him to take another triple shot of E & J, his third in as many minutes, as Darnell chuckles.

The generous swig of burning hot liquor absorbs into him as he sits back, exhaling all the stress from his lungs as he admires his roommates new gentle understanding side. His open-mind, his expression of loyalty and friendship, and that amazing body and those fucking genitals has Jarred relaxed now, although his head is swimming and feels tired from the mental and physical exhaustion of the day.

Jarred doesn't see the twisted seduction at hand. It seems every step of the way he's falling further out of control.

"Let me see, Jay."

"What?" ask Jarred from within his daze.

"Lemme see what I did to you."

"No, D... I ... its pretty bad. It's embarrassing."

Darnell walks way, the globes of butt swaying dreamily up and down as he does, goes into his room just off the living room and grabs some lotion, "Ain't no embarrassment between us, little bro. We been naked around each other since day one," he approaches swiftly, which the confidence of a skilled lover.

"Come on, Jay," he then unceremoniously walks up to his roommate, kneels before him, and reaches for his belt buckle, unfastening it, unbuttoning his slacks, and then bringing down the zipper as Jarred stares on in shock.

Darnell reaches up to the waist band of his roommate's pants and underwear and starts to slip them down, "Lift up," and, of course, Jarred foolishly does, as Darnell notices Jarred's tented crotch his big white cock springs free slapping his polo shirt with a dull thud.

"Let's see what's up back there, bro. It's can't be that bad."

Jarred, still in an emotional haze and now also in utter shock at the turn of events looks questioningly at Darnell, "Turn around , Jay."

"D, I... I can't"

"I ain't gonna do nothing man, just wanna help you out," waving the lotion and pulling Jarred's arms forward. Darnell takes control and man handles the slack body, grabbing him under his armpits, standing him up. As Jarred's pants pool around his ankles Big D turns the white boy around and presses him forcibly down to the floor and bends him over the couch.

"D..." says Jarred.

"Shhhhh, you be quiet now, Jay," says Big D as he caresses Jarred's lower back, "God dayamn, I really hurt you bad. I'm fucking sorry, man." The big black hands move downward and caress both outside edges of the plump buttocks, and move over the discolored flesh in a circular motion, electrifying the injured skin.

Jarred sighs, one of his weaknesses is having his ass stroked and Darnell is no virgin to white boys like him. It's especially nurturing and erotic to Jarred considering the already sore state of his backside, which makes every tiny sensation magnify.

Darnell uses his companions ease to move further. He presses his hands onto the red bruised cheeks and spreads open Jarred's ass, exposing his cherry red crack and slightly swollen, puckered balloon knot. Darnell's cock start to get really hard and he has to fight to remain calm and in control.

He let's his right hand off the right side of the buttock and spreads the left cheek farther, examiner the boy pussy like a gay sex doctor, and running his meaty pointer finger down the crack, making Jarred gasp and feel more vulnerable then ever, yet taken care of, and Darnell's finger, after swiping softly up and down a couple times, comes to rest at the puffy back door, then runs it clockwise around the sphincter letting it to come to rest right in the center, pushing oh so slightly.

"That hurt?"

"No," says Jarred a little too quickly.

He presses against Jarred's back door again, slightly harder, "You sure? This don't hurt?"

"No, it feels ..." another sigh, "fine."

Darnell grins so wide Jarred can almost hear it. 'This is almost too easy.'

He squeezes the lotion in his hand, warms it up by spreading it around, and starts to massage it gently onto Jarred. Jarred's cock hardens to full erection, realizing that Darnell is treating his ass just the way he treats it when he's alone. He sighs contentedly again and lets his upper body come down fully on the cushion of the couch, closing his eyes, and enjoying the five star treatment as an even layer of lotion is spread on the skin of the cheeks, and an even thicker layer is slathered onto crack and hole.

"Thanks man. I don't know what to say, Darnell," Jarred's using his buddies full name now, he always called him Big D or D, but it doesn't seem appropriate now that he's so exposed, this is so personal, and he's become so feeble before him, calling him Darnell feels right, for right now.

"All good, Jay. You got a really pretty ass, man. Really fuckin' pretty. Plus, I owe you one for this morning," say Big D as he slips his pointer finger into the puffy and lotion-slicked asshole.

"Darnell, No!!!" yells Jarred, who's jarred again. He tried to rise up but a big meaty paw pushes his back roughly back down, and in his emotional, fragile state he's weakened and at the dominant man's mercy.

"Hold still, man. Just feeling what you were talking about, you took my load up this ass?" questions Darnell to distract him, let him stretch a little. He then slips the rest of his finger in up to the second knuckle, bending and wiggling it around inside.

