Aquata Cove Ch. 49

Chapter 49: Flight of Fancy

"Mnnnhh..." Merrick moaned in his sleep as he turned over in the tent. Adam watches as he sits up, looking a little worried about his blonde beauty. He reaches over, and gently stroked his golden hair, along his ear, and on his soft cheek. He sighed as he got up, and left the tent. He stretches a bit and straightens his back, feeling the hot sunshine hit his face.

He walks across the campsite - a black pit in the middle of the fenced lot, about 20 tents are arranged in a large circle, most people talk amongst themselves, some fully clothed, and some of them nude or otherwise clad in skimpy pieces. Adam walks to one of large tubs of drinks - large cylinders with bottles of water, soda, powerade swimming in icy water.

He bends over, and pulls out three bottles of freezing water, "Yo Adam!" Jamal called out. Adam turns and smirks as he sees Jamal in his speedo.

"Hey Jamal. Life Guard again?"

"Just earning a couple of extra bucks. Where's Merrick?"

"He's still asleep."

"Ha, sleepin in, eh?"

"Yeah... Since yesterday afternoon." Adam said.


Adam sighed as he walked up to Jamal, "When he and I set up the tent yesterday, we, you know, fooled around a little bit."

"Aight, details." Jamal said. Adam scoffed and swatted his arm.

"Anyway, after we finished he just... Passed out."

"Was he drunk or something?"

"No, he just gave me a blowjob, and then he just dozes off right after."

"And he hasn't woken up yet?"

"No, not even for dinner last night."

"Maybe he just tired," Jamal shrugged.

"I don't know... He's never slept in this late."

"He dehydrated again?"


"Ah man... Well you take care of him. I just came git dressed, then I'mma head up to the ship."

"Oh, wait then, Jamal!" Adam held onto his strong arm to turn his head.


"I need a favor."

"Aight," Jamal turned back around, "What'cha need?"

"You're good with people, right?" Adam asked. Jamal broke into a grin.

"Mo than good, yo."

"Not THAT kind of good," Adam said rolling his eyes, "There's someone I need you to find for me."


"A girl about this tall" Adam held his palm flat and held it up, "Dark red hair, got a heart tattoo on her arm."

"Ok, but why?"

"Merrick says she's a mermaid."

Jamal raised his brows at that, "Fo real?"

"Yeah. That tattoo on her arm? It's the EXACT same symbol on the back of Merrick's neck."

"Ho shit." Jamal said, "That mean she a rogue too, right?"

"Yeah, for getting with a human - I saw her kissing a guy, so she's probably straight or bi. He's been trying to find her so they can talk, but he keeps missing her. So... Could you keep an eye out for her, and if you see her, use your ol' Dark Charm to get her to see Merrick?"

Jamal chuckled, "Count on it, bro."

"Cool, thanks." Adam walked back over to his tent, and smiled at his half-naked boyfriend. He crawls into the tent, just as those eyes started to peek open. He leans in to kiss Merrick's cheek, "Hey, sleepyhead."

"Mmmnnn..." Merrick breathed deeply, and stretched on the sleeping bags, "Ahhh nnnhhh... I feel like I've been asleep for moons."

"Naw, just almost a full day." Adam said as he snuggled down to his lover.

"Mmnnn... Really? ... I remember..." Merrick smiled as he reached down a little, and started to deftly grope Adam's groin, "I was sucking on your cock..." Merrick's hand pressed in to feel so he can feel Adam's genitals through his trunks, "Your dick was so hard..." Adam blushed as he felt his member start to perk, "And you were moaning... Moaning... And then you shot your load inside my mouth..." Merrick groaned a little before he stopped fondling Adam, and rubbed Adam's tummy.

"You're such a little tease," Adam said as he rubbed along Merrick's bare hip, "But seriously... You were out cold the whole time... I couldn't even wake you up for dinner last night."


"Were you dehydrated at all?"

"I dunno..." Merrick sleepily replied, "I didn't feel weak or dizzy... Just so tired..."

"Well, here," Adam pressed one of the dripping bottles up onto Merrick's face.

"Ohhh, that's so good~" Merrick moaned. Adam blinked, and saw that the wet part of Merrick's face was starting to turn light blue.

"Uh-oh, you're changing." Adam said.

"Oh, I am?" Merrick said as he touched his face, and looked as his fingertips turn silver. He plucked up the scale of his necklace, and saw that it's completely transparent with a grey tinge, like a small flake of glass, "Did you bring the others?" Merrick sat up and unhooked his necklace.

"Yeah, right here," Adam dug in his pocket, and brought out a small velvet pouch, hearing light clinks within it. Merrick removed the expired scale from the chain, just as Adam fished out a fresh, gleaming blue one.

"This one lasted longer," Merrick said as he took the new one, "Atarah's getting better at making these."

"Does it ever hurt when you pluck one off?"

"A little," Merrick said as he worked the tiny metal ring from the old scale, and into the new one, "It's like picking off a few strands of hair. At least wearing scale keeps me safe." He reconnected the necklace around his neck, and the blue smudges on his face and fingers immediately vanished. "Ok, how do I look?" Merrick asked.

Adam leaned in, and licked the droplets on Merrick's face. The merman giggled harshly as Adam lapped and meshed his lips against that face.

"As beautiful as you are when you're wet."

"Hehehehe," Merrick giggled as Adam nuzzled and kissed his neck. "I love you, Adam."

