Brod: Magic, the Buggering

Sarkopheros Says:

You guys asked for it, I've been planning to do it, so here it is, the first gay Brod story! Aw yiss.

If you've read Brod stories before, you know what to expect. If not, expect ludicrously gigantic cocks, diluvial amounts of jizz, and cum inflation. This particular story also involves a pair of incestuous twin brothers and interracial sex. And, of course, unrealistic insertions. Also, Brod himself is bara and the twins are pretty twinkish.

The point of these forewords is so that you have some idea of what you're getting into and so that you know if you want to read this or not right off the bat. Every single time I post a story, someone has to comment about how unrealistic or ludicrous it is—even though I keep providing these forewords. So, consider yourself informed. It's not supposed to be realistic!

And thank you to all my fans. You guys have given me a lot of great support and comments which I try to respond to if I can. If I neglected to reply, or if you haven't commented, thank you for your support all the same. You guys keep this going!

Now let's gay!

Yes, "gay" is a verb now.


You may have noticed in my stories that I've regularly referenced my bisexuality. Pansexual or bisexual ... I'm still not sure which term to use, since a lot of people seem to disagree on whether the term "bisexual" covers other genders besides the main two. I've seen definitions that imply "bisexual" does indeed cover them, and others that say it does not.

All you need to know is that I fuck whoever is willing to give me their holes and who I also find attractive. People often ask me about that. A lot are curious, a lot are dismissive. Most of my stories focus on girls. I will admit that I do have a preference for the ladies, and that I'm much pickier about boys. But I do pretty regularly fuck boys. This story is mainly focused on doing exactly that.

Even though I'm sort of a nerdy guy myself, I'd never really gotten into pen-and-paper games or into collectible card games. This is the story of my introduction to the latter.

"Thanks a lot, Brod," said the redhead behind me. I saw her pearly smile and heard the lilting of her accent. "I appreciate ya' comin' to help me."

I tossed the remaining section of the half-dead sapling into the officially branded county trash can. Whunk.

I smiled at her, my broad shoulders and chest glistening with sweat. I wiped my hands against my shorts and put a hand on Jaden's swollen belly.

"So have you named them?" I asked.

"We thought of a few, but we haven't decided, yet. Let me ask. How many of your ... clients ... name their babies after you?" she asked.

I chuckled. "Not many, I appreciate the gesture, but it's sort of odd," I said.

She smiled, dimples appearing in her cheeks as she looked at me with deep green eyes. Her heavy belly was exposed by the top she wore, the sweatpants she wore around the house hanging loosely about her legs. "Hiro said he'd think about making your name the middle names," she replied.

"Thanks. I appreciate the gesture, but you can tell him it's not necessary. Those kids could grow up and then start asking about their middle name," I said.

"Well, they don't have to know it's you. We could say it's an uncle," she offered. "Personally, I like the idea."

I shrugged. "Well, if you like it, I'd be flattered."

Jaden smiled. "You're too polite, Brod. Ya' know, when I first met you and started hearin' about your reputation from the other ladies, I thought you'd be an arrogant prick."

"I'm not a huge dick, I just have one," I chuckled, delivering one of my well-used lines.

She chuckled back. "Would you like something? A drink? A beer, maybe?"

I shook my head. "Water's best. Unless you have some Gatorade or something."

Jaden nodded. I followed her inside and she got me a glass of icy water. I sat there, bare chested, my sweaty body cooling off in her kitchen as we continued talking.

"Do I have time to shower before I take you to the train station?" I asked her.

She looked at the time on the microwave and nodded. "You should. I'll put my bags in the boot while you do that."

"Sure you don't want me to do that?" I asked.

"Ah, go way outta that." She rolled her eyes. "I think I can lift a couple'a bags! It's only a couple night's worth."

I nodded and put my keys on the counter. "There you go."


About twenty minutes later, we were in my Escalade speeding down the highway.

"Ah, shit," I grunted.

"What?" she asked.

"I forgot to put the trash can in front for collection tomorrow," I admitted.

Jaden shrugged. "Ah, just do it when you go to get your tools. I showed you where the spare key was, right?"

"Yes. Sounds like a plan," I said. "So how come you're not flying to meet Hiro and the family?"

"Ever since ya' knocked me up, flyin's just been bloody savage. I'm hopin' it'll pass once I pop the little one out."

"I hope so, too," I agreed. "Still, I'm sure the trip'll be fun at least."

She smiled. "I think so too. If you see the boys, tell them big sister said hello."

"Aren't you going to call them?"

"Probably," she said with a shrug, smiling at me.

About an hour and a half later I was pulling back into her house. I noticed the beat-up Civic sitting in the driveway. Her sons had returned. No reason to look for the spare key. I locked up Sovereign and walked up to the door, pressing the bell. Ding-dong.