"Oh, right. Sorry, yeh, there was a lot, D," laughs Jarred,"I though you... Sorry, bro," and Jarred submissively lies back down on the cushion to allow Dr. Darnell to continue his examination.

When Darnell's finger slipped in it was like breaching a sacred barrier with a warm gooey center. He just got to center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop in three licks. He instantly feels like his fingers are swimming in a sea of warm fetid slime, "Holy shit, dawg. You been walking around like this all day?"

Jarred sighs, "Yyyyyyyup."

"Hahahahaha!!! Jesus Christ, man, what are the odds of that shit happening?" Darnell's asks rudely, he removes his finger, licks it clean as quietly as he can, then sucks two of fingers in his mouth, getting them nice and wet, and slowly breaches the sacred ground of Jarred's puckered ring again.

"Oh God!! Darnell, Darnell please, can I be let up now?" Jarred requests submissively. Darnell notes that he's starting to settle into his role as the receiver, 'the white boy bottom bitch is strong in this one.' He's turning pretty quickly and Darnell's enjoying it.

"Nah man, not yet," replies Darnell, who withholds an explanation and presses his fingers deeper in the boy pussy, stretching the sphincter out even more, but keeping the yolky cum sealed inside. He presses downwards hard and starts searching for the prostate.

"Darnell please, I don't want... OH GOD!!!"

He found it, "There it is, Jay. I gotchu, dawg. Just returning the favor, man. You helped me out this morning, and I feel bad for this shit, so just stay put and enjoy. Let me return the favor, Dude."
Darnell starts finger fucking his roommate harder now, his own black cock rock hard, his fingers gooey with spit and white slime, an obscene squelching sound echoes in the room. 'Schloop, schloop, schloop' can be heard as Darnell's thick meaty fingers poke at the sensitive prostate gland with each insertion.

"Darnell, no! PLease, not like this... Oh fuck... I don't wanna cum like some... Ugh uh... like some faggot, man. Oh my God, D!!! Please let me up, man. This is... Oh my God... not what I pictured... uhhhh... when you said... uhhh... return the favor," Jarred manages to grunt out through the larcenous penetration.

Jarred struggles against Darnell harder now, and Darnell bring his hand up the back of the white boys neck, pinning him hard and tight, his rigid erection presses against the left cheek of the bubble ass. The friction overall makes Jarred's temperature rise, he starts to feel the room getting hotter, his balls start churning from the inside.

Jarred stays silent, still acting like he's putting up a fight, making a show of it that both men know is obvious fraud. Big D loves the unspoken role play, and will always use that type of attitude to push it further, to pun a phrase.

Big D debates with himself, 'Should I take this bitch now, or just add another finger.'

While Jarred is very strong, and is legitimately struggling against the black stud, what he's really struggling with is the last vestige of his disappearing heterosexuality. He believes this is just a game that developed, but somewhere inside of him the idea that Darnell loves his ass and that he completely bent over in front of a guy like him drives him absolutely wild. This is what kinky is all about.

Darnell's been through this before. He's had to develop a keen intuition, having come from a hellish neighborhood. You have to able to judge people quickly and accurately to survive. This skill helps him to ascertain who needs to be roughly turned out, so as not to go about raping young men who don't want it. He might be forcing them, but there has to be a point when the stallion breaks or it's just pathological sadism, it's just brutal torture, and Darnell respects fat asses too much to become that type of Dominant.

He relished in the game of taking white boys and making them bitches. There's nothing better than watching a formerly straight white man come to the realization that he want to give a superior black men pleasure. Darnell feels no shame in being the arbiter of a bottom bitches new sexuality, in fact just the opposite. It's an honor to rape these white boys, and Jarred is the finest and ripest of all his collection. He will enjoy this one for a long time, no doubt.

"Come on, baby, help me out," schloop, schloop, schloop, "Come on, Jay, let it happen, dawg," schloop, schloop, schloop, "Come on, bitch!!! Fuck that ass, faggot!!!" and D starts pinging the prostate hard.

Jarred's eyes have been tightly shut, experiencing the fingering and trying to hold back the orgasm thinking of baseball and math or politics and his grandmother, still in deep denial, but upon being so harshly called a bitch and a faggot something in him snaps and his hips start rolling with the rhythm of the finger fucking.

Darnell senses the white boy's acquiescence and removes his hand from the back of Jarred's neck, grabbing his own hard shaft and milking himself along.