"I love you too, honey." Adam replied. He unzipped the tent, and crawled out, followed by his lover. Merrick held hands with Adam as they went to the entrance of the campsite, and left. A couple of guys passed by, and gave Merrick a whistle.

"Nice look~" One of them said.

Adam turned, and realized that Merrick isn't wearing anything below the waist! Only his wife-beater tanktop "Merrick!"


"You're no wearing any trunks, or speedo!" Merrick looked down, and then back up, and shrugged.


"So?? Just... Shouldn't you wear something at least?"

"What's the big deal? Half of everyone here isn't wearing anything."

"I-I dunno..."

"Why?" Merrick said with a grin coming on, "Don't you like all the guys looking at you and me? Jealous to have boyfriend who'd gladly dance naked on the sand?"

"Merriiiick" Adam said, blushing.

"In fact, you know what," Merrick pulled at the bottom of his shirt, and tugged it over himself.

"Oh my god, babe," Adam's face felt hot as Merrick tossed the shirt away.

"What's the matter, honey~?" Merrick said as he put his hands behind his head, "Too little or too much~?" He can't stop smiling, almost getting a kick out of embarrassing Adam.

"Too... Everything." Adam whined.

"Oh, don't be a clam." Merrick said as he started to walk off.

"What does that even mean??"

Merrick turned around, "You're clamming up? Come on, what else would I mean?" He chuckled as he ran up to the shore. Adam blushed and smiled as he followed him. He took note of Jamal walking along the docks, toward the ship...

The merman sprinted to the beach, and fell onto the golden sand. He rolled and tumbled onto the warm grains, laughing as he tossed the sand around. Adam grins as he looks over that light body. He squat down to give that bubble butt a swift slap. Merrick whips around, and yanks Adam down.

"Ah!" Adam slips and falls onto the sand, wrestled by his lover. He was turned over before he had time to react, and Merrick sat on his lap, with his hands on his shoulders, "Since when are YOU on top?" Adam asked with a smirk.

"I come off as a bottom boy, Adam~" Merrick said, "But I can overpower you if I wanted to."

"Oh really?" Adam's fingers traced along Merrick's sides, "Wanna back that up?"

Merrick suddenly cringed and giggled. Adam forced Merrick off of him, and rolled them on the sand, "Hehe-Hey~! No fair!" Merrick giggled.

"Still got ya, babe." Adam said with a smirk.

"Hgh!" Merrick pushed his arms up, and threw Adam off by surprise, and forced him on his back. Merrick leaped on top of him, and pinned his wrists down. Adam grunted and struggled to break free, but Merrick's too strong, "Ghhr... Dammit..." He growled as he dug and kicked his feet on the sand.

"Hahahha, see?" Merrick kissed Adam's nose with a smug look on his face, "If I wanna take you down, I can." His blue eyes looked around at the other lewdly nude men, "In fact..." He smiles as he puts a hand onto Adam's trunks, "I think I want you exposed... Like the rest of us~"

"W-Wait, no!" Adam blushed fiercely as his merman started to pull at his swimming trunks. He tried pushing those arms away, but to no avail.

"You're beautiful, Adam, let everyone else see it!" Merrick said as he swiped those trunks away from his feet.

"DAMMIT, MERRICK!" Adam said as he got up and chased his boyfriend, sprinting on the sand as Merrick laughed. A lot of the other men wolf-whistled and cheered as Merrick waved those trunks like a victory flag.

Adam chased Merrick down the next campsite, past the volleyball court, and into the shore. Seeing as the water slowed him down up to his knees, Merrick balled up those trunks, and threw them to the water before Adam can catch him!

"What the fuck, Merrick?!" Adam yelled before he dove into the water, and swam quickly. Almost as soon as he got in, he can feel Merrick's arms around him. Adam growled angrily as Merrick giggled and hugged him tight. Adam tried fighting him off, but that damn humanized merman is still being an uncooperative little imp.


"Hi, a Fizzy Pixie, please?" Syrinx said at the bar.

"Yes ma'am," Said the bartender with a smile.

Syrinx watches as the bartender took a bottle of Blueberry rum and a small martini glass. He poured a small portion of the light blue liquor into the glass before taking out a chilled can of Sprite, popped it open, and filled it about 2/3 of it. He took a raspberry and a plastic stirrer with a tiny star at the top, and stabbed the berry with it and placed it into the drink. The bartender gives it a couple of flavored fizz-tablets to make it sizzle before placing three shards of frozen strawberry punch. To finish, the bartender took out a plastic box of thin, delicate, triangular strips of caramel-candy, and carefully placed them on the rim of the glass to resemble fairy wings.

"Here you go, ma'am" He said as he gave Syrinx her cocktail.

"Ooh, thank you."

Syrinx sips her sparky drink as she turns around on the bar, checking out some of the guys here and there around in the lobby. One of the best things about a red-moon romance is being allowed to check out other people without the fear of infidelity or someone else stealing your boyfriend or girlfriend. And does she love to smack Kevin upside that head when he's looking at another chick. She snickers lightly as she fishes out the raspberry in her drink, licked it, and shuddered at the biting sour fizz.

She draws out her small, rhinestone-encrusted mirror, and looks at her hair. Those purple streaks she dyed in her hair are already gone. "Damn..." She muttered as she put the mirror back in her little purse, "What does a girl have to do to keep her hair stylized..." She turned back around, and stirred the ice shards around.