It was a couple of minutes before the door opened. Looking up at me was a waifish boy who came up to my eyes. Messy red hair framed his smooth, creamy-colored face. He had such pretty green eyes, big and round.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Kanayama," said Aedan. I saw those green orbs dart down to my swinging bulge, ill-concealed behind shimmering blue basketball shorts.

Abruptly, I heard footsteps. Bradan appeared. He was slightly taller than Aedan and had very neatly styled hair, swept over black-lined eyes. His hair was the same fiery color as his siblings', and his eyes were the same brilliant green. "Well hello there, what brings you around?" he asked. Neither boy was a slouch in the bulge department either, I noticed—they both looked to be packing grapefruits in their pants, although Bradan's skinny jeans emphasized his a lot more.

I smiled. "I came to get my tools," I said. "I didn't realize you boys were back," I chuckled.

"Oh, so is that all you came for?" asked Bradan. Aedan looked away and shuffled his feet.

I rolled my eyes and leaned against the doorjamb. "I came to drag that trash can in the back to the front. Unless you'd rather do it."

"It looked like it's full of wood," said Aedan.

"Keeping things full of wood is his specialty, if I remember," chuckled Bradan. Aedan flushed. "That trash can looks too heavy for me to move, Brod. I'll let you do the honors."

I chuckled and motioned for them to step aside. I moved in. They were both much smaller than I was. Not so much in height, but in mass and build. My forearm was like a ham compared to Aedan or Bradan's.

I came in and Bradan closed the door behind me.

I looked down and saw an envelope from Sunshine State University with Bradan's name on it laying on the small table near the door. "Oh, hey, SSU. When do you start?"

"We're actually in the middle of spring break, believe it or not," answered Bradan.

Wait a minute. I thought the boys were still in high school! They were older than I thought.

I'd only had very superficial conversations with them once or twice while I was helping Jaden. Neither boy had an accent as heavy as hers, although you could hear faint tinges of emerald in the way they spoke. While I didn't know much about them, I did know they'd been in the US much longer than Jaden had. "No shit? I thought you were still in high school," I said.

"Been out for a while," offered Aedan. "Did you drop Jaden off?"

"Yeah, her train should be leaving any minute," I answered.

"Oh. Well, we have the house alone, then. I mean, just us," Aedan stuttered. His eyes moved down, and I could feel it as his gaze caressed the melon-sized outlines of my balls.

"That's normally what alone means, 'bro,' " chuckled Bradan.

"So what are you doing for your break?" I asked, walking to the back door. The boys followed me out. I picked up my chainsaw and began to knock it against my sneaker to loosen some of the wood flecks.

"Oh, uh, I guess we're going to a couple parties," said Aedan. "And the beach?"

"Yes, but I have a feeling we might be hanging around like a couple of nerds," said Bradan. "I, for one, would like to test out our new Magic decks." I noticed Bradan's eyes studying my motions as I cleaned the chainsaw off, and like Aedan, his eyes seemed to be lingering on the heavy, swinging length of meat in my pants that was fatter than his arm.

"I've never played that," I said, putting the chainsaw down and moving to wipe the machete off with a rag. Then I walked over to the trash can to lug it out to the curb. They followed.

"We could show you," offered Aedan. "If you have time?"

"If you don't mind, yeah, I got some time today," I replied. "I actually wanna see how to play."

"We'd love to show you," said Bradan.

A while later, I'd put the garbage out front and gotten my tools stowed in the Caddy. I sat on a couch across the coffee table from Aedan. Bradan sat next to me as I examined the deck he'd handed me.

"So you can play one land each turn normally," explained Bradan. He leaned his warm body against mine. I raised an eyebrow at him. "You tap those, turn them sideways, to make mana, which you use to do ... things. Like, see this creature? It's a wurm, and it costs six mana to summon." He pointed to the mana cost.

"But it says '4'?"

"That's mana of any color. So you could tap a mountain, which is red mana, or any other mana, and that totals towards the four. See the little trees? You need four and then two green mana specifically. So a total of six, get it?" asked Bradan, his breath gently brushing against my cheek. Aedan bit his lower lip as he eyed my bulge. When he realized I was looking at him, he looked down at his own deck.

"Seems straightforward. But if I can only put one land a turn, doesn't that mean I can't play this wurm for six turns? That seems like a long time."

"Normally, yes, but this deck is built to deal with the high mana cost of most wurms," said Bradan. "It's honestly not a newbie setup, but I thought the wurm deck suited you," he chuckled, glancing down at the outline in my lap. It was currently occupied by what looked like a pair of melons and a summer sausage snaking past one leg.