'God damn, am I really a bitch? Big D's working my ass just like I do when I'm alone and I love it. Maybe I am a faggot," he realizes, revels in the new found freedom and referring to himself this way. The kinkiness of the situation is on full blast, 'I can just enjoy this experience now, and no one will know, then we can both go back to our straight lives after I get this nut off. For now I'll just be whatever I have to be to get off.'

Right as Jarred starts to get into it, just as he's reaching the turn, Darnell adeptly slows his lunging fingers, denying this fresh new born bottom bitch the pleasure and drawing out the encounter, reeling him in for good, "You really digging this shit, huh Jay? You sure you want me to finish you off like this, like a bitch yo?" He's going to make Jarred beg and work for it.

"Come on, D. Don't fuck me with me man, do it, bro!" begs Jarred, who grips the couch cushions hard and arches his back, jutting that magic ass, posing for the black who already cited his appreciation of Jarred's rear, and offering himself to the tenacious fingers of his roommate, "Come on, D. Finger fuck me, bro. Please DARNELL!!!"

"Work it, Jay. Hump back against me, let me see whatchu got, white boy," Jarred in the midst of ecstasy starts obeying, humping back, fucking himself on the wide digits as Darnell grabs his own cock and starts stroking to the beat of his friend's bucking. Neither of them will last too long, this is too good.

"Yeh man, like this?" Jarred starts violently twerking his ass meat around his friends hand. The undulating ass cheeks push Darnell over the edge as Jarred blurts out, "Fuck bro, this is soooo good... ugh... I'm getting close, D."

Big D's big D can't take it anymore. He might've been able to hold out if Jarred hadn't started twerking, but now his BBC needs to get a piece otherwise it won't respect itself in the morning, "Yo Jay, I need a piece of this ass, real quick man. I'm about to nut too. You're ass is too too fine. Lemme get some," says Darnell as he removes his fingers.

"Push out like your shitting," says the white boys first black Top, "I'm coming in regardless. It'll be easier on this pussy if you push out. Just lemme finish off, Jay."

Jarred's starts to object and feels the big black hand comes onto his neck again, but this time it's much softer, more like it's encouraging him not to fight and just enjoy it, stroking him, "Shhhhhh," he hears from above, "Push out, baby," whispers the smooth low voice.

His anal canal starts to spasm in anticipation. He's in no position to fight and if he does it will hurt far more, so he reluctantly holds still for Darnell.

Big D grabs the white boys cock from between his legs and pulls it down, cupping the head in his broad palm, and then takes his onyx tube steak and lines it up with the quivering hole, bringing his chest down on top of Jarred's back hard.

"Push now, babygirl," whispers Big D. Jarred tries what D says and pushes out like he's shitting, just as the sperm from that morning threatens to leak out, the BBC punches its way into the heavenly womb of perfect white boy bubble ass as both men scream, one in pure pleasure coupled with the rape he's committing, the other in pleasure and pain at the sacrifice of his gay virginity.

Jarred's eyes bug out at the tremendous intrusion, he sucks in air hard like the last time he came, like he's been under water and has just breached the surface in time before he suffocates. He can feel himself pulse around the fat glans of his buddy, who pushes the colossal black cock further up inside of him, wrecking his virginity for good and bringing the head to rest just against the swollen prostate.

Jarred mooans as he loses his seed in the rough palm that cradles him so perfectly as his unconsenting new pussy massages the BBC. The big black cock explodes against the white boy's button, and the intense spray of another pint of black sperm against his secret spot sends him into overdrive, causes his cock to lurch even harder, making his sphincter and entire pussy squeeze his best friend tighter, and then tighter still, forcing the bottom into a second wave of spasming and orgasm.

Darnell doesn't take him fully, it already feels like he plunged his cock into an extremely compact opening that holds a warm gooey center, and wants to make sure nothing gets wasted. He need the rest of Jarred's anal canal to be unfulfilled in order to make sure his entire load gets lock inside the white boy.

His penis start pulsing and pumping squirt after squirt with that same impossible ejaculatory force. The BBC bulges and lurches obscenely fulfilling its purpose inside of Jarred's hypersensitive ass, which sends electronic signals through his nervous system to his brain that processes every sensation to the most infinitesimal degree. He can feel every deposit acting as wadding to his inner core of ass.

If he weren't so emotional, so vulnerable, so in the midst of multiple orgasms, then he would've recognized the harsh violation. He made himself defenseless and weak in a moment of despair to his friend and the African stud used the opportunity to finger fuck him, rape him, and breed him, like he was some woman captured and made the spoils of war.

If he was a woman, he would've certainly gotten pregnant. There was so much cum filling him that his vagina would've been fully coated, the warm liquid expanding through every crevice, and pushing and propelling itself into the cervix.