"Hey," Came a deep voice. She looks and saw a large black guy sit next to her, "Buy ya that drink?" He said with a charming smile.

"No thanks," Syrinx says as she gave a coy reaction.

"Aight," Jamal said before the bartender came to him, "Can I get a Tough Puppy, please?"

"Yessir~" The bartender said with a grin as he checked him out. Once the bartender set to work on the whiskey-mixed cocktail, Jamal turned his attention back to Syrinx.

"What's yo name, gurl?"

"Syrinx" She answered.

"Syrinx, huh. That's a sweet name."

"Yes..." Syrinx really doesn't like this man's volume... He seems a little too familiar in his demeanor, "I always liked it." Flirting is one thing, but this man seems to have a very virile energy... Not to mention a little too keen of an interest.

The bartender gave Jamal his drink of whiskey, a pinch of brown sugar, and a pair of orange wedges. "That was fast." Jamal remarked.

"Oh, I'm VERY good with my hands~" The bartender said slyly before he went to another customer.

Jamal took his cocktail, and looked at the mermaid again, "So what's a hot lil number like yoself doin in the ship instead of the beach? Bet chu'd have alotta fun in the sun, and you got a dazzlin figure."

"I'm allergic to water," Syrinx said with a put-off tone.

"Yeah..." Jamal's eyes looked on her arm, and saw that unmistakable tribal heart symbol, "I bet you are..."


"Fuck off, Merrick." Said the tent as a nude, half wet Merrick stood outside of it.

"I'm SORRY, Adam." Merrick said with his arms crossed, "I was just trying to have fun with you, like we always do."

"Do you even know what I'm mad about??" Adam retorted.

"What, that I overpowered you in front of everyone? Or that we ran around naked."

"The latter! And you got that backwards - you wrestled me, and that was fine if you weren't so smug, but then you rip my trunks off, and have me chase you all over the fuckin beach!"

"By the depths, it wasn't the WHOLE island, Adam. It was just half a shore at best. I REALLY don't see what the problem is!"

"It's the principle, Merrick! You embarrassed me!"

"How??" Merrick held his arms up, "Everyone else is running around nude, what does it matter?"

"It DOES matter!" Adam shouted, "If I want to get naked on a beach, that's MY decision! I don't need my boyfriend to run around and expose me!"

"Ugh. You humans and your inhibitions." Merrick muttered.

"What was that??"

"Nothing!" He said, "I want to go to the butterfly exhibit, can you at least give me some clothes and my pass?"

"No," Adam replied, "You can go to the ship for your clothes, and get a new pass too!"

"You know what?? I'll just go naked! I'm sure the butterflies won't mind."

"Knock yourself out."

"... ENNHH!" Merrick kicked the tent before storming off.

"... Good luck," Adam mumbled, "Need cash to get a token."

Merrick walked out of the campsite, onto the beach, and looked out into the ocean. A lot of humans are splashing about out there - a lot of them naked. THEY don't seem to have any problems with showing off their bodies, so why does Adam have to be such a drag??

He rolled his eyes and groaned as he walked to the shore, and strode through the water. He waded through until the water was up to his chest, and he swam down into it.

Merrick has had some practice swimming in human form, but he's nowhere near as good as Adam. He moved his arms and legs to push himself through the water getting passed by a random human here and there, until he came to the sand. The merman dug out in the sand, and pulled out Adam's trunks. Adam always loved a game of Find-The-Trunks, but now it seems like he hates it.

The trunks are pulled from a ruffle and cloud of sand, where Merrick tossed and shook it about in the water to clear it out, when he feels a hauntingly familiar foreboding.

He whipped around, and sent out a signal. His keen eyes were able to make out a distinct outline of a part-goat part-fish creature. He leers at the distance as the Capricorn stays its long distance. Merrick softly kicks off from the sand, nearly bumping into a swimming woman.

The merman smirks as he sees the Capricorn drifting to the left. Even far away, he can sense it looking right at him with its golden eyes.

'You can't come here, can you?' Merrick thought to himself as he kept signaling ahead, feeling the Capricorn coming no closer to him, 'There are too many creatures here...' moved slowly backward, 'The mysterious Capricorn. A creature that cannot be found accept by those it tries to find, yet you will not approach when so many intelligible creatures are around, can you?'

The Capricorn remained silent at its position - it has to be at least over half a mile away, if not further, and from what Merrick can see, it can't or won't let other beings know its presence. Besides that, as long as he wears his necklace, he looks like every other human swimming about.


"Freakin... Merrick..." Adam mumbles as he remains in the tent, grumbling to himself. He lays naked on a damp towel, "God, why can't he be more discrete when it comes to shit like this... Thought his Dad taught him to be refined or whatever."

He huffs as he rolls over, his temper still burning with aggravation from Merrick waving his trunks like a flag. He really couldn't tell Adam was mad at him until after they got back on the shore.

Adam digs into his duffle bag, and pulls on a pair of jersey shorts when-


He heard a wet slap outside of the tent. "Hm?" Adam turns, and pulls the zipper back to open the tent. He scoffed as he picked up his mangled lump of soaked trunks, half covered in dirt from the ground. He wrings it out in order to make the water pour out from the seams.


"There." Merrick says as he stalks down the sand, "Now he can stop bitching."

After a few seconds, he feels something soft hit his back, "Ah-" He turns, and saw a pair of shorts, a shirt, and a butterfly-shaped token attached to a strap. He looks, and sees Adam walking back into the entrance of the campsite.