"Y-yeah," agreed Aedan.

"And why's that?" I asked, chuckling. "Because I'm covered in spikes and you need a bunch of trees to summon me?"

"Well, Jaden used trees to summon you," said Aedan.

I chuckled. "Yeah, I guess she did."

"You do seem to know how to handle a huge amount of wood," said Bradan.

Aedan's eyes got bigger. "That's not what I meant, and you know it."

"It's what I meant," said Bradan, brushing some of his flat-ironed hair out of his eyes. "And, Brod, when you've summoned that big ol' wurm of yours, you can tap it to use it on your opponent."

I chuckled. "Oh, really? Well maybe you want to be the one to play me, then. I'm pretty experienced with my 'big ol' wurm.' "

Bradan grinned and leaned more heavily on me. One of his lithe hands rested on my thigh. "I bet. Have you ever used it on a boy before?"

"Oh, lots of them," I said, putting the cards down.

"I thought you only liked girls?" asked Aedan, putting his cards down as well.

I shook my head. "Nope. You can sit with us if you want," I chuckled.

"Oh. Okay." He nodded, his wild hair bouncing. He came over and sat on my other side, putting his hands in his own lap, almost as if he was afraid of coming into direct contact with me.

"How many girls h-have you. Have you had sex with?" asked Aedan. "And b-boys?"

"I can't count the number of ladies, but I've fucked several dozen boys at least," I answered.

"Oh," said Aedan.

Bradan's hand crept up and began to rub against my warm nut. "If that's the case, do you think we could see your deck, Brod?"

I rolled my eyes. "How many of those puns do you have in your hand?" I asked. "I don't think you have enough mana for all of them."

"Oh, you're bad," chuckled the redhead. His hand slipped under the waist of my shorts, and I felt it curl around my hot, flaccid length. "Oooh! It's so heavy and warm," he cooed. "Aedan, you're free to join, you know."

"Isn't this kind of weird with you being brothers?" I asked.

"We're um. You know, twins. We share. Everything...," offered Aedan. It was slow, but he was becoming a bit more vocal. I found his shy curiosity to be cute.

"That's right, and we were each other's first experiment," added Bradan. "And it looks like there's more than enough of you to go around."

Aedan reached over and began petting my right nut. Yes, petting—he tentatively rubbed his hand over its warm surface like it was a dog he didn't know."Your balls are so big," he moaned. His touching became more insistent until he was using both hands to knead my jizz-factory. My cock began to shift. Bradan's other hand joined the first in my shorts and pumped my length under the cloth. Dainty fingers slipped over hot skin, slipping across flesh, curling through the wrinkles. I felt his warm breath on my neck and chest.

After a moment, he decided to wrestle it free. It required both hands. I could feel how he tugged and fought my heavy organ. Bradan grunted as my growing cock flopped out onto my stomach.

"Oh my god, she was right," he chuckled.

"Who, Jaden?" I asked.

"Yeah," said Aedan.

"What'd she say?"

"That it was the biggest cock she'd ever seen. To be honest, I had a hard time believing it, even having seen your bulge," answered Bradan.

"Thought I stuffed my pants with wurms?" I asked.

"Something like that," chortled Bradan.

"Can you. Um. Can you..." Aedan bit his lower lip "T-take the pants off?"

I smiled and rubbed my hand down his back. My fingers gripped his rear and squeezed. "It's not gonna bite. You don't need to be shy with me." I lifted my hips enough to slip my shorts the rest of the way off.

"Going commando, huh?" asked Bradan.

"Pants aren't very comfortable," I explained as I sat back down. I rubbed my fingers over Bradan's bulge and hefted his balls. They were generous by normal standards, each feeling as large as a tennis ball.

"Y-yeah, I can believe it," said Aedan as he leaned in.

Both he and Bradan were staring at my gigantic organ with awe. By some unseen signal, they simultaneously leaned in, all four hands slipping towards my rising flesh-tower and pumping up and down its pulsing shaft. I leaned back and wrapped a thick arm around each of the twins.

I felt hot breath on my cock as they both began to lick the fat head, moaning and purring as they did so. My cock lifted up from my stomach, a sturdy column of flesh rising towards them.

"Oh my god," gasped Aedan. "How big are you?"

"This thing is bigger than my arm!" Bradan made a fist and put his forearm up against the hot surface of my cock. It dwarfed it in sheer size. The top of his knuckle came up to slightly under the back edge of my grapefruit-sized glans, and his slender arm didn't nearly compare to my absurd girth, thicker in the middle than a two-liter bottle.

"Nineteen-and-a-half inches normally," I told Aedan. "Over four across. Around ten-point-seven pounds in weight," I told him.