His thick meaty ass is larger than most, still sinewy and powerful, but over sized and able to accommodate Darnell's full load, two of his loads now as a matter of fact. The black snake moans into the reborn white asspussy and sings a song of raw spunk, sending little potential black babies searching ever upward in vain for an egg to fertilize.

Jarred stops cumming and lays there spent as his friends BBC continues to pumps. The sperm attempt to sire phantom offspring inside him. Neither mans speaks, Jarred is mute because he's over taken with the sensation and the painful stretching of his anus, and Darnell can only growl as, after a full drenching of the tight cavern and another powerful last shot forced out hard, the cum finally stops flowing.

He takes his hand from off the white cock, sits up off Jarred's heaving back, and bring the greasy full palm up underneath his cock, lubricating it all around the shaft with Jarred's own muck, and allowing for easier exit while soothing the exterior of the extended anus, slipping himself slowly out of the white boy.

"Clench that pussy, Jay. Don't let any of me spill out of you," and grabs the fleshy ass cheeks and presses them together around his exiting tool. Cum coats the ass crack as leaves his friend's asshole and Jarred follows the instruction, sealing the deal and saving up his buddies sticky down payment by clenching his booty.

"Hold still, Jay, I gotchu," Darnell stumbles to his feet, grabbing some wet tissues from the bathroom and then coming back to kneel behind his formerly virgin bride, wiping the access cum from off the perfect buns and smacking the tight left ass cheek lightly, "Ayt man, you're all clean. Get up, baby."

Jarred, dizzy and floating, sits up for the time since allowing himself to be bent over and taken and, with his black friends help, comes to his feet, feeling even fuller than he was before. He swallows hard and looks at his buddy who grabs the white boys shoulder and smiles, "Darnell, I... you just made me... what do we..."

"Shhhh, don't say nothing, Jay. It is what it is and noting more, you needed that, and I said I would return he favor. If you gay then that's fine, but you still my boy and I still got ya back no matta what. Feel me?" Darnell definitely just had his back.

Jarred smiles like a drunken school girl who just lost her virginity to the prom king. Darnell's managed to turn the whole thing around and make it seem like he was helping a confused friend figure himself out, taking one for the team by fingering and then cumming inside of him.

Deep down in some subconscious region of his mind, Jarred knows what's happening, no one can be that stupid, but he's still swooning from the sex and allows himself to believe that Big D is just a good friend that was doing his close buddy a favor, "You won't tell anyone? You promise?" ask Jarred naively, refusing to accept the raping that took place, "I mean, you sure we can just go back to the way it was before?"

Denial isn't just a river in Egypt and Darnell isn't just a river of cum up inside of Jarred.

"Of course, man. You're one of my best friends, Jay. I'm happy for you, man. If that's what you need then you should have it, you deserve it. Mattafact, let's take you out to the club tonight to celebrate, my treat. See if you still like girls, that sound good?"

"Dude, I'm not gay," Jarred blushes in the presence of his new beau, "I don't how I feel, but I know I love pussy. I just... it was just experimenting. I'm not gonna start dressing in drag or fucking men regularly, I don't... I can't..."

"Listen man, I see how you reacted. I mean, we just had sex, yo. Maybe just fo a sec, but we fucked and matta what, we still boys, fo sho, but you felt how I was, how hard I was, because, Jay, from the back you... you know you look reeeeeal good, man. You know? If you need me to help you out from time to time like dat, lemme know. I can handle dat, and we can keep it between just us. Now go get ready dude, we gon party hard and see if you're big cock still likes pussy," commands Darnell, who winks at him, then leaves the half naked white boy standing there, filled to the brim with sperm, a sore asshole, a shriveled cock, and pants pooled around his ankles.

Jarred pulls his pants back up, making sure to keep his ass sealed up as he bends down to retrieve his belt, fastening it back in place and walking to his room to prepare for the rest of the evening. He's exhausted and probably should eat more food or go to sleep, but feels it's best if he goes and flirts, or at least that's what he tells himself.

This white man is not willfully doing anything anymore, he's drunk, he's pliant from being so dominated, he emotionally vulnerable, he's learned about his bisexuality, and he's following orders now. Part of him also has to convince himself he's not gay, 'It wasn't really sex, he just put the head in a little ways and then came in me again,' he reasons.

He's not fully broken in yet, but he's as primed as anyone ever was. He squishes with his half gallon of semen all the way to his room. Any sane person would've gone to the toilet to empty out, but he's not himself anymore. He's completely delusional about the fact that his kindness has been repeatedly used by his new black Daddy.

Things are starting to look up for Jarred.


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