Nick twirls his hips as the song Timber plays around. He wears a cowboy hat along with a vest, western boots, and cow-print undies. Clinging to the pole he's stationed at, Nick jumps up, and twirls down, and undulating his crotch to entice the audience. He grins playfully as he rubs is butt on the pole, showing himself off to all the other men, and a few ladies too.

He's just one of the cowboys on stage, while two other scantily dressed guys square-danced to the beat. Nick held onto his hat with one hand, while the other held onto the pole as he grooved his body as if he was on a bronco. He spun around the pole as the song neared its end, before pulling a shiny pistol.

The other side-cowboys pulled out their guns too, aiming up over the crowd, before-


Each cowboy with a gun shot smoke and confetti from each pistol, just as the song ended.

Once Nick turned in his props to the dancers room and got dressed, he smiles wide, about to get ready to hit the floor with the first hot hunk he sees, when he spots Jamal, "Hey!"

He pushed his way through the crowd, and found Jamal hold his face, "Jamal? You ok man?"

"Naw, man, ahhh" Jamal grunts in pain. Nick looks, and raises his brows at this cruel handprint on his cheek.

"Ah dios mio, what happened to you, man?"

"Was tryin to talk to this one girl at the bar, and she fuckin slaps the lights outta me!" Jamal.

"Fuck, man! I'm sorry!" Nick said as he took a look at Jamal's face, "Damn, hun, she got you good. Where she at?? I'll slap her back!"

"Naw, man, it ain't worth it." Jamal said, "She don't wanna be messed with."

"But man, she rejected you?? You the hottest guy on the ship!"

"All I said was that I like her tattoo, and then she was all about her boyfriend, and then I said we can do a 3-Way. Next thing I knew, she knock me backward!"

"Aw, come on," Nick said as he held onto one of those buff arms, "Lets go get you all cheered up, man." With that, they went off through the dance floor.


Adam walks into the Butterfly Pavilion with the short line of people, fully dressed with his butterfly token around his neck - it's a ticket framed in a butterfly-shaped emblem with a barcode on the middle of it - which allows him free passage in and out of the exhibit, otherwise, he'd have to pay $10 to go in each time.

He let the clerk scan his token, and allowed him entry into the pavilion. He walked into a powerful fan blowing strong air downward onto him, before he entered the humid environment. He grins as he sees a huge array of trees and plants, not to mention flowers blooming everywhere he turns. Adam chuckles as a few butterflies flittered here, there, all over the place.
Adam sighs and smiles as he sees that blonde head of hair a few feet away from him. He walked to Merrick, and gently put his arms around him. The merman jumped a little, until he realized it was Adam.

"You know, when I was a kid, I used to go crazy in these places." He said. Merrick smiled as he nudged his man, "God, I was so into butterflies, it was nuts."

"So what changed?" Merrick asked.

"Nothing. I just grew up, that's all." Adam said.

"So I take it you're not mad at me anymore?"

"How can I stay mad at you~?" Adam kissed his ear. Merrick giggled, and then a butterfly flew by, JUST skimming his nose. Merrick twitched, took a few deep breaths, before sneezing, "Ah, bless you."

Merrick rubbed his nose, and looked on, "They're so many..." He said in awe, "... Adam, why are they trapped here?"

"Hm? What do you mean?"

"If humans can breed these small creatures, why not set them free?"

"It's... Not really that simple... And really, I don't know what they do with the butterflies once the tourist season is over."


"Out in the while, there are a lot of predators." He explained, "At least in here, they're safe, and they're provided with their own paradise. And when tourist season is over, I imagine they set the butterflies free." Which he really doubts, but it's just an answer to pacify Merrick's curiosity.

"I think I understand." Merrick said. He walked over to a platter of fruit, where several butterflies were drinking in the sweet juices. He smiles as he reaches over to perhaps touch the delicate insects, but Adam stops him.

"Nono, you don't wanna do that."

"What? Why not?"

"It's a rule. There," Adam points to a sign in front of the flowers. Merrick squints his eyes a little, recognizing some of the lettering, even able to make out a few of the words, "[Please Do Not Touch The Butterflies]" Adam read aloud.

"How come?"

"Some people try to catch a butterfly here, and that could hurt it, so they make it a rule not to touch any of them."

"Aww..." Merrick pouts, but then smiles. His neck flexed, and he grit his teeth, before emitting a strange, raspy whistle. The very subtle sound made the butterflies on the platter twitch, before they fluttered up, and started to fly around Merrick and Adam.

"Uh, Merrick??" Adam said, chuckling as a Painted Lady landed on his forehead, "What are you doing??" He can barely hear a strange ringing, which he traces back to his boyfriend.

"The rule says I can't touch the butterflies," He said as a Yellow Swallowtail landed on his hand, crawling daintily along his fingers, "But it doesn't say that they can't come to me," He said with a grin.

"That's cheating, babe." Adam said, "Ooh, this one's my favorite!" He said as a Luna Moth landed on his shirt. Merrick giggles as he dismissed the Swallowtail. Merrick sounded again as he held his fingers next to the Luna, and it willingly came upon his hand, "Wooow," Adam said with a smile at the light green insect.

Merrick turns, and lets out the noise again. After a minute of emitting the sound, everyone stops and stares as all of the butterflies and moths start to fly around. Adam smiles and laughs as he witnessed a fluttering tornado of multiple colors.