I didn't know how big either of them were, but they were both bigger than a few seconds ago. I noticed their cocks struggling to escape their pants, so I said, "Boys, I'm feeling overdressed. Would you mind?"

They looked at each other, their hands pausing on my fully erect member. Bradan stood up first, smiling as he slipped out of his t-shirt, revealing the gently toned lines of his torso. His skin was a deliciously milky tone. Then he began to undo his belt with a jingling of metal. Down came the zipper. Zzzpp. He wiggled out of his jeans, peeling them away from his body, revealing a nice little cock that sprung forward once freed.

Keep in mind that it was only "little" compared to me. His erection approached eight inches in length, his tangerine-sized nuts bouncing as they came free. He dropped his pants to the floor, smiling as he settled back down next to me, tongue rolling over his painted lips.

We shared a smile. I wrapped an arm around his waist and wrapped my meaty hand around his shaft.

"Mmm. You've got a strong grip," he commented. as I began to stroke his pulsing cock. I could feel his heartbeat.

"I'm strong all over," I said. Not my best line, but Bradan didn't seem to mind a whole lot. We both looked up at Aedan.

He had gotten his shirt off and was now biting his lip and fumbling clumsily to untie the drawstring on his shorts.

"What'd you do, tie a granny knot?" I asked.

"A what? I tied a bow," he said.

"You so did not tie a bow," countered Bradan. "Your pants would have been off by now."

Aedan grunted and finally managed to get the strings untied. I chuckled as he wiggled out of them. He wore a pair of green boxer-briefs that hugged every contour of his balls and growing erection. And when he peeled them away, that erection sprung upward, precum already beading at the tip. He looked at me and bit his lip, standing there and staring.

"You can sit down now," I chuckled.

"Okay," he said, kneeling next to me and gripping my cock.

He pushed his own sizeable—but outclassed—erection up against mine. Bradan knelt upright and did the same thing, the boys both rubbing their hot, pulsing organs against my towering behemoth.

Bradan gasped. "Oh, my god. Even together we're not anywhere near as big as you, not even soft!" He licked his lips, precum rolling down his cock in glistening rivulets. Both boys began rolling their hips, grinding their cocks against either side of mine. My strong hands rubbed up each body, gripping each ass and pulling them in.

"Mmm," I purred. Their precum began to roll down my own shaft, and it wasn't long before I felt it starting to leak from mine. A shining droplet appeared, swelled until it was the size of a marble, and rolled down. This was becoming quite a slimy affair. I felt our mixed precum rolling down into the capacious wrinkles of my enormous sack.

Again, without any obvious signal, they moved together, sitting down beside me. Four slender hands wrapped around my slick cock. The redheads began to pump up and down its great length, fingertips tracing every contour, palms slicking over its slippery surface. Schlick. Schlick. Schlick. I leaned back and relaxed against the couch as they worked on my cock.

Aedan's hot tongue ran up the underside of my fat member, along the edge of the head. Bradan lapped pre up from my tip, then wrapped his lips around it and slipped his tongue inside. I gasped as I felt the hard little metal balls of his barbel.

"Oh! Yeah, that's good," I grunted.

Bradan pulled his tongue free, trailing a long line of slime, and said, "You ever gotten a PB and J before?"

"What?" I asked.

"PB and J. A pierced blowjob," he explained as my pre rolled down his chin.

"I've never heard anyone say that before in my life," I told him.

He shook his head. "I've heard people say it."

"People besides you?" I asked. "Besides, wouldn't that be a 'pierced blow and job' since you add that 'and' in there?"
Aedan started laughing.

I grinned at Bradan as he frowned. I ran my fingers through his soft hair. "That feels incredible, though, whatever you call it."

He seemed satisfied with this and went back to work. I closed my eyes halfway and let out a long gasp at the ceiling. That barbel rubbed up and down inside my sensitive urethra, his hot breath washed over my domed head. Aedan's lips brushed up the underside of my cock as both sets of hands pumped and stroked and slicked over its pulsing skin.

I felt a hand grip one of my nuts, and a second later, one gripped my other nut. Each boy had a hand on one of my enormous, melons-sized testicles. They were insufficient—my balls are so big they require two hands to handle, each. But it felt great when they began kneading all that flesh.

The air was smelling thickly hot and sexual, and it was filled with the sordid sounds of slurping. Schlurp. Schick. Glissch. Then the delicious noise of them swallowing down mouthful after mouthful of my steaming, slimy, throat-coating pre. Gluck. Glurk. Glup.

With that barbell, it wouldn't be long before I blew my load, and I could feel my heavy nuts tightening in their thick-skinned sack. So I asked, "So should I cum all over both of you?"

"Yes!" insisted Bradan.

"Please?" cooed Aedan.

I stood up. Precum poured from my cock, like a fleshy faucet left running. I said, "When I cum, everything is going to get covered. Do you want to do this here?" I asked.

"Well, since everyone is gone," said Bradan. "We could use the master bathroom...," he chuckled, grinning at Aedan.

"Jaden will kill us!" he gasped.

"I'm fairly sure she'll do worse than kill us if we let Brod paint the whole living room white," argued Bradan.

"...That's a good point," agreed Aedan.

The boys stood up. They lead me down the hallway, each one with a hand that was unwilling to detach from my cock. Their fingers brushed my skin as I left a broad, shining trail with my leaking member. Smack-smack-smack. My heavy nuts bounced off my thighs as I walked. They practically vibrated as they anticipated release, so much pressure in each one.

We walked from tile to soft carpet to tile again as we walked through the master bedroom to the master bath. The bedroom itself was tidy and I noticed a few family pictures on the vanity. When I saw their fiery-haired mother in one of the pictures, I smiled at the memory of the time I'd helped her out with some yardwork.

I could see why they thought this was a better idea. The oversized tub had plenty of room for all of us, and the tiles would be a hell of a lot easier to clean than the furniture in the living room. If you've read my other stories, you know how much collateral damage I can do.

The boys sat in the tub. I stood over its edge, my cock pulsing and dripping precum into the tub. They leaned forward and began to pump and lick me again. My balls tightened up once more, sperm raging inside.

"Mmm, yeah, keep it up!" I panted.

Their fingers caressed and stroked me, slicking over its surface, until...

GLOOORCH. The first wad blasted from my cock, splashing all over Aedan's face, painting it white as a geisha's, jizz rolling down his chest. His hair became matted and he closed his eyes.

Bradan pushed his face in. GLUUURCH! A nickel-thick rope of spunk blasted all over both of them, giving Bradan the same treatment, his dark eyeliner running and making grey stripes as my seed washed it away. SPLUUURT. SPLUUURT. SPLUUURT. I shot wad after wad, each taking seconds to leave my cock, pint after pint of protein painting their bodies.

It wasn't long before their chests and arms were covered. It rolled down in huge globs, waves of spunk running down about their cocks and balls, collecting in pools under their asses. SPLOOORT. The blue tile wall behind the bathtub suffered as well, my seed rolling down the surface. I furiously pumped my own member as I treated them both to a one-man bukkake treatment. Bradan went so far as to turn around so I could cover his back in slimy heat, his brother following suit.

Finally, I felt the last wad pour from my cock, pearls rolling out of its mouth as I finished.

Bradan and Aedan rubbed jizz from their faces, both licking it up as they looked up at me.

"You're still rock hard!" gasped the latter.

"You wouldn't believe what it takes to make my cock go soft," I chuckled.

"From what I heard, a busload of sluts," said Bradan.

"Sound about right," I said as I stepped into the tub with them. Squelch, squelch! My own spunk gushed up between my toes and rose high enough to cover them. There was at least an inch or two of it in there.

I grinned. "So who wants me to wreck their ass first? Or are you going to fight over it?"

Aedan and Bradan looked at each other. Each held up a fist.

Aedan said, "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!"

He picked scissors. Bradan picked paper.

Aedan grinned and turned around. Bradan was lounging up against one side of the bathtub. Aedan wrapped his arm around his brother's neck got up on his knees, and wiggled his soft-looking ass invitingly. His cock swung under him, slapping against Bradan's.

I grabbed his hips and began to rub my glans against his entrance.

Aedan bit his lower lip. Bradan wrapped his arms around his brother's shoulders to help stabilize him and grinned at me. Black leaked from the corners of his mouth and under his eyes.

I began to rhythmically roll my hips. The softball-sized head rubbed and ground against his ass, forcibly spreading the cheeks, spilling huge amounts of precum into it as it spread open. Aedan gasped. I replaced my cock with my fingers and slipped two into that hot little hole. Squilsch-squilsch-squilsch. I began to finger-fuck it, lubed by my thick, viscous seed and the precum. I took a moment to kiss his ass with my cock. My steaming, natural lube poured into him, earning a throaty groan.

I slipped a third finger into his ass and spread them, licking my lips as I felt him giving way. Then my hands returned to gripping his hips, and I ground my glans into him. The tip fit into his welcoming hole, pouring more heat deep into his body.

"Aaugh! Fuck, you're huge! So huge!" cried Aedan as I spread his ass around my girth. I sighed in pleasure as I felt the tightness yielding. I put more and more pressure on him, and Bradan pushed back, helping force his brother onto my member.