"What the heck are they doing??" Said one tourist.

"Oh my god, look at this!"

"Holy cow!"

A few people had taken out their phones, and started recording the whirlwind of butterflies. With the sounds of flapping and a sort of breeze rolling, no one could possibly detect the silent whistle from Merrick as he directed the butterflies to fly in the small hurricane of wings.

The rainbow tornado thinned above, before the insects dispersed at the very top of the giant net-tent, and scatted in neat, organized streams of colors, around the flowers and plants. Everyone chuckled and went about their business, astounded by the short display.

"Babe!" Adam whispered, "How'd you do that??"

"Easy. I used to do the same thing with schools of fish back in the sea. Sister always loved it."

"Yeah, but I thought you couldn't do that outside of the water."

"That's what I used to think, but I found out I can still signal other creatures. I can still get a feel for other animals on land, and I understand their resonance. I found out after a while at your house while spending time with Roxas."

"Sweetie, you're amazing." Adam said as he hugged Merrick from behind.

About an hour later, Adam and Merrick exit the habitat, and browse around the gift shop.

"Adam, what are these?" Merrick asked as he looked at the shelf of fairy wings.

"Those things?" Adam said, "I think it'd be easier to show you." Adam took two pairs of white fairy wings adorned with fake jewels and golden lines of glitter in ornate designs. He took it up to the register, and paid for them, before removing a pair of wings from the wrapping, "Here, hold out your arms." Adam pulled the straps long one arm, and then another, and showed Merrick to a mirror. The merman gapped as he looked at himself with wings on!

"By the depths!" He said as he turned around, looking over his shoulder to see himself, "Do they allow me to fly?!"

"Hahaha, no they don't," Adam said as he put on his wings, "They're just for decoration."

"Wow~!" Merrick spun around, giggling as he looks at the gorgeous wings, "I love them!"

Adam picked out a few more souvenirs around the shop, before taking Merrick's hand, and walking out of the pavilion.

They looked up onto the afternoon sky as they walked, passing by random tourists, some of them from the cruise, others from somewhere else. Merrick turns his head as they came back to the section of the island with the LGBT people, and giggles as he sees a couple of nude guys playing on the volleyball net, "Wanna play volleyball?" Merrick asked. Adam scoffed at that.

"Do I get to keep my clothes on this time?"

"Yeeeees." Merrick rolled his eyes.

"Heh, then sure, baby~"


"Then he says, 'I like yo tattoo, baby~'" Syrinx said in a dark tone, "And he starts tracing it with his finger!" She raved as she paced around their small cabin.

"Ah man," Kevin said, "What else did this creep say?"

"Then he started hitting on me! Asking me if I wanted 'Get to know a SPECIAL friend of his!'" Syrinx ranted. Kevin had to keep from snickering, even though normally, he'd be all up in arms about hunting down creeps like this, and teaching them a lesson, but this guy actually sounds a little funny.

"So I pushed him back, and tell him no thank you." She said as she paced back and forth.

"Did he leave it there."

"NO!" She continued, "He just sat there and said, 'Hear me out girl! I REALLY want you to meet my buddy! He really likes you!'"

"Was he still talking about his penis?" Kevin said, trying not to laugh.

"Honestly, I really don't know!" Syrinx said, "After that, I told him I'm not interested! I have a boyfriend! And then guess what he said then!"

"Oh God, do I REALLY want to?" Kevin said with a grin.

"He said, 'Aw, that's ok, he can come too! I'm sure my friend would like see him too'!" She then smacked her palm quick and hard to simulate a slap, "So then I SLAPPED him across the face, and flipped him to the floor!"

Kevin raised his eyebrows "Damn, girl."

"Then I took my drink, and left him there to squirm."

"Are you sure he wanted to get with you, though?" Kevin said, "What if he really had a buddy who wanted to meet you?"

"Oh no, this guy was, ALL over me!" She said as she took a moment to gulp down a swig of water, "'I gotta buddy who wants to meet you', Not in THIS lifetime, stupid jerk."

"Alright, so he MIGHT have wanted to have sex with you-"

"Might???" Syrinx said threateningly.

"Alright, ANYBODY would want to get with you, but did you really have to knock him flat?"

"I told him I have a boyfriend, I'm not interested in a 3-Way, 4-Way, Side-Way, This-Way, That-Way, whatever! But he just kept on coming!"

"Babe, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. How about we talk to him? What's he look like?"

"He's a tall, buff black guy. He ordered a Tough Puppy at the bar."

"... Uh, Syrinx? You just described at least a quarter of the people here on the cruise."

"Ah, so what. I don't wanna talk to him again anyway." Syrinx dismissed before she chugged some more water.

"Well... Would a 3-Way REALLY be that bad?" Kevin said.

"... What?" Syrinx said, "Kevin, I'm not interested in sleeping around."

"I know, I'm not either, but, you know..."

"Oh, uh-uh."

"Just, I've been KINDA bi-curious, and I don't wanna sleep around either, but if uh..."

"Ugh!" Syrinx picked up a pillow, and harshly slapped Kevin's face with it, "You human males are pigs!" With that, she stormed off.

"Wait, baby!"

SLAM goes the door.


"Come oooonnn~!" Merrick says as he drags Adam through the nearly deserted shopping area.

"Babe, you're so obsessed with that thing." Adam says with a chuckle just before they entered the jewelry shop.