I pulled him back slowly, my powerful hands gripping his slender waist, fingertips digging into pale flesh. Aedan arched his head back as I felt him stretch further and further. He shifted his knees apart in my cum-pool, panting heavily. Schl-pop! The head was in.

"Hahhhnngh!" he cried. "Fuck!"

I began to thrust, causing his whole body to rock back and forth with me. His grip on Bradan's body tightened. Bradan himself was tensing up, pushing his brother further down my eager fuckrod.

I felt it sinking deeper as I rocked back and forth, my pre keeping the smooth walls nice and slick. My giant head bulged out just above his cock, and I must have been utterly flattening his prostate because I felt him tighten up.

"Mmmpphh!" He moaned as I heard a splurt-splurt-splurt. His cock erupted, the gooey strands splashing onto Bradan's belly before merging into the pool I'd left in the tub.

"You're gonna be empty by the time I'm done with you," I growled at the back of his head as I began to thrust more insistently, feeling his poor little ass stretching centimeter by aching centimeter.

"F-fuck me dry!" he mewled into Bradan's shoulder. Bradan himself was reaching under his body, stroking his own cock, slathering it with a handful of my spunk.

"Don't work too hard," I told him. "Because you're next."

"Do you know how hot this is?" he panted. "It's hard not to touch myself."

Squilsch. Squilsch. Squilsch. Such sordid sounds as I fucked Aedan's ass. My pulsing hardness sank deeper, the forward third of my fleshy titan buried inside him and bulging quite obviously, distending his belly. Now that he'd loosened up, I was able to move more freely, grunting as I took longer, more powerful thrusts. His ass was stretched cartoonishly around my cock, my pre squirting around the edges, even as I poured boiling-hot pints deep into his gut.

"Fuck, I can see your cock!" Bradan half-yelled.

"Bellies don't stay flat around me," I chuckled.

"I noticed. Seems like you keep them full for nine months," he quipped.

I rolled my eyes and grinned as I continued to pump Aedan's tightness. It gripped me deliciously. I reached under him and wrapped my hand around his still-pulsing cock, my other hand gripping a handful of his fiery mane. I pistoned hard into his ass, pulling out by a handwidth or two, exposing half a foot of glistening fuckrod before slamming it back home, knocking a little air from his lungs and shoving him up into his brother. Thump. Thump. Thump.

"Mmm. Oooh. Nnngh. Ooohhmm," he moaned.

"I can't take this," said Bradan. He began shifting position, moving up to his knees. I pulled Aedan back slightly to give him room, having some idea what he was about to do.

He gripped the base of his cock, licking his lips before caressing Aedan's face. He pushed the fat head of his cock towards his brother's lips. Aedan moaned and gripped Bradan's ass, pulling him inward. Even if he was shy, I had to give him credit for swallowing it like that.

Bradan leaned his head back and moaned as Aedan's expert mouth took his cock. Glurk. Glurk! I heard the loud gulping as he, I assume, relaxed his throat and allowed Bradan to slip all the way in.

"Oooh, yeah!" he panted. "Way better than jerking off."

I knew Aedan's bulge had to be bulging like crazy as Bradan began to pump his length into his brother's throat.

I started fucking him again, our two bodies moving into a rhythm, shoving him forward onto Bradan's cock before Bradan pushed him onto mine. I had a good ten inches inside the little redhead's ass.

Bradan leaned towards me and slipped slippery fingers around my neck. I leaned in and felt his hot lips touch mine. I could taste myself on them. I felt his barbel against my tongue as he wrestled mine with his. We moaned into each other's mouths as we used his brother like a toy.

I felt Aedan tighten up again. I heard the splurt-splurt-splurt! He shot another load that splattered audibly into the pool below. Bradan broke the kiss and gasped.

"B-Brod!" he moaned, before gripping his brother's head tightly, his own load blasting batter deep into Aedan's throat.

After another couple of minutes, I licked my lips and said, "My turn."

Bradan slipped free of Aedan and collapsed against the side of the tub, his erection bouncing up and down. Long, glassy ropes of saliva stretched between lips and glans.

Aedan panted, "F-fill me, please!"

I groaned as I filled my balls tighten once more, the sensation of cupfuls of heat forcing their way down my cock's throat. SPLOOOORT! I sighed in satisfaction as I shot the first wad, pouring pints of my goopy, yogurt-thick, steaming-hot spunk into Aedan's body. SPLURT. SPLURT. SPLURT. His belly swelled immediately, sagging lower and lower.

"How's it feel?!" asked Bradan.

"Aaauugh!" answered Aedan. "Aagh fuck!"

"Yeah, that's about how it looks, too," he said as I kept erupting, wad after wad slamming Aedan's insides with explosive, goopy impacts. I launched ludicrous amounts of semen into his bowels, his belly wobbling and swinging underneath him as it grew, bouncing against the upper side of his cock. At least, it swung until it touched down in the tub and began spreading to the sides.