"Just a glance, then we'll go back."

"Sweetie, the stores about to close anyway!"

"Then less talkie, more movey!"

The two merrily made it to the shop, where Merrick immediately went to the glass counter to look at that beautiful filigree key.

"... Huh?" Merrick blinked as the mount the key usually is presented has been replaced by a yellow-sun gold pendant, "What..." Adam came up beside him, and looked too.

"Wait, isn't this where it usually is?"

"Yes..." Merrick looked up and saw the clerk coming in from the small back-office with the CLOSED sign, "E-Excuse me, miss?"

"Oh hello again, dears! I love the wings," She remarked on their white and gold butterfly wings, "Is this a quick visit? I'm afraid I'm about to close-up shop."

"Where's the silvery key with the blue jewel?" He poked at the glass, over the mount, "It was right here yesterday."

"Oh, I'm sorry, dear," She said, "That one was purchased twenty minutes ago."

"Oh no..." Adam hushed.

"W-Who bought it??" Merrick asked, almost desperately.

"An elderly woman purchased it for her wife."

"Do you have another one?" Adam asked, "He really wanted to see it."

"I'm very sorry," The clerk said sympathetically, "That key was one of our one-of-a-kind pieces."

"..." Merrick pouted, feeling very saddened by this news. It's not like there was any possibility of having it for himself, but he still feels like a wonderful opportunity has just slipped through his fingers.

"I'm sorry, baby..." Adam put his arms around him.

"... It's fine." He said.

"... Here, it's not the same, but..." The clerk took out the catalog of the jewelry store, and flipped it open to the page containing the ornate platinum key, "Here's at least a picture of the key."

"Thank you..." Merrick accepted it sadly.

"Thanks very much." Adam said with a nod before he and Merrick left the shop.


In Jamal and Nick's tent, a small lamp hangs at the tallest point of the small canopy, serving as the only source of light from the dusk outside.

"Mmmch~" Jamal groans as he pushes his lips down firmly on Nick's mouth. The slender Latino moaned wantonly under his big, dark lover, his light brown hands rubbing against one of Jamal's thick, rugged pecs. Jamal's boxer-briefs squeeze his lower regions as a large, rod-shaped bulge is tugged and grabbed by Nick's other hand.

"Mmmgghhh..." Jamal growled, "I'mma fuck you till you can't walk." He kissed Nick's neck harshly.

"Gh... I guess..." Nick said.

Jamal stopped, and held himself up over him, "You guess?"

"Well..." Nick said, "I know you usually like going hard and rough."

"Yeah, so do you, boo." Jamal replied.

"I know, but... I dunno..." Nick said, "Nevermind."

"No, what?" Jamal said, "What's the problem, baby?"

"Well... Was thinkin... I keep lookin at Adam and Merrick and all, and they always lovey dovey, ya know?"


"Sometimes, I just wondering what... I don't what it's... I don't know, sweet sex? Just wondering what it's like."

"Ah, ok then." Jamal said, "We could do that."

"Naw, it's cool, man." Nick shook his head, "Just... Forget I said anything."

"What?" Jamal shrugged, "I can be sweet."

"Psh!" Nick scoffed, "You? Man, all the times I seen you fuck, it's always hard and rough."

"Hnh," Jamal grinned before he moved in, "That's cuz you neva asked, caramel." He said as he kissed Nick's chin. Nick chuckled at that.

"Aight, lets see you in sweet action, man."

Jamal smiled before he nuzzled Nick's cheek, kissing it with those thick, hot lips. Nick's body flexed a little as Jamal's hand softly glided over Nick's soft body.

"I'mma show you how a man treats a pretty boy..." Jamal muttered darkly before softly licking a narrow line along the side of Nick's jaw line, before giving a tickling kiss right on his ear.

Jamal then moves his head, and glues his lips onto Nick's. "Mmmf~ Nnnnhhh~" Nick moans submissively as Jamal's left arm burrows under the small of Nick's back, and held himself up with his right arm.

Nick's tongue feels Jamal's tuck up and around it, while Jamal smoothly pumps his underwear-clad groin in wave-like movements against Nick's thong, with his own penis already hard and outside his skimpy piece.

"Nnnhhhh..." Nick moans as Jamal moves under, and plants a few relishing kisses on the front of his neck, and down to his chest. Jamal sighs deeply as he smooches and nuzzles Nick's stomach, while Nick just lay there, and moans a little as he feels Jamal's tongue rub along his flesh while slowly rubbing his manly hands up and down the Latino's lithe sides.

Jamal ignored Nick's dick, however, and pinched the straps of Nick's thong. He proceeded to peel the slutty garment down his legs, and tossed it aside. He took a moment to tug on his underpants off of his sweaty black ass, and put it off to the side.

Nick plucked up a small square from his backpack, and held it out to Jamal. He smiled as he took the little wrapper, put a corner to his teeth, and tore the seal off if it, and spat out the shred, and pulled out a fresh, round rubber.

As Jamal slipped the condom over his large, thick cock, Nick scooted a little, and began to turn himself, before Jamal put his hand onto Nick's hip.

"Naw, boo," Jamal said, "Don't turn around."

"Don't we always go Doggy Style, though?"

"Yeah, but you wanna see me romantical, babe~" Jamal said smoothly, "Missionary's the best love-makin 'round." Nick smiled widely before settling himself back on his back, and held his legs up just as Jamal inserts his hand into his duffle.