Hot spunk sprayed around my girth. It flowed deeper and deeper, occupying all available space until it made it hard for him to breathe. Jizz flowed down my cock to my balls, down his thighs. White heat oozed over his balls and dripped from them. His member became slathered thickly with my seed.

"I can't believe you did this to Jaden," gasped Bradan.

I sighed in relief as I felt my balls emptying. Finally, it was over. I smiled as I rubbed a hand over Aedan's pale rump. He sighed and slumped down onto his stomach.

"Mmmmuh," he groaned, eyes rolling back in his head. I stopped moving and rested for a moment.

Splort! Splort! His "little" cock began erupting again, contributing to the white rivers pouring out around my cock.

I sighed as I put my hand on his ass and began to pull backward, pushing him forward. Schloooorpop! My enormous glans popped free, throwing an arc of spunk into the air. Immediately, Aedan's ass became a seminal waterfall, pouring spunk in pearly sheets down his balls, cock, down his belly and thighs, feeding the pool below.

I grinned at Bradan. My cock pulsed menacingly. He gulped.

Aedan managed to drag himself and turn around, laying up against the side of the tub, gooey spunk rolling down his distended belly, hanging in front of him, so low it dipped into the cum below and engulfed his cock completely. He grabbed his brother and weakly pulled him towards him. I didn't think Aedan was very strong at this point, but I also didn't think Bradan was going to resist a whole lot.

Bradan spread his legs and bit his lower lip, looking up at me with his bright green eyes. His eyes darted down to my organ. It was covered thickly in layers of white, its skin hardly visible under the layers of gooey seed. His own cock pulsed, laying against his smooth, pale stomach. I licked my lips and dragged two fingers through my own pearly muck, coating them thickly in my seed, the goo trailing thick ropes as I raise my hand from the liquid. I slipped them into Bradan's ass and began to pump them in and out.

"Oohmm," he moaned. I wrapped my hand around his needy member and began to pump it. Squilsch-squilsch-squilsch. Aedan reached around his brother's hips, and even though he looked half-comatose, he began to languidly roll his brother's sizeable nuts in his hands.

I imagine that Aedan's belly probably made a somewhat comfortable backrest, but the pressure of his brother's weight would be forcing out some of that spunk. I pumped Bradan's hard little cock, letting out a low purring noise as I pushed another finger into him, pumping more rapidly. I felt him loosening.

Then, as he closed his eyes and moaned, I pulled my fingers free and pushed my softball-sized cock head in. It shoved up against his loosening ass, and I pushed it against that elastic ring, stroking its length to encourage it to pump more precum into the boy. My fingers were mired in my own seed. The stretched hole was sealed tightly as I began putting force behind my cock, trapping all that gushing, bubbling syrup inside him. I flooded him the way I flooded his brother.

Aedan saw what I was doing, and he grinned, gripping his brother's erection and taking over for me, stroking him rapidly. Glisch-glisch-glisch! Bradan closed his eyes and let out a cry at the ceiling. Schl-pop! My glans was inside him. Hot tightness gripped my crown. He didn't even last as long as Aedan did the first time.

Splort-splort-splort. He painted fresh white stripes on his own chest, splattering himself and Aedan in the face. I sighed as he loosened up afterward, allowing me to sink a few more inches. A hill appeared above the base of his cock as I forced more and more of my monstrous organ into his body.

He reached upward and grabbed onto my shoulders, his fingernails pressing into my skin. I reached down and cupped my hands under his rear, lifting his ass upward to give myself a better angle. Aedan's arms reached up and wrapped under his shoulders, in a hold reminiscent of a full Nelson. I grunted and began to pump my hips, rocking Bradan's body up and down as my heavy nuts dragged through my spunk.

Bradan's feet pushed and slipped through my jizz. Gloorsch. He seemed to be trying to get leverage, but my seed was making it hard. Aedan grinned at me as his brother bounced against his stomach. I felt something rubbing against my balls. I looked down and saw Aedan's feet rubbing against the heavy, melon-sized orbs.

"Mmmm. I like that," I growled as I sunk more of my slick length into Bradan.

"Hhnngh. You're so big. Motherfucker," groaned Bradan.

"More like brotherfucker today," I quipped.

Bradan and Aedan both managed a brief chuckle. The former said, "Mmaahh! Well played! Oooohh."

My cock was so thick Bradan couldn't close his legs even if he'd wanted to. His hole was stretched around me like latex. Pints of precum were already swelling his stomach, a gentle bump that my cock alone didn't account for.