Jamal grabbed the bottle of lube from his pack, and squirted a glob onto his hands. Nick jumbled and cooed as he felt the cold slick rub his entrance. "Nnnh~!" He squirms as Jamal's fingers rubbed his anus, almost massaging his sphincter, "Ohhh babe..." Nick moans as his black lover circled his moist rear.

"How's that feel, hun?" Jamal asked sensually.

"Good, man..."

"You like that, huh?" Jamal asked, before pressing his fingers in, slipping his middle and ring fingers in, "You like a lil a this?"

"Ohh yes, Jay..." Nick moaned as Jamal rubbed deeply in and on his hole. Nick's dick throbbed as Jamal massaged and circled his fingers against his cherry. Particularly, Jamal is spending extra time fingering and lubing his anus up, and the pre dripping from Nick's member shows the appeal.

Jamal pulled the condom's edge down to its end, flexing his hard, meaty dick in the tight, elastic coat before edging himself to Nick's crack.

Nick relaxed his anus just as he felt the head of Jamal's cock push onto his pucker, and grunting as he felt Jamal penetrate him - slower than usual, really. "Nnnh!"

"You aight, boo?" Jamal asked.

"Y-Yeah..." Nick moaned. He's been in this position before, but with other guys. He always went Doggy Style with Jamal because he was just so good at rough sex.

"Easy now, boo..." Jamal muttered as he stopped when the glans of his dick entered Nick's ass. He moved up to hold himself over his Latino lover, kissing him tenderly as he feels Nick's arms wrap around him.

Jamal's hips slowly moved forward, "... Ahhh~!" Nick moaned as his asshole opened wider for Jamal's hard log. He moved his legs around Jamal's naked hips, right before he tensed up, and gasped, "AW~!" He moaned out, "There, there there~!"

"Right there, huh~" Jamal said. He positioned his legs, and stirred his hips a little, rubbing his dick on the same spot.

"Ohhhhh Jay~!" Nick moaned out, before he was stifled by a fierce kiss. Nick's hands clasped onto Jamal's back as his tongue pushed against the other. Jamal's cock gradually pulled backward, leaving Nick's ass inch by inch, until his member was completely out of Nick's hot, warm tunnel.

Just before Nick could say anything, Jamal's hard meat reentered into his bubble butt again, elating a slutty moan from his lover again. Nick started to moan in Spanish as Jamal started to slide his cock back and forth, at a slow, repetitive rhythm - so unlike his usual hard and heavy pumping.

Nick yelped again as Jamal pushed in on that hidden spot once more, locking his ankles around Jamal's body.


Syrinx leans her arms on the railing of the ship, looking over in the open sea as the water tossed itself over and washing up over the beach. Only a few people are left, too stubborn to stop splashing around despite the now present evening.

"Babe?" Came Kevin's voice. She turned around, giving him a 'You're-Still-In-Trouble' look, before blinking for a moment.

"Oh for God's sake." She said as she slapped her palm to her forehead.

Kevin chuckled awkwardly as he stood there, wearing nothing but that white speedo with red heart patterns that she bought him as a joke, "Figured I put this on to... You know..." He holds two drinks in his hands - one Fizzy Pixie, and a Mojito in the other.

"Oh my God, Kev, I can't believe you actually wore that."

"That's why you bought in the first place, didn't you??"

"No, I just-" Syrinx laughs, "Ah forget it."

"I got a lot of butt-slaps on the way here..." Kevin said, embarrassed as he handed over her drink. Kevin leaned in to kiss her, but was stopped when his mermaid pushed her two fingertips on his lips.

"Ah ah ah," She said, "What have we learned?"

Kevin huffed in aggravation. "'We' means 'You and Me', not 'Him, Her, and Us'." He recited.

"Good boy." She said as she kissed him affectionately.


Merrick blushes and smiles as he looks at the fire pit. All of the men there naked, chatting and singing here and there. The aroma of roasted fish, hotdogs, and burgers fills the air of the campsite.

The merman looks up to the sky, breathing a quite gasp of wonder at the night sky. An ocean of white sparks and lights illuminate the blue velvet above. Yuri told him of this - in places such as a secluded island, jungle, desert, pretty much anywhere uninhabited by humans, where there isn't so much light, the sky shows itself as it truly is in all of its mystical glory.

He grins as he adjusted the straps of his fairy wings - the ONLY item equipped on his body, so to join the circle of nude men. He took a step before he felt a strong pair of arms around him.

"You're not heading over there without me, are ya?" Adam asked. Merrick smiles as he places his hands over Adam's.

"Of course not~" Merrick playfully pushes his bottom against Adam's groin, but faltered for a second, "... Huh?" Adam grins behind Merrick as his hand reached around, and held at his free-hanging penis, "A-Adam?!" Merrick turns around, looking in astonishment at his buck-naked boyfriend, also wearing only his fairy wings. "I thought you didn't like being naked in front of other people!"

"Well..." Adam blushed as he reached behind his head and scratched his the back of his hair, "Figured it's nighttime, so, not a lot of people to see me, and..." Merrick smirked as he quickly tickled the patch of hair in Adam's underarm, "HH! Hey!" Adam snickered as he pulled back.
"I love you, Adam." Merrick said endearingly.

"I love you too..." Adam kissed Merrick tenderly.