Still, I had a little less than half in him when I started pulling out, out, out. Glllliiiisch. Five or six inches of glistening cock came free. Then I slammed it in. Sklisch! I slammed his insides with my biological battering ram, the gargantuan organ tenting his stomach and lifting up up with the force.

Then I did it again. Again. "Oh god!" he cried out. "Y-you! Fuck! Goddamn monster!"

"Your sister said the same thing," I grunted. Bradan was so tight and slippery around me, his body hot and practically vibrating in need. One thing I love about having my cocksleeve facing me is that I get to see the bulge I make in their bellies directly. And I had about ten inches of two-liter-bottle-thick ass-wrecker inside hism, its length obvious as it tented his stomach upward, outlined for all of us to see.

"F-fuck, you're so. So...," Bradan panted as he looked down, his eyes growing wide as he saw how he looked. That sight must have triggered something, because glurch-glurch-glurch! His erection twitched as he shot another load all over his own body, white ropes coiling through the air and splashing down on himself and his brother.

"That's about how I felt," commented Aedan. "It feels even better than it looks." He reached around Bradan's waist, his hands caressing my head and rubbing it through the intervening flesh.

Bradan closed his eyes and managed to do the same, gripping my cock incredibly tightly as I bounced his body atop Aedan's belly. Squilsch, squilsch, squilsch. I fucked him slowly, but took long, powerful thrusts, lifting his ass a few inches with each one.

Four hands milked my cock even as I fucked him, getting both a double-handjob and a nice little twink's ass all at once. I wouldn't last long like this, but I also had no reason to hold back. Both of them wanted ... needed me to fill him.

I closed my eyes halfway as I rolled my hips, my soft belly quivering as I used the smaller male. I felt my balls tightening. Felt the seminal swell. The delicious sensation of explosive release.

GLUUUURCH. I erupted.

Bradan howled. "Auuugh!"

I blasted his insides like a hot, gooey geyser, jizz flowing in like a tidal wave, his belly becoming visibly more swollen on the first shot as my hot, pulsing cock unleashed its load. SPLOOORT! SPLOOORT! SPLOOORT! I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as I unloaded my nuts into the boy's hot little body. It felt wonderful, especially since Aedan kept pumping my cock, encouraging it to shoot more and more, milking me in such a delicious way.

Bradan's doughy-white belly rose like a loaf of bread, swelling up and up into a shining, pale, dome, jiggling and bouncing with every wad of seed I added. I could feel all those liters of my own jizz swirling around my cock. I shot forceful blasts of jizz of steaming, fresh sperm, flooding his insides with heat.
"You look more pregnant than Jaden," laughed Aedan as he rubbed his hands over Bradan's belly. One of my wads slammed the insides where his hand was pressing into the flesh. "Ooh, I felt a kick!"

"Sh-shut up! Fuck! Nnngh! Like you looked any better!" panted Bradan. "Haaugh!" his tortured balls began to pulse again, and I saw him shooting yet another load into the air, his jizz flying up in a white arc before splattering over his swollen belly.

I sighed as I felt myself empty the last dregs of jizz into his belly. Granted, the "last dregs" would have filled a couple of pint glasses. I licked my lips as I felt those languid torrents push into him. Bradan's chest heaved as he panted, his eyes staring blankly at the ceiling. I put my hand on his belly and began to pull backwards. Schloooorp. My cock came free, unplugging him and immediately resuming the sloppy flow of jizz.

The boys lied there, Bradan catatonic while Aedan rested, eyes closed halfway. He managed to move Bradan so that they were sitting next to each other. Both of them had such lovely, bloated bellies, each one's cock hidden beneath the bulk of their stomach, each one pouring my thick seed from their asses, even if I couldn't see them.

I sighed as I lounged back against my side of the tub, my gargantuan member towering above and pulsing at the ready. "So what else should we do this weekend?" I asked.


A few days later, I closed the Caddy's tailgate and carried Jaden's bags into the house.

"Where are my brothers at?" she asked.

I chuckled. "Come here." I put a hand on her waist and lead her into the master bedroom, her belly leading the way.

As we entered the bathroom, the air was like steam, and the raw smell slammed us in the face. A deliciously decadent, musky miasma. I saw Jaden lick her lips.

"If I didn't have this baby in me, Brod, I'd—" Then she noticed her brothers.

Bradan and Aedan were both lying in the tub once again, recovering on opposite sides.

Thick, sticky whiteness rose nearly to the brim. It was all over the wall, rolling down in waves, dripping from the ceiling. Their bellies both just barely crested the surface, like pale peachy-colored islands, sending out ripples in the jizz when they breathed.

"What did you do?!" she cried, looking at me.

"They were teaching me how to play Magic."

the buggering

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