"Ahhh~ Ohhh~! Ennnhh!" Nick moans out as Jamal's rock hard rod drove up his tight ass. Both men pant heavily as they sweat profusely in each other's arms. Sitting on his shins, Jamal has Nick riding his lap as he rolled his hips over and over and over.

"I love you, Nick~" Jamal huffed.

"I love you too, Jaaay~" Nick moaned shakily as his ass squeezed and swallowed all around Jamal's heavy dick, "Please don't stop~!"

"I won't stop babe."

"Please... I'm so close!" Nick's grip tightened around Jamal's body.

"I'm not stoppin till you cum, baby."

"Oh Jaay!" Nick whimpered as his moist body pushed against Jamal's rippling muscles. Nick reached down and started jerking off, moaning as he toyed with his Prince Albert.

Jamal sank that hot ass down on his crotch, and churned his thick dick in around in his tunnel. Jamal's hand pushed in, and replaced Nick's in stroking him off, "Ohh! Ooohh! OHH! Nnnngggh!" Nick clenched his eyes shut, and moaned out as his dick exploded in Jamal's superheated palm.

Jamal grunts as his hand squelches with Nick's hot spunk as it squirted and seeped between his fingers. He worked his cock in at an angle for several more thrusts before his hands pressed hard around Nick's body. He grunted and moaned out as his hips bucked into Nick's ass.

Nick moaned as he can barely feel the rubber shift inside him. Panting, he carefully moves up, cringing and cooing as that cock was slowly removed from his used asshole. Jamal panted as he pinched the tip of the used condom, and pulled it off of his sore member. He threw it away in a small bag, and laid down next to Nick, placing his hand on that slender tummy.

"So how was dat, huh boo?" He asked.

"That was..." Nick panted, "That was nice, man..."

"... Buuut?"

"... Honestly, I kinda prefer it hard and rough." Nick said. Jamal scoffed at his Latino lover.

"Hahaha, thought chu would. You such a puto, man."

"Heh, Y muy orgulloso de serlo también." He said.

"Hah, that's fine," Jamal said as he rubbed Nick's stomach soothingly, "Just showin ya I can be just as romantic as anyone else."

"Mmm~" Nick nodded.


"~Don't really wanna make it tough! I just wanna tell ya I had enough~" Sang a burly guy among the circle of guys, holding a small conch shell attached to stick to imitate a microphone to his mouth. Everyone having finished their roasted fish and now are munching on smores while taking turns singing songs, "~Might sound crazy, but it ain't no lie - Bye bye byeee~" The men clapped and laughed as he finished.

"Alright, whose next?"

"Lessee..." The man peered around, and spotted a cute blonde guy with a pair of white butterfly wings on, "How bout you?"

"What?" Merrick looked up, and yelped as the last singer tossed the shell-stick over to him.

"You wanna sing next?"

"Ah- no!" Merrick said, "I can't."

"Ah, come one, don't be shy," Said another one, "We won't make fun."

"N-No really..." Merrick said, "I can't... I can't sing."

"It's ok, man! It's all in good fun!"

"No, he means it, guys," Adam said as he held rubbed Merrick's shoulder, "He has this... Throat condition. He can talk fine, but he's not able to sing at all." Merrick nodded as Adam gently stroked his neck.

"Aw, I'm sorry, man," Said another man.

"Here, I got this, babe." Adam said as he kissed Merrick's cheek, and took the shell stick.

"Alright! There we go!"

Merrick giggled as he kissed Adam back just before he moved, blushing as Adam stood up, exposed like and in front of everyone. Adam held the shell to his mouth, and began, "Here's one of my favorites, 'We Found Love'." Adam said before clearing his throat.

"~Yellow diamonds in the light~ And we're standing side-by-side~! As your shadow crosses mine~ What it takes to come aaaliiiiiii~iiivve~" Adam put his hand to his chest and turned his head, "It's the way I'm feeling, I just can't deenyyyy~yyyy~!" He motioned his hand in an free-letting gesture, "But I gotta let it gooo~!"

Adam groved his hips around as the other men started to clap in a one-second intervals.

"~We found love in a hopeless place~ We found love in a hopeless place~ We found love in a hopeless place~ We found love in a hope-less plaaaaaace~"

Merrick claps along with them, rocking in his seat as he smiles with joy. Adam held an open hand outward.

"~Shine a light through an open door~ Love and Life will, diiiviiiidddee~" Adam waved his arm left to right, "~Turn away, cause I need you more,~" He pumped his hand over his heart, "Feel the heartbeat in my miiiiii~iiiiind~" As Adam dances in place, his wings glisten and sparkle in he firelight.

"~It's the way I feel, but I can't denyyyyy~yyy~" Adam let out his hand again, "~But I've gotta let it go~"

The men started clapping at a quick rhythm.

"~We found love in a hopeless place~ We found love in a hopeless place~ We found love in a hopeless place~ We found love in a hope-less plaaace~"

Adam took a breath and a pause as he neared the finish, "~Yellow diamonds in the light~ And we're standing side-by-side ~ As your shadow crosses miiine~"

"~WE FOUND LOOOOOOOOVE~" Adam's voice climaxes the tune, "~We found love in a hopeless place~ We found love in a hopeless place~ We found love in a hopeless place~ We found love in a hope-less plaaaaaaace~"

He stops and the men applaud. He sheepishly sits back down, before turning, and kissing Merrick right on the lips. He smiles as he kisses his man back passionately.

Adam passed the shell along, and snuggles up closer to Merrick as the next guy stands up and starts singing.

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